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Discontinued Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine Replaced by PE535: EXPERT’S REVIEW

In our Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine Review, we’ve got some big facts to explain. 

If you desire to make a living in embroidery, you need to invest your money in a sewing machine that will last for a long duration and provide a flawless operation worth the money.

You know what, this embroidery machine includes functionalities that will provide benefits to your projects, and at the same time, make them simple, fast, and fun to accomplish.

The top note is, buy Brother PE535 rather the PE525 model, because the PE525 isn’t just discontinued, but it also gets beaten up by the Brother PE535 model in terms of value for money.


Brother PE535

  • Download from the web and upload it through the USB port or import designs from the PC.
  • Many variations of techniques for creating unique & high-quality embroidery.
  • Functionalities and ease of use make a challenging competition with many top embroidery machines.
  • It’s much suitable for sewists who want an embroidery-only machine.
  • It has plenty of functionalities to make work enjoyable.
  • Even though beginners who don’t have any sewing experience can easily learn how it properly works and understands quickly how to use it.
  • It does come with a 25-years warranty.


Brother PE535

  • Needle Threader
  • Huge collection of patterns
  • USB for Importing Files
  • Access
  • Attractive design
  • Easily portable
  • Ultra fine embroidery results
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Dependable warranty
  • Robust and durable
  • Silent operation







Our experts have tried the machine to see how it actually works up to the company’s other varieties and if you are curious about this incredible, nifty machine, then read more to find out more.

Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine Review: Why Brother PE535 is better?

Credit: StampinSueCreates

Weight 2 pounds
Stitches 5 lettering fonts, 70 built-in embroidery designs, and 120 frame patterns
Dimensions 3 x 15 x 15.2 inches
Computerized/Mechanic computerized
Speed 400 stitches per minutes
Warranty 25-year limited warranty
Bobbin Quick set drop-in bobbin

Weight 10.82 lbs
Stitches 80 built-in designs
Warranty 25-year warranty
Bobbin Drop-in bobbin
Type Computerized
Dimensions 16.5 x 7.8 x 12 inches


4X4 embroidery hoop Embroidery card Thread
3 prewound bobbins USB cable Touch pin
2 screwdrivers 4 spool caps Needle set
Scissors Seam ripper Cleaning brush
Machine dust cover Accessory bag

Yes, accessories of both – PE525 and PE535 are the same.


As per our experts, buy Brother PE535 rather the PE525 model because It has an embroidery starter kit, which will help you to start designing in no time. PE535 is very beneficial for both beginners and professionals. The starter kit comes with three sheet three spools of embroidery threads and stabilizers (of medium weight).

There are a Thesaurus of built-in designs to choose from; you will exactly have 70 designs. There are also up to 120 frame patterns available. Beside, it has an embroidery starter kit, which will help you to start designing in no time. It is very beneficial for both beginners and professionals.

The starter kit comes with three sheet three spools of embroidery threads and stabilizers (of medium weight). There are a Thesaurus of built-in designs to choose from; you will exactly have 80 designs. There are also up to 130 frame patterns available.

Besides that, there are five built-in lettering fonts. Further, sewists of the embroidery machine could receive technical support from professionals(free of cost) under a provision that comes with the machine.

Who is Brother PE525 embroidery machine meant for?

The target buyer of both the PE525 and PE535 models is the same.

The machines are effectively suitable for beginners since it is equipped with all the needs which beginners need to accomplish their task. However, some intermediaries may love these models too.

Most advanced to intermediate users can’t live with a small embroidery area and the 400 stitches per minute speed of the PE525 sewing machine. So, we recommend the PE535 model instead.

Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

Almost every user is impressed with the functionalities of this embroidery machine, Pe535. Even though it’s affordable, the machine produces good quality embroidery designs and provides quality performance. It has five fonts for monogramming and many other beneficial functionalities that make embroidery more hectic than ever.

Users feel that and also say that the machine does all the type of work that it says without disappointing. Besides that, It is light enough to take along with you anywhere you want and is also made of durable materials.

It is much easier to understand, as it is very responsive and informative. It is better to work with when converting designs onto the fabric. You could use the pre-installed methods to make custom patterns as you desired.

Why we recommend Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine over PE525

The Look

Sewists who like embroidery are also crafting because they love to create colorful, beautiful decorations and personalize their crafting. The Brother PE535 sewing machine plays into this game with no less than a creative exterior, leaving no confusion that this is a sewing machine that deals only in the art of creating a beautiful piece.

Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

The purple decoration gets attention from the exact moment you lay your eyes on it and lends an air of glamor to the primary usage instructions.

The reasonable weight and smaller size play into the beginner and the hobbyist lifestyle. This sewing machine doesn’t need much space to make a significant effect. Feel free to show off to friends or take it along to classes.

Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine Performance

Yes, in terms of performance, the elder sister does better.

Advanced machines have more and more cool functionalities; however, it is all in vain if they don’t execute the basic work properly. When it comes to performance, this Brother PE535 won’t give you any reason to let yourself down. No matter it is a low-end machine, but it is not the performance that will be the reason to give it away.

It really does produce good embroidery designs with good quality. Even though there is a chance of the performance that can be incredible in a Brother sewing machine, and that is speed. Speed of 400 stitches per minute is not just ok for beginners but also beneficial for more advanced users.

One more thing that I particularly love is the accessibility to import new designs. This functionality really provides an edge to computerized machines.

With the 70 built-in designs, you are better off to start any project you desire. Brother company also has a site which is called iBroidery to give you thousands of new designs and methods for your embroidery machine. All you need is one USB cable.

It’s truly mind-bowling!

The embroidery hoop of 4 x 4-inch might not be on the massive side, but for every average home sewist, this is sufficient, especially considering the fact that numerous designs on the internet are not bigger than 4 x 4 inches. Besides that, it’s secure to assume most home sewists don’t require a large space anyway since they don’t regularly work on massive projects.

However, the size may turn into an issue for some advanced sewists who want a plan working on massive, complex projects. The LCD backlit touchscreen makes using the Brother PE525 even easier, permitting the user to access in-built designs, tutorials, and numerous design editing features.

Obviously, the brightly lit workspace is one other fantastic feature, permitting the sewist to indicate the fabric surface clearly, making the embroidering process effortlessly easy & fun.

The so-called “Top Drop-In Bobbin System (Quick-Set)” is a Brother exclusive – this is a system, which ensures the bobbing stays in the area, therefore offering even stitching.

The bobbing, as well as the cover, are see-through, and that’s too great as you can indicate in case you’re running low on thread.


Since this sewing machine is primarily meant for beginners & hobbyists, the lightness and the compact size is expected, and Brother delivers ideally in that department. The PE535 weighs just about 10.82 lbs entirely, while the dimensions we measured are 16.5″ x 7.8″ x 12″ (height x width x depth).

Just like many Brother-produced embroidery sewing machines, this one is sturdy, reliable, yet aesthetically too pleasing, and a modern-looking model. The connectivity of computers is something we expect currently and, as always, Brother offers in that department as well.

The sewist can easily import designs from the PC they have through the provided USB cable. Nearly thousands of designs are accessible online, and they just are in the .pes file format; then only you can import them rapidly with little to no effort.

Go easy with maintenance 

Always, maintenance is a daunting task for devices, especially the electronic ones. The Brother PE525’s instruction manual also arrives with a maintenance guide in which sewists can review the working of their sewing machine. All the essential data & details that can be valuable to sewists for maintaining the machine is there.

The significantly important maintenance tip is to use just the good quality threads for the purpose of weaving. Also, ensure that the needle you utilize has no damage.

The same you get with the PE535 model.

Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

Damaged needles might be changed immediately. Besides that, in case you notice that the sewing machine is facing an issue and working abnormally and you feel that some internal defects might be there, then you might immediately get the device identified by experts.

Brother PE525 and PE535 Warranty is the same

The 25-year limited warranty is among the commonest warranties in the sewing world. It indicates that Brother has faith in their products. This warranty will cover all normal wear & tear, incorporating damage, which might have been incurred via shipment.

Not every single part of the sewing machine enjoys a similar status under this warranty period. So remember to read the details carefully. You also enjoy a limitless & lifetime right to telephone support with this sewing machine, something which will come in handy in case you’re stuck and need a verbal explanation.

The negative part of PE525


The small embroidery place has always been a full stop over Brother PE525. This place is good enough for small things. Are you a sewist, who is serious about embroidery? You might find Brother PE770 better in comparison to the PE525 model, which has a 5×7 embroidery area to work.

However, you must shell out a few hundred dollars more for Brother PE770 to enjoy a big work area, and if not, then you should at least go for the Brother PE535 mode.

Let’s conclude Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine review


A majority of those sewists who have shopped this model were quite pleased with the path it accomplished for completing most embroidery projects. Undoubtedly, the positives of this sewing machine clearly outweigh the negatives.

If you’re searching for an embroidery machine that will not just offer thousands of designs but offer a fantastic performance too, then Brother PE525 is something worth trying out. There are, in fact, numerous sewists who agreed that this sewing machine model from Brother is a great assistance in finishing the projects rapidly with perfection.

It’s an efficient sewing device, and sewists get an interesting manual. They can peruse it in case they require some assistance regarding questions.

The free phone support you can call if you’ve additional questions regarding the machine or in case you’re experiencing issues. Since Brother PE770 is pretty simple to understand, beginners will not be intimidated. The verdict is – buy either PE770  or PE535 model instead this one.

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