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Top 4 and the Best Bernette Serger in 2022

Are you a professional or beginner sewer and are looking for the best BERNETTE sewing machine? Then you don’t need to worry, below are the top 4 and the best BERNETTE SERGER sewing machines:

1. Brother ST4031HD Serger

Brother ST4031HD

You want professional sewing results, then BROTHER ST4031HD SERGER is the sewing machine that works best and gives you the best sewing of your fabrics according to your demand and needs.

The sewing machine is named as strong and sturdy as it has a strong and tough metal interior and metal thread antenna; it is specifically built to handle multiple layers of fabric, lightweight knits, heavy denim, or leather. This is the perfect sewing machine for beginners or experts who want to learn or enhance their skills in sewing.

The BROTHER SERGER comes with a tough, highly durable blade giving you a smoother cut edge and a professional look to your fabric; the extra fast sewing machine sews 1300 stitches per minute, giving you the ease of sewing and preserving your time and energy.

The sewing machine is very easy to use and handle as it is equipped with color-coded thread guides along with numbered upper and lower thread loopers. Moreover it has a long warranty and makes your choice easier to buy the sewing machine.

  • Product dimensions: 12.99 x 14.37 x 17 inches
  • Product weight: 17.64 pounds
  • Speed: 1300 stitches per minute
  • Threads: 3-4
  • Color-coded: Yes
  • LED: Yes
  • UL/CSA listed: Yes
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1/5/25 Year Limited Serger Warranty
  • Feed ratio: 0.7-2.0

What Are The Features?

  • 3-4 threads: Reliable, high performance, 3/4 thread serger tackles heavy-duty projects such as multiple layers of denim with ease
  • Blade: High durable blade made from tough metal produces a smoother cut edge and gives a more professional look
  • Durability: Heavy-duty metal frame interior and metal thread antenna
  • Extension table: A large extension table prevents the heavy fabric from pulling the needle or thread for more enhanced and better finishing
  • Additional components: standard foot, gathering foot, blind stitch foot, for a wide range of uses including Serging decorative edges, finishing seams, and creating Gathers on knits.
  • Color-coded thread guides: The color-coded guides on the machine help you to show exactly where to place the thread for trouble-free threading,
  • Stitch width control: Adjusting the stitch width permits you to create perfectly serged seam finishes that lie flat, most importantly on lightweight fabrics

Quick Overview

1. Blade

The sewing machine comes with an industrial-grade G3, heavy-duty, carbon steel cutting blade. The blade is razor-sharp and of high quality that can easily sew multiple layers of heavy fabric and thin fabrics.

2. Stitches

The versatile sewing machine is equipped with five different stitch applications to choose from: four-thread overlock stitch, shorter three-thread overlock stitch, three-thread overlock stitch, narrow overlock stitch, and finally, rolled hemming stitch. These stitches are helpful in different projects, especially in hobby crafts.

3. Metal Thread Stand

With the sewing machines comes a metal thread stand which aids you to sew quickly as the thread feeds up and off the spools without the thread getting tangled. The stand is durable as it is made up of solid metal and is long-lasting.

4. Extension Table

The Brother sewing machine features a large extension table so you can sew heavy fabric without feeling overcrowded, this makes your finishing perfect, cleaner and the edges will be far more polished. The table is detachable, so you can easily detach it, and due to its large size, it eradicates fabrics weight pulling the needle or thread.

5. Durability

The sewing machine is made up of a metal interior with all of its gears of metal, and therefore it remains stable on any surface. This increases its lifespan and makes it a long-term sewing machine without the worry of wear and tears.

6. Trim Trap

The machine is equipped with a trim trap that collects the scraps as the knife cuts the edges of the fabric; this makes the extra material out of the way and gives you clean disposal. Moreover, it can also store the foot pedal when the machine is not being used.

7. Differential Feed Ratio and Stitch Width 

The feed ratio is adjustable from 0.7 to 2.0 and can be adjusted just by turning the knob on the machine. This allows you to stitch smoothly and have different types of edges for your fabric. In addition to it, you can adjust the stitch width from 5.0mm to 7.0mm, which gives you the ease to lie flat regardless of your fabric.

8. Manufacturer Warranty

The serger offers you 25-years of warranty on the machine head, 1-year warranty on parts and accessories while the circuit boards and other electrical components are covered under a 5-year warranty.

  • Durable and extra stability
  • Extra work area as it comes with a large extension table
  • Perfect additional components to enhance your sewing skills
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • This sewing machine is only designed for 3 and 4-thread; it cannot perform a 2-thread serger.
  • Standard strength threads may break when operated at full speed continuously for long.

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2. Brother Serger, DZ1234

Brother Serger DZ1234

Are you a beginner sewer and looking for a sewing machine to finish off the garments quickly and easily? Then BROTHER SERGER, DZ1234 is the perfect machine as it is specifically designed to give a perfect finish to your fabrics.

The sewing machine competes above other machines in this series, as it offers plenty of amazing features at a reasonable price. The adjustable differential feed and stitch options ensure ruffles and smooth stitches even on stretchy fabrics.

The Brother Designio Series DZ1234 features a 3-4 thread capability with built-in 22 sewing stitches, which includes 3- and 4-thread overlock stitches, narrow hem, rolled hem, and a ribbon lock stitch, and much more. The adjustable stitch setting allows you to customize and sew your fabrics according to your needs and desire.

  • Product dimensions: 15.2” x 13” x 13.2”
  • Product weight: 18.1 pounds
  • Light: Bulb
  • UL/CSA listed: Yes
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Feed ratio: 0.7 to 2.0mm
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1/5/25 Year Limited Serger Warranty

What Are The Features?

  • Versatile stitch options: Allows you to choose 4 threads overlock, 3 thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches
  • Color-coded thread: It has easy color-coded threading
  • Speed: Fast and efficient as it stitches,1300 stitches per minute
  • Adjustable stitch width: The stitch width can easily be adjusted from 3.0 to 7.0 mm, giving you the ease of sewing and stitching perfectly
  • Free-arm: Allows you to sew the cuffs and sleeves
  • Built-in storage: allows you to keep your accessory tools right on the front panel flip-down door, and conveniently use the removable trim trap and store the foot controller, and gather the trash while sewing

Quick Overview

1. Free-Arm

The sewing machine offers the option of working on a flatbed surface or changing to a free arm work area. This feature adds ease while you sew sleeves, collars, pant legs, and much more! You just need to remove the flatbed extension and work freely.

2. Adjustable Differential Feed Ratio

The Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger features an adjustable differential feed ratio that gives you the comfort to sew numerous fabrics. It controls the ratio of movement of the front and back feed dogs, which aids the fabric to feed smoothly under the needles. This feature helps when producing gathers or ruffles as you use the machine. Besides that, it allows you to prevent puckering on heavy or lightweight fabric as they move under the needles.

3. Stitch Width Control

The sewing machine comes with stitch width control and can be adjusted accordingly from 3 to 7 mm; it allows you to customize and design your desired fabrics and flat stitches, especially when working on sheer or lightweight fabrics.

4. Interchangeable Feet

The serger sewing machine has three interchangeable feet; a gathering foot, a piping foot, and a blind hem stitch foot. The gathering foot collects one length of fabric while connecting it to a flat fabric and finishes the edges. The piping foot guides narrow, easing installation and holds the zipper in. The blind hem directs the fabric under the foot to create an invisible blind hem.

5. Smooth and Noise

Most machines create noise that can be disturbing for you or others, but with this brother serger sewing machine, you don’t need to worry as it runs smoothly and stitches your clothes with the perfect design you desire to sew! Moreover, it creates less noise than other sewing machines, so you can work at night without disturbing others. 

  • Faster stitching with its 1,300-stitches-per-minute capability
  • Color-coded threading system
  • Uses standard needles
  • Less noise
  • Compact and small-sized as compared to other models and can easily fit in a small room
  • 22 built-in stitches
  • No automatic threading

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3. Bernette B42 Funlock 

Bernette Funlock 44 Serger

The BERNETTE B42 FUNLOCK is a professional sewing or serger machine that lets you sew professionally with multiple functions and features. It is designed for finishing edges, and its chain stitch option provides you with innovative decorative options.

With the use of 4 threads and 3 needles, it gives you strong and flexible stitches and is perfect for designing or sewing kids’ clothes and swimwear. It has different cover stitches with a width of 2.8 and 5.6 mm.

The Bernette sewing machine can sew your hems, edges, and cuffs with professional stitches giving your fabric a perfect and exquisite look. It works best for stretchy clothes and thin knitted fabrics. With the needle and looper threading mechanism, it comforts your sewing, and with its bright LED, you can work perfectly without missing any area of your stitch.


  • Product dimensions: 16.6 x 13.5 x 14.9 inches
  • Product weight: 14.99
  • Speed: 1300 stitches per minute
  • Stitch width: 2.8 – 5.6
  • Color-coded threading: Yes
  • Number of needles: 3
  • Manufacturer warranty: 5/2/1 year

What Are The Features?

  • Cover stitch machine: features a total of 3 different cover stitches with a width of 2.8mm and 5.6mm and a chain stitch
  • Uses: you can provide your edges, hems, and cuffs with professional stitches, offering your sewing project the perfect look
  • Dual fabric sewing: Can be used for sewing for stretchy and thin knitted fabrics
  • Easy threading: Separate needle threader and looper threader mechanism makes the threading easy
  • LED: Gives you a good view of your fabric while sewing

Quick Overview

1. High Speed and Easy Threading

The sewing has a speed of 1300 stitches per minute which saves your time and energy, and with this speed, you can complete your projects with much ease and efficiency. The threading on this sewing machine is much easier as it is equipped with a separate and special lopper threading mechanism and a separate threading tool.

2. Stitch Options

The cover stitch machine comes with three different cover stitch options and a 2-thread chain stitch. It has adjustable width stitches from 2.8 to 5.6 mm, and using three needles gives you the free will to customize each stitch option.

3. Adjustable Differential Feed

The adjustable feed ratio helps you while sewing; adjusting the speed with which the feed dogs move the fabric beneath the needles gives you the comfort to work easily on smaller and more complex sewing projects and create perfect gathers and ruffles. Moreover, with these adjustments, you can sew more precise control over heavy fabrics, slippery satins, and delicate fabrics too.

4. Large Work Area

The cover stitch machine is designed to give you the perfect stitch with a generous and large work area. The four inches of space ensures you have enough room for sewing large fabrics or projects—no more tensions for sewing bridal gowns, curtains, and much more. In addition to this, the bright LED light illuminates your work area even if there are no lights around.

  • User friendly with simple and easy controls to operate the machine
  • Fast and frustrating free threading with its color-coded threading
  • High speed
  • No fabric release feature
  • No free arm
  • No decorative or overlocking stitch options
  • No automatic features

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4. Bernette Funlock 44 Serger

Bernette b42

The BERNETTE FUNLOCK 44 offers numerous and versatile stitching options that let you stitch your clothes and fabric in a professional style. It includes 15 built-in stitch options, a sharp cutting knife, smooth sewing with fewer vibrations, and a great speed of stitching. 

The sewing machine comes with numerous functions and offers you to do all types of overlocking. Easy to thread the looper and the needle by following the colored markings on the machine. The knife cuts from the below so that the stitch widths can be adjusted with one hand. With 1300 stitches per minute and LED lights, the sewing machine stitches the perfect clothes for you!

  • Product dimensions: 16.3 x 13.4 x 14.2 inches
  • Product weight: 20.2 pounds
  • Speed: 1300 stitches per minute
  • Differential feed ratio: 0.6-2 mm
  • Color-coded: Yes
  • Manufacturer warranty: 5/2/1 year

What Are The Features?

  • Easy threading: The color-coded and open thread guide, special needle threader, and the lower looper thread mechanism make the threading easier. 
  • Spacious: The most important overlocker accessories are always on hand in the looper cover. Rest accessories are conveniently stored in a separate box.
  • Differential feed system: This feed system is a tremendous feature that permits you to create wrinkle-free and smooth seams for fabrics. You can effortlessly adjust your feed dog from 0.6 mm-2 mm
  • Removable Presser Foot: This functionality is meant to make daily overlocking tasks seem easy. The presser foot is conveniently attachable and removable.

Quick Overview

1. Perfect Overlock Seams

The serger sewing machine is easy to operate as it comes with 15 different stitching options with 2,3 or 4 threads, ensuring maximum flexibility when stitching and sewing. Moreover, you can have a professional quality stitch with excellent rolled hems with a width of 1.5mm.

2. Stitch Options

The sewing machine provides you with a wide range of stitching options; it can produce flawless rolled hem stitches, flatlock seam, and decorative stitches, and a 4-thread overlock stitch with an integrated safety seam. And the stitch length can be adjusted from 1 to 4 mm wide, and the three overlock stitches can be adjusted in between 3-7mm. 

3. Easy-To-Reach Controls

The sewing machine has all the functions that are easy to reach, and the machine itself is user-friendly. All the adjustments to stitch length can be made with the turn of a dial that is located perfectly on the sewing machine’s right side, while the differential feed control, cutting width dial, and presser foot adjustment dial is on the left.

4. Snap-on Presser Foot

The sewing machine is equipped with a standard-sized presser foot that can be easily removed and fitted for your sewing and stitching. Its adjustable height enables you to easily glide the fabric beneath it without causing puckers. The flat sole keeps one or multiple layers of fabric firmly in contact with the differential feed dogs, ensuring tight, flat seams and flawless rolled hems.


  • The high-quality design of the sewing machine makes it long-lasting and durable.
  • The bright LED illuminates your work area.
  • The advanced differential feed system prevents any wrinkles, gathering, or stretching of your fabrics. This feature also improves your hemming applications.
  • User-friendly and simple controls
  • Color-coded threading
  • Less work area beyond the throat/needle plate.
  • No automatic feature

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Comparison Table

Dimensions 12.99 x 14.37 x 17 inches 15.2 x 13 x 13.2 inches 16.6 x 13.5 x 14.9 inches 16.3 x 13.4 x 14.2 inches
Weight 17.64 pounds 18.1 pounds 14.99 pounds 20.2 pounds
Differential feed ratio 0.7-2.0mm 0.7-2.0mm 0.6-2mm 0.6-2mm
LED Yes No Yes Yes
Speed 1300 stitches per min 1300 stitches per min 1300 stitches per min 1300 stitches per min
Price Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a sewing machine (serger), you should look into the following important factors:

1. Basic Functions

The basic functions should include that the sewing machine has color-coded threading and adjustable thread tensions. A detailed threading guide makes it easy and useful while sewing, and the adjustable thread tensions will enable you to produce a much smoother line.

2. Differential Feed Ratio

Different sewing machines come with different differential ratio feeds and is one of the key features of the machine. It helps you to make sure the knits and other stretchy fabrics don’t jumble up, and this feature can also be used to sew lettuce edges and ruffles.

3. Manual and Guide

Every sewing machine comes with a user guide; however, some are available only on the internet; it is advisable to purchase the sewing machine, which comes with a booklet of user manuals and guide along with certain CDs of the functions of the machines.

4. Speed

Speed of the sewing machine is an essential factor to consider while buying a sewing machine; the more stitches per min, the more speed the machine has, letting you sew with more perfection and efficiency.

5. Weight

Most of the machines are bulky, so it is advised to buy a sewing machine that is lightweight to let you conveniently carry and transport the machine.

Final Advice

Are you still finding which serger sewing machine to buy? Then the BROTHER ST4031HD SERGER is the best among the other three, as it sews more professionally and with more perfection, giving you the stitches that you desire. It can sew multiple layers of thick, light, or delicate fabric with a speed of 1300 stitches per minute.

The sewing machine is more compact than the other models and has less weight, so it can be easily transported and stored. The sewing machine’s strong razor-sharp industrial G3 blade, five stitch applications, metal thread stands, large extension table, and trim trap make it unique from other models.

This model is easy to use and operate as it is user-friendly, and when it comes to durability and price along with these features, this serger sewing machine is at the top and best among the other sewing machines.

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