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Honest Janome 8900 Expert Reviews That Tell You the Truth

Like the other special edition of Memory Craft before it, the 8900QCP is loaded with amazing features & functions too to make every sewist’s life easier.

Retained functions’ examples are the Detachable AcuFeedTM Flex system, one-hand needle threader, Auto tension system, memorized needle up/down, snap-on presser feet, the one-touch control buttons, a 7-piece feed dog, twin needle guard, adjustable knee lift, auto thread cutter and much more.

However, it’s discontinued.

The legacy is carried forward by it’s sister, Janome Memory Craft Horizon 8200QCP, which is actually a better package!


Janome 8900

  • Simple for Beginners to start the journey
  • Extra Large Workspace
  • Durable and Powerful
  • Easily understandable Controls
  • Big fame on Amazon
  • Portable
  • Attractive design.
  • value for money
  • Low noise
  • Sturdy and dependable
  • Low noise operation






Similarly to 8900QCP, the 8200QCP can run at the maximum speed of 1000 stitch every minute, too, when the speed control slider is set to the quickest setting. Both also have 11 inches of space between the needle as well as the machine arm.

So, what makes this newer model distinctive and better? We’ll be describing the improvements in this article; the 8200QCP truly is an unbeatable sewing machine; read further to find out.

Janome 8900 Reviews


Credit:The Birch Cottage


Weight 2 pound
Stitches 170 built-in stitches, up to 9 mm wide & 5 mm long, incorporating 3 alphabets as well as 11 one-step buttonholes.
Dimensions 19.5 x 12.25 x 9.5 inches
Type Computerized, with an ultra-resolution LCD touchscreen.
Speed 1,000 stitch/minute (spm).
Warranty Please check official site.
Bobbin Full rotary top loading hook bobbin system, and also an auto-declutch bobbin winder.


Accessories of Janome 8900 and 8200 are the same

This Special Edition sewing and quilting machine named “Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QCP” arrives with a wide range of accessories, incorporating the following:

  • Detachable AcuFeed Flex system is there with a dual-feed holder and AD foot.
  • Snap-on presser feet – incorporating ¼ inch seam foot, free motion quilting closed-toe foot, button sewing foot, standard satin stitch foot, open toe satin stitch foot, auto-blind hem foot, atic buttonhole foot, free-motion quilting zig-zag foot, darning foot, zipper foot, rolled hem foot, and over-edge foot.
  • The cloth guide is there.
  • Pattern stitch length calculator.
  • Straight stitch needle plate.
  • 5 ultrabright LED lamps are there for shadow-free sewing.
  • Extension table for massive projects that need greater space than the installed free arm.
  • Double accessory bins and also upper storage is provided for storing every single of your crafting requirements, from presser feet to needles and thread and bobbins.
  • Machine cover for keeping out dust while not in usage.
  • An exclusive bonus bundle is offered from Sew Vac Direct, incorporating a walking foot.


Machine Size – W 20.4″ x H 12.4″ x D 9.1″ Full rotary top loading hook bobbin system Workspace – 11″ to the needle’s right of the x 4.7″
Ultraglide Needle Plate and & Foot set 270 built-in stitches and up to 9mm wide Number of Stitch Combination – 50
Needle Position – 91 1,000 SPM sewing speed Machine Weight – 26.5 lb
Memorized needle up/down Straight stitch needle plate High-resolution LCD touchscreen
11 one-step buttonholes Extra high presser foot lift Extra Large Foot Controller
5 Ultrabright LED lamps Locking stitch button 10 Pack of Bobbins
Straight Stitch Foot Ditch Quilting Foot Needle Threader
3 alphabets 7-piece feed dog 1/4″ Seam Foot

Working with the 8900QCP and 8200QCP

Among the first things we identified when starting to test the 8200QCP model is how QUIET it is! In comparison to regular sewing machines and sergers, this model is essentially silent.

It is quieter than 8900QCP model.

No one in your home will even know that you’re using a sewing machine. In case you’re in silent sewing or quitting the habit and decided to work on a project that you’ve been trying to finish up, then the 8200QCP model is highly suited for you. The 11 inches throat is absolutely fantastic.

There’s a large room to work with massive pieces. The 7 piece feed dogs can work like a charm. Undoubtedly, the straight stitching is flawless, while testing the stitches were ideal every time. It was really not possible to describe that top thread from the bottom while we flipped over our sewing work.

Furthermore…in our Janome 8900 reviews

As we expected, the knee lift attachment of 8200QCP is wonderful for quilting. Simply apply pressure with your leg and up arrives at the presser’s foot. It was set a little low out of the box. However, a quick reference to the manual and you can set Janome Horizon 8200QCP in no time. Also, the thread cutter function is simply fabulous.

We didn’t use this sewing machine’s feature at every seam’s end, but when you end up in the hard for reaching spots, it’s pretty nice to only be able to press the button. You can activate this function too from the foot pedal, and that could be really handy.

Speed control is saturated on the machine’s arm. Easy to adjust and indicate in case you need “quick-check.” Bobbin winding & threading the machine are a cinch. Its Acufeed system that comes in this unit is undoubtedlly, an absolute Godsend.

You’ll I not even consider the number of times you’ve been sewing with numerous layers of fabric, and from the top, it displays like everything is going ideally.

What made us recommend Janome 8200QCP over 8900QCP

Simple for Beginners to start the journey

For a sewing machine with numerous features, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QCP Special Edition sewing, as well as quilting machine, is surprisingly easy to use, with clearly indictable labeled controls and instructions that are easy to follow.

It’s incredibly accessible for beginners, whether you’re new to quilting, sewing, or both, making it a fantastic beginning point for someone who has pretty little experience in these crafts.

Also, with the wide range of this sewing machine’s features that are included, a beginner will locate that it keeps them busy yet engaged with numerous fresh things to try & learn for a long time!

Extra Large Workspace

In comparison to others of this sewing machine’s type, this sewing & quilting machine offers a much larger workspace, permitting for a wider range of products. This ultra-large workspace will come in handy while you deal with massive projects like quilting when you don’t find yourself fumbling with the material on which you work.

There’s no fear, which this machine might not be able to operate all of your largest crafting dreams; the Janome 8200QCP is undoubtedly sufficient enough to handle it!

Durable and Powerful

As the extra-large workspace encourages larger projects, you’d expect this sewing machine to be powerful, and without a doubt, it is! The speed of 1,000 spm it provides will be cruising through those big projects quickly.

Keep in mind, Janome 8200QCP is also a quilting machine too, meaning it’s ready to operate with fabrics that are heavier such as denim, leather, etc. Sewists who bought this sewing & quilting machine have reported that they’ve been easily quilting for years without fail, so don’t hesitate, it won’t let you fall down or buckle under heavy expectations.

Janome 8900 Reviews

The Controls

The controls on this 8200QCP model are well laid out & easily understandable. Length, width, stitch selection, and a variety of other functions are set using the right-hand side’s buttons of this machine. The dial accessible below the buttons toggles through all the numerous stitches, fonts, as well as embroidery patterns.

Should you end up shopping for this machine? Of course, you should! You might be ending up spending time perusing the manual for weeks, as there are tons of automated tasks & functions, which might you don’t know yet and can be performed literally with just a button’s press.

Let’s conclude Janome 8900 Reviews


The Janome Memory Craft 8900QCP is undoubtedly an absolute dream machine to work with. Also, the stitch quality is top-notch.

But as it’s discontinued, we can’t do anything more than recommending its best alternative. By the way, the alternative is even better.

That’s the reason we described the 8200 model in our review.

Its AcuFeed system makes it working with numerous layers of fabrics so easy, even with slippery fabrics. Every single of the commonly used controls is accessible right on the machine’s front and easily reachable.

The thread cutting feature is fantastically handy, and the led light in the arm literally makes a massive difference in your ability to indicate everything you’re doing. Did we mention how much we loved the large workspace?

An 11 inches throat is a great room, best for quilting or any other sewing project you want to work with. Yes, the cost tag is a bit high, but the quality this machine has is going to save you a (TON of time & effort.)

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