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Bernette Computerized Sewing Machine Review: A Value for Money Product

Bernette B38-394 sewing machine is a Swiss Design manufactured by BERNINA Switzerland. It comes with a hardcover and sewing quilting extension table. Let’s take a look at the product details which make this sewing machine a worthy product.

The Bernette B38 model is one of the most preferred computerized sewing machines in the new Bernette Swiss Design 30 series. It provides 394 in-built stitch patterns, including 8 buttonholes.

The buttonholes consist of eyelets, 20 utility stitches and stretch stitches, 2 sewing stitches, 67 embroidery stitches, 25 quilt stitches, 3 alphabet fonts, with a maximum of 7 MM and a maximum stitch length of 5 MM.

It also consists of a lovely LCD screen and a 360-degree rotation drop within hook system that offers a high sewing speed of up to 820 SPM. Read more to know what all it provides you.

Bernette 38


Bernette Computerized Sewing Machine Specifications

  • Weight – 10 kg 500 g
  • Name – Computerised Sewing Machine
  • Included items – Sewing Machine, 8 Presser Feet soles, and standard accessories, Foot control, Power Cord with Instruction Manual, Extension Table with Hard Cover
  • Computerised Sewing Machine with 394 built-in stitch patterns, Automatic Upper and Lower Thread Cutter
  • LCD screen for the best view of all settings and selection, LED light, Auto Threader
  • Combination of patterns via memory
  • Direct stitch selection via buttons
  • Sew without foot control including start/stop button plus control speed via the speed regulator
  • Feed dog drop facility ensure outstanding embroidery and free motion quilting 
  • Full rotation drop-in hook system offering 7 MM zigzag sewing width and 5 MM stitch length

What Makes Bernette the Best Sewing Machine?


The manual thread tension adjustment and adjustable presser foot pressure make this sewing machine fun to use. It even consists of an automatic upper and lower thread cutter, a start, and a stop button that empowers the sewing machine to run without the support of foot control.

It consists of an auto needle threader and twin needle capacity with a speed regulator. The feed dog drop helps to achieve beautiful freehand embroidery as well as quilting. The automatic bobbin winder and securing function also come with the machine.

The sewing machine has 8 presser feet soles, sewing, and a quilting extension table with a hardcover to protect the machine, making it more durable for daily use.

It is a cost-effective appliance and one of the top models in the Bernette series of sewing machines. The wide range of functions makes the user satisfied with its performance.

You can stitch elastic fabrics and sew beautiful t-shirts from jersey fabric as well. You can even store various patterns in the memory function of the sewing machine Bernette 38.

1. Automatic limitation for double needles – The double-needle button will help you adjust the needle to the presser foot. Hence the needle will not hit the presser foot and break off. The double-needle safety function prevents the stitch width, avoiding the needle from hitting the presser foot.

2. Presser foot adjustment – The presser foot pressure can be adjusted according to the materials, such as lightweight or thin fabric. This feature is available in the Bernette 38 model.

3. Automatic thread cutter and tie-off – With the automatic tie-off function, you don’t need to tie off the thread to prevent the unraveling of the seam. With the tie-off button at the end of the seam, you can press the button for an automatic thread cutter. You don’t need to use the scissors for cutting the thread; you can pull your completed work out from under the needle.

4. Extension table – Bernette 38 comes with an extension table. It is easy to attach and detach. You can get extra space for large sewing activities such as clothes, curtains, and quilts.

5. Eight presser feet (soles) – The eight presser feet and a stable foot shank give you an appropriate presser foot for your sewing activity. There is a zigzag foot for zigzag stitches, the satin foot for satin stitches, and a buttonholes foot. These presser feet help you to achieve excellent stitch quality.

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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions by Users

1. Is there a difference between Bernina and Bernette?

BERNINA was founded in Switzerland over 125 years ago. It is the prime manufacturer of sewing and embroidery machines globally. The owner, Odette Ueltschi, introduced Bernette. It is a name that is equal parts BERNINA and Odette. The brand launched Bernette as an independent brand of the BERNINA textile group.

2. What are the features of Bernette 38?

The Bernette 38 is the premium model in the Bernette 30 series. It is a computerized sewing machine that comes with a range of functions at a cost-effective price. The 394 stitches can even stitch elastic fabrics. It also has 8 buttonholes, a memory card, a speed regulator, and LED light. The automatic and manual thread cutter is a bonus.

3. How is the quality of the Bernette sewing machine?

If you are a beginner in sewing projects and are looking for basic functionalities yet an advanced machine to polish your skills, this sewing machine is for you. It is also apt for advanced sewers as the machine comes with several features that are user-friendly and smart enough to last for several years.

4. How many years of warranty come with the sewing machine? And what all is included?

The warranty comes for the manufacturing defect on all parts, including wear and tear parts. These are not included in the warranty – bulbs, belts, bobbins, thread cutter, auto threader, and damages that occur due to normal wear and tear.

The faulty operations, inappropriate use of the machine, and poor maintenance of the product are also not covered in the warranty. For more details, you can contact their customer care service.

5. Can we stitch vinyl and leather in the sewing machine? And what are the accessories that are needed to purchase?

You can stitch on vinyl and leather and sticky fabrics on Bernette 38. However, you can buy Bernette Presser Kit (10 Pcs) consisting of the zigzag foot with non-stick sole, Hammer Foot (4 MM), Gathering Foot, Cording Foot, Invisible Zipper Foot, Patchwork Foot, Straight – Stitch Foot, Edge Stitch Foot, Ribbon – Couching Foot, Darning – Embroidery Foot and Walking Foot.

6. Do we need to purchase a walking foot with the machine, or is it inclusive?

The walking foot for Bernette 38 is not a standard accessory. Hence, it does not come as a standard with the machine. You can also purchase the B38 quilting kit separately. It also contains the presser foot that is required for patchwork and quilting.

7. How many feet are available with the machine?

The machine is equipped with 8 presser feet with the B38, which are – Zig Zag Foot, Blindstitch Foot, Button Sew-On Foot, Zipper Foot, One-Step Buttonhole Foot, Open Embroidery Foot, Embroidery Foot with Clear Sole, Overlock Foot.

8. How to use Bernette 38?

This is a very easy machine at an affordable price range. It is perfect for people who sew occasionally and can get all the help from the great features.

The machine has a double-needle feature and thread cutter, which is very rare in machines of this price range. The needle up and down feature is great for pivoting. The variable speed control helps to accelerate the speed, so you can go up to 860 stitches per minute.

If you want to do a straight stitch, you just hit the direct pattern button. If zigzag, you hit the zigzag button. The machine also has five different modes that have other utilities.

9. Where is the Bernette sewing machine manufactured?

BERNINA has produced its sewing machines in two factories in Steckborn, Switzerland, since 1893. The factory in Thailand was established in 1990.

10. How long do Bernina sewing machines work?

The lifespan of computerized controlled sewing machines is from 5-25 years. However, for Bernina, you can add a few more years. These sewing machines are built to last for a very long time.

Coming back to the other highlights of the machine, the following information related to needles is critical to the efficient performance of the machine

  • Needles are very important for stitch formation. Several mechanical issues can damage the fabrics caused due to bent, damaged or incorrect size of needles.
  • Appropriate needlepoint ensures proper stitch formation to avoid fabric damage.
  • If the needle is too small, the thread will not be able to stay in the channel to be picked by the hook point.
  • The needle size depends on the size of the fabric. Choose a smaller one for lightweight fabrics and a larger one for heavier fabrics.
  • You must change the needle every 4-6 hours after stitching.
  • Don’t let saving money tactics come in the way of choosing what’s best for your sewing projects.

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What Are the Accessories Available With Bernette 38?

  • Extension table – Get more luxury with the embroidered sewing platform.
  • Embroidery foot – It is a transparent sole giving a clear view of satin stitches.
  • Blindstitch foot – It is apt for topnotch edges. The stitch pierces only the hem so that the holes are hardly visible on the right side of the fabric.
  • Transparent sole – It gives a clear view of the sewing activity and ensures that the stitches are performed very well.
  • The machine also comes with various feet functions that make the sewing process enjoyable.
  • Zipper foot – You can sew zippers of various versions easily with the narrow shape. The fabric is added uniformly, while you can sew near the coils seamlessly.
  • Overlook foot – The overlook foot helps to give finishing touches professionally. It is also suitable for stitching decorative cuffs and seams.
  • Buttonhole foot – It can be used with or without using the cord. You can sew any number of buttonholes with exactly the same length.
  • Button sew-on foot – With the presser foot, you can sew rings and hooks along with buttons. The button sew-on foot also gives a slip-resistant sole, preventing buttons from slipping away.

Get Your Sewing Projects Done Faster on Bernette 38!

You can add new stitches project patterns on the onboard memory. You get ample embroidery options. With LED displays and automatic threaders, you unlock your true potential of sewing capabilities. This machine takes off a lot of your workload by setting the needle and fabric type, perfectly suitable for clothing factories.

These features are convenient, amazing, and save your time which you must have spent on a regular sewing machine. You are empowered to accomplish your sewing projects with finesses and ease.

This computerized sewing machine gives more button styles and other features that open the doors for you to get your creative juices flowing and create designs with stitching that you’ve always dreamt of!

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