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Best Sewing Machine for an Intermediate Sewer That Will Satisfy Both Budget and Needs

If you like completing sewing projects at home or running a small sewing business, a budget-friendly yet features-packed intermediate sewing machine can be the best choice for you.

The main reason for selecting an intermediate sewing machine is to not go too high on budget and have all that you need. However, today’s intermediate sewing machine seven provides top-notch features that only an expert-level model can provide.

Therefore, it’s always better to choose wisely since the model you invest in should be worth it. Worry not; the testing team of Online Sewing Machine spent 4 weeks in research and tested over 34 models to provide you with the best picks for 2022.

Feature-rich, highly durable, better performance, greater perfection, and a lot more, we have tested to provide you with the best intermediate sewing machine.

Best Sewing Machine for an Intermediate Sewer

1. Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine


The best sewing machine for the intermediate sewer that offers an extensive range of quilting and sewing operations within an affordable price range. 

This CS6000i sewing machine comes equipped with features like 60 pre-configured sewing stitches consisting of decorative stitches and 7 themes for one-step buttonholes.

The machine also has 9 different presser feet, including buttonholes, overcasting, monogramming, zippers, zigzags, blind stitches, button fittings, walking, and spring action quilting feet.

The machine has a wide and detachable table that is ideal for larger quilting tasks. Besides a backlit LCD display, an automatic needle threader, easy-to-follow threading diagrams, and an adjustable sewing speed control system, this machine offers everything you need to make sewing a breeze. 

  • Detachable table and a free arm: The detachable table and a free arm make it easier to perform sewing and quilting operations on various garments, costumes, cuffs, sleeves, etc.
  • 60 pre-installed stitching patterns: It takes less time to sew on a CS6000i than other sewing machines, thanks to its 60 built-in stitches, including utility, decorative, quilting, and 7 one-step auto-size buttonhole styles.
  • Quick threading: There is an automatic threader inside this product to ensure a quick threading experience. 
  • Automated features: The sewing machine also features intuitive controls to enhance ease of use. It offers some of the top-notch features like start-stop & reverse buttons and a variable speed controller. 
  • In-built Led light: This device is coupled with an in-built LED light that makes it easier to sew smaller and darker clothes.
  • 25 year limited warranty: As part of the 25-year limited warranty, free technical support is provided for the lifetime of the product.
  • This machine only works on the direct power supply and lags the battery feature.
Final Advice

The CS6000i features everything that the best sewing machine for intermediate sewers should have. If you want to sew, quilt, or perform any other sewing task, this machine offers a range of features and functions that ensure an outstanding sewing experience.

Despite 60 Unique built-in stitches, this amazing product by Brother is coupled with a jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin and an automatic needle threader that automatically passes the thread through the needle.

Furthermore, with the purchase of this sewing machine, you will also get additional accessories such as a hard protective case, a detachable wide table, 10 sewing feet, a needle set including a twin needle, 3 bobbins, and a lot more.


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2. Brother XR3774 Sewing and Quilting Machine


This is the best sewing machine for the intermediate sewer that comes with the most updated features, which other sewing machines lag.

Built with strong plastic material and furnished with premium aesthetics, this product offers a cutting edge feature of 37 pre-installed unique stitches comprising blind hem, decorative and quilting stitches, and a 1-step buttonhole.

Professionals love to work on this sewing machine because of its automatic needle threader that automatically merges the thread through the needle. Furthermore, the jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin ensures longer stitching operations.

Despite cutting-edge features, you will also get multiple accessories such as a machine cover, a wide table, 8 sewing feet, an instructional DVD, and a lot more.

  • 37 built-in stitches: There are 37 built-in stitches inside this sewing machine to execute complex sewing jobs with accurate precision and perfect stitches. 
  • Extended table and free arm: The extended table of this machine is coupled with a free arm which makes it easier to work on skirt hems and closed items like bags.
  • In-built LED light: There is an in-built LED light in this product which helps tailors to small identity details while sewing complex and darker fabrics.
  • Automatic needle threader: The automatic needle threader in this machine ensures that the thread is easily passed through the needle.
  • One-step buttonholes: This machine uses one-step buttonholes to complete the sewing task without causing any wear and tear to the buttonholes.
  • Doesn’t support dual voltage.
Final Advice

Here is your one-stop-shop for the best sewing machine for an intermediate sewer. This product is featured with durable ergonomics and a compact design. 

The machine has 37 preprogrammed stitching patterns based on a set of dynamic movements made by the needle. Some of its top inbuilt patterns include blind hem, decorative and quilting stitches, and a 1-step buttonhole.

This product also offers an inbuilt LED, automatic needle threader, and a drop-in top bobbin for the convenience of sewing professionals. Other attachments of this machine include a machine cover, wide table, 8 sewing feet, instructional DVD, and much more.

Despite that, you will also get a 25 years warranty on the product with free technical support via online, live chat, or phone.


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3. Singer 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine


Looking for the best sewing machine for intermediate sewer? You’ve come to the right place; this computerized sewing machine from the Singer Brand features preprogrammed stitching functions with speed control and other cutting edge features like one-touch stitch control, built-in needle threader, and a lot more. 

With 600 built-in stitches and a needle up/down function, you can perform pivoting operations such as sewing on small fabrics, topstitching, free-motion quilting, applique, and much more with minimum manual labor.

This electric sewing machine has all of the features you need to make sure that all of your work gets prepared without any hassle.

  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame: The internal chassis of this sewing machine is made out of heavy grade metal, having the caliber to support all of the sewing operations with incredible durability.
  • Electronic Twin Needle: Despite straight stitch, this feature filters the stitch width while sewing with the twin needle.
  • Extension table: By using the extension table, the user can quilt larger fabrics on the larger fabric area.
  • 600 stitching patterns: Enjoy 600 stitching patterns, including basic, decorative, and stretch stitches for fashion, quilting, home decor, and crafting.
  • 13 Built-in Perfectly Sized Buttonhole Styles: The machine automatically sews the buttonholes with the 13 pre-installed buttonhole styles when the user places a button in the buttonhole foot.
  • Bobbin requires frequent maintenance.
Final Advice

Many industry professionals consider the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 to be the best sewing machine for an intermediate sewer. Its 600 preprogrammed stitching patterns consist of 5 alphanumeric fonts, 13 automated 1-Step Buttonholes featuring exclusive buttonhole underplate, mirror imaging, stitch elongation, and a lot more.

This machine can sew a multitude of fabrics using its built-in needle threader, thread cutter, a start/stop button, direct button stitch selection, etc. There’s a large LCD screen for easier control over the stitching programs included, such as stitch length, stitches width, tension settings, recommended presser foot, needle up/down position, zigzag taper, and automatic presser foot pressure control.

Its two bright LED lights make it easy to trace sewing patterns on dark fabrics. Furthermore, the manufacturer also offers a 25-Year Limited warranty on the machine with technical support. 


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4. Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD3000 (2)

The HD-300 is also reputed as the best sewing machine for an intermediate sewer. Whether it be a beginner or an advanced user, this advanced sewing machine is constructed using heavy-duty aluminum metal. 

It boasts a plethora of features, including pre-installed 18 stitches, a one-step buttonhole, and other functions that an individual needs for completing a wide variety of sewing tasks. 

The stitch length and width adjustment controls are appointed on the front side of the machine. This amazing tool also features an automatic needle threader which ensures that the user doesn’t lay any stress on their eyes while passing thread through the needle.

Using its free arm feature, one can easily sew pant legs, sleeves of the shirt, and other types of garments. By purchasing this product, you will also get access to numerous accessories such as a hard case, ultra glide foot, 2 packs of leather needles, universal Needles, bobbins, and a lot more. 

  • Automatic Needle Threader: Those days of straining eyes are long gone; this automatic needle threader can easily pass the thread through the needle. Furthermore, its top-loading bobbin feature also ensures jam-free operation and easy replacement of the bobbin.
  • User-friendly stitch selection: This intuitive feature allows the user to easily select the required stitch program from the in-built 18 stitch patterns. 
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure: The adjustable presser foot pressure allows the user to sew an extensive range of different fabrics with the flexibility of the swingarm.
  • Multiple accessories: This advanced sewing machine offers a plethora of accessories, including a hardcover, ultra glide foot, 2 packets of leather needles, a packet of universal needles, a packet of bobbins, blind hem “G” foot, overedge “C” foot, rolled hem “D” foot, zipper “E” foot, buttonhole “B” foot. 
  • It also offers other components like an automatic Buttonhole “R” Foot, needles, screwdriver, small screwdriver, spool holder (large), spool holder (small), lint brush, seam ripper, spool pin, bobbin, quilter bar, felt, foot control/power cord, warranty card, and instructional manual.
  • Lags the feature of automatic thread cutter.
Final Advice

Now is the time to skip manual sewing and switch to something like Janome HD3000 for an intermediate sewer. This amazing product stands on an aluminum frame that can withstand heavy pressure.

It comes equipped with an automatic needle threader and a top-loading bobbin which ensures jam-free sewing without any complications. This machine also features a user-friendly stitch selection dial which makes it easier to select 18 in-built stitches. 

Just like other professional machines, this product also offers adjustable presser foot pressure control, which makes it easier to sew multiple varieties of fabrics.

Despite the cutting-edge features, this product also offers different types of additional accessories capable of executing any type of sewing job.


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5. Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


Finalizing the best sewing machine for intermediate sewers from the pool of Google results is always a daunting task, and this is where the SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine comes into play. 

This sewing machine offers 50% more precision and rapid power to easily sew thicker fabrics without any fuss. This heavy-duty product is assembled on a metal frame. 

Its powerful electric motor can easily create larger sewing projects with its captivating capacity to make 1100 stitches per minute with multiple features like 97 in-built stitch patterns, easy stitch selection, automatic 1-step buttonhole, and a lot more.

So, whether you’re willing to make normal customizations or start a new sewing project, this sewing machine can craft amazing fabrics with minimal effort.

  • 97 Stitch Patterns: Complete your sewing project with an extensive range of multiple sewing programs, including basic sewing, decorative sewing, etc.
  • Automatic 1-Step Buttonholes: Sew buttons into the buttonholes automatically without damaging the width of the fabric.
  • Needle Threader: Give rest to your eyes as this in-built needle threader can easily pass a thread through the eye of the needle.
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lift: The Presser foot of this sewing machine prevents the fabric from falling into the needle while the fabric is being stitched. 
  • Countless accessories: Purchasing this product means access to a wide range of accessories, including a general-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, quilting Guide, needles packet, bobbins, spool caps, auxiliary spool pin, spool pin felt, screwdriver, seam ripper, and soft dust cover.
  • This sewing machine lacks a battery feature.
Final Advice

The SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine has also been called the best sewing machine for an intermediate sewer. Built on a heavy-duty metal frame, it provides greater durability and an elegant design. 

It can easily turn your creative ideas into reality by using a wide variety of features like the 23 built-in stitches capable of sewing different types of projects like fashions, home décor, quilts, crafts, and much more.

Its automatic needle threader system allows the user to easily pivot the thread into the eye of the needle without any hustle. This amazing product features a maximum sewing speed of 100 stitches per minute with 100% precision. 

In addition, the manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty on this product, which means you won’t have to worry about any repairs in the future.


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6. Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD1000

The Janome HD1000 boasts all of the functionalities that the best sewing machine for intermediate sewer requires. This product possesses an extensive range of features to provide a comfortable sewing experience to every user. 

 It is built on a heavy-duty cast aluminum body to ensure longer durability and eye-catching aesthetics. This sewing tool also offers 14 in-built stitching functions and a four-step buttonhole to execute a wide variety of sewing projects. 

This product comes equipped with a free arm that can proficiently sew pants, cuffs, collars, and other free motion applications as well. There is also a built-in automatic needle threader in this machine, so you can easily thread your needle without straining your eyes.

  • 14 stitching patterns: Execute any stitching operation without wasting your time with these 14 stitching patterns, including utility stitches, stretch stitches, and a lot more.
  • Free arm: Using the free arm, anyone can easily connect the needle to the thread without any chances of damaging the fabric accidentally.
  • Accessories Storage: It is not feasible to carry different components of your machine single-handedly. However, the accessories storage allows the user to store all of the given accessories in one place.
  • Needle Thread and Needle Plate: The needle thread and needle plate allow the user to mark the required width from the edge of the cloth with ease.
  • No automatic thread cutter.
Final Advice

All of the aforementioned features make this Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine the best sewing machine for an intermediate sewer. It comes with a powerful electric motor that has the caliber to make more than 500 stitches per minute.

Its 14 pre-installed stitching patterns are simple to use and can perform any type of sewing job easily. This product is constructed on the base of heavy-duty cast aluminum, which offers longer durability. 

After purchasing this electric sewing machine, you’ll also get access to multiple sewing accessories like bobbins, felt, extra needles, two screwdrivers, seam ripper/buttonhole ripper, zipper foot, hemmer foot, buttonhole foot, ahem guide, and a softcover, etc. 


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7. JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing and Quilting Machine


This JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing and Quilting Machine has a reputation for its distinctive features. It make this model the perfect sewing machine for an intermediate sewer.

The aesthetics of this product features elegant dynamics and a compact design. There are 106 in-built stitch patterns inside this sewing tool to ensure maximum versatility and a comfortable sewing experience. 

It also comes equipped with 16 automated electronic sensors that can sew a variety of garments and fabrics. The automatic needle threader and the automatic needle cutter make it easier to pass the needle through a thread without any complication. Furthermore, JUKI also provides an optional wide extension table for enhanced accessibility. 

  • Extensive sewing and quilting: In addition to 106 stitch patterns and 3 font options, this sewing machine offers extensive versatility and enhanced sewing. 
  • Controlled buttonholes: This sewing machine offers 16 automatic electronic sensors that are controlled using the buttonholes function. 
  • Automatic needle threader and cutter: Using the needle threader, the user can pass the tiniest of thread through the eye of the needle. Likewise, the needle cutter prevents the fabric from getting damaged while sewing.
  • Free arm: The sewing tool includes a sewing arm to ensure that the base of the device does not strike the table on which it is mounted.
  • The machine lacks a carrying case.
Final Advice

This JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing and Quilting Machine comes equipped with multiple top-notch features. It makes it the best sewing machine for an intermediate sewer. 

It is computerized with a variety of in-built functions, including 106 stitch patterns with 3 intuitive fonts for extensive versatility. There are also 

16 Automatic electronic sensor-controlled buttonholes inside this machine that can quickly knead a button with a buttonhole without tampering with the quality of the fabric. 

Despite amazing features, this sewing machine also features a one-touch needle threader. Also, the automatic thread cutting feature that can reduce human effort and protect the garment from wear and tear.

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