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Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

Do you consider a computerized sewing machine intimidating? Well then, it may be because you hadn’t had the chance to use a good quality computerized sewing machine that is stuffed with a lot of features. So, if you search for a computerized sewing and quilting machine, the Brother XR9550 is an ideal solution for you. 

Using the Brother XR9550 is so easy that you can transit from one mode of sewing to another without having to take much effort. By looking at its array of features, you are sure to ponder why you haven’t been using this product before. Yes, this Brother XR9550 offers such a fantastic performance! 

Do you have lots of questions hovering over your mind regarding this Sewing and Quilting Machine? If so, then you have come to the right place. To know more about this sewing machine in detail, keep reading till the end.

Brother XR9550

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Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Summary of Features 

  • 165 built-in stitches with 8 one-step auto-size buttonhole styles and 55 alphanumeric stitches 
  • Brightly lit work area consisting of an LED light 
  • Built-in auto needle threader 
  • Advanced and easy needle threading system 
  • Large backlit LED display for viewing fabric effortlessly in low light areas 
  • Outstanding feed system that can stitch almost any fabric 
  • Quick-set drop-in top bobbins that are resistant to jam
  • Includes hard case and wide table 
  • Featured with 8 quick-change presser accessory feet 

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A Quick Overview 


The Brother XR9550 is a computerized sewing machine manufactured from durable metal that lasts long. Suppose you have a creative project to handle.

In that case, this sewing machine can help you in the process as using it is easy, especially when you have an easy-to-read user manual with all the necessary instructions that one requires to assemble and use the sewing machine. 

Further, the Brother XR9550 has 165 built-in stitches that include heirloom, decorative and alphanumeric stitches that can be used for basic monogramming. Besides, there are eight different one-step, auto-size buttonholes that make regular stitching interesting and prevent monotony. 

When you are stitching a fabric, you have to switch from one stitching option to another. In traditional sewing machines, you are given the option to stitch in only one mode.

However, with time, sewing machines have developed, and now most of the machines are featured with a variety of sewing options.

So, if you are looking for a sewing machine that offers different sewing options, the Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine is it! It has tons of stitching options that will suit any of the projects you are interested in working on. 

Even when you switch the fabric from a lighter one to a heavier one, you can easily find out that the tension of the threads is reliable and will not tear apart easily.

Besides, when you have a machine, you certainly want it to last long. The durability of this machine is enhanced by its 25 years of warranty. So, if you’re a beginner in the sewing field or a pro in it, the Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine have your back. 

What Are the Specifications?

The specifications of the Brother XR9550 are given below:

  • Dimension: 13.5” x 20” x 17.9”
  • Product weight: 1 pound 
  • Manufacturer: Brother International Corp 
  • Origin: Vietnam 
  • Product model number: XR9550
  • Material care instructions: hand wash 
  • Assembling: not required 
  • Warranty: 25 years with free technical and phone support 
  • Components included: 165 built-in stitches, 110 built-in utility, decorative and heirloom stitches, 8 styles of auto-size buttonholes, and 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches 

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What Are the Features?

The Brother XR9550 Sewing/Quilting Machine is an affordable option and simple to use. This sewing machine manufactured by Brother has more accessories than other Brother sewing machines.

Inside the packaging, you will find the main sewing machine unit along with the optional foot controller, power cord, hard case, 8 presser feet, detachable wide table, an accessory pouch, and an operational manual and instructional DVD. 

Let us discuss the features of the Brother XR9550 in detail. 

1. 8 presser feet 

The Brother XR9550 consist of eight different presser feet options that can easily handle various projects. These eight presser feet options are – zigzag foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, overcasting foot, blind stitch foot, monogramming foot, and quilting feet. 

2. Accessories 

The Brother XR9550 is accommodated with many accessories so that you do not face any difficulty while sewing fabrics.

The range of accessories available with the product is a wide table, eight presser feet, four bobbins, hard case, three spool caps, extra spool pin, power cord, eyelet punch, seam ripper, needle set which consists of ballpoint needle and twin needle, accessory pouch and an instructional DVD with the user manual. 

3. Affordability 

When you are buying any machine or appliance, the first thing you note is its price. This is because you have a fixed budget and do not want to exceed it if not necessary. Similarly, if you’re going to buy a sewing machine within a limited budget, the Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine is your savior as it is priced under $300. Within this budget, it will offer you a quality sewing and stitching results without burning a hole in your pocket.  

4. Automatic needle threader 

Automatic needle threader

If you dislike needle threading manually or you have poor eyesight, the automatic needle threader of the Brother XR9550 is sure to benefit you immensely.

The needle can be threaded with a small lever attached to one side of the machine. Even though the features, especially the automatic needle threader feature, may appear a bit confusing at first, you can adapt the skills of automatic needle threaders at ease with consistent practice and regular use. 

5. Built-in stitches 

Built-in stitches

The Brother XR9550 is a versatile sewing machine with a wide range of built-in stitches provided for the benefit of the users. If you look into the built-in stitches option, you won’t have to look further. In this sewing machine, there are 165 built-in stitches which include 110 decorative, utility, and heirloom stitches and 55 alphanumeric stitches. 

Besides, the size of the stitches can be adjusted according to the type of fabric. Also, there is a one-step auto-size buttonhole with 8 different styles contained in it. 

6. Easy drop-in bobbin 

If you are into sewing practice, you are sure not to like changing bobbins now and then. However, with the Brother XR9550, you do not have to worry about stopping your creativity between the projects.

All credits to its top-loading drop-in bobbin system. Hence, you do not have to take the effort of changing complicated bobbins manually. Instead, all you need to do is install the bobbins from the bedplate and take it off when required. 

Again, use a bobbin winding system to wound the bobbin located at the top right-hand side of the sewing machine. Once the bobbin is wound, the bobbin thread will be automatically drawn by the bobbin, and you can start sewing at ease.

Hence, you will not have to do anything manually. In addition, if you get stuck anywhere, the instruction manual is there to guide you.  

7. Free arm 

The Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine has a free-arm feature. To open the free arm, you have to remove all the accessories from the top of the machine and use the open arm feature.

The purpose of the free arm feature of this sewing machine is to sew tubular items like collars, cuffs, sleeves, pant legs, etc. So, if you are given a doll to stitch it or a skinny-legged pair of jeans, this free arm feature will help you do so. 

8. LCD screen 

Another fantastic feature of the Brother XR9550 is a large LCD screen located right at the front of the sewing machine. Having this LCD screen is a boon to all users of the sewing machine as it allows you to choose the stitches and the size of the stitches. So, if you are a beginner in the sewing industry, the Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine LCD screen is sure to help you. 

As soon as you choose a particular stitch, a letter will appear at the top of the screen, denoting the type of presser foot that you have to use for the particular type of fabric you have chosen. 

9. Lighting 

In the Brother XR9550, an LED light attached to the sewing machine illuminates the area in and around the needle so that you can see the uniformity of the stitches. This LED lighting feature is more helpful on dark fabric as it is difficult for people to work on dark-colored fabrics. Once you get adequate light thrown on top of the cloth, you can stitch at ease. 

10. Sewing speed 

The maximum speed of a Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine is 850 SPM. This is more than enough for completing a sewing task. Moreover, it is a fantastic sewing machine for beginners with a fully-equipped speed control system. Hence, even if you are a newbie to the sewing field, you can use this Brother XR9550 sewing machine without any doubt. 

Here Are Some Pros:


Easy to read and understand user manual 

It is expected that all the users who buy this Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine will not know it’s working. Hence, the user manual is written in such a manner that it is easily understandable by all. Also, the manual is written in several languages so that people who do not speak English can understand them. 

• Loaded with features

As mentioned earlier, the Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine are filled with features that will not allow you to switch to another sewing machine.  

• Easy and simple user interface 

If you follow the instructions that have been mentioned in the user manual of Brother XR9550, you will not face any trouble while using it. All the instructions are provided in detail in the user manual. 

• A quick set of drop-in bobbins

In this model, you will find a set of 8 drop-in bobbins. These bobbins are all one-step auto-size buttonholes. 

• Convenient quilting table extension 

With the Brother XR9550, you don’t have to worry about the space accommodation problem as the sewing machine is featured with a quilting table extension. 

• Cost-effective 

One of the core motivations behind investing in this Brother XR9550 is its affordability. Purchasing this sewing machine will not burn a hole in your pocket. 

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What About Cons!

• Not suitable for large projects 

Although the Brother XR9550 isrich in features, it is not suitable for those who want to use the sewing machine for large-scale projects. Furthermore, since this is not a heavy-duty machine, you cannot expect it to work efficiently for projects requiring the machine to run for continouslylonger hours. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Can I do embroidery stitches with the Brother XR9550? 

No, the Brother XR9550 does not feature the embroidery feature. This is because this sewing machine comes with a built-in monogramming program that does not support embroidery. 

2. Can I use the Brother XR9550 regularly? 

Yes, you can use the Brother XR9550 for regular sewing purposes. The Brother International has built up the sewing machine so that it can be readily used both by the newbies and the ones belonging to the advanced level in sewing. 

3. Is the Brother XR9550 a good machine? 

Yes, it’s a great machine as it features various functions, which makes it an excellent choice for both newbies and people who are pros of sewing. 

4. Can leather be sewed by the Brother XR9550? 

Yes, it’s capable of sewing leather. In addition, it can sew fabrics with a thickness of 6mm. 

5. What components are included in the package of Brother XR9550? 

In the Brother XR9550 packaging, you will find a wide table, accessory pouch, seam ripper, power cord, eight presser feet, four bobbins, three spool caps, extra spool pin, eyelet punch, needle set, and a user manual. 


Overall, the Brother XR9550 is a versatile product that can easily handle home sewing tasks. Therefore, it is difficult to say No to this model that has many built-in brilliant functions.

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