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Janome Memory Craft 11000 review: It Failed in our Testing

We’re sure that you’ll be amazed after cherishing the SHOCKING FACTS of the Janome Memory Craft 11000 sewing machine. Regarding sturdiness and durability, you hardly have anything hidden, and proud to say, our testers have spent 52 hours overall in 3 testing sessions of comparing this embroidery machine to a few other ones!

If you want a short answer, then Janome Memory Craft 11000 (also, it’s discontinued) isn’t worth investment, as much better choices like Brother PE535 (CHECK PRICE), and Brother SE600 (CHECK PRICE).

Brother PE535


Brother’s embroidery, besides being high at perfection, and features rich, are much greater value for money.

Check this video!

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Janome Memory Craft 11000

  • Unbelievable range of accessories.
  • Good for various sewing & embroidery businesses.
  • Highly attractive design.
  • 358 Built-in Stitches.
  • Just satisfactory customer reviews
  • Sturdy enough to live long.
  • Satisfactory embroidery results.
  • The design could have been better
  • Not Great Price/Quality
  • Better choices available






There are so many accessories included that you hardly ever feel like going out to get any extra! We’ve fully tested the memory Craft model, and frankly, the whole testing session of comparison was not that nice, as the machine was failed many times while crossing all quality and performance hurdles!

The Memory Craft model doesn’t even seem to be among the top 5 most versatile sewing and embroidery machines available out there.

In place, how can can a single machine like Brother PE535 prove to be a master at sewing, quilting, and embroidery altogether? Aren’t you feeling eager to know how Janome’s model failed?

Janome Memory Craft 11000 review

Features of Janome Memory Craft 11000


Sewing Embroidery Quilting
307 built-in stitches Square 8 “x 8 “(200 mm x 200 mm) 24 AcuFil Quilting Designs
13 one-step buttonholes Standard 5 “x 4 “(126 mm x 110 mm) Automatic Stippling in the hoop
Conventional speed 60–860 spm Max embroidery size: 8 “x 11 “ Adjustable ergonomic knee lift
Memory, Stitch editing, Mirror Image, Cancellation, Elongate Embroidery sewing speed is 60–800 spm Built-in Hand-look quilting stitches
Maximum zigzag width is 7 mm 10 monogram fonts, 2 and 3 letter emblems AcuFil Quilting Hoop and Template
Stretch stitch adjustments Re-editing, Arc, Zoom, User color choice Extra high presser foot lift
Maximum stitch length 5 mm reverse, 5 mm forward Embroidery editing: Rotate, Flip, Enlarge/Reduce, Drag & Drop 24 3-part Embroidery Designs for Quilting
7 piece feed dog adding auto drop 122 Built-in embroidery designs Programmable thread cutter
Speed Control Optional Macro Hoop
Electronic foot controller 3 Monogramming fonts
Snap-on feet Standard Hoops

Standard Accessories of Janome Memory Craft 11000


Embroidery hoop-SQ (with template) Embroidery hoop-ST (with template) Even feed foot with quilting bar
MC11K Tools CD-ROM (with instruction booklet) Embroidery hoop-AQ (with template and clamps) Template sheets for built-in embroidery designs
Foot control Knee lifter Power supply cord
Set of red tip needles Bobbin thread for embroidery Key icon reference chart
Automatic buttonhole foot R Seam ripper (Buttonhole opener) Stabilizers
Felts 1 USB cable Instruction book
Instructional movie DVD Handbook CD-ROM Cloth guide
Overcasting foot C Zipper foot E Rolled hem foot D
Satin stitch foot F Blind hemming foot G Overedge foot M
Cording foot H 1/4″ seam foot O Button sewing foot T
Embroidery foot P Darning foot P-2 Spool holder (large)
Quilting guide bar Spool holder (small) Extra spool pin
Felt cushion Spool supporter Screwdriver key
Button shank plate Touch panel stylus Set of needles
Screwdriver Bobbins Scissors
Lint brush Hard Case

Janome Memory Craft 11000 review: Astonishing Features

This model, Memory Craft 11000, is a Special Edition built upon the incredibly precise embroidery and sewing of the Memory Craft 11000, and in addition, a host of new functionalities includes the new AcuFil Quilting System, so it takes quilting to the next level.

However, we’d again mention, it’s still less in contrast to the price tag.


640 x 480 screen resolution 65,536 colors Computer-controlled automatic tension Colored LCD touch screen 7.5²
Two USB Port Slave and Host Built-in auto needle threader 10 on-screen languages
Automatic thread cutter Independent bobbin winder Eight white LED lamps
One-touch needle Up/Down Horizontal full rotary hook Extra high presser foot lift
Horizontal spool pin Hard Cover Knee lifter
Compatible memory devices: USB Memory Key, optional CD ROM drive Multi Folder, which helps to store data with limited memory capacity ATA Card

From the two way connection with a personal computer to the movable i-height touch screen, this Memory Craft 11000 has tons of functionalities which are unavailable on any other sewing machine at this range of price. Its unified carriage arm embroidery system provides industry-leading stitches quality with robotic precision.

AcuFil Calculator

Input your quilt size in the AcuFil Calculator, which calculates and also lays out the Stippling for quilting to precisely cover your entire top. And that’s just the beginning.

Choose from tons of embroidery quilting patterns and stippling designs to customize your quilt top. The alternative Digitizer embroidery software picks layout possibilities into the next step with all-new quilting possibilities.

AcuFil Quilting System

Besides the embroidering patterns on the quilt tops, the particular segment of the Janome exclusive Acufil quilting System will combine to create Memory craft 11000, the ideal quilting machine.

AcuFil Quilting Hoop (Hoop AQ)

This new AcuFil™ Quilting Hoop is the fastest hoop you’ll ever use; it also allows a sewist to move your fabric material in any direction while continuing your pattern. The Magnetic clamps have taken the place of the inner hoop that holds the many layers of your quilt dynamically in place so that you will be able to quickly re-hoop.

AcuFil Print Tool

You can always Connect your Janome MC 11000 Special Edition with our exclusive direct personal computer connected to send your patterns to your PC so you can print a completely new template made by you.

How Big Can You Go

It totally depends on you. The AcuFil™ Quilting System is so precise and accurate, so you can continue a fill design across all the hooping. Your pattern is no longer limited to the size of your hoop. The AcuFil™Calculator could generate Stippling for your new quilt top maximum to a 10′ x 10′ range.

Get Creative With 24 AcuFil™ Stippling Designs

Now you can have precise Stippling at the press of a button. Use these designs to create your own unique in-the-hoop stippling patterns.

  • 4 Blocks of Stippling: Rectangle-shaped stippling pieces you can combine to perfectly fill your quilt.
  • 8 Meandering Stippling Parts: Variously shaped bits of Stippling for filling in around any designs.
  • 12 Pattern Stippling Parts: Use the classic meandering stippling elements above or build a custom quilting design from these patterns, such as a leaf, crescent, or pebbles.

Trim Your Jump Threads Automatically

When an embroidery machine travels from one part of a design to another, it leaves jump threads. These can be quite a jumble, especially if your design calls for stitches of the same color in the corners of your hoop.

Often, you have to carefully clip all jump threads between each color. The Special Edition has eliminated this tedious process with an Automatic Jump Thread Trimmer. You can program it to trim threads as small as 3 mm in length. The mechanism even pulls the thread tails to the back for quick finishing.

Maintain Perfect Seam Allowances With The AcuGuide™ Automatic Cloth Guide

Maintaining an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance is so important in quilting. The new AcuGuide™ not only serves as a cloth guide; the machine measures the allowance for you. Simply snap it onto the carriage arm of the embroidery mechanism and enter your desired seam allowance. This is also wonderful for hemming or aligning rows of quilting or decorative stitching.

358 Built-in Stitches

With 358 built-in stitches, it’s hard to be left empty-handed on stitch optioning. This Janome sewing machine includes basic, decorative, zigzag, and stretch stitches, as well as thirteen different one-step buttonholes. They are all built right into the device and can be accessed through the press of an icon on the touchscreen.

LCD Touchscreen

The Janome Memory Craft comes with an LCD touchscreen – and, considering the space it takes, it’s hard to miss. This is the control center. You will pick stitches, different designs, fonts, stitch widths, and stitch lengths all from this screen. It’s large enough to view your options effortlessly, and it organizes every detail into tabs, making the choices both easy to find and easy to use.

What we didn’t love in Janome Memory Craft 11000 review?

Automatic Needle Threader & Automatic Thread Cutter

One of the best features of any sewing machine is the automatic needle threader. Threading a needle can be frustrating, but this feature handles it in seconds. To use the tool, start by holding the thread and pressing the auto needle threader button. The threader will lower automatically, and a hook will appear from the eye of the needle.

Pull the thread across the thread guide and then pass it under the hook. Finally, draw the thread to the left and slip it into the thread holder. Cut the thread using the thread cutter and then press the threader button again.

The machine will pull it through the needle. One of the unique features of this sewing machine is the thread cutter button. Instead of using a blade on the side of the machine, as with most sewing machines, the Janome Memory Craft allows you to simply push a button to cut your thread.

In this machine, it’s present. Does it work the way it should? Sorry to say, no! In our testing, the automatic needle didn’t work properly on 3 out of 9 occasions.

We thought that could be issue with that articular model, so we had to bring another unit for testing. Not just with the first model, but with the second model also, the automatic needle threader failed to impress.

Janome Memory Craft 11000 is Versatile, but overall performance doesn’t satisfy

With 358 stitches built into this sewing machine, it’s no wonder testers found this Memory Craft to be so versatile. It’s unlikely for you to discover a stitch this machine doesn’t have.

However, if you do, or if you are looking for a design that’s not built-in, there is a USB port located on the side. Simply link it with your computer, find designs online, and transfer them directly to your sewing machine. There is also the ability to wirelessly connect the sewing machine to your computer.

This makes it even easier to access a nearly endless supply of stitches and designs. Your imagination will be the limit when it comes to this sewing machine, perfect for helping sewers of all ages to delve deeper into their craft.

But we advice, rather going for the number of in-built stitches, you should go for perfection, and in that department, Janome Memory Craft 11000 displeases. The stitch quality of a few under $300 machines is better than this model, and that’s harsh.

Easy to Set Up, but tough to use

With all the technology included on the Memory Craft 11000 SE, it should take you only a couple of minutes to set up. The bobbin is easily threaded using the spool pins on the top of the machine.

To thread the needle, you simply follow the numbered arrows on the front of the machine, and then, once you make it to the needle, use the automatic needle threader. From there, you can choose different designs, stitches, and other options from the LCD touchscreen.

You won’t be left too confused or frazzled when it comes to the set-up of your new sewing machine. This means you can get to sewing so much quicker! With all the included accessories, you’ll have a world of sewing techniques at your fingertips with minimal effort.

However, when we talk about using this machine, you may left confused for days! We agree that this is because of plenty of features, but Brother’s embroidery machines are also feature-rich and working on them doesn’t prove to be that confusing.

On the other hand, Brother PE535 is so Convenient!

With everything onboard and/or included with the Brother PE535 , there’s no need for secondary purchases and no hassle in choosing your options. Everything is just a press of a button, a flip of a switch, or a touch of an icon away.

Testers found this machine to be especially convenient because of all the features included. The automatic features take a lot of the daunting tasks out of sewing and will be a great help, whether you still new to sewing or experienced.

Let’s conclude Janome Memory Craft 11000 review

After combing through all the positives and negatives, we recommend Brother PE535 over Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE. It will be hard to find another sewing machine with more features than this, but the “value for money” and “performance for money” factors lay the negative foundation.

The price is too high, there are still many options to choose from, but if you want to be on your way to conveniently sew a wide variety of projects, then grab machines like Brother PE535Brother SE600, or Brother SE1900. These are all versatile, and most importantly, fulfilling all your desires at unquestionable prices.

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