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The Only Brother SE600 Review That tells You the Truth

Short on the room? Not got the huge budget for an embroidery machine? Interested in the ideal combination embroidery and sewing machine for home use? The Brother SE600 two in one is the modern combo sewing and 4×4 embroidery machine from the successful brand, Brother. It replaces the SE400 with the nice upgrade– which you could still purchase and is…


Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine Review: Can’t believe this negative!

Just like any other craft, we all need to agree that sewing takes years to master. However, unlike most crafts, you don't have to spend ages to complete your first project after getting yourself on the sewing machine. Yes, it will be simple and clumsy, but we promise you'll be able to finish it on your very first sewing day.…


Brother LX3817 17-stitch full-size sewing machine Review

If you're a newbie on a limited budget, the Brother LX3817 machine is the best, simple sewing machine to begin expanding your hobby with. Yes, machines like Brother cs6000i, and Singer 3221 prove to be somewhat better, but they are much expensive. The LX3817 does not come with advanced and complicated features than basic features, but you will be able…


Brother CS6000i Reviews 2021 [Most Honest Review]

This Brother model comes with a host of stitches, is much easier to use, and is also reasonably priced. Many users feel it gives incredible value for the money & is a fantastic machine for beginners. It is also undoubtedly capable of both thick and thin fabrics. The sewing machine is truly lightweight, and this is in part that there…


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