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Brother SM3701 International Sewing Machine Review

If you are interested in sewing, you will need a sewing machine that can help you bind the cloth by its seams and produce uniform stitches. But, if you quickly scan the range of sewing machines available in the market, you will surely get confused and not know which one will be the most suitable machine for you.

So, to help you get in touch with the best sewing machine from the available ones, we have come up with a detailed review of the Brother International Sewing Machine, SM3701. The Brother SM3701 sewing machine has gained a lot of popularity due to its unique features and functionalities.

However, before getting into the details, let’s talk a bit about the brand, Brother International. If you narrow down your search for the best sewing machines, you will come down to Brother Industries, which began manufacturing sewing machines in 1908 in Japan. Over the years, Brother International has delivered some fantastic sewing machines and still rules the market.

It is considered a trusted name, producing reliable and top-quality sewing machines. However, with so many Brother International sewing machines lining up, it isn’t easy to pick one. So, of all the Brother sewing machines, if you are looking for an affordable yet functional sewing machine, go for the Brother SM3701 sewing machine.

Brother SM3701


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The Brother International Sewing Machine is a high-quality sewing machine that offers uniform stitches. This Brother SM3701 is a computerized sewing machine with a complete range of fully-equipped features.

It is light in weight and portable. So, if you are out for a vacation and would not prefer compromising with your sewing work, you can easily carry the sewing machine. Besides, if you are a beginner and have just started a tailoring business, this Brother International Sewing Machine is apt for you. Along with the beginners, this sewing machine can be used by advanced sewers, as it offers versatility.

You ought to buy this Brother International Sewing Machine because of the 37 different built-in stitches that it offers.

Besides, the sewing machine also includes blind hem decorative and quilting stitches that feature automatic one-step buttonholes to be perfected virtually. Furthermore, the entire product is included with five quick-change sewing feet so that you can add and deduct the ones as per your work.

The Brother SM3701 sewing machine has an in-built free arm to sew the cuff sleeves and pant legs at ease. There is also an in-built easy needle threader jam-resistant quick set-top drop-in bobbin and an automatic bobbin winding system with this free arm.

Thinking about having to struggle while assembling the sewing machine? Worry not as the entire package of the Brother International Sewing Machine is facilitated with a user manual DVD, featured in English and Spanish. If you face any issues with the Brother SM3701 sewing machine, you can directly call the manufacturers and get online support.

What Are the Specification?

The specifications of the Brother International Sewing Machine are given below:

  • Product dimension: 17.3 x 7.8 x 14.2 inches
  • Product weight: 14.65 pounds
  • Product model number: SM3701
  • ASIN: B0100JZH76
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Metal
  • Electric: Yes
  • Warranty: 25 years

Which Features Do You Get This Sewing Machine?

brother sm3701

The computerized Brother International Sewing Machine has a complete range of friendly features that can take your tailoring business to another level.

The Brother International Sewing Machine package consists of these additional accessories – a darning plate, twin needle, needle set, extra spool pin, four bobbins, screwdriver, operation manual, power cord, and instructional DVD.

What makes this product one of the most popular sewing machines is its warranty. It offers a warranty of 25 years. Take a look at the fantastic features of the Brother International Sewing Machine.

1. Suitable for DIY crafting

If you want to create something right from scratch, this Brother SM3701 International Sewing Machine is apt for you. The versatility of this Brother sewing machine allows you to design clothes as per your liking and sew them properly. Moreover, the sewing machine is reliable and features various mechanisms that promote better sewing.  

2. 37 built-in and decorative stitches

The Brother SM3701 is a mechanical sewing machine that features 37 different stitches. Some interesting stitches include bling hem, zigzag, decorative, utility, stretch stitch, and auto-size button holder. Besides catering to so many various types of stitches, the sewing machine allows you to change the stitch as and when required without much effort.

3. Free arm fashion sewing

Using this Brother International Sewing Machine is like a breeze as it features a free arm swing which implies that once you remove the accessory tray from the bottom of the machine, you can stitch at ease; therefore, if you wish to free your arms while sewing, this Brother’s sewing machine is a comfortable device for you.  

4. Featured with bright LED light

Often, you will come across people who complain about not being able to see properly while sewing. As a result, they end up with deteriorating eyesight.

However, with the Brother International Sewing Machine, you don’t have to worry about your eyesight worsening because the manufacturers of this sewing machine have featured an LED light in the machine. Hence, when using the sewing machine, you can switch on this light and keep on sewing at ease.

5. Can deliver 750 stitches in a minute

In a tailoring business, you ought to deliver the products on time. So, if you are in a hurry to finish sewing clothes, the Brother SM3701 International Sewing Machine is apt for you as it helps the users with 750 stitches in a minute. Yes, the machine is that quick! So, buy this and you won’t regret using it.

6. Easy stitch dial

brother sm3701-

The stitch dial in a sewing machine allows you to select the length of the stitch. The Brother SM3701 features a stitch dial that is easy to handle for better and customized stitches. The stitch dial ranges between 0 to 4.

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Tips to Maintain This Sewing Machine

While handling the Brother International Sewing Machine, you have to be careful about some aspects. Given below are some warnings that you need to follow:

  • Right after using the sewing machine, unplug it from the electrical outlet immediately. Also, the sewing machine should be unplugged even when you are making any adjustments to the machine.
  • For unplugging the machine, turn it off by switching the machine to the symbol’ O’ position.
  • Instead of using an extension cord, plug the machine directly into the electrical outlet.
  • If the cord or the plug of the Brother International Sewing Machine is damaged, never use it. Instead of using the sewing machine in such a condition, return to an authorized dealer or the store from which you got it.
  • While using the machine, if you notice anything unusual like discoloration, foul odor, or excessive production of heat, stop the machine and disconnect it from the power cord immediately.
  • When transporting the machine from one location to another, make sure that you carry it by its handle. If you lift the machine by holding any other part, it could result in severe damage to the machine or lead to injuries of the user.

Here Are Some Extra Tips:

  • When lifting or carrying the machine, make sure that you do not make any sudden movements that could damage the parts of the Brother International Sewing Machine.
  • When operating the Brother International Sewing Machine, keep the work area free from clutter.
  • Do not operate the machine by blocking any air openings. Keeping the ventilation of the machine open will allow you to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris in the various channels and knobs of the Brother International Sewing Machine.
  • Never drop or insert any object in any opening of the sewing machine. This could lead to partial or complete damage to the machine. Also, keep the sewing machine away from children as they might not be as careful as you are and might end up inserting dangerous things through the openings of the sewing machine.
  • Avoid placing the Brother International Sewing Machine on an unstable surface as this may lead to difficulty while sewing the fabric. Also, if the sewing machine is placed on a slanted or unstable area, it might fall and result in breakage.
  • When sewing any fabric, always pay special attention to the needle. Make sure that the needles do not get bent or damaged.
  • Since many parts of this Brother International Sewing Machine moves, ensure to keep your fingers away from these parts while you are sewing. Otherwise, it can lead to an unwanted accident.

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Summary of Features


  • Presence of accessory storage
  • Availability of additional specialty feet
  • Dog feet point 6
  • Has a bulb fixed to the machine
  • The automatic needle threading system
  • Features quick set bobbins
  • 37 options for on-built stitch selection
  • One buttonhole style
  • Can feature up to 800 stitches per minute
  • 4mm stitch length and 5mm stitch width
  • It has a warranty of 25 years
  • Package contains darning plate, needle set, twin needles, four bobbins, extra spool pin, screwdriver, operation manual, power cord, and an instructional DVD
  • Automatic features
  • Affordable
  • Better speed regulator
  • Light in weight
  • Many stitch options and buttonholes
  • Portable
  • An extension table is not provided


Therefore, if you’re hunting for an affordable sewing machine and offers enhanced performance, the Brother International Sewing Machine is your savior. Its features and functions make the sewing machine a popular choice amongst many. So, grab yours today and enjoy sewing!

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