Brother CS6000i Reviews 2021 [Most honest review]

Brother cs6000i reviews: This Brother model comes with a host of stitches, is much easier to use, and is also reasonably priced. Many users feel it gives incredible value for the money & is a fantastic machine for beginners. It is also undoubtedly capable of both thick and thin fabrics.

The sewing machine is truly lightweight, and this is in part that there is a great amount of plastic used in its manufacturing. Overall, customer ratings are very good.

You know what, this machine is Alexander the great of the sewing machine market! It’s truly unbeatable!


Brother CS6000i Reviews

  • Can sew leather perfectly.
  • 9 Presser feet & 60 built in stitches.
  • Good quality material used all over.
  • 25 years limited warranty.
  • ​User friendly.
  • Low price.
  • Wide table.
  • Portable and light weight.
  • Low m​aintenance required.
  • Easily adjustable sewing speed.
  • .Quick set and jam resistant bobbin.
  • Automatic needle threader.


Brother CS6000i reviews

Weight 17.4lb
Stitches 60 built in stitches
Dimensions 16″ by 6.7″ by 11.4″
Type Computerized
Speed 850 stitches per minute
Warranty 25 year limited warranty
Bobbin Jam Resistant, quick set, top-drop in
Walking foot Quilt guide for foot holder Spring action quilting foot
Overcasting foot Monograming foot Overcasting foot
Monograming foot Zipper foot Button fitting foot
Blind stitch foot Twin needle Extra spool pin
Hard case/cover Cleaning brush Wide table
Bobbin Needle set Seam ripper

Weight and dimensions of Brother cs6000i

Weight and dimensions Storage is a part that you have to factor in when you are shopping for a sewing machine. However, storage could be an issue; you have to go for a sewing machine with small dimensions as opposed to buying a large one that will be pretty tough to store, especially when you’re residing in a little home where space could be a big issue.

If it’s possible, then go for those who have detachable tables that are also known as to be easy to store – this model is an example of such a sewing machine, as it is coming with a wide table for extra space.

Besides that, the dimensions and the weight of your machine really matters. You don’t want to go for a heavy machine that lacks the element of portability. The Brother CS6000i is a lightweight and pretty compact model that can be taken to sewing classes with ease, as opposed to heavier counterparts that can become troublesome.

Brother cs6000i reviews: Most appreciable features

Auto thread trimmer Advanced needle threader Quick-set bobbin tech
Computer connectivity Backlit LCD Embroidery area
Design combinations Pattern rotation Perfect quilting table

Quilting Table

Well, a part of your setup might attach the quilting table. Not only the table should be large, but it should be very sturdy, which allows you to begin quilting even if you have the hardest project on your hands.

Stitch Selection and Customization of Brother cs6000i


The LCD screen shows you to make a choice among the 60 included stitches, and you’ll discover to the right of the sewing machine there is a basic diagram with a listing of required stitches to choose from and their corresponding digits. With a single click of the button, you’ll be allowed to choose stitch width and length.

The included foot pedal provides you to use your foot to authorize your sewing speed, or you will have the option of choosing speed from three choices. After all, this is a computerized sewing machine.

Why wouldn’t you use your feet?

When dealing with complex patterns, all you have to do is engage the automatic feature, and you’ll be able to work with your fabric parallel to your pattern’s requirements without concern of having to do any physical work.

There is also a stop and start button, which will stop the needle so you can change the position of the pattern with ease. And we almost forgot to mention a free arm to make cuffs, hems, or sleeves with ease.

The 60 included stitches include:

  • 20 regular stitches
  • 20 decorative stitches
  • 7 quilting stitches
  • 7 auto-buttonhole styles
  • 6 heirloom stitches

A buttonhole functionality allows you to avoid any fuss by creating buttonholes so easily with only one step feature. The most important thing to point out over here is that the holes actually work fine. You don’t need to make any fuss with them or go through some workaround to ensure that the hole is perfect.

Besides that, the included needles are likely strong enough to go through denim or leather. However, this machine could not provide much sufficiency with heavy material projects, so we can’t statistically guarantee that it will provide efficiency with leather kinds of materials.

Speaking to our experts, they have suggested that if you want to work with heavy-duty fabrics or leather, you might need a more efficient machine like Janome HD3000; you must read about the HD3000 in a detailed review here. One awesome thing about the CS6000i is that You will be able to store the location of needle position.

What did we love while narrating Brother cs6000i reviews?

Fast & Adjustable

The brother cs-6000i gives a top speed at the peak of 850 stitches per minute. Also, you can operate this beast at a slower pace. You can always use adjustable speed control to any of the following settings: fast, medium, or slow; however, you need it.

This functionality is highly important. It functionally allows you to slow the pace if you’re working on a thicker fabric project. It also assists if you’re having any difficulty regarding operating the foot pedal so you can get the required speed.

However, you might accidentally press the pedal harder than you want. It stops you from zooming out of control and also caps the speed. Even for a beginner, the fast speed is much scary.

You must start at a slow pace to gain confidence. Whenever you put yourself in a comfort zone, you can always move to higher rates. Having this approach makes it a breeze for teaching younger kids to sew.

Great range of stitches

The brother deluxe electronic sewing machine – cs6000i has a total of 60 stitches:


  • Overcasting stitches.
  • Basic stitches.
  • Blind Hem.
  • Straight stitching for zipper insertion.
  • Buttonhole stitches (7 styles).
  • Stretch stitches.
  • Quilt stitches.
  • Decorative stitches (satin scallop and shell tuck, 20 in all including joining, fagoting).
  • Patchwork.
  • Bar Tack.
  • Applique.

There are many sewing machines with up to 100 stitch methods and patterns. But for the starters, 60 stitches are far enough to keep you unrestricted and busy in what you can sew. Even the advanced and intermediate sewists will have plenty of work to choose from with this brother 60 stitch sewing machine.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is always a problem for any device, especially electronic ones. Well, you could be surprised to know that the Brother PE252 Embroidery Machine has a basic instructional manual that comes with an easy maintenance guide where a sewist can review how the machine is working.

It comes with all the details and information which can be valuable to the sewist for maintaining the machine. The most important maintenance tip is to only use the best quality threads when you are weaving. Or else, you have to make sure that the needle is being used is not damaged. You have to change it.

Although, even if you notice that the device isn’t working properly and you kinda have a feeling that there could be some internal defects, then you must take action to get the device checked by experts.

Setup Made Easy

Setup is so fast, and all credits go to advanced technology implemented into this machine. Let”s start with threading. You’ll find that there are numbered diagrams on all of the threading spots, which allow you to thread the sewing machine no matter if this is your first time sewing.

Once threaded, then you’ll suddenly move on to the automatic needle threading system. This method allows you to push a lever on the side of the sewing machine, and Brother takes care of everything. You do not need to sit there and to try to get the thread in the eye of the needle for 20 minutes or poking your fingers.

Threading will be done automatically once the lever is pushed. Besides that, A diagram is also included, which shows you how to use thisCS6000i’ss automatic bobbin winding system.

Which features a top drop-in bobbin, quick-set, you’ll be eliminating to fish your thread (one of the most irritating parts of setting up a project). At this moment, you will choose to turn on the work area light and continue or start on your next project.

Brother cs6000i can handle a wide range of fabrics!

There’s a huge variety of fabric materials you can choose to sew with the Brother sewing machine cs6000i:

  • Cotton
  • Cotton -linen blend
  • Linen
  • Polyester-cotton blends
  • Silks
  • Wool
  • Stretch knits
  • Yoga wear
  • Faux leather
  • Lycra
  • Denim and Canvas
  • Fleece.

You must not have any fears about sewing with stretchy fabrics, as long as you choose a ballpoint needle and the walking foot. Some users even say they haven’t used the ballpoint needle. Even though it’s advisable to use a new needle, Well, this Brother sewing machine cs 6000i is designed to handle thin or soft materials like real cotton or silk.

Especially when you’re a beginner, it will make your experience of sewing better because it has much efficiency to provide you the best outcome. And even If you need to sew with heavier materials, then you should heavy industrial machine—it ‘ss also similar to working with denim and canvas.

You can make hem denim jeans or denim clothes if you work carefully and go slowly when you’re a first-timer. You may need to use the foot pedal versus the handwheel, depending on the thickness of the fabric.

And the hemming cotton canvas is the same. You have to choose the right needle (90/14 — 100/16), which is new so take it slow. With a little experience and some efforts, sewing with canvas and denim is much more manageable.

Brother cs6000i reviews: The Warranty

As earlier mentioned, the 25-year warranty for the Brother CS6000i ensures every kind of labor, parts, and many accessories of the machine, which could be replaced up to one year after the purchase of the machine.

Printing circuit boards and other Electronics parts can be replaced two years after the purchase date. Besides that, the chassis casting could be replaced up to twenty-five years post-purchase. Also, you can get the pdf file for a more detailed explanation of the warranty provided by Brother from here.


Let’s conclude Brother cs6000i reviews

For those who just started out with sewing or quilting, especially for teenagers and children, there is no computerized sewing machine that does better than the Brother CS6000i.

After carefully reading through this informative and specified Brother sewing machine CS6000i review, you must now have an idea of why this sewing machine is lately being regarded as the best sewing machines in the market getting used by millions of artists of sewing, both established ones and new.

This handy sewing machine is impressive for those who are looking for something uniquely affordable, yet consisting of fully functional features on top of being a much low-cost machine that is totally suited for newbies and those who are already well established in the market of sewing.

If you have an intention to get your hands on a fully-fledged machine which can come out to be handy and useful in many situations, then this is the best option for you—well-wishing you happy sewing with the Brother CS6000i!

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