You are currently viewing Brother XL2610 Beaten By XM2701 in Our Aug 2021 Testing

Brother XL2610 Beaten By XM2701 in Our Aug 2021 Testing

Brother is manufacturing a vast range of sewing machines for all needs and tastes. This brand provides vast choices of very fierce equipment with every kind of customer in mind. The XL2610 is manufactured mainly for children and beginners who want to start sewing.

However, the quick answer is, buy Brother XM2701 instead this XL2610 model, as the XM2701 bring more benefits, features, and is much better value for money.


Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

  • Easy threading.
  • One-step auto-size buttonhole.
  • Beginner-friendly yet versatile.
  • Quiet.
  • Very affordable.
  • Lightweight machine.
  • Enough features of the money.
  • Great for DIY crafters.
  • Home decor.







Brother XL2610

  • Knitting could be done with a flow
  • It is great to be used by the learners or the beginners
  • The fantastic implant of the overlock stitch
  • Its specifications could be handled easily
  • It has the touch of a natural elemental aura
  • It has a durable finish on it
  • The reverse maneuver gives easy input clicks
  • Advantage of a lot of stitches provided
  • Proficient in heavy-duty sewing
  • Efficient stitching on denim






There are plenty of machines mostly aimed at novices that are perfectly suitable for more pro users. Still, almost every review of the XL2610 suggests that a more expert sewist could find the pre-set functionalities somewhat limiting, which means that fine-tuning is difficult as with extra feature-laden options.

Brother has done amazing job with this machine, but a double-amazing job with Brother XM2701 and Brother cs6000i !

Brother XL2610 Beaten By XM2701

Brother XL2610 Beaten By XM2701 in Our Testing: EXPERT’S REVIEW

If you are going to introduce your children to some craftwork, this cute design with pink color-way will attract their eyes while its simplicity of processing will surely make learning fun and easy.

Besides that, the instructions are fundamentally straightforward, which is an excellent point in a machine facing younger people. The fact it is effortless to pick up and accessible to the thread is also significant considering its primary market.

Credit: Brother Sews USA



Accessory pouch ​​Extra spool pin Key presser feet
Screwdriver ​Button sewing foot ​Twin needle
​Darning plate ​Blind stitch foot ​Needle pack


blind feet stitch feet zipper feet
button feet zigzag feet narrow hemmer feet
buttonhole feet 3-piece needle set Darning plate
Extra spool pin Twin needle Screwdriver
Instructional DVD User and quick reference guide


Undoubtedly, Brother is a highly reputed brand, but every machine that it design isn’t perfect and equally comfortable. If we point out a few failure of Brother, we can name machine like Brother XL2610.

By the way, brother is far better than Singer in terms of constructing comfy machines. For Singer, we can name several poorly built machine like Singer One, and  Singer Start 1304.

What we love about this machine is it is lightweight and portable. Weight is just 11 pounds, you can easily carry it forth and back to your sewing tuitions.

BTW, we’ve reviewed some low-weight machines by Singer, such as, Traditional 2277, Singer One, and 1234, which proved to be “nasty fail.” Brother is better with its beginner-targetted machines in contrast to Singer. Even Janome has done a bad job with its beginner machines like 11706, and 3128, and DC2014!

In terms of general size, this sewing machine is very compact, which means that you can place anywhere you desire in the house.

It makes this more comfortable for you to carry it around anywhere. This product comes with a handle with a hard-shell carrying case. Softcovers are very useful, which protects the machine from dust and dirt.

All benefits come with Brother XM2701 as well, and also it dominates regarding design. Costing below $100, Brother XM2701 is better, as it’s a powerful model like Singer 4423 only.

Ease of use

Being easy to use doesn’t prove to be enouhg. There are a few “easy to use” machines, which are absolute failures. examples can be Janome DC2014, janome 11706, and Singer Traditional 2277!

The first word is – Brother XM2701 is as easy to use as the XL2610 model.

Suppose you are going to buy this brother sewing machine for your children. You will be glad that this is mechanical. XM2701 is far greater easier to use than a computerized model, which could be more suited to pro users since they got more complicated functionalities to navigate through.

Because of its mechanical functionalities, this sewing machine is highly uncomplicated and straightforward to use. Well, We love this model because it will come with an automatic needle threader, which provides an automatic guideline to the thread through the needle’s hole.

Ease of use

Comparing to other models, this doesn’t come with an LCD screen, but still, the foot presser lever is perfectly located to the right of the machine. The Brother XM2701 is very easy to set up for kids and also easy to handle.

​Good variety of stitches

​If you find 59 stitch functions and 27 built-in stitches in a beginner’s machine, that is a very healthy range, especially when you contrast them to other beginner machines like Singer 3232, and Singer 1234.

Your kids won’t be bored at all with XM2701. Well, Not only kids, but even you can do some home decoration by utilizing these stitches. Stitch selection is also much easy. A dial is mainly for the exact purpose.

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine’s Key Features are better than the XL2610

Automatic Threader

Threading seems to consume much time to do any task for the sewists. That is the main reason for any buyer to look for those kinds of machines that feature automatic threading. Besides that, It makes the sewing less time-consuming and laborious.

Brother XM2701 machine is having an automated threading system and a cutter that makes sewing a spectacular experience. It is not just helpful for the newbies but also for the experienced sewists who want to run from manual threading.

It makes sewing a spontaneous endeavor. That’s why this machine saves the holder from trouble with setting up the thread manually.

The XM2701 comes with a better and faster  needle threader than the XM2601.

Multiple Built-In Stitches

Every new & experienced sewist requires a piece of assistance from the sewing machine about creating mesmerizing crafts. Actually, this model has been coded along with 27 distinctive stitches with functions of 59 stitches. Numerous types of stitches can easily be found at the machine’s side, right above the knob.

Most importantly, built-in stitches can be utilized to create beautiful designs & crafts. The stitches incorporate quilting, garment construction stitches, blind hem, assorted stitches, and decorative stitches. All the basic as well as premium stitches, are accessible with this model.

XM2701 has more accessories than Brother XL2610

It’s always welcomed by every sewist to locate amazing new accessories with the sewing machine.

This Brother XL2610 model arrives with various accessories, but the XM2701 comes with omore of them.

Talking about extra bobbins, there are 3 accessible other than the basic one that arrives with the machines incorporated with this machine.

Besides that, there are three additional needles included with the machine. These needles are actually apart from the one, which is already provided.

Also, there’s a twin needle, and that’s added to the kit. Sewists can also get an additional spool pin for twin needle sewing. A darning plate is there & screwdriver included with the shipment when this model is shopped.

Drop-In Bobbin

Drop-In Bobbin

Bobbin loading might seem the most troubling task considering sewing. Newbies/little ones locate it even more complexly. Well, this doesn’t worry, with Brother XM2701, it keeps the user away from getting troubled with the bobbin as there’s a feature accessible called “drop-in bobbin” in this sewing machine.

Another key aspect related to the point of view is the bobbin’s easy threading. You can track it via the transparent tray over the holder. With this window’s help, tracking becomes so easy for sewists on the bobbin supply.

The bobbin winding system, which is actually automatic, also is quite helpful for the sewists.

Drop-In Bobbin

Speed Control

Brother has bracketed this machine with a tremendous speed control mechanism. The sewist will never locate this machine hard to handle while operating. There’s a built-in light that assists in illuminating the region while you sew and keep a frequent supply of light, even in darker places. Handling this sewing machine’s speed is fairly easy.

There are foot control, power cord, and sewing notions, which will there in the package while you order this workhorse. These features make clear, though, that this product is indeed the maximum suitable option for all types of sewists.

Attractive Blue & Gray color

Attractive Blue & Gray color

Kitted out with a gorgeous Blue & Gray color scheme, this sewing machine is the ideal touch for anyone new to the sewing world looking for a gentle-looking machine, which is easy for learning the ropes.

Young individuals also tend to locate this machine attractively because of both its size & color. Going to sewing class might sometimes be a little daunting in case you’re on your own, but with a machine like Brother XM2701 in tow, it’ll be all the easier.

Brother XL2610 Warranty

The XL2610 and XM27021, both models arrives with a plethora of features as well as useful functions that will surely assist you in finishing all your sewing projects. However, before you make any investment, you must consider plenty of things incorporating the product’s warranty.

Therefore, for this sewing machine model, the manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty, incorporating a 1-year warranty for the additional parts, labor, and accessories, and a 2-year warranty is there for electronic components & printed circuit boards.

Other than that, in case you need greater detailed information, visit the manufacturer website, or you can contact the customer service department.

Let’s conclude Brother XL2610 reviews


In case you’re looking for an entry-level sewing machine that is portable, functional and seems great, then Brother XM2701 sewing machine model is quite possibly the machine that you need, and actually a much beter one than the Brother XL2610.

With XM2701 at your home or workspace, you can complete everyday sewing tasks very easily. These tasks include stitching on zippers, repairing holes, or sewing on buttons, etc.

It might not be the highest suitable for the thickest fabrics accessible out there, such as leather (Buy Brother cs6000i , if you want), which will cause it to struggle. However, it’s still capable of working with denim or fleece, so no requirement to worry there.

Brother XL2610 model a lightweight & portable machine, and it’s pretty comfortably priced, but not  a better value than Brother XM2701 . Every single feature & function incorporated in Brother XM2701 machine is simple yet looks great too.

Hence, the Brother XL2610 is a cool starter machine, which is recommendable in case you’re searching for a reliable machine to begin with on the ideal sewing foot, but we repeat, the XM2701 is a better choice.

If looking for more alternative, we can advice to have a look at machine like Brother LX3817, and Janome Derby.

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