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Janome DC2014 Reviews – Beware Don’t Buy

Janome’s best Decor Computer sewing machine, this DC2014 sewing machine, got excellent ratings from the experts in early days, but then, the negatives started popping up.

Sewists love the host of useful features, the range of stitch options, in fact, the unit is reliable and sturdy, and the easiness of use.

Well, you will be surprised that this this machine arrives with many extra accessories with a hard-shell carrying case, but it fails to provide expected stitch quality. Overall performance is also in dark shades!

Well, All this comes at a good and affordable price; however, the DC2014 is not cheap. It doesn’t seem to do justice to the money you pay either.

The short answer is – go for Brother CS6000i sewing machine (Expert’s review is HERE, and you can check price HERE) which doesn’t the cost much lesser, but also provides better stitch quality and more appreciable range of features.

Janome DC2014 ($699) 4.0 stars / 34 reviews 8.1
Brother CS6000i ($152) 4.7 stars / 1,246 reviews 9.8
Singer One ($299) 4.3 stars / 263 reviews 8.8
Janome 11706 ($209) 4.3 stars / 171 reviews 8.5
Janome 3128 ($149) 4.1 stars / 37 reviews 7.7

Also, you can check this Brother CS6000i video for full information on how powerful and performing sewing machine it is.

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Big Benefits of Janome DC2014

Janome DC2014

  • Highly convenient LED
  • Tremendous speed
  • Highly versatile
  • Wide accessory range
  • Janome warranty
Aspect Score
Features & functions 71%
Easy to use 65%
Durability 78%
Quality & perfection 70%
Overall score 73%

This one is a highly-professional sewing machine, the Janome DC2014 doesn’t prove to be worth cost. While being undoubtedly pricier than other sewing machines, still this DC2014 model is praised by a few (only a few) users.

It is packed with full features which will allow you to finish any kind of project as fast as possible and also with minimal effort. Besides that, it does come with a wide range of features; it might easily be used for many tasks, including regular sewing and embroidery quilting.

Yes, it’s also durable and sturdy, which enables it to sustain quite a lot of tear and wear, but its competitors are no way less durable.

What Are the Specifications?

Weight 27.1lb
Stitches 50
Dimensions 22.8 x 18 x 12.4
Speed 840 stitches per minute
Bobbin Top loading full rotary hook bobbin
Type Computerized
Warranty 25-year limited warranty

What Are the Accessories?

Blind hem foot ¼ inch seam foot Automatic buttonhole foot
Overedge foot Specialized bobbin Quilting guide barricade
Satin stitch foot Auto-declutch bobbin winder Extra high presser foot lift
Even feed foot Zipper foot

If you buy the DC2014 from Amazon, you’ll also be gifted with an impressive bonus package which includes the following:

  • 2 packs of 10 Janome Bobbins
  • Purple tote bag
  • 2 packs of size 14 needles

Well, Quilters will find that there’s a lot to do over here that will benefit their art of crafting, and that’s definitely one of the biggest advantages of this computerized machine. To be clear, you’ll be well equipped to begin on just about any kind of project you desire upon getting a Janome DC2014, thanks to all the handy accessories!

However, for perfection lover, Brother CS6000i still stays as the favorite one, while for money savers, Brother XM2701 is hot choice.

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Is Janome a Trusted Brand?

Well, Janome started its overall career in Tokyo, Japan by providing sewing machines and matter of fact, it was previously known as the pine sewing factory, which was very successful even in the international market; this company has sold its machine internationally, which allows basic sewing to embroidery and quilting.

Even though the bobbin design released by Janome is still a play-off of its name, its English translation is “snake’s eye.”

What Did We Love?

Computerized Sewing and Convenience for Intermediates

Many of the Janome sewing machine DC2014 sewist replaced their older sewing machines and got a whole new sewing art of possibilities.

There’s a certain stitch to meet most requirements, and the needles are created to take on heavy to exquisite threads. The higher level feed system is geared for very heavy material or the most delicate satin and chiffon.

Many sewists who gave reviews attest to the stitch’s compatibility for difficult material like a stretch, silk, and jersey.

There’s no fabric bunching along with the Janome DC 2014 feeder system as well as the threader, bobbin, and tensions remain accurate to the requirements of these “less forgiving” types of materials. Sewists rate the Janome DC 2014 with 5 stars, ratings which are highest.

Janome DC2014 3

Such is their appreciation and pleasure for this advanced computerized sewing machine. We should be thankful for the hi-tech computerization features; the dressmaker spends a little amount of time worrying about the completion of their DC2014 machine & also more time to enjoy the professional outcome.

The DC2014 also comes with a free arm function, which largely provides access to hard-to-reach parts like hems, cuffs, sleeves, collars, and the likes. With an LED screen, it is much easier for sewists to shuffle from and choose their stitch pattern.

What We Didn’t Love?

Janome DC2014 1

1. Ease of Use, but It Does Confuse Newbies

There are plenty of reasons why this machine is so popular among many other computerized sewing machines. One of the main reasons is it’s easy to use. However, a few sewers didn’t agree with that.

After all, this model is totally built for ease of use. Just for an example, both experienced and beginner sewists alike will be much happy to learn about DC2014 is conveniently equipped with a robust automatic needle threader.

It ensures that you won’t be needing to fiddle around with this specific step anymore because all you’ll need to do is choose a few options on the screen and then the thread will automatically be guided in the eye of the needle.

However, as this automatic needle threader doesn’t always work efficiently, it will definitely frustrate you if you feel highly annoyed if your work is obstructed.

2. LED 

Janome DC2014 2

The LED screen is bright to view it from far away. It is also framed by easy navigation keys that make it much easier for you to choose your way around several options.

However, it may hurt your eyes if you work in too dark condition.

3. You’re not in Control

One of the main reasons we consider while recommending or not recommending a sewing machine is how much it provides autonomy over your sewing projects. You should be able to define the speed, stitch size & design, and the function for free arm and motion-free sewing should be equally inspirational considering the price.

However, the presence of features doesn’t mean everything. These features need to assist you properly, and with this machine, we can’t say that you’re in full control over your project, as perfection lacks here.

4. Should be more versatile

Janome DC2014 4

General mending, sewing, garment making, quilting, scrap booking — you just name it, this sewing machine can do it. But does it keep its consistency with all stitches?

Well, no! The quality was not good with around one-fourth of the stitch options, and also, at this price, we expect more number of stitches.

Even though beginners might be a little overwhelmed with Janome’s abilities, we think that any level of user will find good value in this sewing machine, but considering its competitors, we won’t call it a fully versatile machine. The amount of stitches and accessories supports basic and “not so demanding” crafting sewists while the utility sides of the sewing machine are well matched to more general home sewing projects.

This sewing machine will evolve with the generation. We hopefully wish that it could have a little more throat space generally for large quilt projects. Also, we wish a few more automatic features and number of stitches.

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Why Brother CS6000I Instead of This One?

Brother CS6000i model comes with a 7-piece fed dog to provide facilities to the sewing process while giving a guarantee to a professional finish. Besides that, It boasts of a reverse button that is designed to help users adjust their seams as they require.

The apparatus is even more equipped with a memorized needle down and needle up function. It can come in quite easy for users who wants to work with a large expanse of fabric materials. Top of that, It is coming with a locking stitch feature in addition to an extra-high presser foot lifter to render your best sewing experience even more enjoyable.

Read full expert review HERE

The auto-declutch bobbin winder system is much useful with the top-loading hook bobbin, which can full rotary; users can avoid all the efforts that are normally regarded with bobbin windings. The DC2014 sewing machine has a five mm maximum stitch length & a seven mm maximum stitch width.

Also, sewists can equally get interested from no less than 60 built-in auto stitches in Brother CS6000i (all stitch patterns are fantastic), that is a lot for any heavy-duty sewing machine, and in addition to what you’ll get with the Janome HD3000 and the Singer 4432 that you have to select from the touch screen.

The convertible arm-free can also be useful for circular sewing motions. With the help of the superior feed system, you could also avoid snares and snags. Hence, you can consequently ensure a highly practical and professional flawless finish.

Start a Sewing Project Today!

It’s much possible to turn out any sewing jobs faster and with maximum convenience and ease with the Brother CS6000i. With the help of The built-in bobbin winder, you can use an auto needle threader and also a variety of presser feet; any sewing project might be completed in much less time.

However, if there’s any sewing project in the past, which seemed more overwhelming, then give the Brother CS6000i a workout, and you will enjoy the results. It’s in today’s answer that it’s nearly effortless quilting, sewing, and creating professionally sewn garments.

The Brother CS6000i has a reasonable price (Around $150-160) as it is considering its high-end status with durability and high-end performance.

What About the Warranty?

The Janome warranty also ensures that the DC2014 can be expanded for up to twenty-five years after you purchase this specific model.

Electronic components could be repaired and supplied under warranty for up to 5 years after the purchase with no additional cost to you; general labor will be provided without any cost by Janome through one year after the purchase. Afterward, the labor charge will be conducted by Janome employees.

Brother’s warranty is also pretty much same.


Well, After reading Janome dc2014 reviews, it is pretty much clear that this sewing machine seems to be good, but not the best at this price. It has authentic functionalities inbuilt that will allow the sewist to improve the stitching performance continuously. However, the price of the stitching machine is pretty high.

Also the quality of the stitches is not as good as competing machines like Janome HD3000, Singer 4432, Brother CS6000i and that’s why it’s not worth recommending.

Instead, Brother CS6000i (CHECK PRICE HERE) is highly recommended to the people who are looking for quality equipment which can carry out the sewing job more properly and perfectly. If you’re a person going to spend a lot of time with a beast type of sewing machines that sew everything, then buy Singer 4432 (CHECK PRICE HERE).

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