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Janome 3128 Sewing Machine Reviews: Experts Don’t Recommend It

Janome 3128 is basically an entry-level mechanical sewing machine, which received pretty good consumer ratings. Janome sewing machines have an ideal reputation and are generally cheap; 3128 can is also among those good looking & highly performing machines.

Special Discontinue Notice of Janome 3128 Sewing Machine!

Janome 3128 was a dependable machine with good enough reviews on Amazon, but it’s discontinued. It was good, but far away form what we call the best.

We, at don’t leave behind those machines that get discontinued, and increase our research to find better alternatives. As Janome 3128 wasn’t an “out of the world” machine, finding suitable alternative wasn’t baffling for us.

There are heaps of machine at this price segment, which do better than the 3128 like Janome 2212, Brother LX3817, Brother xr3774, etc but the best replacement was none other than the CS6000i model from brother.

This machine costs you below $200, and still manages to dominate the under $350 price segment.

You’ll be 100% amazed by knowing Brother CS600i’s offering, scores, and features. It’s rank #1 machine in terms of value for money for and our biggest recommendation.


Cherish our Expert’s Review on this machine HERE.

Big Benefits of Janome 3128 Sewing Machine

Janome 3128


  • It works smoothly.
  • It is very easy to use
  • The machine generates no noise.
  • It is lightweight as well as compact
  • Comes with a cover as well as a carrying handle
  • Features built-in storage for accessories
  • Easily portable
  • Available at a very affordable price
  • Perfect for beginners

Aspect Score
Features & functions 71%
Easy to use 74%
Durability 81%
Quality & perfection 82%
Overall score 69%

It’s lightweight, quiet, and actually sews a nice stitch. Most buyers report with good feelings that this machine was worth their cash. However, a few limitations in terms of features & accessories might be there, so it’ s crucial to understand what you’re purchasing.

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What Are the Specifications?

Machine weight 5.0 kg
Body Construction Skeleton type
Maximum speed 650 spm
Maximum stitch length 4 mm
Maximum zigzag width 5 mm
Thread tension adjustment Manual
Drop feed system by lever No
Buttonhole 4-step
Foot pressure adjustment Fixed type
Bobbin winder Push-pull type
Lamp Incandescent electric lamp
Stitches 8 stitches incorporating buttonhole


This product also arrives with additional accessories, which are actually pretty handy. These accessories can be called the standard ones. Feeling curious to know what they are? Read Further!

Standard Accessories:

  • 1/4 Inch Seam Foot
  • Bobbins (Specialized)
  • Vinyl Dust cover
  • Needles – Blue tip
  • Felt Cushion
  • Sliding Buttonhole Foot
  • Seam Ripper

The machine features a bonus package too, which is completely cost-free. Below are the items that you’ll receive with Janome 3128!

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What Are the Features of Janome 3128 Sewing Machine?

1. 8 built-in stitches

This model arrives with 8 built-in stitches. These incorporate stretch & utility stitches too.

2. Stitch length & width

Customizing the length & width is possible of your stitches within a specific limit. Isn’t that amazing? Besides that, 4mm is the maximum stitch length, with the 5mm of maximum zigzag width limit.

3. 4-step buttonholer

This machine also features a buttonholer, which takes four steps for crafting a buttonhole.

4. Free-arm

A convertible free-arm is there. This arm is for sewing down sleeves, cuffs, and leg pants. This also makes the sewing machine highly versatile!

5. Easy threading system

It’s built with a lay-in threading system, and that’s very easy to follow.

6. 3-piece feed

An ideal drop feed also helps in making this sewing machine more versatile.

7. Stitch selection dial

A dial that makes the selection of stitch selection easy-to-use is available as well. Rotating, it is very easy to choose any stitch design you require from the accessible eight stitches.

8. Menu display

The easy-to-read manual indication assists you in selecting options easily.

9. Reverse & lock stitch

This option is highly useful since it permits you to sew your clothes in reverse and also lock stitches. A light touch is all you need on a lever to enable it.

10. Speed

650 stitches per minute is what this machine is capable of delivering.

11. Oscillating hook bobbin

A vertical oscillating hook bobbin is offered with Janome 3128.

12. Easy bobbin winding system

This model has a push & pull bobbin winding system.

13. Snap-on pressure feet

Janome 3128 features snap-on pressure feet. Besides that, It offers an extra high presser foot lift. Undoubtedly amazing, right?

14. Dust cover

It arrives with a vinyl dust cover so that no chance of dust harming the machine and messing it looks.

What Are The Negatives in Features section?

Is It the Best Options for Beginners?

This sewing machine model is highly versatile & handy. Janome offers a decent look with this sewing machine. With this model, a sewist can easily learn to sew. We said that the model is user-friendly and has features that are easy-to-use.

Hence, it’s ideal for all the beginner sewists out there! However, is that the only advantage? Not at all! Janome 3128 fulfills all essential requirements to get a good start with sewing. It features 8 built-in stitches in total and also a 4-step buttonholer. Coupled with all the features described above, this model is definitely a purchase!

You’ll locate even more about its benefits soon. This all surely describes why the sewing machine has a large customer satisfaction rate. Sounds sufficiently compelling already, no? However, after all this, this sewing machine has more positives as well. To identify them too, keep reading ahead!

What Did We Love About Janome 3128?

1. Compact and Lightweight

Numerous users raved about how lightweight this machine is. At only eleven pounds, it’s far more portable than other sewing machines on the market. One tester mentioned that they purchased this Janome to avoid lugging around their 50-pound machine.

So, if you’re looking to effortlessly transport your craft to another room or to easily store the machine, this is an ideal buy. If you choose to tuck it away in a cabinet or closet until you need it, its weight means that it won’t give you a hassle.

However, if you decide to keep it out, it won’t take up much space on your crafting table, either. The size and weight of this machine make it great for those who are short on space since it won’t hog up much of the room wherever you decide to keep it.

2. Good for Beginners

This is by no means an advanced machine, and that ensures it’s ideal for beginners. It includes the basic stitches, so if you’re after a simple machine to fix hems and work on a couple of projects, this a great buy.

Anything more would be too much for it to handle. Beginners will be able to master the basics without being intimidated by more advanced options. This also makes this a perfect machine for occasional sewers looking to fix rips or hem clothing.

3. Reverse stitch Lever and a dial selector

​The main function of the ​reverse stitch lever is to carry on the process of ​reverse stitching in order to provide extra strength to your stitches. For doing reverse stitching on this machine, you will have to push down the lever, and your machine will be ​sewing in reverse.

Now, if you want to stop, you will simply have to let the lever go, and the work is done. If you want to choose your desired stitch selector dial is present on the machine, which helps you out. You can turn the dial and set it to your desired stitch, and it is the easiest manner to do that.

4. Easy to Set Up

A number of users noted how effortless the Janome 3128 is to set up, which is great for those just starting out since they won’t be deterred by a complicated assembly. The instructions are pretty straightforward, and should you encounter problems; there are several YouTube videos that can help you out.

However, there are enough pictures and diagrams in the instructional manual that you should be okay. Once its setup, it’s designed to be a breeze to use, and users of all levels will catch on quickly.

5. Quiet

A great many users noted how quiet this machine is compared to others of its kind. If you have roommates and enjoy sewing in the morning before they wake up, this is a great feature. No one wants to be roused by the whirring of gears as you try to sew up a set of pants. Luckily, this machine will purr along unobtrusively.


While it might not be a machine that’s suitable for an advanced user, this machine is a nice little machine for anyone to learn the ropes and get to grips with all there is to know about sewing.

All the functions are manual, so they’re easy to use and easy to find. And everything is made from high-quality components, so there’s no excessive movement while you’re working.

There’s not much to do in terms of setup. The thread guide runs along the machine to ensure you don’t get confused, and the thread tension is controllable manually via one of the dials located on the front of the machine.

So, even though there’s no automatic needle threader or billions of stitch options to choose from, what the machine does have to offer is a first-class starter machine that’s functional and, overall, great value for money.

There are better ones available like Brother cs6000i , Janome 2212Brother LX3817, and Brother XM2701.

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