The Only Brother SE600 Review That tells You the Truth

Brother SE600 Review: Short on the room? Not got the huge budget for an embroidery machine? Interested in the ideal combination embroidery and sewing machine for home use?

The Brother SE600 two in one is the modern combo sewing and 4×4 embroidery machine from the successful brand, Brother. It replaces the SE400 with the nice upgrade– which you could still purchase and is still supported. (The “SE” stands for “Sewing & Embroidery,” so it could be removed from the embroidery-only machine category).


  • Compact and sturdy.
  • USB port to import designs.
  • Dual Purpose – Embroidery as well as Sewing.
  • Portable and easy to store.
  • Appreciable range of accessories.
  • Highly dependable construction.
  • 3.7 inch Colored LCD touchscreen to edit and preview designs.
  • Looks expensive than what it costs.
  • Features will win your heart!


If you are looking for your first 2-in-1 embroidery and sewing machine from the Brother, then you must check out the SE600. In this Brother SE600 article, we’ll highlight the wonderful function and features of this combo machine, why you should purchase it, and so on.

We do believe that after reading, you’ll surely cast your vote altogether with the nine out of ten customers who suggest this sewing machine.

Brother SE600 Review

Weight 26 lbs.
Stitches 103 built-in stitches
Dimensions 21.2″ by 15.5″ by 16.5″
Type Computerized
Speed 710 spm.
Warranty 25-year standard warranty
Bobbin Drop-in bobbin
4″ by 4″ embroidery hoop Embroidery foot Embroidery arm
Spring action zigzag foot Three bobbins (pre-wound) Buttonhole foot
Button sewing foot Zipper foot Blind stitch foot
Monogramming foot Overcasting foot Twin needle
2 Bobbins & 3 Bobbin clips Darning plate English/Spanish manual guide
Disk-shaped screwdriver Six-piece needle set Four spool caps
Scissors Spool net Cleaning brush
Foot controller Power cord Machine dust cover

Amazing features of Brother SE600

Computer Connectivity for designs importing:

This function makes the embroidery machine a modern one. With the USB 2.0 port, you could easily import your wonderful designs downloaded online from the internet or somewhere else.

The sewing machine includes a built-in memory where you could save the designs. You could also update your combo machine via the port from the builder’s website so the machine can’t be outdated at any cost.

Brother SE600comes with 103 built-in stitches:

This versatile fashion tool comes loaded with a total of 103 different stitches for making beautiful designs on your crafting art and clothing.

This collection of stitches in this amount cannot be found in any other sewing and embroidery multi-purpose machines or single-purpose sewing machine. With keeping that in mind, you could let your imagination run; however, you want to flow, then with the SE600, you could bring those crazy ideas to be real.

4″ x 4″ Embroidery Area

The combo machine has a huge 4″ x 4″ embroidery area, which helps you decorate your things easily. Although some very high-end sewing machines come with even a huge embroidery area, which might take a ton of room to store it anywhere, if you’re gonna use this machine at home, it’s a suitable embroidery and sewing machine. Also, the built-in alignment functions let you draw the pattern much easily.

Automatic Needle Threader

You will never ever strain your eyes while starting a project with the help of the automatic needle threader. Simply use this function to thread your needle, without any effort required from you, and then get to the essential part – sewing!

Color LCD Touch Screen

This particular model has replaced the Brother SE400 white and black LCD display with a huge, color one. The Sew-Smart color LCD touch screen is responsive and user-friendly, and you could edit your designs and patterns and preview your embroidery patterns in full color, whatever you desire.

If the 80 built-in patterns aren’t enough, USB 2.0 connectivity permits you to easily upload your patterns and preview your pattern edits on the screen however you want on your project; you can just do it very easily.

What’s beautiful about having a full color-screen is that you could see the thread colors in the design and edit them if you are feeling creative – it tells you when and how to exchange threads.

If you are not very tech-savvy (or purchasing this for those who don’t use a computer at all), it could be a bit of a learning curve, so switching from a manual machine to a modern computerized one might lead you to learn new things. The user-interface is much user-friendly, and once you are used to it, you will never want to go back to those old manual ones!

Drop-In Bobbin

The SE600 has a drop-in bobbin system, ensuring you could just slide open the door near the needle plate so you can insert your bobbin very easily.

In addition, since It is directly in your sewing place, you could easily observe the numbers of threads available and refill it as required. Since Brother commits that it’s jam-resistant, you will likely never be forced to stop yourself and also create the correction along the way.

Automatic cutter, threader, finisher…well, almost.

The automatic threader and thread-cutter – which we’ve become accustomed to on modern computerized sewing machines – make getting began a breeze and no fiddling, swearing because you could not find the needle eye!

It arrives into its own when you’re doing embroidery with tons of different colors and have to keep exchanging the thread. The automatic finishing choice tightens with a back-stitch, the thread-cutter does its job nicely!

What we loved in Brother SE600 

Easy to Set Up

This Brother SE600 Machine may seem a little bit difficult with the touchscreen and the modern computerized features; it’s actually much easier to set up. Once the bobbin is threaded, you just simply place it in the bobbin case near the needle plate and let the thread’s end hang up using the lid.

Furthermore, thread the sewing machine with the thread manual guides and the tension rod. You could either thread the needle by yourself, or you can always use the automatic needle threader. Once that’s done, you could select your embroidery design, stitch, and stitch width and length from the touchscreen display.

Finally, just push the foot pedal – and then you are pretty much ready to go. You will not spend much time stumbling about before getting this sewing machine up and running.

Brother SE600 is Easy to Use

Several of our experts actually enjoyed the Brother SE600’s ease of use and also the durability. Once it was threaded, then they can pick the speed by the switch on the front of the sewing machine, just give a push to the foot pedal, and then simply move the material through while the needle does its job.

In addition, if you wanna change anything – such as any type of stitch or any color thread you wanna use for an embroidery pattern – you have only to make your corrections through the touchscreen display.

You will have a USB port where you could easily input patterns without the use of any messy wires, and plus like the jam-resistant function means you will spend less time fixing mistakes and troubleshooting.

A sewing machine that is easy to use will make it all the smoother to spread your productive wings and try tackling all kinds of projects to which this machine gives inspiration.


Many experts appreciated the convenience of this embroidery machine. Everything you can need is right at arm’s length. And need to cut a thread? There’s a thread cutter right near the front side of sewing the machine.

Is the SE600 going much faster for you? You just have to only press a key to lower the speed as you require. The bobbin case is jam-resistant, so there ain’t no worry about it becoming locked, as some of the other machines tend to.

The size of this embroidery machine is super convenient, and weighing in just under 30 pounds, you won’t have to import worries at all about this sewing machine weighing you down if you wanna bring it to class or any other events. Its much convenient weight and size are great for those people who are short on the room since you could tuck it away until it’s required!


With 103 unique built-in stitches, it’s much easier to see why many sewists raved about the sewing machine’s versatility. The fact of this machine could tackle both embroidery and sewing projects already gives this robust machine more flexibility than most. It has all the kind of essentials, plus included many fun extras.

Only highly individual projects might find the SE600 lacking. Even if you’re sewing a hem, or embroidering a shirt, or even making a quilt, this Brother machine will have the function you need for the task.

Brother SE600 tackles Wide range of fabrics

The Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine handle a entire range of different materials:

  • Thin fabrics – georgette, lawn, satin, challis.
  • Medium-weight fabrics like taffeta, broadcloth, gabardine, flannel.
  • Thick fabrics – corduroy, denim, tweed.
  • Fabrics that fray.
  • Stretch fabrics – jersey, tricot.

The manual guide tells you the needle size and what kind and size of thread to use for every type of fabric. So, you do not have to guess (or hold your breath in your mouth) wondering whether you have got it right or not. The trick is to use the suggested needle for each material, especially when you are sewing thicker material.

Using the slow pace for multiple layers is only the ticket. It does avoid hand-turning the wheel, which is difficult for those sewists suffering from arthritis.

Let’s conclude the Brother SE600 review.


The embroidery machine is not a wrong choice for home use. It has all the kinds of features which one would require in its sewing machine. It has 80 built-in embroidery patterns and 103 built-in stitches.

The functions like Free Arm for Cuffs & Sleeves, Automatic Needle Threader, automatic buttonhole, and Jam-resistant quick setup bobbin makes it a good combo machine for several sewing tasks. With the USB port, one could always add more embroidery patterns.

Also, the 3.7 inches colored touchscreen display that lets you preview patterns gives a much better comfort about the final result. It would serve two purposes, regular sewing as well as embroidery work.

So you do not require to spend additional cash to purchase another one separately if you purchase a single-purpose machine. The rate of Brother SE600 combined sewing and embroidery machine is pretty much justifiable, and it is affordable.

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