You are currently viewing Brother SE400 Reviews 2021: Replaced by SE600 at Just $30 More!

Brother SE400 Reviews 2021: Replaced by SE600 at Just $30 More!

Isn’t finding out how modern technology changes exciting all aspects of our lives? This also occurs for those who prefer sewing, with machines such as the Brother SE400.

Do a quick scan of Brother SE400 review, and you’ll realize the brand has incorporated advanced & upgraded tech to make sewing highly easy with fun and empowering users in doing much more.

However, the quick answer is the SE400 is discontinued, buy Brother SE600 (check price HERE)instead , as the SE600 carries more features, is more versatile and dependable. Even the sturdiness and looks are better than the SE400 model.


Brother SE400

  • Compact
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Great Price/Quality
  • Extra stitches than you will ever need
  • LCD Display with Easy Design and Stitch Option
  • Abundant accessories
  • tremendous Sewing and embroidery speed
  • Built-in embroidery fonts & designs
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy to set up and use


Brother SE400 Discontinued: The best replacement is Brother SE600

Credit: A-Dubb Productions Allan Wade

You’re bound to love sewing whether you enjoy stitching normal fabrics or embroidery. We took the complete liberty of doing a Brother SE600 sewing & embroidery machine review.

In case you’re still new to the sewing niche, keep on reading as you’ll quickly indicate how sewing can be fun. That way, you can realize how many fantastic projects you can take on; no professional skills are needed. And professionals, this Brother S600 is suitable for you as well!

Stitches 70 pre-set designs, 67 built-in stitches, and 5 lettering fonts
Bobbin Quick-Set drop-in top bobbin system
Type Combination of computerized
Warranty 25-year limited warranty
Embroidery hoop 4″ x 4″
Stitches 185 unique built-in stitches
Dimensions 20.28 x 14.96 x 15.16 inches
Stitches 103 stitches + 10 styles of auto-size buttonholes
Bobbin Quick-Set drop-in top bobbin system
Type Combination of computerized
Warranty 25-year limited warranty
Embroidery hoop 4″ x 4″ Hoop
Dimensions 21.18″ x 15.51″ x 16.54″

Brother Se400 Reviews: Key Features

Talking about features for money, Brother SE600 is better than Brother SE400.

This sewing & embroidery machine is fully loaded with features, and that can be overwhelming sometimes. We’ll go via those features one by one and describe what they are, how they work. Also, are they worth cherishing?

Here they are…

840 stitches of sewing speed per minute This is a fantastic sewing speed that’s going to assist you in fishing the sewing work rapidly.
70 built-in embroidery designs to select from Not just that, the pre-built designs themselves, you get a selection of 5 distinctive embroidery fonts as well. The 120 frame-pattern combos will permit you limitless customizability.
14 distinctive built-in sewing stitches These incorporate stretch, utility, and a 4-step buttonhole.
Free arm design With Brother SE600, you’ll always have your one arm free, permitting you to complete things freely.
One-touch automatic threading The machine automatically threads the needle for you, with no requirement of doing it manually.
Computer connectivity A USB cable is offered by brother with this sewing machine, allowing you to connect & work perfectly with your computer’s assistance. This is useful for enhancing your own designs to the machine in which editing them further possible and making them a reality.
Backlit touch screen LCD display Controlling the touch screen is easy to indicate lots of different options at all times to fit into it. Some options may be hidden behind some menus and aren’t accessible at the hat’s drop, but this permits for more to be incorporated than usual.
LED lighting The work area in this machine has its own light, permitting you to get a better look while working when the ambient lighting isn’t sufficient.
Built-in tutorial In the touchscreen display’s menus, you can also locate handy tutorials for anything, which you might be doing with this sewing machine. It’s useful & detailed, but it means that some controls aren’t accessible to you while you’re searching at the tutorial.
Quick-change sewing feet 8 options are what you get, including overcasting, zigzag, zipper, buttonhole, embroidery, button fitting, blind stitching, and free-motion monogramming.

Some other feature rich machines which impressed us in the same session of testing were Brother ST371HD, Brother gx37, Singer Simple 3337, and 3221.

Should I trust this Brand?

Not just Brother has among the best sewing models on the market but also earned respect & popularity all over the globe. In case you do independent research, you’ll indicate that Brother can be located in every continent across the world, except for Antarctica that is impressive.

Even though they’re amongst the famous brands with a well-deserved reputation, Brother still offers high-quality sewing machines along with affordable expenses with incomparable design & appearance. Also, Brother SE600 is among them. An affordable sewing machine model with unique features.

In case you wonder what creates this model so special and why choosing Brother SE400 among others, we have some interesting pieces of info that will end your hesitation and make your mind to purchase this workhorse today. For even beginners, Brother SE400 is an ideal deal for the price you’re paying.

Some other tremendous machines from Brother are SQ9285, XM2701, gx37, and xr3774.


Brother SE400 Reviews

Be prepared for numerous unboxing as the parcel incorporates several accessories. Besides the Brother se400 embroidery machine, you get a softcover also to secure your machine; an accessory compartment is provided for all the additional tools.

Besides that, an English/Spanish manual is there in case you have any questions regarding operating the machine. For embroidering, there’s also an embroidery arm, in which you’ll get a 4″ x 4″ embroidery hoop & embroidery bobbin thread.

Inside the accessory bag, there’s a seam ripper too, three bobbins, a cleaning brush, a needle set, two screwdrivers for the machine’s touch screen, a touch pen for the scissors, and three spool caps.

Thus, there’s an assortment of feet incorporating the zipper foot, overcasting foot, buttonhole foot, monogramming foot, blind stitch foot, button fitting foot, and embroidery foot. Obviously, all of this also arrives with the Brother se400 sewing machine with a 25-year limited warranty.

Brother SE600 reviews: Big advantages that make it better than the SE400

It’s true that Brother SE600 is better than Brother SE400 when it comes to advantages, and that’s why the experts recommend the SE600 model over SE300. Shall we cherish the benefits now?

LCD Display with Easy Design and Stitch Option

The LCD display is where Brother SE600’s most of the actions are. This display screen is basically a sensitive touch screen and will act as the “central hub” for every single of your stitch & design options. Here’s where you select your stitches or patterns and numerous other features.

On the LCD screen, you can select from 103-stitches, and that’s undoubtedly sufficient to complete most sewing projects that are advanced with the utmost precision. There are numerous distinctive designs accessible, too, for embroidery with 70 pattern designs that are highly unique to select from.

There are several cute options to personalize your every project. In case you locate the selection is missing something that you want, with the help of iBroidery, you can always download it.

Your stitch options might seem on the sewing machine’s right side with a small diagram of each stitch. When choosing the embroidery designs, you’ll be able to scroll through the designs and choose the one that works best for your project.

Two designs are indicated at one time, so there’s sufficient room to view the design’s detail on the screen.


In complete, there are 120 frame pattern combinations accessible to select from. In case you’re more into monogramming, you’ll be entirely happy to know that there are five distinctive fonts available. These are fantastic for adding your personal touch to a gift.

You might find tapping the screen with your finger annoying after a while. For avoiding this, Brother has incorporated a tap pen. It lets you select your settings without leaving any sort of smudges all over the LCD screen.

Stitch width & length can be selected via the display, and there’s a thread tension option accessible for anyone that wants tight stitches for the advanced projects they create. Overall, the LCD functionality is fantastically simple to use.

Numerous individuals won’t have any issues locating what they need quickly & effectively. Beginners will undoubtedly love Brother SE600’s simplicity.

Sewing and embroidery speed

Sewing and embroidery speed are crucial when you’re working on any project. Even after working at top speed the quality outcome for most users that are crucial. So, the machine needs to attain perfection with speed to satisfy more sewists.

While conducting our Brother SE600 embroidery sewing machine review, we were joyous! We figured out that it can deliver up to 710 stitches per minute while sewing. And we consider that it enough then some other sewing machines. Besides that, think about the intricate work this sewing machine does.

You’ll realize it’s actually tremendous that you complete numerous things quickly.

Brother SE400 Reviews

When switching to embroidering, you can expect nearly 450 stitches every minute, once again, sufficient in comparison to similar types of sewing machines. You’ll surely appreciate the adjustable speed.

It’s great, especially for a beginner. You can begin sewing practice with slow speed instead of ruining a project. We suggest so because you might lose control in case you’re a beginner.

As with many additional features, you’ll surely prefer the Brother SE400 sewing machine. The brand permits for customizing the machine to your certain needs.

Built-in embroidery fonts & designs 

By combining a sewing machine as well as an embroidery machine, you’re not just limited to using stitches as you can choose from the built-in designs that Brother has added to the menu list. In case creating a new frame around your design is what you want, there are 120 to choose from.

Want to add a pic? 70 pictures in this sewing machine model are waiting for you to add them in fabric items, which you want to turn into unique gifts. Also, add someone’s initials and choose one of the five provided font styles for providing it a personal touch.

The set of options is diverse. So, we consider most users will locate this machine with appropriate designs, whether you’re turning towels into custom gifts, decorating clothing, or creating unique items, especially for the festive season.

However, your satisfaction is on the basis of personal preference and whether the themes that Brother add to the machine may be suiting your taste.

Professionals might find it limited, but it’s undoubtedly a sufficient range for the cost you pay. And remember that connecting your system to the internet is possible, and use designs you locate on iBroidery.


Let’s conclude Brother SE400 reviews 

Now, this Brother SE400 embroidery sewing machine review has reached the shore! There’s no question regarding it being not an impressive model in the Brother range. It would havebeen the ideal purchase for almost anyone, but unfortunately, it’s discontinued.

The ease of use for newbies in this sewing machine was undoubtedly appreciable, but it wasn’t the greatest one in the world. It’s elder sister, SE600 is entirely worth replacing it.

SE600 isn’t just great for freshers but, it provides professionals so many options to choose, such as uploading images. It does require specific care, so you don’t break too many needles while sewing.

We do think that Brother has done great job. You will get exceptional value for money with the SE600 sewing machine. There’s an excellent possibility that you will invest in one for your next project.

However, if you aren’t scared to shed just a bit of money, then do buy Brother SE625 model, as it great in all departments as well. The buyer needs to be bold here.

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