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Which is the Best Janome Sewing Machine to Buy?

As we all know, Janome manufactures the best sewing machines, which every sawist delights. No matter at which level your sewing experience is, Janome has models available for amateur sewists the professional level sewist. Therefore, a Janome sewing machines suit every type of sewist perfectly!

if you ask any pro sewer, you’ll always hear, “quality & features always makes a big difference in achieving good sewing results.” And Janome has made it possible, that too under your budget. You’ll always get “worth the cash” sewing machines if you purchase them from the Janome brand.

10 Best Janome Sewing Machine – Quick Comparison

Janome Sewing Machine Name Feature Ratings Overall Ratings Check Price
Janome blue couture sewing machine
9.8 9.8 Buy on Amazon
Janome 740DC sewing machine with Bonus Bundle
9.9 9.6 Buy on Amazon
Janome 2212 sewing machine
9.7 9.5 Buy on Amazon
Janome 3160QDC computerized sewing machine
9.5 9.4 Buy on Amazon
Janome MOD-19 easy-to-use sewing machine
9.4 9.4 Buy on Amazon
Janome MC6650 sewing and quilting machine
9.3 9.3 Buy on Amazon
Janome 4120QDC computerized sewing machine
9.3 9.1 Buy on Amazon
Janome HD1000BE HD 1000 sewing machine
9.1 8.9 Buy on Amazon
Janome HD3000 heavy duty sewing machine
9.0 8.8 Buy on Amazon
Janome DC1050 Computerized sewing machine
8.8 8.8 Buy on Amazon

Which Is Best Janome Sewing Machine to Buy?

1. Janome Blue Couture Easy-To-Use Sewing Machine With Interior Metal Frame


Janome Blue Couture Easy-To-Use Sewing Machine With Interior Metal Frame

The mission of the Janome blue couture is to provide creativity and innovation, but with a simple easy to use feature. The most important thing about the product is the product itself; the better the tools and features, the better the work. The machine is specifically designed for comfort, quality, and intuitive ease of operation. 


The Janome blue couture easy-to-use machine with an interior metal frame is designed specifically for beginners. The machine follows an easy-to-follow instruction manual, a start guide, and a video tutorial.

The vibrant sewing machine also comes with the bobbin loading guide, which is unavoidable and is found within sight of the bobbin loading area.

The machine is versatile and can tackle projects like garment sewing, home decor, quilting, and even heirloom projects with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours and start working?

What Are the Features?

  • Four-step buttonhole and 15 built-in stitches
  • Adjustable stitch length and zigzag width with front-loading bobbin system with built-in bobbin loading guide found inside the bobbin area.
  • Easy stitch selection and dual retractable vertical spool pins.
  • The heavy-duty tall frame along with a removable free arm with concealed accessory storage.
  • Standard accessories along with a 3-piece feed dog system and easy reverse lever.
  • Four press feet and LED sewing space light.
  • Darning plate, including free-motion sewing with extra high presser feet.
  • The machine is durable, giftable, and easy to use.
  • Full-size sewing machine with great throat space.
  • This machine does not have a start and stop button.

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2. Janome 740DC Sewing Machine With Bonus Bundle


Janome 740DC Sewing Machine With Bonus Bundle

The magnificent Janome 740DC sewing machine with bonus bundle is a must-have machine; the electric machine is really useful to use.

It is fully computerized with packed and powerful features, and of course, it is under your budget. So, if you also want to get amazing features in a sewing machine, you must go for this one. 


The Janome sewist 740DC is a really useful machine with some powerful features in it. The machine has 40 stitches with various applications, and a direct stitch is also available for 20 stitches and 20 pictured on the easy access slide-out stitch chart.

The standard sewing machine is highly recommendable because of its features, and it also has a start and stops button, which allows you to sew without foot control. Isn’t it fabulous? Also, you will get 25 years of warranty on mechanical parts and five years on the electrical parts whereas one year on the labor features.

What Are the Features?

  • The machine has 40 stitches in total, among which 20 direct stitches and 20 are pictured on the easy access slide-out stitch chart.
  • The sewist also offers you three styles of one-step buttonholes. The special features may include pattern elongation of up to five times normal length, an easy bobbin system, no need to unthread the machine, a built-in needle threader, and an auto-lock stitch feature.
  • Start and stop button to sew without foot control and a drop-in, self-winding bobbin.
  • The machine comes with an extension table.
  • The machine has 40 stitches with a variety of applications.
  • It offers you a choice of 3 styles of one-step buttonholes.
  • It does not include foot control.

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3. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine


Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

The beginners, this machine is your perfect one. The entry-level people can make great use of this machine because not only is it advanced and packed with features, but it also offers you a simple interface.

You can create inventive, artistic, and pleasurable work out of it. The machine is made to free your creativity, and that’s what you will do.


The 2212 features range from loading bobbin to free arm, it speeds up to the 1000 pm daily pattern selector, you can easily snap-on presser feet and also it has the manual tension control.

Janome America has created this product to inspire and intimidate your work performance with the best tools. That’s why the machine is designed specifically for your needs. It has automatic bobbin winding, thread extension adjustment, thread tension management, free arm, and a needle threading system.

What Are the Features?

  • The machine offers you an easy turn dial pattern selection
  • Twelve built-in stitches and a four-step buttonhole.
  • Stitch width adjustment and length adjustment ensure ease of use. 
  • Drop feed for free-motion sewing and quilting.
  • 110-volt machine with overall wish and depth of 17″ by 9″.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • The lightbulb does not have its own on and off switch.

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4. Janome 3160QDC Computerized Sewing Machine


Janome 3160QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

The machine is perfectly designed for sewing fleece and zippers, and the slide button on the front of the machine is to adjust the speed.

The top speed of this machine is pretty fast. So, if you want to get the all-in-one machine at affordable prices, this one is the best. Let us move on to tell you a bit about its features and what it offers you.


The Janome 3160QDC is designed for all types of sewing, be it home decor, high fashion, every day, or patchwork; it works with everything.

The 60 built-in stitches, along with 6 buttonholes, give you the perfect range of stitches for any task you’d like to perform. You anslo enjoy the boasting LCD screen, automatic thread cutter, and much more.

The machine truly offers you incredible and power-packed features which can help you in the long run. So, when you can have everything extra, why go for the basic sewing machine, which isn’t versatile.

What Are the Features?

  • There are 60 built-in stitches along with six built-in buttonholes and an automatic needle threader, so no more eye strain.
  • The jam-proof, easy-set top loading bobbin system is easy to use and changes your bobbin thread for you. Just follow the track manually.
  • The handy function buttons are a must-have because when you have a thread cutter cutting the thread for you, why will you do it yourself?
  • The reverse stitch button will have your machine sew in reverse for reinforced stitching. The needle up and down button will start the machine without the foot control.
  • An incredible amount of accessories such as hardcover, extension table, open-toe even feed foot, open-toe darning foot, even foot and overedge.
  • It comes with a quilt kit and overedges foot.
  • Fleece and zippers can be sewed.
  • A bit expensive.

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5. Janome Mod-19 Easy-To-Use Sewing Machine


Janome Mod-19 Easy-To-Use Sewing Machine

The complete midline has 19 built-in stitches, including a four-step buttonhole; you will always have the right stitch for the job.

The top-loading bobbin machine has a built-in threader which indicates that it is easy to use, just very quick and simple. So, if you would also benefit from the advanced features of this machine, go for it.


The fact that this machine is lightweight and easy to use makes people want it more. It does all the basic stitches, the night stitches, zigzag, and a few more.

The needle threader is extremely easy to use, and it’s easy to switch out presser feet. The machine feels like you are using a full-size machine in a smaller version.

The clear cover with a 5-piece feed dog system is just wonderful. The MOD-19 ensures that your projects are being concurred with power, precision, and confidence.

What Are the Features?

  • It has 19 stitches, including one buttonhole, which lets you do the quilting, heirloom, home decor, and a four-step buttonhole. All you need to do is create and customize your projects.
  • It has an adjustable stitch length and width that will let your length and width dial and adjust the stitch to appropriate settings for your stitch type.
  • It has a drop feed and heavy-duty interior metal frame, making king-free sewing and overall durability. Also, do not ignore the 25-year warranty.
  • It has a removable free arm, a top drop-in-jam-proof bobbin system, and a 5-piece feed dog system that allows you free and smooth fabric feeding of all types.
  • Accessories include zipper foot, sliding buttonhole foot, general button foot, blind hemming foot, bobbins, pack of needles, screwdriver, seam ripper, spool holders, foot control, and power cord.
  • 25-year limited warranty.
  • Easy threading with a one-hand needle threader.
  • No bonus bundle is available.

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6. Janome MC6650 Sewing And Quilting Machine


Janome MC6650 Sewing And Quilting Machine

If you are willing to spend some extra bucks  more on the best Janome sewing machine, then this might be the choice.

The Janome MC6650 lightweight electric machine is something that helps the sewists to complete projects before the deadline.

It provides the absolute perfect workspace and with speed precision. The machine is all set to bring professional power into the project makers’ homes. 


The machine has definite features that are nice-to-have so as we mentioned, the sewing machine is worth the money. The zigzag foot set on the machine, the blind hem foot, the rolled hem foot, the brush, seam ripper, everything is waiting for you.

The independent bobbin winder allows you to wind a new bobbin while you are sewing. The automatic programmable thread trimmer cuts the top and bobbin threads instantly; it simply makes your work a lot easier than before. So why not just spend a little more and get the best Janome sewing machine home.

What Are the Features?

  • The machine provides you with 172 built-in stitches, nine one-step buttonholes, block and script alphabets in upper and lowercase along with the direct, utility, quilting. 
  • The needle plate is easy to change; push one button and lift the current needle plate for easy removal.
  • It has an extremely easy top-loading bobbin system, which is a full rotary metal hook and moves in one direction. It also moves quietly and requires less lubrication.
  • The easy threading with a built-in needle threader lets you thread in no time and easily places the thread through the eye of the needle.
  • The adjustable presser foot pressure will allow you to change the pressure on the fabric with the turn of a dial.
  • The flatbed provides you with a perfect workspace for larger projects.
  • The convenience buttons are located right by the LCD screen.
  • The storage unit does not come off.

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7. Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine


Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

The Janome 4120 QDC is designed for all types of sewing; the machine can do the patchwork, home decor, quilting, and everyday work. It gives you a perfect range of stitches, including the buttonholes, which are a must-have in any sewing machine. It has everything you need to make your sewing easier.


The stitch quality of this machine is very well known as it speeds up 820 stitches per minute, while the special built-in features control the maximum sewing speed for precision work.

It has an automatic thread cutter and the on-screen stitch editing, and much more. The machine is truly amazing to use because of its powerfully packed features which let you work with efficiency. Also, it comes with incredibly amazing accessories such as an extension table, hardcover, sewing foot, satin stitch, blind hem, and sewing foot. 

What Are the Features?

  • It comes with 120 built-in stitches, which let you sew quilt labels and more with the built-in alphabet and built-in needle threader.
  • It’s easy to change the bobbin with the jam-proof easy-set-up top loading bobbin system. There’s no need to worry about running off the edge of your product because the bobbin system is jam-proof.
  • Handy function buttons like a convenient thread cutter button will cut both the top and bottom thread; the lock stitch button will finish your sewing stitch.
  • It comes with a sewing foot with a guide, zigzag, spool holder, extra spool pin, screwdriver, lint brush, seam ripper, stitch chart, and an instruction book.
  • Comes with great accessories.
  • It’s easy to learn, value for money.
  • The machine does not do monogramming; you will need an embroidery machine to do that.

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8. Janome HD1000BE Black Edition All-Metal Body Sewing Machine


Janome HD1000BE HD 1000 Black Edition All-Metal Body Sewing Machine

The HD-1000 black edition by Janome provides you super sturdy construction and easy to use interface for a dependable and enjoyable sewing experience. So no matter if you are sewing a garment or home decor item, the machine will always help you. The built-in stitches and one four-step buttonhole are other things to add to.


The 14 stitches machine is all set to work for your basic, fashionable, quilting, and home decor sewing; it has all the stitches you need to create and customize your projects which is why you should choose it.

The heavy-duty aluminum body of this machine makes it a great choice for the sewist because it tackles a wide range of fabric and sewing types.

Also, the machine lowers the feed dogs for free-motion sewing and quilting with just the switch of a lever. You can also use the drop feed feature when darning and stitching the buttonholes.

What Are the Features?

  • It has a general-purpose foot, zipper foot, blind hemming foot, sliding buttonhole foot.
  • It comes with additional accessories such as feed and walking presser foot, ultra guide presser foot, leather needles, and hardcover.
  • Fourteen stitches, including a 4 step buttonhole and free accessories, including four presser feet and hardcover.
  • Built-in needle threader and manual thread tension control and adjustable stitch length and width. 
  • Front-loading vertical oscillating hook bobbin.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with additional accessories.
  • It can be a bit expensive

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9. Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The Janome HD3000 heavy-duty sewing machine is one for all types of sewing purposes. However, this is a fantastic machine for someone who needs a basic general machine and wants to invest in something that lasts long. Also, this machine is a great backup when your other machines aren’t working or are sent out for regular maintenance.


The Janome HD3000 heavy-duty sewing machine provides you with 18 stitches and a one-step buttonhole. Also, the built-in needle threader will automatically thread for you.

However, it is a mechanical sewing machine, and you will have to work a bit more than you do on a computerized sewing machine.

It can provide up to 6.5mm width and 4mm top length stitches. It has the manual thread tension adjustment type. It includes components such as a power cord and foot control.

What Are the Features?

  • The product comes with a built-in needle threader and a reverse stitch lever.
  • Snap-on presser feet and foot pressure adjustment.
  • It provides you with a total of 18 stitches and 1 step buttonhole.
  • The item is lightweight and weighs 18.7 pounds, easy to carry.
  • It can sew anything, even the thick letterman jackets.
  • The outer body is less tooled up.

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10. Janome DC1050 Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome DC1050 Computerized Sewing Machine 

The Janome DC1050 computerized machine produces innovation and creativity in one, the simple to use machine will help you create the best, artistic and inventive things. Your sewing experience with this machine will surely be pleasurable as it is specifically designed for comfortable performance, quality, and intuitive ease of operation. 


The Janome DC1050 is a computerized machine that makes your sewing experience a hit. The machine is fully equipped with tools that make your sewing tasks a lot easier.

From the backlit LCD screen to the speed control slider, it makes navigation easy. With the Janome DC1050, you can customize the stitch length and width as well.

It has endless easy features which are easy to access, including the memorized needle up and down, speed control slider, easy reverse, and LCD screen with quick selection buttons. So, be ready to try the very convenient sewing machine you can ever have.

What Are the Features?

  • The machine is equipped with a backlit LCD which will let you see what you stitch. You can also use the directional buttons to choose stitches and adjust the length and width.
  • It has the easy drop-in feature, top load bobbins, which let you see the thread on the left side. You do not have to remove the bobbin case to insert the new bobbin and the accessory tray from the free arm to change the bobbins.
  • Additional features like the start and stop button, memorized needle up and down, locking stitch button, easy reverse button, and speed control slider are all available in the machine.
  • It can handle all the sewing tasks very easily.
  • It offers you a 25-year limited warranty.
  • The machine does not come with a walking foot; you have to buy it separately if you require it.

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Comprehensive Guide:

Buying a sewing machine is a daunting task when you are completely unaware of what type you want and need to sew. In this article, we will give you a descriptive picture of the ten Janome sewing machines, which can perfectly be your fit to sew. Before we start to find the perfect Janome model for you, there’s a couple of questions that you should ask yourself. 

At first glance, it might seem like there are hundreds of sewing machines to choose from, no matter the brand. Still, it isn’t like that because brand value matters a lot when it comes to the quality of any product, which is why when you are doing specialized work such as quilting or embroidery, you should go for a standard sewing machine.

What Kind of Projects Are You Doing?

This question might be a bit hypothetical when you are not much familiar with sewing machines, so if you are looking for your first model, you should go with a standard brand model.

However, if you know that you are about to do some quilting or maybe embroidery, then you should go with a machine that has broader throat space and a long free arm.

Just keep in mind about the projects you are willing to do, and even after you are a hard thought, you are still confused, go with a sewing machine that provides you with as many features as possible. 

If Are You Tech-Savvy or Not?

Many of us are familiar with working on a mechanical model because if you have worked on a sewing machine in the 90s, you were probably working on the mechanical model.

However, as the technology has shifted from traditional to modern, the advanced models of today’s sewing machines have a lot to offer you. The computerized models will provide you with tons of features you will love.

So, all you need to figure out is if you want the mechanical model or are fine with going with the advanced computerized model.

However, trying something new is never a waste; if you can operate your mobile phones, laptops then why not a sewing machine? On the mechanical sewing machine, you will have to do the work by yourself because when you stop pedaling, the needle will stop at a random position, which you absolutely will not like.

On the contrary, a computerized sewing machine is very straightforward; it is designed to provide you with many stitches, and with a touch of a button, you can get the stitches done, just as you like it. This is something that the best Janome sewing machines will offer you for sure. 

What About Your Budget? 

The last question worth asking yourself about is your budget; how much money are you willing to spend on a sewing machine? 

As there are endless brands and tons of different choices to choose from, you will get machines of all sorts of range, so unless you do not perform heavy work in the machine, you can get along with the cheap price machines. However, if you are willing to do heavy work such as embroidery and quilting kind of things, then you will have to lift your budget a bit. 

It would help if you consider a computerized model because it offers you a lot more features that provide you authenticity, efficiency and are with you in the long run; you will benefit from it. 

What Kind of Sewing Machine Should You Have?

If you are a newbie to sewing and don’t exactly know which machine is the right choice for you? Then again, it would help if you went for a basic sewing machine specifically because the specialized machines are not often good for basic work or normal sewing projects. Now the question remains the same, what type of machine should you get?

You know, it’s always nice to have additional features so that you can flawlessly work on any and every kind of project, but some machines are way too basic that can only be used by a twelve-year-old. Let’s check out the basic features you must have in your sewing machine, and then continue to look at the ten best Janome sewing machines with more nice-to-have features.

  • Throat size of the sewing machine
  • Extension table

If you get a good sewing machine with these two features, you will use that machine for years. Many brands offer all kinds of sewing, but some sewing techniques will require a larger throat size as it is easier to perform on them. Here are the five very basic features we believe are a must on every sewing machine.

1. Free Arm

The free arm can only be accessed by removing the accessory tray, and almost every model will allow you to slide off that tray. But in case you don’t see that in a machine, you should not buy it as a free arm can be used for a lot of purposes, such as when you want to hem a pair of pants which needs to slide down a bit, or if you are sewing sleeves which are tube-shaped.

2. Buttonhole Stitch

The same thing goes with the second feature, almost every model offers it, and if not, you should not buy it; some machines will offer you a one-step method while the others offer a four-step method. This is needed because you cannot be sewing your buttonhole with a free hand. However, this is not something to worry about when using the best Janome sewing machine. 

3. Automatic Needle Threader 

The automatic needle threader is another feature that a machine should have, and the best Janome sewing machine models do have it for you. The bigger brands will offer you the option; with this, you do not need to mess around with a needle to hit that little eye of the needle with the thread, exhausting. The automatic threader will hit the bullseye every time you slide down the shaft.

4. Space Around the Work Area

The tiny sewing machines make your sewing process seem tough, which is why it is your task to make sure that the throat of the machine is not too narrow, because when you will have fabric at the right side of the needle. The throat is too narrow; you cannot perform the task possible, you will have trouble sewing the fabric, which you definitely will not like. So, always make sure that you are reaching around the needle area easily. 

5. Make Sure That the Machine Is Still Being Produced

People do not have a great thought about this. However, it is equally important as any other factor, because when you have a problem with the machine, where will you go?

Because if the machine is not being produced currently, the price of spare parts will ultimately increase, and replacing an old part with another is not the solution, either. So, if you do not want to spend much money only to repair the machine, look for the fifth feature. 

What Do the Best Janome Sewing Machines Offer You?

Here’s a list of features that a Janome sewing machine will offer you because you deserve to sew with authenticity and flexibility, so why go with fewer features when you can have additional and extra every time you sew. 

Creative Stitches

Isn’t it nice to have creative stitches? Because when you are a lover of designing clothes and certain fabrics, you might feel like doing creative projects every time you take your sewing machine out. You do not have to buy an embroidery machine to get various stitches because the computerized model comes with various stitches, especially when you are willing to spend a couple of dollars extra.

A long Extension Table

The nice-to-have features include an accessory table which isn’t too small. When you work on the machine, you will need space around the needle to work properly. Extra space will be like a piece of cake, making the sewing easier and straight. Otherwise, the fabric will fall and will create a pull on itself. The machine should not pull left. We always need an extended table while working on bigger projects; it’s a win-win for all.

So, let’s jump to the ten best Janome sewing machines which will help you perform smoothly, with no difficulty at all. 


All the sewing machines mentioned above can suit your purpose of sewing, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert in sewing, these machines are just worth the money.

So, above all the ten mentioned machines, you can choose the one which matches your needs and make your sewing experience a hit in itself.

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