Brother SE1900 Scored 9.8/10 in our OFFICIAL REVIEW

Brother SE1900 Review: Are you finding a machine that will help you launch your embroidery and sewing business? You require a versatile machine, so you could take your embroidery and sewing game to the next level.

Check this one out of the Brother SE1900 article and find out what this combo machine could offer. Brother SE1900 is actually a hot embroidery machine. It could be used in several ways. Whether you wanna use it for home, monogramming, or small business, it could handle perfectly.


Brother SE1900

  • Design Import Feature
  • Advanced Needle Threader
  • Tremendous range of Built-in Stitches
  • Perfect design for convenient work
  • Highly-attarctive design
  • Plenty of sewing feet
  • Modify designs feature
  • Great value for money
  • Amazing quilting abilities


Besides that, the people it suits are wide. If you’re a newbie, The SE1900 is a one-step sewing machine. On your way to learning embroidery art, there is no requirement for you to upgrade your machine; a SE1900 is enough.

If you are an advanced sewist, this machine is ideal, too. It could match your level of skills, helping you achieve so many embroidery tasks. Thus, in our expert’s view, Brother SE1900 is a very valuable embroidery and sewing machine. If you wanna know more about its features, then keep reading.

Brother SE1900 Review

Weight 38.5 pounds
Stitches 240 sewing stitches & 138 built-in embroidery designs
Dimensions 17.6 x 9.5 x 11.8 inches
Type Comouterized
Speed 850 spm Max sewing speed & 650 spm Max embroidery speed
Warranty 25-year warranty
Bobbin Drop-in bobbin
Work field 5×7 inch
10 frame shapes for monogramming 3.2” Sew Smart color LCD touchscreen 138 built-in embroidery designs
240 sewing stitches 11 embroidery fonts Large 5×7 embroidery area
10 styles of 1-step buttonholes 8 versatile sewing feet Automatic needle threader
USB port to import designs 850 spm Max sewing speed 650 spm Max embroidery speed
8 versatile sewing feet Free arm for pants & sleeves Horizontal & side stitching
Drop-feed feature for dotting 3.2” Sew Smart color LCD touch screen display

Amazing features of Brother SE1900

Brother SE1900

Design Import Feature

There will be designs which you wish were included. The great news is that all you require is a USB drive, and you will be able to import all of your patterns into the machine. On top of that, A built-in USB port permits you to import:

  • 1,000 patterns from the manufacturer’s website
  • pes embroidery patterns

LCD screen

You’ll require to have your own USB stick to import patterns, but there are many affordable choices on Amazon and other online stores as well. A bonus is that The Brother has licensed a ton of exclusive patterns, which you could use for your project for free.

Advanced Needle Threader

With the help of the advanced needle threader, you font really need to worry about threading the needle by yourself. You will wind the thread around this contraption, then pull a lever down on the side; the threader pulls the thread in the eye of the needle.

Brother SE1900

We historically haven’t been a fan of the Brother machine needle threaders because they’re much delicate and also a pain in the rear to use, but the Brother embroidery machine threaders are SO MUCH FLUENT.

Since you are supposed to thread your sewing machine with the help of the presser foot up, you’ve to then put the presser foot down side to use the needle threader and then finally raise it up back again to place your material or embroidery hoop underneath.

Automatic Reinforcement/Reverse Stitches

When choosing stitches on the Brother SE1900, you do have the option to select if you want it to sew an automatic reinforcement or reverse stitches.

This means you will not have to worry about anything regarding reverse sewing to lock a stitch before starting sewing. And once you have pressed the reverse button at the end stitch, it does its thing all of on its own!

Automatic Thread Trimming

In addition, to inform the machine if you need the automatic reverse stitches, you could also opt for automatic thread trimming as well at the end of your current project. The first time we had our SE625 trim, the threads were automatic; it was the most impressive feeling ever! Unfortunately, the Brother SE1900 doesn’t automatically cut jump threads.

Automatic Tension

needle threader

Whereas best sewing machines come with a dial where you’ve to manually control tension, the Brother SE1900 automatically controls tension for you.

This means when you choose a stitch; the sewing machine sets it to a tension value based on the chosen stitch. You might still need to go in and then manually control depending on your material or thread; however, this default value is still much of a time-saving function.

Quick-Set, Top-Drop Bobbin

Bobbin winding takes place on the top side of the machine, and the bobbin is dropped inside the bobbin case at the base of the sewing machine. Top-drop bobbin means the bobbin is perfectly loaded into the top side of the bobbin case, although horizontally like on several other sewing machines.

With the help of a quick-set bobbin, there is no need to draw up the bobbin thread by yourself. The sewing machine pulls it up automatically when you have started sewing. With embroidery patterns involving multiple thread swapping, every tiny perk like this saves time! And, Of course, you’re also able to pull the bobbin thread up by yourself if you require to.

Wherever the bobbin thread is running very low, you can get this nice reminder below it’s time to change it! And we are an oblivious sewist sometimes, though it’s nice to be reminded, so we don’t run out of thread while working on a particular project.

Built-in Stitches of Brother SE1900

The Brother SE 1900 provides 240 built-in sewing stitches, 11 fonts, 10 frame shapes, 10 buttonhole styles, and 138 built-in embroidery designs. This is more than you discover in many other sewing machines.

However, there are only 7 English fonts, so you may never get to use the other ones. If you are a newbie, you will probably feel overwhelmed by the number of choices this sewing machine provides.

There is a learning curve to the SE1900, and this may frustrate newbies. But with enough practice, you will find its full potential permitting you to progress to more challenging and huge projects.

Plenty of feet!

Overcasting foot Use with the overcasting stitch to stitch edges and also create a seam
Spring-action zigzag foot Your everyday sewing foot
Buttonhole foot Sew on a perfectly-sized buttonhole
Blind stitch foot Create a blind hem on a garment
Button fitting foot Sew on a button
Zipper foot Add a zipper
Embroidery foot Use when embroidering designs
Monogramming foot Use with the decorative sewing stitches

The great thing about this embroidery and sewing machine is that you could buy compatible presser feet separately as well. So Don’t need to discount this sewing machine if the presser foot you are wanting is not included!

What did we love in Brother SE1900?

Brother SE1900 embroidery machine

Changing Embroidery Designs

You could modify designs by just rotating them or flipping them to their mirror image as you require. If you do not like the original length and width, just make it smaller or bigger with the editing abilities of the sewing machine.

Do you love part of “design A” and a piece of “design B”? Blend them! You could change the font sizes of the lettering too. You do not have to satisfy yourself with positioning the letters in a straight line. Besides that, you can move them around. Form an arc. Swap the color of each one as you go along.

The Below list is for the built-in fonts for this unit.

  • Greek Block
  • Calgary Medium
  • Block 01
  • Brussels Demi Outline
  • Istanbul
  • Los Angeles
  • Sicilia Light Italic
  • Serif 01

The abilities for creating projects with them might not be endless at all, but they are nearly so.

Brother SE1900 has Stitches for Every Project

We have discussed a lot about the embroidery choices of the Brother SE1900. However, this machine also has the ability to be used for every kind of sewing project. Brother has included 240 sewing stitches inside this one model.

You’ll have stitches for:

  • Professional projects
  • Decorative projects

There are 10 different styles of 1-step buttonholes, which will automatically fit into the size of your buttons. When it’s unlikely that you will use this many stitches over the life-time of the machine, you will have more than enough choice to permit your creative juices to dictate your project.

Amazing quilting abilities

Amazing quilting abilities

The Brother SE1900 is the best machine for quilting too! While there are no specialty quilting feet, you could buy your own spring-action quilting foot, walking foot, or 1/4″ piecing foot to be with this machine.

The feed dogs do drop (there’s a key on the backside of the machine) to permit for free-motion quilting. There’s a switch to drop the feed dogs. The Brother SE1900 controls thick quilt layers maximum of 6mm well (within reason; it is not a heavy-duty machine).

If you need an additional extender table, you could buy and add a compatible oversized table as well. We have an extender table with our Brother CS6000i sewing machine, which we just pop on here when we want it!

The throat space is 4.1″ high x 7.4″ wide, that is larger than many of the Brother combo sewing and quilting machines. This will permit you to do larger projects with ease.

Side cutter foot

The Brother SE1900 comes with 5 stitches that could be used with the Brother side cutter foot. Top of that, This side cutter is an additional presser foot you could buy to permit your machine to work like a serger in many ways.

When implemented with this overcasting type of stitch, the Brother side cutter foot permit sewists to sew a seam, finish material edges, and trim excess material all at once.

We have been less than enthused with our own side cutter’s operations on knits and other stretchy materials, so do not rely on it in the position of a serger! But, it’s the BEST presser foot to have to surround for creating a serged appearance on cotton.

Let’s conclude Brother SE1900


If you require a versatile combination machine for small business or home use, then the SE1900 is the correct one for you. It provides a big work area so you could begin your home business and give access to thousands of patterns and fonts.

You must have no qualms about taking one up for yourself or maybe even gifting one to anyone you know who has been checking this out but hasn’t got enough confidence to “pull the trigger” yet.

You could use this machine for any kind of big to a small business as long as your business uses materials that the machine could handle, and there are plenty of such businesses which you may be involved with.

The SE1900 is the ideal one for you if you require a flexible combo computer for small business or home use. It provides a huge workspace to begin transforming your hobby into a business. The SE1900 embroidery machine – is cash well spent!

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