You are currently viewing Janome 11706 3/4 scores just 5.2/10 – Shocking!

Janome 11706 3/4 scores just 5.2/10 – Shocking!

Are you looking for a fun approach to make your daughter explore the sewing world for the first time? Would you love to shop for a sewing machine, which has a complete set of features, however, is sized just perfect for the little ones?

This is a sweet choice, but not value for money, sorry to say that!

You can certainly buy Janome 11706, but the issue is that creativity is so limited with this machine that your kid may get bored pretty soon. Don’t you think that would be waste of money?

You should check Brother XM2701’s video here:

Credit: Brother Sews USA
Rather, why not to buy something at similar price, that has all automatic features, still is so easy to use that your kid won’t even need any instructions form you.

Well, Brother XM2701 (Check price HERE)is the sweet choice here. This machine costs you close to $150, and is thousand times better than Janome 11706.


Janome 11706 3/4


  • Designed with a stitch pattern panel
  • Buttonhole function
  • Available machine bobbin
  • Adjusting stitch tension and length is easy
  • Arrives with an easy-to-understand handbook
  • Less features
  • Assorted decorative stitches
  • Lightweight
  • Not good value for money
  • Better alternatives available






The Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine is basically a ¾ size unit, but don’t let the size just fool you! This sewing machine is sturdy, but power is missing in this sewing machine. On the other hand, machine like Brother XM2701 seem to be designed just perfectly with young girls and boys in mind.

In case limited space is bothering you and want a good sewing machine perfect for beginners, Brother XM2701 will fit the bill ideally. This article specifically describes why Janome 11706 is not that good choice.

From buying to testing this machine for you, we’ve ensured that everything has been covered. Excited to uncover?

Brace yourselves for below, as everything you need to know about Janome hello kitty sewing machine is described! Before you settle on any other sewing machine, ensure reading this expert review thoroughly.

Janome 11706 3/4 size hello kitty sewing machine review

See, we had a ridiculous testing session in July 2021, where 82% of the total sewing machines failed. Those machines included Brother se400, Brother CE1100PRW, Brother CE8100, etc. Also, there were many machines, from which we expected too high like Brother XR3140, Janome 8900, and Brother SQ9185 , which let us down.

This machine was in the queue of those failure machines only!

Star Features & Accessories


11 built-in stitches The model arrives with 11 built-in stitches. These also incorporate 2 stretch stitches.
A free arm For the sewing of sleeves, cuffs, and leg pants, a free arm is also accessible.
A Buttonholer It features a four-step buttonholer.
Feed dog This sewing machine features a 3-piece feed dog, hence making the machine highly versatile.
Stitch length Customizing the stitch length is possible. The maximum length that it generates is 4mm.
Presser Foot An extra high presser foot lift is there as well as a snap-on presser foot.
Adjustable Width Customizing the width of stitches is possible too. The maximum stitch width, which can be generated using this model is 5mm.
Stitch selection For the stitch designs’ selection, a dial is there.
Bobbin winding system A push-pull bobbin winding system is what Janome has offered.
Reverse lever Easy reversing & lock stitches with the lever
Bobbin This model offers you a vertical oscillating hook bobbin.
Tension controller Setting up the dial in accordance with your fabric is possible while you’re sewing so that you’ll be getting consistent stitches.


4 Clip-on presser feet Zipper Multi-purpose zigzag Buttonhole
Lint brush Button Seam ripper Extra bobbins
Scissors Extra needles Owner’s manual Screwdriver


Fabric Janome 11706 3/4 Brother XM2701 Brother CS6000i
Natural fibers or cotton-linen-wool 7 9 10
Knits 4 7 8
Fine fabrics/silk-taffeta-satin/velvet 4 7 9
Synthetic fabrics/blends-polyester 6 8 10
Upholstery 8 8 9
Denim 1 7 9
Leather/suede 1 7 9
Reptile skin 2 5 8
Fur 1 7 9
Canvas/Twill 4 6 8
Thick fabrics or numerous layers 1 5 9
Plastic/Rubber 0 0 5
Overall score 39

What are the key attractions?

Janome 11706

When indicating things about the Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine, we preferred how there were programmed 11 stitches into it. There’s also a four-step buttonhole available, and when combined, it permits anyone who has never tried sewing before to observe the feeling for what is required.

Even though it’s a ¾ size machine, it still has a sewing capability that is heavy-duty, and that makes it ideal for the studio flat or dorm as well. Would you prefer to be sewing pretty with this Hello Kitty model?


There are some additional features too worth consider with this Janome sewing machine.

  • It features a free arm to make you feel at ease with tough sewing projects while assisting beginners really adapt to the sewing’s flow.
  • This sewing machine is highly portable, a perfect product to take anywhere, for example, learning classes, on a trip to relatives’ homes.
  • It works with every single general sewing needle in case you have the needle which arrives with this machine break.

At this cost and with these versatile features, the Hello Kitty sewing machine by Janome offers a big punch of value. It’s powerful enough to assist a professional too in getting some sewing projects done, yet easy enough to utilize, which anyone can learn to sew on this sewing machine.

Why not to buy this Janome 11706 3/4 size hello kitty sewing machine?

Janome 11706

We have written negatives reviews for machines like Singer 9100, Janome DC3050, and even Singer 7256! So, we’re not scared of putting forth the “honest” word.

Is trying to discover the best sewing machine possible for those frequent household chores your intention? Then hello kitty isn’t perfect.

It can sew through normal fabrics, but as the indicated up there, it struggles with most of the thick fabrics. It doesn’t do justice with leather or denim either.

For mending requirements, it can be used, but look at the price tag. If you want perfection is sewing Curtains, purses, and  dresses, then you want a more durable, dependable, and strong machine like Brother XM2701 or Brother CS6000i.

Besides that, a few other limitations with the Hello Kitty sewing machine are what you should you note as well. No speed control is incorporated with the design, so just start & close it when you’re done with your sewing project.

However, on the other hand, with machine like Brother XM2701 you’re getting sufficient. With the ideal bobbins & needles, Brother’s model will offer you a complete sewing experience! The XM2701  is best device for beginner sewists and just right for those who don’t hold a full sewing experience, this lightweight beauty can make a high-quality addition to any house.

That’s why XM2701 receives our strongest recommendations today as the highly suitable sewing machine accessible for beginners, and not Janome 11706.

Let’s conclude Janome 11706 review


Just by looking at the Hello Kitty sewing machine’s features, versatility, looks, etc. you’ll realize that it’s not enough for the price when a machine like Brother XM2701 is available at just a pinch of more money.

Instead, with Brother XM2701 , it’s possible to bring your favorite character into further sewing projects without compromising functionality or durability.

After going through their features, advantages, and disadvantages, is it worth buying?

Well, in our suggestion, Hello Kitty isn’t just for kids(asking for more money than what it should), and undoubtedly doesn’t makes an ideal option in case you love bringing creativity to your sewing.

However, most stitching patterns are what you’re looking to select from in a sewing machine; then, you must try Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine, and the array of automatics features (and 60 built-in stitches) it has will surely assist you. This sewing machine will have enough stitches for covering all the sewing patterns you’ll require in finishing a variety of projects.

So, say NO to Janome 11706, and yes to either Brother XM2701 (READ EXPERT REVIEW) or Brother CS6000i (READ EXPERT REVIEW).

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