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Janome 8077 Reviews 2022: Beaten up by Singer 9960

Currently, we’re discussing the top brand in the sewing machines industry! We all know that Janome sewing machines are highly impressive.

They come with a fabulous range of features, and they are pretty functional. Janome is famed, especially for making heavy-duty sewing machines.

However, the quick decision is, buy Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 instead this Janome 8077 model, as the 9960 certainly has more features, is dependable, durable, and more versatile.

Janome 8077 is discontinued, but not a big deal! It’s worth wondering how amazing Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is in comparison to Janome 8077 model.

Big Benefits of Singer 9960 Sewing Machine


  • Enough features for the money.
  • Self-cutting thread feature
  • Speed control for experienced & new sewists
  • Various different decorative stitches accessible
  • Numerous accessories included
  • The manual is truly amazing.
  • Programmable patterns allowing a diverse range of designs
Aspect Score
Features & functions 88%
Easy to use 94%
Durability 93%
Quality & perfection 95%
Overall score 92%

Big Benefits Janome 8077 Sewing Machine

Janome 8077


  • The automated functions of Janome 8077 are quite convenient.
  • The sewing machine is robustly built by Janome, ensuring max durability.
  • It arrives with every vital accessory that you’ll require.
  • The sewing machine is heavy-duty, specially designed to operate tough tasks and long hours of projects.
  • For beginner sewists, it’s a suitable machine.
  • Box feeding technology is really impressive. You’ll never face issues regarding jammed feeding dogs.
  • Controlling the sewing speed is no big deal.
Aspect Score
Features & functions 92%
Easy to use 95%
Durability 90%
Quality & perfection 89%
Overall score 92%

Also, the Janome 8077 is no exception. The 8077 model is among Janome’s most impressive creations, and it delivers more than you bargained for. Every sewist who has been exploring the world of sewing machines must have knowledge about Janome.

Also, they might know that Janome produces durable sewing machines widely. Each model built by Janome has a certain purpose and is ideal suited to distinctive situations. You might have been wondering about which Janome sewing machine you might get.

This is a comprehensive Janome 8077 article whose aim is to indicate to you why it’s such a renowned model. The article will also highlight certain features of the sewing machine and, undoubtedly, the advantages and disadvantages.

Tag along, and let’s go through the deep details of the Janome 8077 computerized sewing machine. (Well, we’ve already advised to buy Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 instead this Janome 8077 model

How Janome 8077 Gets Beaten up by Singer 9960?


Key Features Overview

The main feature which really stood out from others with this certain machine was the incorporated Start/Stop button. Rather than the traditional sewing methods that need foot control, this sewing machine can be controlled on a desktop with just your finger’s push.

With just two presses, getting a unique stitch is easily possible that you might need to finish your sewing project!

But with singer 9960…

In the Singer 9960 model, there are some tremendous  additional features which make it better than the 8077. They are:

Let’s Take Look on Some of the Key Features!

singer 9960 2

Multiple stitch patterns

This machine doesn’t arrive with hundreds of stitch patterns. However, the 600 unique stitch patterns it has are undoubtedly fabulous. It has numerous satin, decorative and regular stitches as well.

Speed adjustment

As we mentioned earlier, controlling the sewing machine with high speed is easy. The slider button can be used while sewing to adjust the speed; just simply slide the button.

Buttonhole system

The machine has 13 automatic step buttonholing methods. The buttonholes are so accurate & neat. All the methods can be performed in just one single step.

Digital display

The digital screen permits you to easily control all the functionalities of the machine. The LCD screen indicates the stitch pattern selected; it displays the stitch’s length & width too.

Reverse stitching feature

Singer 9960 permits the reverse stitching feature for easily making reverse stitches by just a buttons’ push. This feature also reinforces the stitches.

Needle threader

This machine is equipped with an amazing (time-saving) automatic needle threader. This feature ensures that the thread goes automatically through the needle’s eye easily without causing any strain on the eyes of the sewists.

Types of presser feet

Singer 9960 1

The 18 types of presser feet are there. Besides the zipper & standard foot, quilting foot, gathering foot, a buttonhole foot, buttonholing foot, and also, the overcasting foot is also offered.

Start/stop button

The start/stop button, which operates the machine without the usage of a foot control pedal.

Free arm

The machine arrives with a free arm that moves freely from any angle. This free arm really is handy while stitching in curvy areas, for example, sleeves, cuffs, collars, etc.

If you’re looking for the most professional-looking yet easiest to control sewing machine that offers fantastic sewing results you’ve ever seen from any sewing machine, then you’ve got to try what the Janome 8077 is capable of doing, but Singer 9960 is a much better choice.

In just 5 minutes, you’ll be able to start Singer 9960 by understanding all it’s functionalities easily and start completing your sewing projects in no time!

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What Did We Love More in Singer 9960 Than Janome 8077?

Singer 9960 4

In case you’re like most seamstresses and don’t look forward to having the setup of your machine for a fresh project. What you may call all the technical stuff – threading the needle, winding the bobbin, adjusting the tension, grabbing that bobbin thread, and so on – just gets in the fun path of sewing.

With Singer 9960 sewing machine, every single of those startup tasks is a breeze, while on Janome 8077, it does take time.

1. Bobbin Winder

Singer 9960 arrives with an automatic bobbin winder. Just push the bobbin winder to your right, and the auto-declutch mechanism will automatically stop the needle. It after that winds your bobbin. It stops the winding when the bobbin is at a limit.

You get 4 bobbins in total with your 8077,while you get 12 with Singer 9960.

Loading that many different colors/types are possible on the thread without manually having to unwind one of them for reusing it.

2. Needle Threader

No longer to strain your eyes in indicating that thin thread is whether going through that tiny needle’s hole. You now have the impressive helping hand, the automatic needle threader at your service.

Firstly, just pull down the needle threader. After that, just put the rope in the hook & pass it in the needle’s front, and when you pull it back, the needle is automatically threaded.

Now, it’s as simple as that!

3. Bobbin Thread

After you’ve automatically wound the bobbin as mentioned above, dropping into its appropriate location will be possible, and place the see-through cover. For drawing up the bobbin thread, firstly, raise the presser foot lifter. After that, turn the power switch ON.

Hold the needle thread with one of your fingers & press the Up/Down needle button two times for picking up the bobbin thread. Then simply draw up the needle thread for bringing up a bobbin thread’s loop. Thus, slide around 4 inches of the two threads to the presser foot’s back.

4. Janome 8077 vs Singer 9960 Sewing Performance

Janome 8077 did everything well in our sewing test, earning an 8.5 out of 10 considering its critical metric, but it was much behind the award-winning performers in the whole sewing machine’s category.

Brother cs6000i scored unbelievable 9.9 and Singer quantum stylist 9960 scored 9.2. Janome’s 8077 model was on the eleventh position in our testing.

We’ve tested numerous machine’s ability to sew a zipper stitch, long straight stitch, a scallop & a zigzag stitch for assessing their performance, as these are regularly used stitches, and we identified a wide variety in their quality between distinctive machines.

We identified that the 8077 model struggled to have long, straight stitches that were substantially greater loose in comparison to the other models, even after fiddling with the settings of tension.

on the other hand, Singer 9960 machine was also perfectly prone to bunching up the fabric while performing a zigzag stitch, highly perfect by far among all the machines we tested recently.

The 8077 did slightly more than average at attaching a zipper, while the 9960 model nailed the job. This machine looked working better on scallop stitch on sheer fabrics, lighter, while it struggled a bit on some denser fabrics that we tested.

That’s the reason, we’ve advised Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 over this model.

5. Ease of Use

Singer 9960 3

Using Janome 8077 wasn’t daunting, but with no extra-exceptionally convenient features, which stood out. It scored a respectable 8/10, with the features that were handiest being its bright work light. We also tested & understood the labels of this machine, stitch selection, automatic sewing abilities, the thread cutter, and the needle stop position.

This machine undoubtedly marks all the functions that are basic, with labels for every stitch with the needed presser foot. It labels the majority of additional functions with easily understandable icons, but we did identify that it was a bit unclear regarding the process of entering bobbin after looping it on your finger.

The 8077 model does have automatic stitching, with the impressive speed controlled by the sliding switch of arrows.

Again, Singer quantum stylist 9960 did a much better job. Not just that, the 8077 also got beaten up by a few cost machines like Brother xr3774, and Brother gx37.

One final feature that we considered as a tremendous feature about Singer 9960 was the ability to set whether the needle every time stops in the up/down position, permitting you to match it to the personal preference you have.

However, the only impressive thing with Janome 8077  was that the stitch selection was good and incorporated recommendations on which presser foot to utilize printed right on the machine.

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Does It Arrive With a Transparent Bobbin Cover?

The transparent bobbin cover permits you to see how much of your thread is left on the bobbin as you sew. In case you try keeping an eye on it, you’ll never after that run out of thread with only inches left to go to your fabric’s end. You’ll also never hesitate about beginning a new project with just a little of your thread left on the bobbin.

What’s the LED Screen’s Size?

Singer 9960 5

The LED screen of this Janome sewing machine model is a bit small; and also, it isn’t bright enough to read properly. We expected a bigger and bright LED display, and the same words were delivered in Amazon customer reviews by a lot of users of this machine.

How Easy Is the Process of Selecting a Particular Stitch in 9960 in Contrast?

You select a stitch by its number, and that’s what displays up on the LED screen. Another reason for looking at this sewing machine’s screen is to set either the length or the width (or both) of the stitch.

After pressing the mode key for bringing up the option, pushing the plus or minus button is what is what you need to enhance or decrease the stitch’s size.

Here We Conclude Janome 8077 Reviews With a Negative Note

We really loved the actual push-button commands’ design most with this specific sewing machine. Numerous designs require you to push buttons every time on the machine to get the desired custom stitch.

Pattern stops, the needle’s up/down commands, and also everything else you need is accessible right at eye level.However, the performance, and value for money doesn’t seem satisfying.

On other hand, for most sewists, Singer 9960 computerized sewing machine provides the versatility that everybody seeks, automatic features, which you’ll love, and a cost that isn’t that scary.

If you’ve put steps in the sewing machine world’s market for grabbing a brand new sewing machine, then considering this model from Janome is clearly not an ideal choice.

Also, high noise was a big issue.

Because of so many negatives, Singer 9960 cleanly dominated over this one.

Undoubtedly, Singer 9960 is among the best sewing machines with this specific range of features that are accessible on the market currently. That’s where we conclude our Janome 8077 reviews with a negative note

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