You are currently viewing This Janome Derby Sewing Machine Review Will Blow You! [June 2022]

This Janome Derby Sewing Machine Review Will Blow You! [June 2022]

Are you looking for a easy-cheesy sewing machine that is child-friendly?

If you feel like Brother cs6000i would be too much, and Brother xm1010 would be too less, Janome Derby fits right in between.

Or perhaps you are looking for a compact sewing machine which you could take with you to sewing lessons, or you can travel with? The Janome Derby portable Sewing Machine could be the perfect option for you. It has different colors, including a finger guard to keep your little fingers safe, and also weighs only five pounds.

At $60-$70, you generally get crap machines, but while testing Janome Derby , we were stunned by the perfection and features of this machine.

By our 1300+ sewing machine testing experience, we can exclaim that at this price, This is the most recommendable one.

Amazon customer ratings are around 4/5 because a few folks truly expect too much at this price. You shouldn’t!

Big Benefits of Janome Derby Sewing Machine

Janome Derby Sewing Machine


  • Can be bought in many fun colors
  • A good fit for youngsters or beginners 
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Intuitive controls
  • Sews a good stitch
  • Slow sewing speed (good for children)
  • Includes clear instructions
  • Very easy to use and carry

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Aspect Percent
Features & functions 91
Easy to use 89
Durability 87
Quality & perfection 95
Overall score 90

Is Janome or Brother better?

Janome is a hefty and light machine. Janome provides better stitch quality. Brother doesn't offer high-quality stitches. Janome is a product that lasts, but the Brother is not one of the longest-lasting products. Janome can be costly, but Brother is likely to be the best price for the money.

Are Janome sewing machines made in China?

JANOME is a Japanese company and they manufacturers amazing sewing machines. They have manufacturing facilities across Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Furthermore, their sewing machines excel in sewing flawlessly and offer fantastic performance. They've been making machine sewing since 16th, 1921. (

Is Janome worth the money?

Furthermore, the Derby portable sewing machine made by Janome includes many accessories and consists of a sleek body. In addition, an intuitive controls system included (which can be highly beneficial for young people who would like to learn about sewing). The owners' reviews are very positive for the Janome Derby, and almost everyone is pleased with their purchases and describes the product as a top-quality machine that is well worth the price.

Sounds like the sewing machine you’re looking for, right? In addition to a pop of color and a bit of fun to your workplace, Janome Derby Machine is a much lighter and portable enough machine that can cater to all your general stitching needs.

A presser foot, which is specifically designed to keep your hands from the needle, the Derby has made an ideal child-friendly sewing machine for little ones who are just learning to sew for the first time.

Let’s take a detailed tour at the Janome Graceful Gray Basic Machine, and then you could make a more intelligent decision about whether it’s suitable for you.

What Are the Specifications?

Weight 5 lbs
Stitches 10 built-in stitches
Dimensions 10.5 in x 9 in x 5 in
Type computerized
Speed 350-400 spm
Warranty 25-year limited warranty
Bobbin Top-loading bobbin

What Are the Accessories?

4-piece feed dog 2 Needle positions Built-in accessory tray
Five-stitch length adjustments Adjustable presser foot lift Free arm
Push-pull bobbin winder Three-stitch width adjustments Stitch selection dial

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Are There Any Negatives?

  • Only one speed
  • Slow sewing speed (not much good for adults)

What Are the Amazing Features?

Credit: Stitchless Tv Sewing Diy Style Channel

1. 2 Needle Positions

This function allows you to attach the needle where you really prefer and do not operate the fabric in such an awkward way, which might cause jams or mistakes. The capability to change the needle positions gives you complete control over where the stitch should go and how it should come out.

The positive part of the Janome Derby comes with its portability and size. It only weighs 5 pounds. We can say it’s the lightest sewing machine in the current market nowadays.

If you are living in a compact apartment or if you have a very small room for your work area, then this unit might be the best suitable solution for you. If you have to take your machine somewhere, then it could not be a problem.

One more positive side of this sewing machine is that this comes in eleven different colors. The names of the sewing machines are just as interesting as the colors.

2. 4 Built-in Stitches

Janome Derby Sewing Machine

The Graceful Gray includes four built-in stitches that include the zig-zag stitch, straight stitch, multi zig-zag stitch, and crescent stitch. In addition, there are 6 different stitch length and width variations for you to select from.

However, if you want around 10-12 stitches minimum, then Janome 2212 should be your choice. Also, if you are a creative one, pick something like Singer 3221, or Brother xr3774, which have 20+ stitches each.

3.Top Loading, Drop-in Bobbin

The Janome also comes with a drop-in bobbin, top-loading, meaning you can simply open the cover beside the needle and then safely place your threaded bobbin inside it. For starters, this one is the easiest and best type of bobbin system you will get.

4. Finger Guards

This sewing machine also comes along with the finger guards beside the needle so that newbies or younger sewists don’t accidentally get their fingers under the needle (SHHHH! OUCH!). This model comes with a unique threading diagram that helps new sewists to learn how to thread the sewing machine.

Janome Derby Sewing Machine

5. Two Needle Positions

With the help of multiple needle positions, you could be allowed to put the needle wherever you want it and also not have to maneuver the material in such a weird way, which might cause mistakes or jams. Being able to modify the needle positions, that means you got more control over where your stitch should go and how it gets turned out.

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What Did We Love?

1. Top-Loading Bobbin

This machine is marketed for newbies (it beats up Singer Simple 3337, though!); it has a great design choice by the Janome to provide the sewing machine a top-loading bobbin. It is much easier to load, and easier to monitor what’s going on since it comes with a clear cover, and much easier to get if there might be any problems. This can take away any deterring hassle and frustration which could arise for newbies and beginner sewists.

2. Janome Derby Sewing Machine Is Compact and Portable

The Janome Graceful Gray at only 5 pounds and 9 inches wide, and 10.5 inches tall – that means it is one of the lightest and most compact sewing machines out on the current market. If you live in a compact apartment or having a small amount of area to work in, this sewing machine will be the best solution for you.

If you have to take your sewing machine with you somewhere, then it’s so lightweight, which shouldn’t be a problem. Whether you’re going to attend a class or just to help a friend across the city, carrying this sewing machine with you is easy-peasy.

3. Comes in a Ton of Colors

The Janome Graceful comes in eleven different colors, and the names of these machines are just as interesting as the colors themselves; Graceful Gray, Bandana Blush, Fastlane Fuchsia, Marine Magic, Lady Lilac, Pink Lightning, Mystical Mint, Purple Thunder, Watermelon Crush and Turbo Teal.

All you need to do is pick your favorite color. Not only just fun colors will make your sewing machine stand out alone, but it will also be much easier to provide your flat or crafting area a touch of whimsy with these beautiful sewing machines.

We called 15 pre-teens and asked them to choose among Brother XM2701, Brother LX3817, and this one, and 14 out of those chose this machine just because of looks!

So, if you wish that your little kid always stays attracted to learning the art of sewing, then buy this machine!

Janome Derby Sewing Machine

4. Extra-High Presser Foot Lift

The extra-high presser foot lift provides you to fit all the types of fabrics between the needle plate and the presser foot. You could fit everything from heavier knits to lightweight denim. However, you do not have to use only fabrics, but you could also use the Graceful Gray Machine to sew anything soft like paper for crafting.

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Janome Derby Portable Sewing Machine Is Great for Learning 

Advanced sewists might be underwhelmed by the lack of advanced features and configuration this machine provides, But it’s a great tool for enthusiastic newbies and kids looking to learn this art.

Function like the finger guard, and with the fact that it’s very lightweight, which makes it safe for starters and kids to play and learn with, and to learn the basics down before heading towards bigger projects. It will only have a small number of built-in stitches, making this not too difficult for newbies, and the speed is so great for perfecting general sewing skills.

The Negatives

1. Slow Speed

Graceful Gray only has one speed; sewists found that it was much slower for what they needed. It could be fine for kids and newbies; however, most of the adult sewists wanted a faster sewing machine. This might not be the sewing machine for an experienced sewist.

Besides slow speed, you can’ rely on this machine for heavy denim, layer, thick fur, etc. If you really feel that you won’t be able to do without sewing such heavy materials, then say “yes” to any of the heavy duty machines from the same brand like Janome HD1000 or Janome HD3000.

However, if you feel that Janome’s heavy duty machines are somewhat out of your budget, go for Singer 4432.

2. No Built-in Light

The Graceful Gray also doesn’t come with a built-in light, so you’re gonna have to put a lamp beside or on your machine or place your sewing machine in a spot that has good lighting. Well, this is not the biggest issue; multiple experts noted it in their suggestions.


Most people purchase this machine because it’s highly compact and portable. If you are in search of a feather-weight machine, then look no further towards any other sewing machine than Janome Derby. It’s much easy to carry around anywhere, unlike most of the sewing machines for newbies and kids in the market.

Doing alterations or repairs on the go is not going to be troublesome at all. The Janome Derby portable Sewing Machine includes a few built-in stitches. It comes with the most common stitches for general sewing and normal household. Each stitch comes with its own feature.

Most sewists claim that they have enjoyed the versatility of this sewing machine. It’s much easier to set up & use. It is individually created to turn sewing into a breeze. This part is much more straightforward. No matter how much is your skill level, you will definitely enjoy sewing with this cute and compact machine.

It comes with only one sewing speed, which is probably considered slow by some professional sewists. But it’s perfect for newbies. People or kids who have never used a machine in their life, they discovered the Janome Derby is much easier to use because of the intuitive controls and manual instruction.

But, the limited amount of stitches is what prevents some sewists from purchasing it. Overall, this sewing machine is loved by many many young children. According to our experts, this machine is much better for a newbie because it will be a useful tool to grab experience by doing small projects with huge art and curiosity.

You can see that the pros outweigh the cons. Even If you want a user-friendly, portable machine for general sewing work and also paper crafting, purchase the Janome derby sewing machine immediately.

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