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Brother SQ9185 Reviews: Failed in Our Official Testing

Matching the joy and satisfaction together isn’t that easy when you feel like you craft something with your own hands. Most importantly, with the help of your sewing machine.

Sewing can be an ideal outlet in this rushing & stressful millennium. It’s basically an escape from your everyday routines, and moreover, it’s a productive one. But, learning to sew can be tough and even annoying sometimes if not used as the ideal machine.

Sorry to say, Brother SQ9185 doesn’t stand on our expectations.

After several long testing sessions, Singer quantum stylist 9960 is what we’re recommending over Brother SQ9185, as it’s better in all departments. 


Brother SQ9185

  • Compact
  • Not that good Price/Quality
  • Extra stitches than you will ever need
  • Highly Durable
  • All the stitches you need are printed on the machine’s body
  • Easy to set up but a bit confusing to use
  • Built-in storage at the base
  • The overlock foot & stitches remove the requirement to get a serger






Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is a fantastic choice to get you via these early stages with the least annoyance. It’s a model that will develop you and assist you in mastering a wide variety of sewing skills with great ease and fun.

The 9960 is a very popular computerized sewing, as well as a quilting machine. The concept behind this sewing machine was to construct it with features that high-end models provide, but with an affordable price tag.

Besides that, it should cover all the requirements of an entry-level sewist and offer an opportunity to upgrade your mastery level while keeping the level of performance high.

Brother SQ9185 Reviews



Weight 9.9 lbs (though it ships at 16.1 lbs.)
Stitches 130 built-in stitches, besides that, 8 styles of 1-stop buttonhole stitches.
Dimensions 20 x 16 x 13”
Type Computerized
Speed Variable speed controls, with the highest of 850 stitches per minute.
Warranty 25-year limited warranty.
Bobbin A drop-in bobbin system.


Brother’s SQ9185 Sewing & Quilting machine arrives with its own set of accessories, easily stored with a built-in accessory drawer.

The package that’ll come at your door also includes an accessory bag, which altogether makes for the following mentioned Christmas-morning-stocking of a collection:

Twin needle Ballpoint needle Cleaning brush
Seam ripper Little screwdriver Some bobbins (4)
Extra spool pin Bobbin clip Instructional DVD
Eyelet punch Quilting guide Operation manual

Lastly, but not least, a complete set of 10 snap-on presser feet for each sewing challenge you’ll face – from buttonhole to monogramming to ¼” quilting.

However, Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 comes with an even bigger set of accessories. You can check HERE.

Brother SQ9185 VS Singer 9960 Features

Built-in stitches

With brother 9185, you get 130 Built-in Stitches, Including Eight Styles of One-stop Auto-Size Buttonholes.

With a whopping stitch-options, the Brother SQ9185 isn’t in requirement of any extras. This huge selection means you can use a distinctive one every day, and it’ll still take you two entire seasons to get via them all.

Moreover, the sewing machine also arrives with 8 one-step buttonhole stitches; besides that, 55 alphanumeric stitches, which are ideal for those sewists wanting to get into monogramming.

On the other hand Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 comes with 600 built-in stitches, can you believe?

So, in terms of built-in stitches,  the 9960 is a clear winner.

Tap HERE to read more.

Large Backlit LCD Display

The Brother SQ9185 arrives with an ideal LCD display on it for stitch positioning, selection, and all the monogramming projects you’ll be making. but it isn’t bright enough.


LED of Singer 9960 is nice & bright, making these easy to read even in environments with low-light, and is generally perfectly designed with icons to indicate selection.

most importantly, in case of 9960, there is not a single complaint about LED. So, Bother SQ9185 gets beaten up here as well.

Variable Speed Control & Start/Stop Button

Go as quick or as slow as you desire with Brother SQ9185 130 Stitch Sewing & Quilting Machine. Especially while you quilt, having an ideal sense of control over the speed of the machine can be essential—and the Brother SQ9185 permits you to go at it with the unitarity of the control you require.

Naah, at top speed, this machine fails to perform.

On the other hand, Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 proves to be more perfect.

Whether it’s a stitch pattern that’s slow-paced or an 850 stitch-per-minute race, you’re getting to set the tone with Singer 9960 . Stopping is quick, permitting sewists to efficiently fix an error before it might get too late, while the ‘Start’ feature offers sewists sufficient time to line up the project before they start sewing.

Wide Table Included

One more bit of ingenuity: the Brother SQ9185 arrives with an attachable wide table. The additional table space offers the Brother quilting machine a 33% bigger workspace when compared with the previous models.

This great addition is specially designed to make large scale quilting (which, let’s be true, isn’t a simple task, to begin with), or larger projects like gowns, as simple as can be.

Are you getting an identical table with Singer Quantum Stylist 9960? yes, a better one!

One Sewing Font along with 55 Alphanumeric Sewing Stitches for Basic Monogramming

If you’ve been dying to try monogramming with your hand but haven’t wanted to invest cash in complicated quilting & high-end machines, the Brother SQ9185 is ideal for testing out your skills, but not cool for experts.

It has one basic font that permits you to learn the mechanics & practice to your heart’s delight.

Other Features where Brother SQ9185 Sewing Machine get beaten up by Singer 9960

  • An easy bobbin winding system
  • A needle-position button
  • A smooth, 7-point feed-dog system
  • Less vibration

Brother SQ9185 Sewing Machine Reviews: Why we didn’t love it?

Speed and Control

When you’re on a roll, you can speed up & get your project finished quicker with its 850 stitches per minute highest speed. But on edges & heavy fabrics, you’ll want to be going super slow and concentrate on exactly what you’re doing for getting it just perfect.

Speed and control aren’t the best here

Being able to handle the entire control of your sewing speed can be an essential factor, and this machine arrives with a speed control slider for three distinctive speed options. However, a few sewists in our testing exclaimed that it doesn’t provide good control over regarding speed and entire control of the machine’s operations isn’t appreciable.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 has a much better speed control, and does justice to you by providing super-excellent results.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Brother SQ9185 sewing machine is not as versatile as it seems

There’s no doubt that Brother is a well-rounded sewing machine, which is capable of performing numerous sewing-related projects handily. It’s a useful yet practical device to own for making crafts, sewing clothes, creating quilts, and performing alterations.

All this is an ideal choice of a machine for teaching beginners of any age the term “how to sew” in a wide variety of stitches. At this mode’s slowest speed, it’ll be puttering along very slowly, making it easier for beginners to learn on.

It’s not every time that you get this type of variety & versatility in an affordable home sewing machine, and that proves right with the SQ9185.

Concerning versatility, Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 proves to be a thousand times better.

130 in-built stitches

This sewing machine features 130 stitches and also one built-in monogramming font! Finishing almost all projects will be possible with this wide selection of decorative as well as utility stitches. Here’s the number of stitches of every type there are:


3 straight stitches 2 blind hem stitches
9 cross-stitches 50 satin stitches
6 overcasting stitches 3 joining stitches
5 stitches specifically for quilting 42 decorative stitches and 8 decorative satin stitches
2 piecing stitches 8 buttonhole stitches
1 stretch stitch & 1 triple stretch stitch 1 zigzag stitch
2 fagoting stitches 1 three-point zigzag stitch
1 each of scalloping, satin scallop, smocking, applique, shell tuck, bar tack, and elastic-attaching stitches One monogramming font incorporating 55 alphanumeric stitches with a few symbols


The stitch selection, and also the length & width of the stitch, are chosen with the 4 buttons presented next to the LCD screen on the sewing machine’s front. Some stitch functions don’t work well, honestly!

Singer 9960 sewing machine’s range of presser feet


Zigzag foot This is your daily presser foot you’ll use for crafting straight & zigzag stitches.
Button sewing foot This pressure foot comes in handy when you sew buttons onto garments or different projects.
Buttonhole foot This foot will assist you in sewing automatic buttonholes with the help of the buttonhole stitch (up to the holes of 28 mm).
Overcasting foot Permits you to sew a seam as well as finish fabric’s raw edges at one time.
Walking foot It can feed bulky layers at an ideal rate.
Zipper foot Inserting a zipper is possible with this narrow foot.
Spring action quilting foot Enables you to do free-motion quilting.
Blind stitch foot With the help o fit, you can sew a practically invisible blind hem.
1/4″ piecing foot Sew precise 1/4″ seams that are standard while you piece quilts.
Monogramming foot Use this foot while making alphanumeric font or working on decorative stitches.

Each foot arrives with a letter inscribed on it. When you pick a stitch on the singer 9960 sewing machine, the LCD screen will show the letter of the presser foot you must be using. This is very handy for a beginner in case referring back to your manual frequently is a pain for you!

Features and price comparison

The Brother SQ9185 sewing machine arrives with a chock-full of features. It’s a sewing yet quilting machine having 130 stitch options and handles to remain accessible all the same.

But as we said above, you don’t get justice with the stitch quality. Skipped stitch was a common issue our experts faced.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

On the other hand, even after that much versatility, Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is amazingly affordable while providing a much better deal of features, accessories, etc. than this Brother SQ9185.

Makes It Easy To Go Big

By marketing itself like both sewing & a quilting machine, it feels like Brother SQ9185 might have compromised to make both alternatives easier. However, it has failed to keep the ideal of both worlds.

Accessories such as the attachable table and the numerous attachable presser-feet make it easy to do large projects when required; however, they also return to level-entry sewing when you desire.

With the entirety of its features, it will be intimidating to use. Fortunately, the setup is simple and easy for beginner sewists while making it easier for professional sewists as well to transition to.

But what’s the benefit of an “easy to use” machine when it fails to deliver as per your expectations? A much cheaper mahcine like Brother cs6000i (costing below $200) delivers much better.

Read full article HERE.

Doesn’t Makes It Easy On the Little Things

Talking about the inner details, the Brother SQ9185 fails to makes the small things all the way easier to use!

For example, the automatic bobbin winding system fails to fully ensures that you don’t have to pause the creative process to spool by hand.

This Brother sewing machine arrives with speed control buttons; however, also a foot pedal is there, which isn’t necessarily required, but fantastic for those sewists who really want to control the speed with their foot for sewing.

The threading system is easy but it doesn’t permit you to get back in the game within the expected time. Besides that, the little light is LED powered, but doesn’t keep you sewing for longer in the mid-night that well.

Noise Is An Issue 

The Brother SQ 9185 Sewing and Quilting Machine was meant for a smooth sewing experience, but close family members will certainly be bothered by high noises when working all night with this sewing machine as it doesn’t run quietly enough to let you caomplete projects that peacefully.  At top speed, it’s even worst.

Talking about low noise machines, Brother cs6000i , Brother PQ1500SL, and Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 win hearts.

Instead, Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Knows What An Advanced User Requirements

This, perhaps, is what we prefer best about the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 (and put if before SQ9185); it already knows what a slightly great advanced sewist requires in order to develop. It knows which direction of sewing to guide them toward and provides all the aid it can for making that process as smooth as possible.

After you novice sewists master the art, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 makes the leveling up process easy to other tasks such as patchwork or quilting. It arrives with an operational guide, a quilting guide, and easily understandable DVD instructions; every single accessible when you require it.

Here we conclude Brother SQ9185 Reviews with a negative note


Brother SQ9185fails to stand on expectations. But you shouldn’t feel low, as you aren’t just saving money, but also enjoying tons of additional features in Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 mode.

9960 is a fabulous sewing and quilting machine. A wide range of features, fantastic performance, and affordable cost make it a perfect deal. Beginners are gonna love it even though this model offers much more than beginners require.

This machine is gonna spark your creativity, and as you progress, your sills will get even better. This machine will inspire you to try fresh things, and you’ll never get bored with limitations while using it.

To put it in short, this beauty is low-end talking about the price, but high-end when it comes to the numerous features it offers and performance.

There we finish our Brother SQ9185 Reviews, by not recommending it, instead recommending the 9960 model!

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