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Brother CE1100PRW Replaced By Janome JW8100: Expert’s Word

This Brother CE1100PRW sewing machine is the Brother’s ideal Project Runway line. The Brother CE1100PRW is one of the Computerized Project Runway Machines, which is one of the newest machines aimed toward featuring an attractive array of possible stitches, beginners, accessories, and buttonholes.

However, the quick answer is, buy Janome JW8100 instead this CE1100PRW model, as the JW8100 carries more features, is durable, dependable, and more versatile. here, we need to say that Janome has dominated over Brother regarding value for money!


Brother CE1100PRW

  • Compact and sturdy.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Enough stitches for endless creativity.
  • Perfect design for convenient work.
  • Appreciable range of accessories.
  • Great value for money.
  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Features will win your heart!


Janome JW8100

  • Convenient to set up and to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Abundant stitches
  • Comes with an amazing manual
  • Operation is quiet and smooth
  • Full marks regarding durability
  • Quality fit & finish
  • Includes handy extension table
  • Even fabric feed
  • Includes hardcover
  • Amazing priced for a Janome


Credit: SuperStitchSewing

This machine’s main feature is the simplicity it provides to the table. Besides that, the computerized system gives you a lot of soothing to your experience; it does not make any complexity to the sewing process as any fear.

As a professional looking machine and lightweight, this one is a proud slice of the Project Runway line, ideal and helpful for beginner sewists or as a present to young sewists who still need adult’s supervision as finding an ideal partner is required for getting the best quality results, we have put our efforts to collect every essential detail.

Keep reading our Brother CE1100PRW Review. That’s how you will find out whether it’s right for you or not. However, we already gave you a hint up there, that Janome JW8100  is a better choice, as many Brother machines like CE1100PRW, SE400, SQ9185, CE8100, etc. can’t even stand in competition infrontof JW8100.

Brother CE1100PRW Review 2021

Weight 10.58 pounds
Stitches 8 different styles of auto-size one-step buttonholes + 100 built-in stitches
Dimensions 11.65″ x 7.01″ x 16.26″
Type Computerized
Speed Up to 850 stitches per minute
Warranty Depends on suppliers. Please check official site to inform yourself accurately
Bobbin Quick set drop-in bobbin system

Dimensions 16″ x 7″ x 12″
Weight 12.7 pounds
Speed 1000 stitches/minute
Stitches 100 IN-BUILT stitches and seven auto buttonhole styles
Type Computerized
Warranty 25-year warranty (limited )
Bobbin Convenient Top-Loading Bobbin


Twin needle Cleaning brush Seam ripper
Accessory bag Operation Manual Power cord
Bobbins (4) Extra spool pin Ballpoint needle
Blindstitch foot Zipper foot Button sewing foot
Overcasting foot Zigzag foot Monogramming foot
Buttonhole foot Spool caps (3) Screwdriver

Is Janome JW8100 as Unique as Brother CE1100PRW?

As mentioned above, Brother CE1100PRW is created with user-friendliness as a priority.

Similarly, JW8100 also pleases highly. Let’s understand what’s unique in it.

Just like any modern sewing machines, this one comes with an automatic needle threading system.

This is a particularly useful functionality that all sewists can take advantage of—those who have used older machines can attest to how difficult a process threading needle can be.

Also, the great part is the LED-lit work area—shiny LED lights on the frame of fabric. You are feeding through your machine so that you definitely know what you’re doing. Well, You don’t need to worry at all. The clear design of this sewing machine also provides a free arm, hemlines, ideal for sewing the cuffs of sleeves, etc.

 This model is a lightweight machine whose intention is to be very easy to use while still giving professional functionalities.

This is a heavy duty model, so don’t wait for anything else if you have set your eyes on it. This machine is meant to last long. JW8100 promises it will serve you for a long duration down the line. However, you’re the type who mends something when you work with the heavy garment on a regular basis or on occasions.

Utilizing Janome JW8100 is simpler and easier than Brother CE1100PRW. With the help of the power, the needle will bob up and down, piercing material so rapidly so that it performs rapid-fire stitches.

The fabric will automatically move forward. You just have to give it a steady hand so you can choose the type of stitch to use simply by selecting it from the LCD screen.

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Why should you admire Janome JW8100 over Brother CE1100PRW?


Some sewing machines might be light on their weight, but they can still be taking up a lot of space. With the JW8100, Janome has made the decision to keep things simple and small. If you already have a sewing machine, still looking for one more, then the Janome JW8100 perfectly fits into the same place.

Great Price/Quality

Comfort, Ease, and professional results are all the necessary things we need in our sewing machines. The Brother CE1100PRW provides all of this at a reasonable price, making it essential for not just the perfect present to yourself, however for anyone in your family who is taking their first step in this sewing world.

Janome JW8100

You just don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a luxurious sewing machine, and then you worry about not using it regularly. The Janome stands up to the best with a price tag, which is enough easier to digest. The quality and functionalities you will have at this machine’s price are worth your cost.

Extra stitches than you will ever need

Well, you might be a little overwhelmed at the start, especially when you are new to sewing. You will need some time to figure out which kind of stitches are most suitable for your projects. Because the moment you become a master at the basic stitches, the magic will happen to you.

You will appreciate every discovery of new possibilities in your current projects for even more creativity and fun. Also, it does include tons of embroidery, decorative and quilting stitches.

Brother CE1100PRW is highly Durable

Do not think that the lightweight and highly compact design would make an impact on durability. With such a low price tag, it’s much easy to imagine that this machine will last a long time – because it definitely will!

If you are really going to spend your time perfectly learn sewing on your JW8100, then you shouldn’t need to worry about updating any time. Besides that, it has plastic materials, which are sturdy and durable to be stuck with you for the long race.

In case you’re ready to work with heavier materials like leather or denim, then you won’t need to upgrade your machine.

This sewing machine is totally durable to work with heavier materials. However, if you face any struggling with your machine to handle multiple layered heavy materials, you will just have to switch your needle for the best performance.

All the stitches you need are printed on the machine’s body

There will be no requirement of keeping the user’s manual at your side every time or do any guesswork. Understanding it is easy, which stitch you need just by identifying the sketchings on the machine. It’s basically a stitch selection chart, which indicates the numbers and looks of each stitch.

/uploads/2020/12/x-72.jpg” alt=”Janome JW8100″ width=”400″ height=”400″ />

Easy to set up and use

With highly advanced machines, the steep learning curve is the commonest pain point. However, not with Janome JW8100, though. Staring to sew as soon as you uncover and thread the machine is possible with this sewing machine.

That’s what makes Janome JW8100 great for beginners, even with children in sewing classes pretty much like the Brother CE1100PRW. Besides that, maintenance will never give you headaches as this machine doesn’t consume oil. All the requirements are to clean up the lint periodically, and that’s it.

Built-in storage at the base

You find built-in storage in most of the modern-day sewing machines, but some are tremendous enough to deserve a mentioning here, like Janome magnolia 7330, Brother SQ9285, etc.

You can eliminate it from the base (for uncovering the free arm) and use it as a stash for your needles, pins, bobbins, presser feet, which you aren’t currently using. It’s a little but highly useful feature, especially in case you don’t have a table for sewing machines or a regular table with numerous compartments. You’ll be amazed to locate out how many little accessories it can accommodate.

The overlock foot & stitches remove the requirement to get a serger

When we said the machine is versatile, we really meant it. Your seams will be ideally strong & safe, making your life much easier. You’ll also get a buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, zipper foot, blind stitch foot, zigzag foot, and monogramming foot. In case you desire on sewing thicker materials, you might just require to acquire a walking foot, and you’re all done.


The Negatives of Brother CE1100PRW

Not for experts: Though there’s a less learning curve, this sewing machine might not have all of the bells & whistles that are found in more complicated sewing machines. In case you’ve already experienced, then this sewing machine might not provide all the features that you’re expecting.

So, if tackling heavy sewing machines is easy for you and you’ll be working with complicated designs and patterns, then the simplicity of this machine might leave you wanting more.

Besides that, when we talk about value for money, Janome jw8100 proves to be a much better model, with better customer reviews, features, and ease.

Brother CE1100PRW Review 2020: The conclusion


Every household requires a sewing machine undoubtedly, in case it’s only for mending and basic repairs. Brother CE1100PRW sewing machine will do that & much more without tearing your full pocket. The machine every time finishes a stitch with the help of a needle down.

You’ll locate this feature highly helpful when you try to rotate the fabrics without the intention of losing the stitch. It permits a seamless sewing experience. This sewing machine’s LCD screen is self-explanatory & convenient.

But it’s discontinued, unfortunately.

But Janome jw8100 replaces it well. (Read Expert’s review on Janome 8100 now!)

Not only does it make stitch choosing very easy, but this sewing machine also tells you which presser foot you’re required to use with a certain stitch. It also permits you to modify your stitch length & width.

In case you got eyes on this Brother sewing machine model somewhere else, then you shouldn’t hesitate and grab it if you’re not a fan of Janome sewing machines. We recommend buy Janome jw8100 instead this CE1100PRW model over it.

With Janome JW8100, you can only locate some of this sewing machine’s features in models with heftier cost tags, so it’s undoubtedly worth purchasing. Your skills will develop with time & exposure, as will your requirement. Besides that, the JW8100 machine will be serving them fantastically from day one.

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