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Janome DC3050 Reviews 2022: Discontinued

There might be many items on the market that help to fulfill numerous demands and needs. One of the most loved and useful items on the market is the sewing machine.

When we talk about sewing machines, there is only one that stands out among the other sewing machines. The model name of this machine is the Janome DC3050. With this machine, you are able to perform many important tasks with ease and excitement.

But won’t you prefer investigating the machine that’s asking for over $700? You certainly will!

Special Discontinue Notice of Janome DC3050!

Aah, reading further will be worthless, as you can’t buy a discontinued machine. Yes, that’s harsh. Undoubtedly, it is, because the DC3050 was a superb model.

But the good news is:

There’s a machine that’s actually far better than the DC3050, comes with greater feature range, and at a much meager price. It’s Brother CS6000i, the only sewing beast that earned 99% score from OSM.

Credit: ROOSIE

The cS6000i is an unbeatable model, and at around $150, the features, stability, and perfection it offers is truly unexpected. Its stitching perfection is even better than Singer 7256, Singer 9980 , and even Janome magnolia 7330.


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Big Benefits of Janome DC3050

Janome DC3050

  • Impressive Quilting Features
  • 2 digit LED stitching pattern indicator
  • Conveniently located reverse buttonSuperior feed system
  • Good speed
  • Fifteen needle positions
  • Highly durable
  • Good user reviews
  • Dependable warranty
  • Automatic needle threader
Aspect Score
Features & functions 86%
Easy to use 90%
Durability 91%
Quality & perfection 88%
Overall score 88%

The sewing machine is a totally unique piece as it has a computerized system to have more scope of manufacturing new designs and patterns. Top of that, it will make sewing and quilting much simple and more efficient. Like almost every product, this model of the sewing machine has a ton of features to help you with the sewing.’

Let’s Take an Overview!

Using its features, sewist will be able to work and also enjoy several advantages and benefits everything which this sewing machine offers.

Another best thing about the Janome DC3050 is that it has tremendous customer reviews, so sewists will be able to know about its durability and quality, and because of that, have the ability to make a certain decision when looking to purchase it. The machine has tons of mind-blowing characteristics, and that allows sewists to use it fully with every feature and functionalities it throws.

Fortunately for sewists, they can have this product from any source from department stores, online retailers, and also from retailers as well. For those people who are looking to get a fully-fledged sewing machine, purchasing this machine is an excellent decision.

Here are some more heavy-duty machine that we recommend:

What Are the Accessories?

Accessories can be very useful when something needs to be replaced or done. This machine comes with a variety of accessories to create the sewer’s life much easier. These accessories listed below:

Spool pin felt Extra spool pin Spool stand 4 bobbins
Needle pack Seam ripper Screwdriver Small spool holder
Power cord Large spool holder

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What About Thrilling Features of Janome DC3050?

This List contains a nice collection of automatic advanced and basic features to ensure ease and super simplicity of sewing for the starter along with fully-fledged advanced functionalities for the more experienced sewer.

  • Horizontal thread delivery with defined paths for easy threading
  • Slider useful for speed control with a max speed of 820 stitches in a minute
  • Automatic tension setting bound with provision for making manual adjustments
  • Jam-proof bobbin with automatic bobbin winding, Top loading, and transparent bobbin cover
  • Additional spool pin useful for wind the bobbin without facing any difficulties having to unthread the top thread
  • The lever has 3 height options – down, up, and extra high for heavier fabrics
  • Removable free arm feature for sewing cuffs, trouser hems, and collars
  • Pattern reference guide perfectly printed on the front side of the machine
  • Needle Up/Down keys that are programmable
  • 2 digit LED stitching pattern indicator
  • Direct stitch selection buttons
  • Fully automatic sensor buttonhole
  • Superior feed system
  • Fifteen needle positions
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Conveniently located reverse button
  • One hand thread cutter
  • Halogen light bulb

The reverse key and the auto-lock key work differently for each stitch. When pressed while sewing zigzag or straight stitches, the reverse key sews normally in reverse, but if pressed while sewing any other stitches, this key will sew a locking stitch, and then it will stop.

If the auto-lock key is pressed while sewing zigzag stitches, it will quickly sew a few locking stitches; then, it will stop, whereas for other stitches, it will also wait for the completion of the whole stitch design, and then it will perfectly sew locking stitches. In this kind of way, you will know that your pattern will be complete; however, you press the reverse key too early.

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Also, Here Are Some Quilting Features:

With this machine, you get better features than Eversewn Sparrow 30, can you believe that? Yes, it attained a better score.

Our experts have tried the applique stitches just to see how it compares to more expensive sewing machines. Experts used the feather stitch, blanket stitch, and many other decorative stitches. They all looked fantastic and performed very well.

There are various blanket stitches with several directions; a number of stitches get sewn in the area and length of the needle from which to choose. Experts used various kinds of threading for the quilting and decorative stitches, including metallic and invisible threads, without any complaints or blips from the sewing machine.

The DC3050 sewing took anything experts threw at it and performed incredibly. The DC3050 does a professional job, even satin stitch; however, they reduced the length of the particular zigzag stitch to 0.2 mm just to get the solid coverage everyone would love.

Janome company always recommends that you just sew a created buttonhole for the second time in the same area to get the more solid and dashing look.

1. Piecing

In piecing, Experts have used the 1/4″ patchwork foot to get a 1/4″ seam every time. They have used the locking stitch, needle down, and the speed control slider so the machine can sew just the way they like. The DC3050 sewing machine does single motifs easily for quilt tying, without a lot of setting-up.

They selected the motif they wanted to use, immediately started sewing, and then quickly pressed the auto-lock key. The DC3050 finished that design and then tied off the thread, locking the thread with 5 stitches in place.

Firstly they used the star-shaped stitch; then they put a nice heart-shaped where they would normally put a nice hand-tied knot. The pattern of designs adds a lot to the appearance of the quilt. After they put the walking foot on the sewing machine, they chose this particular stitch and also changed the upper tension to 7, so they can get the perfect look.

They put the invisible thread on the surface of the top thread spool so they can get an attractive, easy to do quilting design on their quilt. They installed the darning foot to try free-motion quilting so they can finish testing the quilting features.

Most importantly, they were able to move the fabric material to get better, even for stitches. The DC3050 sewing machine fits in the extension table & also feet for Janome Memory Craft 3000, so these accessories are much useful and readily available.

2. Usability

Janome DC3050 doesn’t have a ton of whistles and bells; it is an incredible machine. The sewing machine has various useful stitches; all of them are much easy to choose. Besides that, The automatic tension of this machine is absolutely mind-boggling. It can adjust the tension seamlessly with different kinds of materials.

Our experts think this sewing machine has the best automatic tension feature they have ever come across. You don’t need to adjust the tension manually by yourself; the machine will do it for you perfectly. In addition, The auto-lock function is a real-time saver like you don’t even have to hit the reverse key and go back and forth.

Just Little things like this make a huge impact on the quality of the stitches. It might not sound much, but it still makes an impact. DC3050 is quite sturdy. The performance is very smooth; it doesn’t create a lot of vibrations while performing. This sewing machine could handle whatever you throw at it.

No matter lightweight or heavyweight material, it works equally with either of them. Cotton, flannel, denim, silk, be it any kind of fabric material, it will sew through all. The speed control slider is also a useful feature. Some sewists might want to stay slow, especially the newbies, and the speed control authorize you to sew at any kind of slow pace.

3. Warranty

Janome company offers a twenty years parts warranty on this machine, two years warranty on electrical equipment and one year on labor. Well, Make sure you read all the warranty requirements so you don’t do any kind of task which can void your warranty.


In this final phase, if you’re looking for a sewing machine that works equally nice on all kinds of fabric materials, then the Janome DC3050 is the best bet. After all, This is one of the best performers in this price category. If you purchase this sewing machine, we are pretty much sure that you won’t be disappointed. And Those who own this machine, they definitely love it.

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