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Bernette B33 Swiss Design Sewing Machine – 11 Shocking Facts

A Sewing machine is one of the essential pieces of home equipment. Most people opt for such a machine to do some basic sewing and then intensify it by adding up some small tweaks when it comes to DIY clothes.

A Plethora of tricks and techniques can assist you in designing an exquisite dress. That is why having a sewing machine at home is imperative. These machines aid in assorted manners to save up money on sewing parts.

Sewing machines are contemplated as the best possible way to spend some extra time executing something creative. Wide ranges of sewing machine manufacturers proffer basic functionality with oodles of features that can ease up the whole work and make you easily try it out.


Bernette 33 is perhaps not a deal-breaker. However, this machine is still one of the prime self-propelled sewing machines out there.

Definitely, it’s worth purchasing if you are a beginner since it offers all the options you might need, it’s easy to utilize, and it’ll conveniently survive some common beginner miscounts. It’s hardy; hence it’ll persist for a long time.

There are some tangles you’ll have to work out whilst utilizing it, but you will certainly find lots of beneficial use for it, and it wouldn’t be too much of a tussle.

What Are the Specifications?

  • Brand: Bernette
  • Color: White
  • Material: Metal
  • Item Weight: 0.44 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 17.1 x 8.7 x 13.3 inches
  • Is Electric: Yes
  • Stitch Width: 5mm
  • Hook System: Front Loading
  • Patterns: 15
  • Utility Stitches: 14
  • Buttonholes: 4-Step
  • Product Dimensions: 17.1 x 8.7 x 13.3 inches
  • Item Model Number: bernina- bernette b33
  • Item Weight: 7 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Bernina

An Overview of Bernette B33

Bernette 33

Bernette B33 Swiss Design sewing machine is a well-known brand. They have included some appealing, innovative design, high-quality construction, and this machine is of utmost economic importance to the average customer.

The Bernette B33 utilizes a spin on the conventional mechanical design to impart a modernistic version of mechanical sewing machine that stands yardarm to yardarm with the computerized sewing machines.

This review guideline would definitely help you in choosing Bernette B33, one of the best affordable machines which might meet your budget and requirements for your distinctive sewing needs.

Aspect Score
Features & functions 95%
Easy to use 97%
Durability 96%
Quality & perfection 96%
Overall score 91%

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What Are the Important Features of Bernette 33?

Bernette B33 is one of such sewing machines that’s particularly delivered with intricateness that is needed to be in heavy-duty sewing machines.

The sewers who’re really in need of a high-grade performing sewing machine could be of great service. This sewing machine has been equipped well with the two special knobs, which are compelled in making all the adjustments in variegated settings being contrived out on the machine’s frame. To avoid any sort of hassles, these knobs are placed on visible areas.

This sewing machine owns the self-handling cutter. This cutter is serviceable in the cutting thread. It’s to be utilized whenever the sewer intends to have a thread to be cut. Its in-built attribute would surely help the sewers to circumvent utilizing any external cutting appliances such as blades and scissors.

1. Presser feet diversity:

It’s been catered with the five unique feet, which has its specialty in serving exclusive sewing requirements. These five sewing feet included immersing all the basics. There is a buttonhole foot, a button-sew-on foot, a zigzag foot, a zipper foot, and a blind stitch foot.

That is more than enough to get commenced with some of the basics. Moreover, you could do a lot without these sewing feet.

2. Stitch diversity:

Bernette B33 comes along with its 15 unique in-built stitches, permitting rich diversity of the stitches to be present in fabrics. Among these, some are buttonholes as well as utility stitches.

3. Specialty in stitch speed:

Bernette B33 has the superpower to provide per minute 860 stitches, ensuring high rapidity in sewing fabrics within less time.

bernette 33

4. Threader with semi-automation:

On Bernette B33, the needle threading is being strengthened by the in-built semi-automatic needle threader that could be utilized with both minimal manual interventions along with technical automation.

However, this threader does not completely work independently, but it makes things easier for sure. It catches up the thread and pulls it down through the eye of a needle for you; only you have to direct it to some extent. It is relatively simple to do, and there’re detailed instructions assimilated in the manual.

5. Buttonhole specifics:

It comes along with the extraordinary front loading buttonhole technology subsuming 4 step formula of functioning on it.

6. Structural measurements:

It’s been carved out with solid dimensions, i.e., counting of 17.1 x 8.7 x 13.3 inches, assuring a concise body structure.

7. Knobs of utility:

Bernette B33 sewing machine is being offered with the two knobs that are specially employed to maneuver effectual settings on this machine.

8. The cutter specifics:

It has the exclusively designed manual thread cutter that permits maximum non-automated intervention in cutting the thread utilizing it.

9. The lever of the reverse:

It possesses the exclusively framed reverse lever, which is more than efficient in tightening the stitches after being set on.

10. Width of stitch:

This sewing machine has been boosted by the distinctive stitch width authentication with a measurement of 5mm.

11. Good Accessories:

Besides sewing feet, you will also get some other useful accessories along with this machine. This comprises a foot controller, a seam ripper, 3 bobbins, and a needle set. Obviously, it is not a lot, though all these items are purposeful and advantageous.

bernette 33

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Why buy Bernette B33?

bernette 33

This Bernette B33 sewing machine owns the specialty of certain particularities and features that are formulated out with exceptionally influential mechanisms which are truly responsible for the high-performance mode of applied specifications.

The features are made not only heavy-duty prominent but also a bit less complicated to work on with. The bobbin possessed by the Bernette B33 is characteristic of easy handling.

It doesn’t take that much effort to wind up the bobbin that, in a way, leaves no hassle at all on the part of sewers and typically saves their time. Overall, Bernette B33 is 100% worth buying!

This machine boasts an appropriately decorated instrument attached to its top. It has a handle that is well placed, which privileges the sewers with the option of carrying it easily without any worries regarding losing grip or slipping off. This also aids the sewers in making this machine mobile enough.

The smart technological implantation of a semi-automatic threader could be an utter help to sewers to carry out the function of threading that too with enough ease. The semi-automated technology also helps to enjoy the threading freedom utilizing both manual service as well as technical clicks.

Pros & Cons.

  • Definitely, this machine is simpler to use than most automated models; that is one of the matters that make Bernette B33 an ideal sewing machine for beginners.
  • Although it is a machine well-suited for beginners, that does not indicate it lacks power. It is a heavy-duty sewing machine, and it could easily rip via multiple layers of the fabric as well as things such as leather and jeans.
  • It owns 15 built-in stitches, which is truly more than enough to cover up the sewing essentials, along with the 5 induced sewing feet. You can also adjust the length/width of stitches for extra versatility.
  • This, allied with its 2-step foot lift attribute, makes it best for doing the things such as sewing and thick quilting fabrics since it caters more space under the sewing foot.
  • The construction is quite sturdy, that’s to be expected from a sewing machine like this with a middle-of-the-road pricing point, but it is still worth noting. 
  • It is swift as well, with a maximum speed of 860 stitches per minute that you could also manage with the foot controller.
  • The best possible thing is perhaps the semi-automatic needle threader that functions a bit differently than most of the machines, but it’s found to be more consistent than other completely automatic threaders.
  • There are some other decent quality-of-life attributes worth mentioning here. The manual thread cutter is really sharp, and its accessibility is hassle-free. The in-built storage compartment has a proper amount of room. The auto-reverse lever functions well and permits you to strengthen your stitches effortlessly.

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  • The foremost thing to note down about this sewing machine is that it is not a computerized machine, rather a mechanical one. It is operated with a foot pedal, and its speed is a bit harder to control, but with time it offers better control.
  • Bernette B33 Swiss Design sewing machine is a bit noisy whilst working, and sometimes it vibrates too much.
  • Other controls are handled through dials instead of something just like a touch screen, and you do not have as many alternatives to select from.
  • It is all well & good, but there is one prodigious downside to this machine. No matter the sort of thread that you utilize, this machine maintains to get it tangled up that might jam it entirely. You will have to clean up the bird’s nests made out of threads every time.

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1. Are the bobbins plastic or metal?

This machine utilizes plastic bobbins. It is made in Thailand. The Bernina Company has fabricated this machine and keeps quite good control over the quality of this machine. Its sewing capacity is great and totally dependable.

2. Does this sewing machine weigh much? Can I travel with it?

You could easily travel with it. Although it doesn’t come with a case you could make one or buy one.

3. Can the feed dogs be lowered on Bernette B33?

Yes, you’ll be capable of dropping feed dogs on this sewing machine.

4. Could you buy speed control foot pedals for the Bernette B33 machines?

It includes a foot pedal that the operator controls up the speed by the amount of pressure on the pedal.

5. Does this machine have a free arm?

Yes, it owns a free arm.


Final Advice

The beneficial factor of being a modern sewing machine of lightweight or fewer pounds is also a surplus attraction ascribed to which it could be highly preferred.

The market scenario is the one that could not be fixed so long as it comes to the assortment of sewing machines, although a machine with minimum weight would scarcely fail to keep occupying the sewers.

The bobbin of Bernette B33 might show some faulty performance but undoubtedly could be one of the true functional if the issue of jamming is fixed. Bernette could definitely aid in retaining the eminence of its Bernette B33 with primary improvement.

This product’s one of the specialized features that it comes in oiled condition, and it helps the sewers to sew out with any added worry of smoothing the parts by oiling process and so on.

This Bernette B33 sewing machine appears to be one of the sewing machines which are worth exploring and testing and let it aid the sewers to obtain the best of sewing utilizing its perfectly decorated and engineered specifications designed to bring up a quintessential aura in sewing.

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