You are currently viewing Janome Magnolia 7318 Reviews: Experts Have a Better Alternative

Janome Magnolia 7318 Reviews: Experts Have a Better Alternative

This sewing machine can make great things, whether you are sewing a garment pattern or repairing a piece of dedicated clothing, or even quilting a warm and cozy quilt.

This machine is easy to use and also a powerful machine that comes with 18 built-in stitch patterns for any sewist to choose from and also includes a four-step buttonhole function to provide you a great collection of button options.

In a hurry to know whether to buy Janome Magnolia 7318 or not? Well, we’d recommend you Brother PQ1500SL over this one (Read Brother PQ1500SL full review HERE). Brother PQ1500SL  highly dominated over the 7318 model in our testing, and is much better value!

Big Benefits of Janome Magnolia 7318

Janome Magnolia 7318

  • Compact
  • Great Price/Quality
  • 18 stitches and a four-step buttonhole
  • Good for long continuous work
  • Dependable for long run
  • Convenient setup
  • Impressive stitches range
  • Appreciable design
  • One of the quietest machines
  • Amazing stitch quality
Aspect Score
Features & functions 76%
Easy to use 89%
Durability 83%
Quality & perfection 80%
Overall score 79%

Big Benefits Brother PQ1500SL

Brother PQ1500SL

  • Quiet operation.
  • Best-rated quilting machines & exceptionally fast.
  • Ultimate best Amazon reviews.
  • 100+ built-in stitch designs and varieties of stitch functions.
  • automatic needle threader & Automatic needle positioning 
  • 8 different 1-step buttonhole options.
  • Retractable drop feed dog.
  • Bright LED work light.
  • Convenient knee lever for smooth shifting.
  • 25-year warranty + 7 UL and CSA certification for electrical components.

These features are much more than Bernina Bernette Chicago 7, and even Janome Memory Craft 11000.

Aspect Score
Features & functions 90%
Easy to use 95%
Durability 97%
Quality & perfection 98%
Overall score 98%

Having your own stitch selection on the front of your sewing machine makes it easier for you to choose them and then apply them as you want to sew instead of referring to the back of the sewing machine like most others do.

We will take an in-depth and detailed look at this particular sewing machine. We’ll look at every kind of aspect it has to offer and then help you evaluate if this is the most suitable machine for you or not!

Overview of Janome Magnolia 7318

Choosing the best suitable sewing machine is also important because it is likely to last you for many, many years. We can also help you to decide if this is the sewing machine to fit your requirements and give you all the kinds of information you need to make an ideal decision. (we recommend Brother PQ1500SL over this one)

What Are the Specifications?

Weight 17.2 pounds
Stitches 18 stitches + four-step buttonhole
Dimensions 19 x 10.5 x 15 inches
Type Mechanic
Speed 750 stitches per minute
Warranty Two-year warranty
Bobbin Drop bobbin


What Are The Accessories?

While all accessories aren’t as extensive when it comes to standing on feet, Janome does provide every sewist with the basics they required to begin sewing from the start.

Blind stitch foot A needle set Felt
Two extra spool pins Bobbin Screwdriver
Buttonhole foot Seam ripper Lint brush
Spool holder Zipper foot Foot control

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Buy on eBay

Mind-Blowing Features of Janome Magnolia 7318

1. Thread Cutter

Thread cutters are just like a huge bonus to have. Their convenience is most useful in how much thread you will end up saving with use, and also, it acts like another extra step you don’t need to worry about. You can find The thread cutter of the Janome Magnolia 7318 underneath the faceplate, much easy to reach, and does the exact work is supposed to do.

2. Good Stitch Range

We’re the first for admitting that 18 stitches don’t seem highly luxurious, but honestly, it all replies how numerous uses your stitches can cover.

With these 18 stitches, a beginner sewist can practice most distinctive types of design without the feel of like they’re missing out on something. And the four-step buttonhole basically works miracles every time, elevating this model from fairly good to pretty worth having.

Other machines that offer good stitch range are Brother CP100X, and Bernette B77.

3. Bonus Bundle

While not all sewing machines arrive with this additional bonus, Janome does a fantastic job at providing this incentive to most of their partnered retailers, and that means higher goodies for you! Not all bundles are similar.

However, most incorporate needles, bobbins, and an additional needle foot permitting you to save on additional trips to your local stores. This is another wonderful bonus for beginner sewists. Certainly, it takes some guesswork as well as hassle out of purchasing these tools on your own.

4. Jam-Proof Bobbin System

This is very self-explanatory and a fantastic note for new/fussy sewers who just don’t have any time to fumble with their sewing machines during projects. Jam-proof, too means frustration-proof.

Buy on eBay

Buy on eBay

What Are the Different Stitches That Janome Magnolia 7318 Can Sew?

This sewing machine arrives with a nice selection of the two utility stitches & decorative stitches. To offer you the idea of some stitches you’ll be able to do with this sewing machine. We’ll look at just some of the famous stitches.

1. Straight and Blind Hem Stitches

Janome Magnolia 7318

The option of straight stitching will be used frequently; however, with the accessible stitch length dial, customizing just how long you need these stitches is possible. This provides you an extra advantage over other beginner sewing models that have just fixed widths.

And for pairing with the blind hem foot is the blind hem stitch, and that will hide the stitch for you and offer you a clean fabric’s finish. Both these stitches are crucial for the seamstress to master. Besides that, the Magnolia will assist you to do just that. You get the same with Bernette 38, and Singer Legacy SE300.

2. Zigzag Stitch

It also arrives with a zigzag stitch, which can be set at distinctive widths for distinctive fabrics. These tight zigzag stitches are fantastic for sewing in satin and other fabrics that are delicate or those fabrics, which require some stretching. You can do overcasting with this stitch when you need to keep edges from unraveling or just to complete a hem.

3. Knit Stitch

To complete stretching fabrics and to seam them, this sewing machine arrives with a knit stitch, which does not stitch highly tightly and has just enough offer to match the fabric.

4. Tricot Stitch

If you require finishing an edge on synthetics as well as fabrics that pucker, this model arrives with a tricot stitch. 5/8 inch allowance is especially recommended for this stitch for executing properly on your fabric.

5. Fagoting Stitch

To join both pieces of fabric together, however, leave an open appearance, this arrives with a fagoting stitch to create this nice & easy. This can be quite helpful in numerous sewing projects and even when doing the designing of your garments.

6. Decorative Stitches

When we talk about decorative stitches, Janome offers you numerous elegant options such as the pin tucking, stitch, the honeycomb stitch, feather the scallop satin stitch, and some others. In case you’ve decorative pillows, curtain, or just need elegant stitching in your clothes, this machine provides some fantastic stitches. You must locate one to fit your project.

What Did We Love About Janome Magnolia 7318?

1. Fabric Sewing Quality

The Magnolia 7318 actually scored great on sewing performance. It scored an 8.1 out of 10 in the tests our experts finished. We compared the performance of this machine on long straight stitches, zigzag stitches, scalloped stitches, and tacking on a zipper.

This sewing machine had a few tension problems when it came to sewing the long straight stitch; however, after several subsequent trials, we concluded to generate a good enough stitch.

The zigzag stitch was nice & even, with ideal stretch & tension, but did bunch up numerous of our test fabrics. We did notice that the thread perfectly works, and you’ll face no issue. The scallop stitch performance looked good across the board on majority of the fabrics that we tested, but in some fabrics (especially cotton), the performance was much poor than expectations.

On the other hand Brother PQ1500SL, and Singer M3500 provide to be more than perfect concerning stitch quality.

2. Janome Magnolia 7318 Is Very Ease of Use

The Magnolia 7318 scored very well for ease of use. It earned a minimum of 8.5 out of 10 in our test. We identified how clear & understandable the work light, printed labels, and other features were to make your life hassle-free while sewing. We found the directions for winding and threading this machine somewhat confusing.

It also was similarly unclear on it’s threading process to the wind. Also, the stitch selection is seemed clearly labeled on the machine. Also, there are on-machine recommendations too, for example, for which presser foot to work distinctive light stitches.

A standout feature of this model was its worklight. By far the brightest and highly amazing out of majority of the sewing models we tested. The Magnolia 7318 is having the standard manual thread cutter saturated on the machine’s back. Being a mechanical sewing machine, this model surely has the capabilities for automatic sewing, also an adjustable stop position.

However, regarding convenience, we still choose Brother PQ1500SL sewing machine.

3. Ease of Setup

Before starting any sewing project, there’s a specific amount of setup which must first be finished. This can consist of winding the bobbin, threading the sewing machine and needle, also installing the bobbin.

The Magnolia 7318 offered a paltry performance in the tests we took, earning a 7 out of 10 in this category.

Undoubtedly, threading the bobbin was easy once you figured it out. Also, the thread will not keep bouncing off of the winding thread while setting it up. We also located the bobbin to be a bit bottom heavy.

Threading the sewing machine was very standard, and installing the bobbin. It was too easy to eliminate the bobbin cover than the apparently indictable style on other Janome models.

4. Button Work

In the last rating category, which we analyzed, button work was able to earn 10/210 of the total score. Surprisingly, the Magnolia 7318 performed alright in this category. This is surprising, as this was among those few models we tested that had a 4-step buttonhole when compared to a 1-step.

This means that  its a little more incorporated on the user’s end for making a buttonhole. But the end quality will surely be higher to a 1-step machine.

We didn’t struggle even a bit with the process; when competed correctly it yields a quality buttonhole, which will be fantastic, especially if the last locking process is adhered to per the instruction mentioned in it’s manual. It was also highly easy to line up the buttonhole in the ideal location.

Buy on eBay

Buy on eBay

Who Is the Janome 7318 Sewing Machine Best For?

Janome frequently markets this model as a “beginner” machine. It arrives with basic stitches, feet, as well as other functionality so someone searching for a high-end machine, which can do additional complex sewing tasks that those who will shop it will completely be satisfied with the versatile features.

Janome currently makes numerous distinctive models of sewing machines (still, a few Brother models dominate). There are specifically some simpler and some highly complex than this model. You might think this model closer in your shopping consideration to an intermediate machine in comparison to a beginner machine.

In case you’re a sewist who is learning sewing for the first time and just want to try figuring out the sewing world all out by yourself, models that are simpler do more for you (like ones that were having an automatic needle threader).

However, in case you’re someone who can walk yourself through the sewing machine and teach yourself the process of using it, this would be a fantastic first sewing machine.

The 7318 model is undoubtedly and expensive model, which is certainly not the best choice at its price.

With the help of adjustable needle positions, drop feed dogs, customizable stitch lengths, and an additional high presser foot option, intermediate seamstresses will locate this sewing machine handy for clothes construction, home decor, mending, and distinctive type of arts and crafts projects.

Being lightweight and with a handle feature accessible on the upper arm, this model is portable for those searching for a quality machine to take with them to any sewing classes.

If we strictly talk about beginners, then we’d recommend Brother cs6000i sewing machine over 7318 model

The Warranty!

With the standard 2-year warranty, you’ll be safe by the guaranteed delivery of your machine. Besides that, reparations to any issued parts that are not considered as the “throw-aways such as knives, light bulbs, needles, and the like.

The 15-year extended limited warranty promises a similar for a much longer period. It will surely replace any materials, which wear out in that time period. This is, undoubtedly, dependent on whether or not you utilized the sewing machine properly. So you must pay attention to that. The warranty might differ depending on your provider, so ensure reading up on the rules beforehand.


After doing this Janome Magnolia 7318 review, we can undoubtedly say that this is a cool choice for especially the beginners to get started, but still, Brother cs6000i is the best (Check price HERE). With the versatility it offers and numerous functionalities, you must locate an approach to use it on numerous tough projects too.

It’ll have all the accessories that are basic you’ll require to start sewing. Janome provides a large range of sewing parts to enhance the functions of this machine. In case you want an ideal machine that’s going to take you from a beginner sewist to an intermediate, this sewing machine is a wonderful option.

However, if you want a more versatile machine, that assists intermediates and experts also besides the beginners, then Brother PQ1500SL is the top recommendation.

Read Brother PQ1500SL full review HERE

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Buy on eBay

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