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Bernette B79 Sewing Machine Review – The Wonder Model

In our everyday life, we all need to have good knowledge about the task of sewing. Nowadays, the invention of some incredible sewing machines has offered some easy and quick ways to complete the sewing job without any problem.

People wish to know about sewing for different reasons. For some, it can be a method to earn money, whereas others pursue it as a hobby. Whatever the reason, we all need to sew something once in a while. We’ll know about Bernette B79 sewing machine in this guide.

An Overview of Bernette B79 Sewing Machine

These sewing machines are the best partner when you need to sew something much faster and in a flawless way. As hand sewing is a tedious and time-consuming process, the demand for these sewing machines is increasing day by day.

While working with a sewing machine, there is no need to set the thread and needle. So, you can start and finish the jobs much faster. 

Moreover, while working with a sewing machine, the stitching task becomes accurate and neat as the process is done by a machine. This may not be attained while stitching manually.

Also, you can do some really complex and fancy stitches without any extra effort. Now, you will be wondering what sewing machine can be the best option to meet all your expectations and can in a perfect way.

So, to resolve all your stitching-related worries, here is the Bernette B79 sewing machine. Let’s check the specifications of this sewing machine, the Bernette B79, to understand how it knocks its competitors.

Bernette B79


Why Will You Choose Bernette B79 as Your Sewing Partner?

When you are thinking about why it is a good idea to choose Bernette B79 as your sewing partner, let’s discuss some of those reasons to help you out.

  • This specially designed sewing machine comes with a 5-inch color touch screen that will help you to navigate quickly. 
  • This sewing machine, Bernette B79, has multi-function knobs that will help you with operating quickly and with precision.
  • Bernette B79 has a semi-automatic needle threader and also dual feed to give you a faster and even fabric feed. With these features, you can easily get gorgeous and even looking stitches every time.
  • This lightweight sewing machine is very easy to use and does some amazing needlework.
  • This machine has programmable foot control with an easy to use back kick function. This can help you to complete all those amazing stitching jobs with the perfect finish.
  • This specially designed and developed sewing machine comes with 500 stitches and numerous possibilities with perfect stitch designer and extensive embroidery and sewing area.
  • It is one of the top models that can offer you various types of sewing facilities without any extra hassle. Also, the LED light helps a lot while stitching.

What Are the Advantages of Using the Bernette B79 Sewing Machine?

bernette b79

There are some really incredible advantages of choosing your Bernette B79 for completing your sewing tasks without any hassle. Some of those special advantages of this sewing machine are:

Major Benefits

  • This sewing machine is equipped with the latest technology to offer you some unique stitching experiences. This device comes with a 5-inch color touchscreen that will help you to navigate accurately while stitching. 
  • This sewing device has multi-function knobs through which you can perfectly and quickly operate while stitching.
  • This Bernette B79 comes with an Embroidery hoop detection and embroidery module with 3 hoops to offer you great functionality.
  • The LED light of this machine is really awesome. Also, it is capable of reading multiple embroidery file types. 
  • It comes with a large cast aluminum-made internal frame and is really fast for a consumer machine.
  • This unique sewing machine comes with a semi-automatic needle threader and also a Dual feed for faster and even fabric feed. 
  • This specially designed and latest sewing machine, known as Bernette B79, comes with endless possibilities and 500 stitches to offer you something more than just stitching.
  • This machine offers everything that a person needs and, thus, the best option for any kind of embroidery job.
  • It is very easy to handle and use for any person who loves stitching. With this, one can easily create any fine and delicate dress with some beautiful embellishments.

Wait, There Are More Advantages

  • This specially created sewing machine is computerized and thus offers a wide range of functions to help in becoming a great creator.
  • This computerized device comes with programmable foot control along with a back-kick function and a lot of built-in designs to give you some amazing and seamless stitching experiences. 
  • It offers everything that a person who loves to stitch needs. This machine combines all those important sewing functions as well as embroidery perks to offer the buyers something special.
  • It has the support of one of the best names in the field of sewing machines, Bernina, and it comes with a 10 years warranty.
  • The dimensions of this machine are 59.18X 56.13 X 51.82 cm, and it weighs 21.34 Kilograms.
  • Another really important advantage of this sewing device is it can be programmed easily to pause during the stitching tasks to cut tails. Thus, completing stitching jobs becomes real fun.
  • It has an amazing built-in walking foot to easily sew through the slippery fabric. 
  • This machine has numerous pressure feet so that you can operate it with ease.

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What Are the Important Features of the Bernette B79 Sewing Machine?


This specially designed and developed sewing machine from the house of Bernina meets all your needs regarding stitching and embroidery-related tasks. Some of those incredible features of this device known as Bernette B79 are:

Bernette B79 Sewing Machine Features

  • This sewing device is really awesome as it is capable of offering everything that a creator can dream about. 
  • This machine has multi-function knobs and a 5-inch color touchscreen for faster operation and easy navigation.
  • This machine is powered by an embroidery module with 3 hoops and embroidery hoop detection for some amazing stitching experiences. 
  • It has programmable foot control with powerful back kick functionality to get some special results.
  • The powerful LED light can help you to complete all kinds of embroidery-related tasks with ease.
  • This machine is also a very good option for all those beginners as it is very easy to operate and create some amazing designs. It also offers a wide range of functions and helps you to become incredibly creative. This computerized device is perfect for everyone.
  • This latest sewing machine from the house of Bernina, known as Bernette B79, comes with a wide number of possibilities and also 500 stitches to offer you something better than just stitching.
  • It is a large cast aluminum internal frame that can help you a lot.
  • This device comes with 2 Bernina toolbox software modules to help the users.
  • It has a large range of stitching functions to turn your stitching task into real fun.
  • This computerized sewing machine from the house of Bernina comes with a needle threader that is Semi-automatic and also has a Dual feed for quicker and even fabric feed.

Additional Features

  • The weight of this machine is 21.34 Kilograms, and the dimensions are 59.18X 56.13 X 51.82 cm.
  • Another special feature of this computerized sewing device is, it can be programmed easily to pause while you are doing the stitching tasks to cut tails. Thus, stitching jobs becomes a very easy task to accomplish.
  • This machine comes with some latest stitching functions as well as a large number of attractive built-in designs to meet all your stitching-related needs.
  • Another amazing feature of B79 is that it comes with 10 years of warranty that can help you to use it for a longer period of time.
  • This machine is powered by all those sewing functions as well as special designs to make you a perfect creator.
  • The sizes of the hoops are 2” X3”, 5” X 7” and 6” X10”.
  • So, it is the best option for you if you want to make a new dress or home décor at any time.
  • This machine comes with numerous pressure feet, like button securing the foot, hopper embroidering foot, blind stitch, zipper, buttonhole foot, free motion, and many more.
  • You can also use the foot control program to adjust the foot pressure and its position as well.
  • It has some unique and user-friendly control buttons to have a secure and beautiful teaching experience. 
  • It is really easy to store numerous designs in the software of the machine. This device comes with seven embroidery fonts along with 208 embroidery designs. In addition to this, the lettering and editing modules provide 300 additional designs and 100 additional fonts.
  • This device has needle security and a stitch plate for independent stitches.
  • With the easy drag and drop feature, you can easily make some on-screen edits.
  • With this machine, you can easily get 1000 stitches just within a minute.

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What Are the Disadvantages of the Bernette B79 Sewing Machine?

Now, after going through all these incredible features, you may want to know what the cons or disadvantages of this sewing machine can be. Also, these cons will help you to know about the device completely. So, let’s go through the details:

  • In some cases, this machine takes some time to start.
  • This computerized sewing machine known as Bernette B79 is a little heavy and thus is tough to transport.
  • The function menus are not very intuitive, and the user manual is vague.
  • As it is a new model, the accessories are difficult to find.
  • Sometimes the gears inside the motor clash audibly.

Attachments of Bernette B79 Sewing Machine

It is a revolutionary sewing machine to help all types of users to become great creators. Here is the list of the attachments of this computerized device.

  • It has an all-purpose foot that helps you to lock the pressure foot.
  • It comes with a belt-loop hoop to fold bias or straight binding.
  • It has an amazing CutWork tool and needle assortment with different types of needles.
  • Another important part is the Binder attachment that is useful to bind edges with pre-folded or non-pre folded bias tape.
  • This device, Bernette B79, has a blind stitch foot, buttonhole foot with slide, and bobbins.
  • Carrying bags for carrying embroidery modules and sergers.
  • Other important accessories of Bernette B79 are, darning plate, cut-offs bin, a Deco embroidery hoop for a special performance, Elasticator foot embroidery foot, extension table gathering foot, etc.

How to Maintain Bernette B79?

bernette b79

Cleaning and maintaining a sewing machine is a very important task. It is good if you can clean and oil the bobbins at a regular interval.

Turn off the machine and clean it with a soft and slightly damp cloth. Then remove the stitch plate and needles and clear all those lint and threads with a brush. With these steps, you can easily maintain your Bernette B79 for a long period of time.

FAQ’s Regarding Bernette B79 Sewing Device

1. What are the hoop sizes of this device?

The hoop sizes are 6” X10”, 5” X7” and 2” X3”.

2. There are how many pressure feet?

There are a total of 9 pressure feet. You will definitely love it a lot.

3. Does this machine come with a USB?

No, there is no USB with it. However, you can buy it at a good price.

4. Can this machine embroider?

Yes, you can easily do all of those attractive embroideries as well as stitch any kind of new dress or shirt in any atmosphere.

5. How is the screen of this device?

This sewing machine Bernette B79 comes with an attractive 5-inch touchscreen for easy navigation and operation.


Bernina has excelled in developing some great sewing machines, and one of them is Bernette B79. This machine is really worth the price due to its numerous amazing features with some incredible stitching options.

It is a high-quality and long-lasting machine that can work in any atmosphere. This machine is an amazing combination of both embroidery and sewing devices.

It is a very good example of an automated sewing machine with its numerous pre-programmed features. So, if you wish to create something special, you can always rely on Bernette B79.

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