Hi, I’m Clara Smith

I have been in the sewing industry for over 20 years. I have decades of experience in sewing, knitting, and embroidering. Actually, I used to run a small teaching business, but I was passionate about helping my students learn a variety of crafting skills.

Currently, I have a group of experts who do comprehensive testing, and then we write a full guide with the honest testing results on various sewing machine models. Also, we provide beginner sewists knowledge regarding everything with “How to” Guides.


Clara Smith

Now, from when I got interested in sewing and crafts?

Well, I come from generations of those who love sewing. My grandmother used to be a high school homemaking teacher. On the other hand, my mom was a math teacher, and she stayed at home and brought me up.

I spent countless hours watching them and learning how they sew. My grandmother, first of all, taught me things about sewing by hand, and my mom later, when she felt like I could be a good sewist, introduced me to sewing with a small machine. Here’s her old, trusty Janome Sewist 521 sewing machine:

I’ve used to sew as a hobby for a long time, and I wanted to share my love for all things with sewing and embroidering with the audience. I love how creative we can be and how we can always learn something new with sewing.

The possibilities are endless!

I have two daughters, who love that I can sew them according to their preference, which you can also do for your children to make them happy. Most importantly, I’m great at every type of sewing method and fabric, no matter if it’s embroidery, denim, leather, silk, etc. Also, I’m pretty good with basic tasks, and I’m constantly trying to learn more advanced skills!)

When I started this website, from then till now, my only goal was to let people discover how awesome the sewing world is by providing them with sewing and embroidery tutorials & guides, reviews of some machine models, and even project ideas.

I especially have a great love of repurposing, refashioning, upcycle items of clothing and other household clothes into new masterpieces. However, since the experts I hire surely would not work for free… Therefore, I have added Amazon Affiliate links to my reviews which provide me with a little commission that supports this Onlineswingmachine.com to keep providing awesome reviews and guides.