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This Brother XR3140 Review Will Tell Whether To Buy It

While the sewing machine is readily known for its quilting details, the Brother XR3140 was one of the appreciable sewing companions!

This advanced computerized machine provides a variety of solutions and features to intermediate sewists accompanied by a rich warranty. It is easier to use, especially for the new starters who are just trying hard to get started.

But you know what, the machines failed in our official testing.

Yes, that was the biggest shock for us in past six months.

However, we didn’t stop there, and we extent our testing session further to find a better alternative of the XR3140.

So, which model is that?

It’s Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, and this “stylish” model has several features better than the XR3140. Not just that, considering value for money, also, Singer’s model proves to be much better!

Let’s reveal further:

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

  • The self-cutting thread feature proves to be extremely useful
  • Speed control is superb for experienced & new sewists
  • There are various decorative stitches accessible
  • There are numerous accessories included
  • Programmable patterns allows a diverse range of designs
  • The manual is amazing. Download Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 manual with one click from HERE.
  • Enough features for the money.







Brother XR3140 Review

  • Compact and sturdy
  • Great Speed and Stitch options
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Highly appreciable automation
  • Awesome features
  • Pleasing reviews on Amazon






Brother XR3140 can’t be called an overall ultimate package, but comes with everything which a sewist required. It’ll suit newbies and advanced sewists equally well. However, XR3140 is a first-level advanced computerized machine which was recently launched by Brother company.

The sewing machine has one-hundred-forty built-in stitches, including eight one-step buttonholes. Well, there is also a built-in font with fifty-five alphanumeric stitches, especially for basic monogramming. Still, regarding versatility, Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 seems to dominate!

The sewing machine is also equipped with a digital automatic needle threader that threads the needle for you anytime you desire. The LCD screen is of decent size to navigate through your project much easier. Actually, there is a lot to know for sure!

Brother XR3140 Review


8 one-step auto-size buttonhole styles, including 140 built-in stitches. High-contrast white on black Extra-large LCD screen for easy viewing in low light Spring action quilting foot including nine quick-change presser feet
Smooth fabric feeding utilizing seven-point feed dogs 1 built-in sewing font, basic monogramming Start/stop button and Variable speed control
Quick-Set™ drop-in top bobbin Jam resistant The advanced needle threading system Wide extended table for huge projects
¼” piecing foot Brightly Lit LED Work Area


600 Built-in stitches (alphanumeric stitches included) One-touch electronic automatic thread cutter Extra-high presser foot lifter for thick fabrics
13 Fully automatic buttonholes 5 Built-in fonts Drop feed for free motion sewing
High speed stitching (850/min) Programmable needle up/down Mirror image utility
Automatic needle threader Stitch Elongation Large back-lit LCD screen
Extra large extension table Tie-off button Top drop-in bobbin
Direct selection stitches Adjustable stitch length Self adjusting tension system
7mm Stitch Width Metal bobbin winder 60 Character memory
OneTouch™ Stitch Selection Reverse touch button Twin needle function
Heavy duty metal frame 25 Needle positions Free arm design
Speed control slider 2 x StayBright™ LED lights


The Sparrow 30 includes a slew of standard accessories, which are including:

Overcasting Foot Buttonhole Foot Monogramming Foot
Blind Stitch Foot Zipper Foot and Zigzag Foot Button Fitting Foot
Bobbins (4) 1/4″ Piecing Foot Seam ripper
Twin needle Needle set Spool caps (3)
Foot control pedal Instructional DVD operation manual
Screwdriver Cleaning brush


All-purpose foot Satin stitch foot Zipper foot
Darning and embroidery foot Straight stitch and quilting foot Buttonhole foot with underplate
Button sewing foot Adjustable bias binder foot Blind hem foot
Cording foot Open toe foot Overcasting foot
Rolled hem foot Braiding foot with guide Even feed and walking foot
Single welt cording foot Fancy trim foot Stitch-in-the-ditch foot

What made us recommend Singer 9960 over Brother XR3140?


Great Speed and Stitch options

Let’s start the discussion first with its speed, the sewing machine is extremely capable of delivering 850 smooth, strong stitches in a minute, which is an awesome pro since the speed is the biggest concern of every sewist.

Secondly, there are over one hundred and forty total built-in stitch patterns, among which the sewist could select the stitch of their requirement and then carry on sewing. Beginning with its stitching selection, the sewing machine provides impressive features.

However, at top speed, the XR3140 starts vibrating a lot, and that highly affects stitch quality.

The stitch selection machine of the intermediate level has basic and decorative stitch designs, but the Brother XR3140 provides its sewists the ideal edge of all- alphanumeric stitches.

Besides that, Monogramming is the second but the most popular piece of work highly demanded by clients nowadays, hence whenever it comes to any stitching projects, most sewing machines excel at giving serger, hemming, and all kinds of other choices but they fail as far as initial stitching is recommended.

Coping up with this kind of gap, the Brother XR3140 machine does offers up to fifty-five alphanumeric stitches and one built-in font; however, the level of perfection isn’t impressive.

On the positive side, the Brother XR3140 provides you the choice to sew buttonholes in eight different styles.

On the flip side, Singer 9960 also delivers 850 stitches per minute, and the level of perfection is a hundred times more appreciable than the XR3140 while running at top speeds.

Brother XR3140 is easy to use, but Singer 9960 is easier!

Whenever our experts talk about ease of use, we basically take into account the overall efficiency of the sewing machine and also the physical aspects. With the Brother XR3140 sewing machine, sewists are provided with a bright blooming lit, huge workplace area, which makes working on intricate things like quilting and monogramming much easier.

The best-marked functionalities on the sewing machine make it pretty possible for the people on board to understand the use of the sewing machine even better. Besides that, The overall build quality is good, but still not as good as Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 machine.


Talking about Singer 9960, threading is much easier (the DVD is much helpful). The stitch quality of this machine is fascinating across a variety of materials (something that you might expect from a sewing machine which placed above Brother HC1850, which on its own having excellent stitch quality).

It sews through many layers of denim simultaneously with much ease. The collection of stitches is quite incredible; you could select from a total of six hundred built-in stitches.

Let’s move ahead to the automation portion in our Brother XR3140 review!

Amazing Automation

If you are working with a manual sewing machine, you will definitely know how frustrating it is to work and start stitching. While setting up Singer 9960 isn’t so difficult, it’s the overall control part that takes a toll on us. In addition, god bless you if you are winding in the bobbin mid-way stitching.

It could take excruciatingly long to sew a piece together and break your tempo. Since this sewing machine is advanced computerized, stitching on the Singer 9960 is a piece of cake.

All you gotta do is start your sewing machine, choose your stitch pattern, feed in the material, and begin stitching at your required speed, and all of this will happen on the little push of a key! The fully-featured automation is the exact reason why the sewing machine is so fast and is used to handle any complex tasks like monogramming, quilting, and hemming.

On the other hand:

Brother XR3774 is also easy to setup, but still there were some complains. The machine was said to fail while continuously working for long. The bobbin doesn’t always work perfectly, and yes, the machines also failed to deliver up to the mark stitch quality.

Presser Feet = More Functions

If you ever feel that the series of convenience would stop at great speed, the automation, and all the different stitches, then let us introduce you to the special feet which come along with this sewing machine. Initially, whenever we search for a sewing machine, we just try to opt for that one that would virtually perform all kinds of tasks.

But this isn’t really possible until and unless the sewing machine supports heavily specialized accessories, that means the addition of extra numbers in the price. However, with the Singer 9960 machine, you get a collection of functionalities at the rate of just one sewing machine.

From the nine different kinds of specialty feet which the machine offers, with the much-discussed Quilting foot, 1/4″ piecing foot, overcasting foot and also more, just by reading their names you could guess how many other facilities could be performed.

Brother XR3774 also comes with several presser feet, but what’s the benefit when the machine fails to deliver?

All Good Things with Singer 9960

The extra part of accessories comes with the threads, extra bobbin, hard-case cover, Wide table, set of needles, cleaning brush, user manual, screwdriver, and an amount of other stuff that just adds in further years in the sewing machine’s lifespan.

Although most of us ignore these accessories however they’re vital, especially you need your machine to never age, because with advanced computerized machines the results might be much better, however, they’re at a greater risk of coming out soon, as the little pieces and bits begin to give up after some duration.

Hence, these many accessories keep the sewing machine in its best form, and also, it’s a big plus point.

We’ve already covered the accessories portion up there.

Let’s conclude Brother XR3140 review


Now that the functionalities and features are covered, the real question comes if it’s really worth your money or not. Speaking from an expert’s point of view, the Brother XR3774 sewing machine is worth money, but not the ultimate best choice.

If you have enough experience with the old mechanical ones and you are searching for the easiest advanced computerized machine option to switch on to, then the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 will perfectly serve you.

Overall speaking, the Singer model is capable of performing all kinds of work- adding zippers, overclocking, hemming, stitching heavier fabrics embroidering initials.

Hence, all these functionalities make it quite a pro package. It’s one of those sewing machines which will be on your hands much easier. It will handle all kinds of tasks much efficiently.

As far as functionalities and stitch quality is best, Singer quantum stylist 9960 ticks all the required checkboxes. Its price is entirely reasonable, and it costs lesser than XR3140. So Singer 9960 will be a much better decision for those searching for a quality machine with excellent pro features.

Here we conclude our Brother XR3140 review.

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