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Brother CS7000X Review – All Negatives Exposed

The Brother CS7000X has a maximum speed of just 750 spm. Given that its predecessors, the Brother CS6000i and CS7000i, had a maximum stitching speed of 850 spm, we think Brother’s decision to limit the maximum speed on their newest machine was an intriguing one!

Brother CS7000X


What comes with the Brother CS7000X?

Here’s what came packaged with new machine:

  • Sewing machine, foot controller, power cord
  • Wide table
  • 10 presser feet 
  • quilt guide
  • Hard case
  • Needle set, including twin needle
  • 3 bobbins
  • Accessories: extra spool pin, screwdriver, cleaning brush, seam ripper, L driver, and eyelet punch.
  • Operation Manual In English/French/Spanish plus quick start guide

What are the presser feet that come with the Brother CS7000X sewing and quilting machine?

brother cs7000x

With the Brother CS7000X, ten presser feet are supplied. The CS7000i comes with the same 10 feet as the CS6000i. However, the 1/4′′ quilting foot is a new addition to the CS6000i. The provided feet and what you may sew with them are as follows:

  1.   Zigzag foot: the all-purpose foot you’ll use for most sewing tasks
  2.   Overcasting foot: neaten fabric edges and create seams with an overcasting stitch
  3.   Buttonhole foot: make a buttonhole perfectly sized from a button you place in the back of the foot
  4.   Button sewing foot: hold a button in place while the machine stitches it on
  5.   Zipper foot: sew on zippers
  6.   Blindstitch foot: create blind hems; especially useful for garments
  7.   1/4″ foot: helpful to create perfect 1/4″ seams, common when quilting or sewing doll clothes
  8.   Monogramming foot: use with decorative stitches; this is NOT an embroidery machine
  9.   Walking foot: sew bulky layers at the same rate; great for quilting, sewing knits, and slippery fabric
  10. Quilting foot: this spring-action foot helps with free-motion quilting

The Brother CS7000X is clever in that if all these feet have you scratching your head or quaking in fear, Brother knows and has designed the CS7000X with helpful advice. When you choose a stitch, it will advise you with a letter that relates to the presser foot that it suggests for that activity.

What are the 70 stitches?

Here’s a look at the stitches that are available on the Brother CS7000X. The CS7000i and CS7000X have similar stitches, except the last satin stitches are numbered differently.

This machine includes 7 buttonholes as well as numerous practical, decorative, heirloom, and quilting stitches. 53, the heart stitch is my favorite ornamental stitch. It looks great when embroidered on napkin borders or the edges of doll outfits and accessories, for example.

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Reviewing Other Features of the CS7000X Sewing Machine

brother cs7000x

1. Dials, Knobs, and Starting to Sew

Stitch selection is made on the LCD panel because it’s a computerized sewing machine. The user selects the stitch number and sets the length and width of the chosen stitch. You may also check to see if your presser foot is compatible with that stitch. You may also learn how to configure the machine to stop with the needle up or down, as well as adjust the needle position to left, right, or center, by reading the instructions.

When it’s time to sew, you press the start/stop button on the front of the machine or the foot pedal that comes with it. The U-shaped button on the front of the machine is used for reverse stitching. You may also adjust your needle to the proper position by pressing the needle up/down button.

A speed slider on the sewing machine also regulates the maximum speed at which the machine can sew. This is a fantastic feature for experienced sewers or children starting to sew for the first time!

The tension on the thread is controlled via the tension dial, which is placed just above the workstation. This is at a different location than on the Brother CS6000i and CS7000i.

2. Wide Table & Its Uses

The CS7000X comes with a retractable wide table that is ideal for holding heavy projects to the side of the machine. This is ideal for quilting, large-scale costuming, and even sewing curtains or beds.

3. The Free Arm + Lack of Accessories Pouch

When the little container at the front of the sewing machine is removed, a free arm remains. This is useful for circular stitching objects like hems and cuffs. Wrapping tubular things around this protects you from sewing the two sides together by accident.

There is a little storage room for accessories inside the detachable compartment. My CS6000i arrived with a little white accessory pouch that stored everything and fit perfectly inside the free arm. This did not come with my CS7000X.

4. Twin Needle Capability and LED Lights

If you wish to sew with a twin needle to produce two parallel lines of stitches, which is a frequent hem finish on professionally-made items, an extra spool pin is offered.

Although professional outfits utilize a cover stitch machine to achieve the illusion, you can achieve a similar look with an ordinary sewing machine and a twin needle.

Dual LED lights additionally brighten the workstation. The light is on par with the Brother CS7000i and CS6000i. While it will be enough for the majority of users, some will want more illumination. Fortunately, there are so many possibilities for supplemental light sources nowadays!

5. Setting Up!

brother cs7000x

The majority of Brother sewing machines are set up in a similar fashion. A quick start guide and print manual are supplied, and the CS7000x has a QR code sticker on the machine’s front that can be used to pull up information on your phone or computer.

Threading this Brother sewing machine is straightforward, as is learning how to use it. If you seldom sew and forget to thread the upper thread and bobbin, instructions for threading the upper thread and bobbin are also available on the machine’s body.

Brother sewing machines also include a “top-drop, quick-set bobbin.” This means – you insert the bobbin into the casing and wound the thread around the guides as suggested by the imprinted instructions.

There’s no need to elevate the bobbin thread, like most Singer sewing machines with front-load bobbins need. Brother claims that its bobbins are jam-resistant, although this only applies if the bobbin is properly threaded and set.

6. Is it easy to sew with for beginners?

Most Brother CS7000X reviews agree that this is one of the finest Brother sewing machines for beginners.

It comes with threading instructions imprinted on the machine, built-in suggestions for the best presser foot to use for your sewing job, and error codes that appear on the LCD screen to assist prevent rookie mistakes.

  • More features and accessories than the other sewing machines available at this price point.
  • Affordable for budget-conscious and beginner sewists.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • More peaceful than its predecessors.
  • A significant upgrade over the previous versions (CS6000i and the CS7000i). A much improved needle threader!
  • Things that come with higher-end sewing machines aren’t found in this machine like automatic thread cutter, and automatic thread tension, etc are for example.
  • 100 spm slower than CS6000i and CS7000i, their older counterparts!

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What’s the Brother CS7000X’s bobbin size?

SA156 plastic bobbins are used by the Brother CS7000X sewing machine. These bobbins are 7/16′′ in diameter. While generic bobbins will suffice, avoid purchasing non-Brother bobbins.

Is the Brother CS7000X good for quilting?

While the Brother CS7000i isn’t as expensive as a Bernina or other $1000+ sewing machine, you’d be astonished at what it has to offer quilters.

Three typical quilting feet (1/4′′ piecing foot, walking foot, and spring-action quilting foot) are provided, as well as a quilt guide that sits in the rear of the walking foot to help guide you when stitching parallel lines.

An extensible broad table is useful for storing larger quilts, but I frequently forget I have one and just use my sewing table for bulkier jobs. The neck space (the region to the right of the needle) is significantly bigger than on many regular sewing machines, which is useful for rolling enormous quilts. Furthermore, the feed dogs may be simply dropped with a button on the rear of the machine, eliminating the need to fumble with a cumbersome darning plate to cover them.

Can the Brother CS7000X embroider or monogram?

No, the Brother CS7000X is not a computer-controlled embroidery machine. As a result, you cannot stitch designs from your computer to your machine. If you want to try free-motion stitching, you may make your own designs by adjusting the tension on your machine as it stitches.

If you’re searching for a machine that can sew and embroider, I strongly recommend the Brother SE600 or SE625. I began my embroidery experience with the Brother SE625, which is a fantastic machine that both sews and embroiders.

This is also NOT a monogramming machine with any sort of built-in fonts. You may, of course, use your sewing machine to trace letters you’ve marked on your cloth, but this can be time-consuming and difficult for novices.

Does the CS7000X act like a serger?

Unfortunately, the CS7000X is not a serger either.

With the overcasting stitch and presser foot, it can, however, sew a seam and neaten cloth edges. An additional auxiliary foot, known as the side cutter foot, may be purchased separately and is used to trim the cloth while you sew. This isn’t a replacement for a serger, but it’s fantastic for trimming and seaming cotton cloth. It’s a little sad for knits, especially thin, frizzy jersey knits. (If this seems like something interesting)

Can this machine sew leather, canvas, or denim jeans?

Yes, within limits. The Brother CS7000X is ideal for the occasional sewist of thick materials less than 6mm thick. Choose a compatible thread and needle size and type based on the thickness and weave of your cloth.

Slowly work your way across the seam. If you need extra assistance jumping the seam, use a clearance plate or the presser foot’s locking pin to help you get the bulk under the machine.

And, if you suspect you’ll be straining the limitations of your machine, stitch carefully or manually advance the needle using the handwheel on the right side of the machine.

If you want to sew heavy materials on a regular basis, the Brother CS7000X is not the ideal choice. 

How loud is the Brother CS7000X?

This sewing machine is not too loud. When the machine is turned on, the jarring sound when the needle places itself is softer than on my CS6000i or my combination embroidery machine. It also appears to be quieter when sewing with it. In contrast, we’d say it’s approximately a third the size of my serger and heavy-duty sewing machine.

What is the Brother warranty?

Brother’s standard 1/2/25-year limited warranty applies to the CS7000X.

This covers you for any mechanical problems during the first year of ownership. Most areas are no longer covered after the second year (like the needle threader that broke on my CS6000i.) Electronic parts that are protected for two years are only replaced if you pay for work. The only item protected for 25 years is the sewing machine’s body.

While this isn’t the best warranty available, it is equivalent to that of other sewing machine makers. If you are concerned about the Brother warranty, you may purchase an extended third-party warranty.


In general, the Brother CS7000X sewing machine outperforms its predecessors. While the lowered maximum stitching speed is a letdown, the needle threader is enhanced, and the overall appearance of the machine has improved. Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest it to you, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned sewer.

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