You are currently viewing Brother GX37 Reviews: Don’t Buy Before Knowing This!

Brother GX37 Reviews: Don’t Buy Before Knowing This!

This sewing machine is actually pretty fresh in the sewing industry. We believe that this model was released just 2 years back year in 2019 from Amazon. It might have been released much earlier, though, from the official website of Brother (the producer of some epic model like the XM2701, cs6000i, 3337, and 3221).


Brother GX37

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Exceptionally Compact and Portable
  • Incredibly Versatile
  • Amazingly Convenient Features
  • Insanely Affordable
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Top Drop-In Jam-Resistant Bobbin
  • Ultra bright Built-In LED Light
  • Super sturdy






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However, when we talk about the current situation, the selling cost is pretty affordable in comparison to when this sewing machine was released in case you purchase it directly from amazon. You can go click its current selling price in case you want before moving further in our Brother GX37 sewing machine reviews!

Fortunately, the price is for your preparation, right? You can get the refurbished model too, and the cost is a little cheaper. However, in our experts’ suggestion, purchasing a brand new product is ideal.

Brother GX37 Reviews

This Brother GX37 sewing machine is perfectly designed for a newbie to use as it arrives with about 37 built-in stitches. An entire beginner sewist doesn’t need a great deal of built-in stitches, right?

Astounding Features of Singer 3232 reviews

The provided stitches are undoubtedly sufficient for learning to sew and carrying normal sewing projects. It will assist you by offering a chance to show off your creativity in the world of sewing.


Weight 10.14 lbs.
Stitches 37 different stitches.
Dimensions 12.48 x 16.26 x 7.01 inches.
Type Mechanical
Speed 850 spm
Warranty 25-year limited warranty
Bobbin Top-loading bobbin


Zigzag foot Buttonhole foot Button sewing foot
Narrow hemmer foot Zipper foot Blind stitch foot
Accessory pouch Bobbins (4) Needle set
Seam ripper Ballpoint needle Screwdriver
Eyelet punch Twin needle Cleaning brush
Spool caps (3) Extra spool pin Operation manual

Amazing Features of Brother GX37 sewing machine

Here’s what is constructed into this sewing machine.

Free arm

Which is ideal for sewing handcuffs & sleeves. Besides that, using it to sew baby clothes is very handy too. The free arm part can be easily used for the storage of little things such as bobbins.

Automatic needle threader

This means the sewing machine is putting the thread in your needle hole perfectly for you without the requirement of doing it manually. Best time-saving & annoying-disappearing feature, isn’t it?

37 built-in stitches

That is sufficient stitch style patterns to choose from to show and enhance your skills of sewing. These 37 stitch styles are actually imprinted on the sewing machine for easy access to them. Choosing the stitch patterns couldn’t be easier by only turning the dial. It’s located a little lower from the machine’s imprinted image.

Concerning creativity, it’s far better than Singer 1234, 2277, 1304, and even XL2610.

LED light

This is constructed in the area in which you’ll require the light the most. It’s fitted where you’ll be doing the sewing work. Sometimes, you just require some additional light to indicate better when you’re working on a project in low light conditions.

This light is much better than Singer One , Janome DC2014, and Janome 11706.

Bobbin winder

bobbin of Singer 3232

Winding your thread in the bobbin is very simple with the bobbin winding system. If this feature wasn’t accessible, then just wonder how long it might take to complete winding up thread in your bobbin manually with your hands? It might take forever. Sewing might turn into a nightmare without this function.

Quick Set Bobbin

Loading your bobbin with the help of a model is super easy. As it’s accessible on the top rather than underneath. The bobbin cover is so clear that it makes it easy to indicate how much thread supply is there, which you have left on the bobbin.

Feed dog points

The machine is constructed with 7 feed dog points, so you’ll be having greater control when you’re sewing with the fabric. The feed dog’s higher numbers are actually better for taking control of the fabric.

Reverse sewing lever

When you press the lever, it’ll cause this sewing machine to sew backward or either reverse. This will be handy while you sew the beginning & the ending of the seam. This is basically to reinforce its seam from going loose.

Foot controller

You will be handling this sewing machine with a foot pedal. The harder you’ll press down on the foot controller, the quicker the machine will go. This is the solitary option to be able to handle the sewing speed.

Tension control dial

This model offers you the ability to adjust the upper thread tension with the help of a dial. That means you’ll have even more control over how tight or lose your thread tension. However, there are sewing machines available that don’t have this function.

Thread cutter & 1 step auto-size buttonhole

It’s located on the machine head’s upper left side. This is basically a manual thread cutter, and that still requires your hand to pass the thread via the cutter for cutting it. However, it’s still ideal to have it accessible in the machine in case you can’t locate a pair of scissors around you. Besides that, with the offered buttonhole foot, making buttonholes will be too easier.

What did we love while narrating Brother GX37 Reviews?

Super Easy to Set Up

Do not expect a hassle from this sewing machine! We loved that Brother GX37 Lightweight Sewing Machine is pretty easy to set up & thread. To thread the top, you must move the thread via the pulleys & levers until you reach the needle; yes, it’s that simple.

After there, you have to use the automatic needle threader for pressing the thread via the needle’s eye. Then, after you’ve got the bobbin threaded perfectly, place it in the compartment of the bobbin, and permit the top thread to pull the bottom thread up. You’re all set to go! Once you get this sewing machine model out of the box, you’ll be running it in no time.

This way, getting to sewing without having to fumble around by a complicated machine will be possible—definitely a bonus for beginner sewists.

Brother GX37 is Very Easy to Use

Using this Brother sewing machine is normally as effortless as it’s to set up. Once you thread everything, ensure the light is turned on and, after that position, the fabric under the machine’s presser foot.

Then just move the pressure foot downwards, and use the foot pedal. The more pressure you’ll apply, the quicker the machine will work in your sewing project. Whether you’re a beginner sewist or hold years of experience under your belt, expecting the learning curve on the Brother GX37 sewing machine is possible to be a small one.

Exceptionally Compact and Portable

At just more than 10 pounds and a bit over a foot in width, the GX37 sewing machine is highly compact & portable. Whether you want to take your model while traveling, to a sewing class, or just to your friend’s house, there’s no hassle of lugging a hefty sewing machine back and forth.

Even when transferring it from one room to the next, the lightweight design of it makes this a lot easier. Tucking it will not be required in a cupboard or closet until you require it, either. Its compact size implies that it won’t be taking up enormous space on your sewing table and opens up a wide variety of options for which this sewing machine can be called home.

Incredibly Versatile

With 37 distinctive stitches, there are no basic necessities, which you can’t do with this sewing machine. For everyday jobs, tackling small, making simple apparel, or operating big projects such as quilts or dresses, there’s a stitch accessible on this machine for all of it.

While 37 stitches will incorporate everything you could possibly require, it’s sufficient to serve numerous projects. In case you’re new to sewing, this machine will permit you to be inspired by a wide variety of projects & techniques, enabling you to easily develop your skills with it.

However, In case you’re a seasoned sewist, then also you won’t feel limited with what this sewing machine can do for you.

Amazingly Convenient Features

Speaking of stitches that are versatile, we also preferred the number of features accessible to this sewing machine. Besides the automatic needle threader, a reverse stitch lever is also there and a stitch chart. The latter assists you know which stitch corresponds to every number on the dial.

Even a beginner sewist can master it with just a bit of effort. The top-loading bobbin makes it all the way easier to get started or continue further on your sewing projects, and the LED light makes sure you can always identify what you’re doing. Brother is highly popular for its convenient features, and the GX37 sewing machine is no different.

Insanely Affordable

If you compare the power of GX37, it may not fully match Janome HD3000 or HD1000, but regarding sturdiness, it’s much better value for money.

Whether you’re on a limited budget, searching for a secondary sewing machine, or are new to sewing, the Brother GX37 will surely not burn a hole in your wallet. It’s cost superbly affordable at under $130 on Amazon, and that’s definitely a steal considering the features & convenience packed into this sewing machine.

While most sewing machines similar to this one will be highly expensive, over a hundred dollars, Brother manages to keep the cost on the cheaper end without even sacrificing any component’s quality, and machines like Brother ST371HD, PQ1500SL, and SE1900 are the best examples besides this machine.

With the long-term 25-year warranty included, that “little worry” is also eliminated by Brother! In case something is not as advertised with your sewing machine, just call up Brother customer service, and they’ll manage it from there.

Automatic Needle Threader

We don’t know what’s your opinion on sewing features that are automatic in machines, but most sewists surely appreciate them. This sewing machine arrives with an automatic needle threader. Undoubtedly threading the needle is a tough job, especially for those individuals with poor eyesight & short temper.

It might be too frustrating, time-consuming, and discouraging. It also needs a top-level of attention. However, in this model’s case, the automatic needle threader is a great saver. It permits the unit to place the thread in your needle’s eye automatically.

Top Drop-In Jam-Resistant Bobbin

Another feature, which makes this unit beginner-friendly & easily operable is the top drop-in jam-resistant bobbin. To load the bobbin is straightforward. It’s situated at the top. The best part? It arrives with a transparent cover.

Meaning, you can keep monitor of the bobbin thread supply. In this way, you’ll never run out in your sewing project’s middle way ever again. Threading the bobbin for new sewists might be tough just as with any other thing that’s hard at first yet too simple when used to it. Once you’re done, just put the bobbin under the plate.

Built-In LED Light

Another thing we love about this sewing machine is the built-in LED light. It offers perfect lighting when a day is turning dark. Just lit your LED light and finish your project either way.

It’s built-in the ideal spot in which you require to light the most to carry on your sewing project with convenience. It’s ideal for working on materials that are darker or working at night in your dark workplace.

Let’s conclude Brother GX37 Reviews


Sewing is a task that requires perfection at a specific level. When versatility & quality features join the hands, then perfection is surely reached. This article incorporates all essential details which are wonderful to guide for your ideal purchase. Getting this model at an excellent price is possible, and it’ll last you for years, obviously.

This unit is able to generate exceptional stitches and could be a pretty good learning tool for beginner sewists. Also, advanced sewists will not locate it limiting; those at an intermediate level will love what this machine has to offer.

Numerous projects are possible with Brother gx37 sewing machine, be it a simple task, for example, designing a dress or any complicated project such as making quilts.

Wonderful stitching patterns & quality adjustments are gonna ensure perfection. Brother gx37 is a worthy pick and has fantastic features for gaining great sewing experience and adventure in the budget.

Here we conclude our Brother GX37 Reviews.

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