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Brother CE8100 Reviews Say That Janome JW8100 is Better

When You’re in the moment of elevating your sewing game, you might be on any market for a new advanced machine featuring various of the latest advanced computerized technologies.

Even though, if you have a limited budget, the models you can consider, you must take a pick at the Brother CE8100. Featuring 120 built-in stitches, both utilitarian and decorative, you can add those final finishing touches to all of your projects.

However, Janome JW8100 performed much better than Brother CE8100 in our testing, and became our better recommendation.

Yes, the short answer is – one should buy Brother JW8100 (read full review HERE) as it’s better value for money.


Janome JW8100

  • Among the most powerful machines and can deal this multiple layer fabrics with ease.
  • The simple reverse function provided for back stitching.
  • Full marks regarding durability.
  • Easy and perfect speed control.
  • enough stitch design to assist you through diverse projects.
  • Simple drop-in bobbin plus see-through bobbin housing.
  • Includes hardcover.
  • No foot pedal required to work.
  • Capable of sewing a great variety fabrics.
  • Quality fit and finish.
  • Easy for beginners.






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Brother CE8100

  • Compact and sturdy.
  • Needle up and down key for added simplicity.
  • 160 stitch styles with 120 stitch options.
  • Great Value for money.
  • Speed controls from fast to slow for sewist of all experience levels.
  • The automatic needle threading system.
  • Highly durable.






The Brother CE8100 is an incredible ideal machine, which is featuring bonus feet for gathering, decorative edging, and cording. CE1800 has the whistles and bells you will have to create high-end garments and design and any kind of home décor projects from modern to flamboyantly embellished and slick!

Brother CE8100 Reviews


Brother CE8100
Janome JW8100
Weight 10 lbs 12.7 lbs.
Stitches 120 100 built-in stitches + seven auto buttonhole styles
Dimensions 12.5 x 7 x 16.3 inches 16 x 7 x 12 inches
Type Computerized Computerized
Speed 850 stitches per minute (max) 1000 stitches per minute (max)
Warranty 25-year limited warranty 25-year limited warranty
Bobbin Jam resistant, quick-set bobbin Jam resistant, Top-Loading Bobbin


This sewing machine includes 10 amazing accessory feet for max modifications options. We will get more into details about these features, but the full list includes below here:

Buttonhole foot Zigzag foot Button sewing foot
Zipper foot Overcasting foot Monogramming foot
Blind stitch foot Binding foot Gathering foot
Cording foot 4 bobbins Seam ripper
Power cord Ball point needle Needle set with twin needle
Cleaning brush Screwdriver 3 spool caps
Extra spool pin Instructional DVD & manual Foot controller

Brother CE8100 Reviews: Features Comparison

Built-In Stitches

You will find one of the best advantages of this Brother CE8100 model in the teetering array of stitching choices included. There are one hundred twenty unique built-in stitches, which include quilting, decorative, and also utility stitches.

The number is bigger to that of 100 stitches of Janome JW8100, but if you think realistic, the variety is more useful with the janome’s model.

These are specially for your exciting sewing projects which don’t need the stitching time and prowess of decorating your fabric material manually by your own hand. One of the best functionalities to play around with! The Janome JW8100 includes 7 different one-step automatic buttonholes — incredible!

On the other hand, with Brother CE8100, all stitches don’t look that beautiful, that’s a dark fact.

Brother JW8100 has 100 stitches, but the quality is much better than Brother CE8100.

Comfortable Stitch Adjustment and Selection of Brother CE8100

Here come some good words about Brother CE8100, as it’s our duty to highlight everything, good or bad, that we came across in our testing.

But keep in mind, this machine is actually discontinued. So, even if any of the following quality interests you, you won’t be able to do anything else except buying a second hand model if someone sells (not a cool idea, though), or go for the best alternative, which we’re already comparing in this article.

Here’s what we found positive

Brother company knows that you require options with your advanced sewing machine, so this company has made a combo quilting/sewing machine that comes packed with a lot of stitches where your requirements play a part. You can choose whichever stitch you need to pick from the machine.

You will be able to read and use the manual guide on the right-front of the sewing machine to watch all of the stitches accessible to you. Furthermore, The LED display will also allow you to accurately choose the stitches you require in your project.

There are:

  • 8, one-step buttonhole options
  • 120 stitches (utility, decorative, and quilting)
  • 160 stitch styles

Well, there’s one other thing we want to add, which is Brother did exceptionally fantastic; after all, it is including tons of stitches, which are more than enough for you to work with your projects. Most sewists won’t use all of these stitches; however, when that particular one project comes that requires a particular stitch, your sewing machine will have it.


presser foot


This sewing machine is also coming along with a monogramming foot, which will give you the benefits of stitch lettering into your fabric garments. But also, you have to keep in mind that You won’t be having advantages of font stitches because it’s not provided yet, so you will have to be pro to make use of this foot to its ultimate potential.

Variable speed control is also coming along with this combo sewing machine, and there are even stop/start keys to control the machine. It’s much easier to adjust to your sewing requirements.

There are 3-speed choices that could be selected via a sliding key. So, you will be able to select from fast, moderate, and slow speeds when sewing. The Brother sewing machine has a lot of sewing features to begin your career or start crafting your art:

  • Buttonhole
  • Zigzag
  • Overcasting
  • Monogramming
  • Blind stitch
  • Zipper
  • Button sewing

Now, a word about the Janome JW8100

Janome’s bonus pack is also coming with 3 additional sewing feet: gathering, binding, and cording. The fabric material is fed steadily along, thanks to the seven-point feed dogs. Besides that, when you have to make a buttonhole, then you just have sat down, breathe, and relax. You do not have to be worried about messing up or imperfection of the buttonhole.

You just have a one-step buttonhole feature that allows you to automatically set the size of buttonholes in just a few seconds. There’s no worry or fuss that the buttonhole will be created wrongly. It’s just so easy and simple (Like Singer 3232 and Singer 5400) to add buttonholes when you can make it automatically.

Twin Needle Capability and Up/Down Needle Button of Janome JW8100

Two more features that quilters, in particular, will totally love is just how easier it is to lower and raise the needle — just by pressing the up/down key to keep everything in the right place — and also the twin needle caabilities of the sewing machine. Perfect for decorative and hems stitches, well, you just have to remember to stock up on these twin needles!

Janome JW8100 comes with 7-Point Feed Dogs

Well, as experts have repeatedly said that The feed system of the JW8100 sewing machine is quite incredible, which will allow you to tackle a variety of material and fabrics— also top of that, Brother company also says that it’s computerized enough to sew on almost any material and fabric, and it came out true after our experts have tested this cool sewing machine on the basis of feed dogs!

Start/Stop key and Adjustable Speeds

On the digital side, you will find a lot of choices to toggle your sewing machine to start and stop and also adjust the speed of your stitches. The start/stop feature means you could do away with that old foot pedal if you want.

Quick-Set Drop-In Bobbin

Our experts love Brother’s bobbin Quick-Set drop-in system when they have encountered it on other machines, and they are glad to see it as a function of the JW8100.

It is also Jam-resistant; the bobbin guarantees to have the thread rolling without any kind of risk about tangles. Experts also really loved the clear view bobbin cover, which allows you to detect when the thread is smoothly running down easily.

Easy Needle Threading

Another functionality that will be of ultimate benefit to new starters and also more experienced sewists alike is the advanced computerized easy needle threading system. This automatic system will watch the needle threaded in just a few seconds, with no blabbering and hardworking.

The core reasons behind recommending Janome JW8100 over Brother CE8100

Visibility & Work Area

You will need great visibility and lightning when you are working on sewing projects. It’s pretty much difficult to make sure all the stitches are perfect when you are squinting, trying to see the work area. The great news is that your workspace will be visible and clear because of a brightly-lit LED.

Ample lighting is also provided for your work table. When you have to start quilting, there’s a perfectly added detachable wide table that allows for ample area for quilting. You could enjoy the extra-wide table, which offers both a larger work area and stability for you to enjoy. You could also leverage the drop-feed function, that allows you to perform motion free quilting.

Threading Made Simple

Janome is a company that knows the pain of sewing. When it comes a moment to thread a needle, a lot of sewists will cringe at this moment. Nobody wants to worry or prick their finger that they will waste their five minutes just trying to find the eye of the needle. For the new sewists, threading a needle is a much bigger fuss.

So, you will try to find an expert who can demand a new sewist master needle threader; however, this doesn’t need to be this arduous anymore. The Janome has offered a needle threading system that makes threading needles with the JW8100 machine intuitive. It’s automatic.

It doesn’t get easier than having an automatic system. However, that’s not all Brother has included in their advanced sewing machine. The Janome  JW8100 also have these features as well:

  • Thread cutter
  • Adjustable needle position

You will appreciate that the segment has a quick-set drop-in bobbin statistical system. This system gives you a clear-view cover, which you always know when you have to rethread the bobbin.

Even if the bobbin’s thread has low capacity, you will still be able to clearly detect it and immediately change the bobbin as required. The top bobbin is jam resistant as well. Let’s get into more details about what else this machine has to offer.

JW8100 is equally easy to Use to Brother CE8100

One of the great parts our experts have admired when just experiencing these sewing machines is much easy to set up and get working straight out of the box. We also know that we are not the only experts who do not want to waste our time just to thread a little eye of the needle.

We’re so pleased to tell you that the Brother CE8100 sewing machine was much easier to use, and it is also beginner-friendly, and the same we can say about the Janome JW8100.

Easy needle threading system and the Quick-Set drop-in bobbin guarantees a simple and easy thread experience with no risks of tangles or jams.

In addition, the start/stop button is a good alternative for everyone who struggles with a foot pedal, so the adjustable speeds will allow you to discover your footing easily.

Designed to Sew on Every Fabric

One of the features we truly love about this Brother CE8100 is that it’s ideally versatile, but regarding versatility, Brother JW8100  does much better job — exceptionally, when the particular type of fabric comes along into your project where this machine can work with.

The advanced seven-point feed dog operational system is secure and guarantees a steady feed, no matter which material you’re using particularly. In addition, the large amount of feet which Brother includes with the sewing machine means that you could do a whole lot of experimentation!


At only ten lbs, the JW8100 machine is pretty much portable — and the fact that the wide workable table is also detachable, so it comes up pretty much compact too. We all have seen this sewing machine at a ton of the quilting meetups we have been to, and also know that many sewists use it as their ‘travel’ machine with a lot of heavy-duty one in their craft area at home.

If you love to often travel with your sewing machine or just don’t want a big quilting machine which takes up weight and also an area in your home, the Janome JW8100 can be a good bet for you than Brother CE8100.

Brother Janome JW8100 is better for Quilters than CE8100

As you must be able to know from the name, the Janome JW8100 quilting and sewing machine is also designed for quilting especially. And it distributes in spades. From the motion-free quilting, the seven-point feed dogs, the big range of quilting stitches, and the huge work area, most sewists and quilters will discover this as perfect for their requirements.

It scored healthy 8.2 out of 10 in our testing, while similarly priced Brother JW8100 score 8.9!

Here we conclude Brother CE8100 Reviews with a negative note


Brother, unlike many other opponents, has done a good job melding a sewing machine in a quilting machine into a near-perfect match. It’s the betterment that Brother also offers, which makes the combination work so perfect.

But the CE8100 isn’t better than Janome’s JW8100 model.

We believe Janome’s quilting and sewing machine model provides a high level of value for your budget.

When it’s by not any means the cheapest machine on the current market, it’s a reasonably highest quality sewing machine that is very versatile and also allows your skills to develop more and experience to grow with this sewing machine.

So, the last word is…

Brother CE8100 is not the most feature-rich machine we’ve tested to date, and also, at its price and within its category, there are supreme giants available.

We think it’s priced pretty reasonably considering its capabilities, but honestly saying, investing in machines like Brother cs6000i or Janome JW8100 is much intelligent move.

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