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Janome Memory Craft 200E Review That Shows You the Truth

Sewists who are searching for a perfect professional-grade albeit reasonably rated embroidery machine will specifically admire the Janome Memory Craft 200E.

Ultra efficient, this Embroidery machine is Wonderful for those sewists who wanna indulge in some embroidery with minimum effort from their side.

In fact, this particular model has even been used for professional purposes by several sewists who successfully managed to get an advantage of this machine to turn their hobby into a successful business.

However, we’ve got a much sweeter recommendation. It’s none other than Brother PE535 sewing and embroidery machine, which beat this model by 7-2 in our testing.

Yes, you got it right, we’re recommending Brother PE535 over Janome Memory Craft 200E in this review, as Brother PE535 isn’t just feature-smart, but also much better value for money.

We advice you to go to Brother PE535 review, but if you desire to continue reading about the 200E mode, then most welcome!

Big Benefits of Brother PE535

Brother PE535

  • Robust and durable
  • Needle Threader
  • Easily portable
  • USB for Importing Files + Access
  • Huge collection of patterns
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Attractive design
  • Dependable warranty
  • Ultra fine embroidery results
  • Silent operation
Aspect Score
Features & functions 91%
Easy to use 91%
Durability 88%
Quality & perfection 94%
Overall score 97%

Big Benefits of Janome Memory Craft 200E

Janome Memory Craft 200E

  • Start control button
  • Big brand name
  • Multiple resizing options
  • Convenient embroidery area
  • Supportive warranty terms
  • Easy to move around
  • Great for home business
  • Very sturdy
  • Final outcome is amazing
  • Huge size embroidery hoop
  • Impressive design
Aspect Score
Features & functions 69%
Easy to use 71%
Durability 84%
Quality & perfection 79%
Overall score 74%

The Memory Craft 200E provides the sturdy design characteristic of Janome, hence sewists will enjoy a totally stable and durable machine even when doing embroidering at full speed. Besides that, It also boasts of a lavish embroidery area so you will be able to work on mightier than average embroidery patterns.

Since it is so affordable compared to other Janome machines, this specific model is very repeatedly used by newbies as a starter machine before buying a more expensive model. It has the best advantage of being easy to use for both beginners and experts. We can say the same for Janome Sewist 780DC, and Janome Skyline S5.

What Are the Specifications?

Weight 31.5 lbs 14.99 Pounds
Built-in designs
73 80 built-in designs
Dimensions 28 in x 21.5 in x 17.5 in 16.5 x 7.8 x 12 inches
Type Computerized Computerized
Speed 650 spm Computerized
Warranty 25 Years 25-year warranty
Embroidery area 5 x 5 inches 4 X 4 inches
Pattern Rotating 45 degrees 45 degrees


Let’s See Accessories of Janome Memory Craft 200E

Lint brush Bobbin Additional spool pin
Spool stand Felt Spool holder (Large)
Scissors & Set of needles Spool holder (Small) Screwdriver
Embroidery hoop Instruction book Power supply cord
Template sheets Instructional movie CD Softcover


Accessories of Brother PE535

Instruction manual Embroidery frameset Needles
Scissors Seam ripper Screwdriver
Bobbin clip Spool net Cleaning brush
Spool caps Embroidery foot Dust cover
Thread spool insert Bobbins


This range of accessories is actually better than what you get with Bernette 38, Janome magnolia 7318, Brother CP100X, etc.

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Buy on eBay

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Impressive Features of Brother PE535 That Make It Better Than Janome Memory Craft 200E

Brother PE535 2

In order to learn everything about why and how brother PE535 manages to dominate over Janome 200E Embroidery Machine, let’s go into detail about the kinds of features offered by brother’s high-end embroidery machine.

1. 80 Built-in Designs and 9 Built-in Fonts of Brother PE535 Over 73 Built-in Designs of Janome 200E

This embroidery machine provides 73 built-in designs. Which are there to give you with the benefit of making your decision while stitching the fabric material.

but as you can read, Brother PE535 offer 80 of them, and that too better and more usable ones.

Plus to these beautiful designs, 9 different kinds of monogramming fonts are also included with it (Janome comes with just 3 boring ones). You could use these fonts for any kinds of letter designing. Even though you have any other designs, you could conveniently download them from the internet whenever you want.

Much lesser costing Brother PE535 offer more flexibility, and honestly saying, you can do more creativity it than you could do with Janome! Even Janome 3160QDC, and Janome 8077 are better.

2. Good Stitching Speed

200E Memory Craft Machine operates at a good pace, but harsh to say, the quality gets compromised at top speeds.

This has a stitching speed of approximately six hundred fifty stitches per minute. Well by this fast speed you could possibly save a good deal of time that means you could make good money on account of benefits.

But only if you can compromise with the quality.

Brother PE535 is a fast machine as well, but it’s actually an embroidery machine, and doesn’t function as a raditional sewing machine . It clearly means that if you’re keeping your focus on embroidery, then undoubetdly the PE535 is suitable, but for both sewing and embroidery, you should choose Brother SE600, which costs you around $440 on Amazon (CHECK LIVE PRICE ON AMAZON).

Using a high speed embroidery machine like Brother PE535, you could hold the power to finish multiple embroidery tasks even in case of a low time duration. However, if you want more speedy machine compared to this one then you could always go for high-end embroidery machines.

You might realize that there are few machines which operate at ultra-high speeds. the best recommendation from our side is Brother SE600. It’s unbelievably reasonable, feature-rich and highly dependable.

Also read: How worth is Bernette B35 machine?

3. Janome 200E Comes With Built-in Carry Handle but Brother PE535 Is Much Easier to Carry

Our experts already have spoken about the weight of this machine — a husky 26 pounds — so the handle for carrying is a real essential whenever you do transportation. We can say that this is heaviest embroidery machines our experts have dealt with.

On the other hand, there’s a better carry handle with Brother PE535, but you will be able to carry it from one place to another whenever you desire, and it weighs much lesser.

4. Touchscreen LCD of Brother PE535

The PE 535 machine comes with a high-end useful LCD display. It will allow you to have a fantastic vivid look at whichever operation is being processed by it. Its LCD screen also includes the functionalities of touchscreen that allows you accessibility and convenience. In addition, you could make use of this touchscreen to rotate patterns and designs at an angle of 45 degrees.

5. USB Compatibility and Memory

Brother PE535 4

If you have any knowledge about any different currently released embroidery machine, you will discover that almost every high-end embroidery machine comes with the facilities of computer connectivity and also USB compatibility. This functionality allows you to do transference of different patterns between your embroidery machine and computer.

You could select any pattern designs of your demand and then transfer it to your machine so you can implement it on any piece of cloth.

6. USB Port and Multi-Folder Memory

You could connect the PE535 machine to your computer easily in order to transfer your patterns across for embroidering. It has a multi-folder storage for you to save all kinds of your patterns and designs too.

7. Built-in Needle Threader and Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder of Brother PE535

Newbies and those of us with eyesight problems could rejoice — there’s an automatic built-in needle threader! It gets much quicker and easier to get ready with the automatic declutch bobbin winder as well. There’s an automatic thread cutter included with this machine too.

8. Extras

This machine will notify the sewists with screen messages in 11 different languages. This is also known to be a unique and cool function of this embroidery machine that is also remarkable.

It includes a carriage arm and also a separate carry handle so you can move it easily anywhere you desire. Some presser foots also comes in the package, like button sewing foot, darning foot, hem foot, dual feed foot, zipper foot, etc.

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Buy on eBay

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What Did We Love?

Here, in this article, we’re recommending Brother PE535 instead, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing impressive in the Memory Craft model. However, there aren’t too many impressive points about this machine, still we’re mentioned the ones that we discovered through 16 may 2022 testing.

Brother PE535 5

1. Embroidery Area

The Janome 200E provides  a 5×5” max embroidery area, which is more than you get with newbies models just like the Brother PE500. This also provides you comfortable work with huge embroidery patterns without the need of rehooping.

2. Janome Memory Craft 200E is so ease of use

Affirmatively, newbies may feel confused at the beginning because of the digitized advance features. However, once you have the hang of it, this model is pretty easy to operate, and then you get used to it, the advanced computerized features could make the embroidery job even easier since you could simply swipe your fingers across the touchscreen to activate a wide amount of handy functionalities.

For instance, you could very easily take the advantage of the LCD display to shuffle in the tremendous built-in patterns of the machine.

3. Good for Embroidering at Low Speed (Still, Experienced Embroiders Should Go With Brother PE535 or PE600)

Believe it or not but this one really is a ideal embroidery machine. Much easier to use comparing to other embroidery machines, tons of design potential, and also expert engineering which makes plenty of space and also admirable stitching quality. You couldn’t go wrong with these professional machines.

Brother PE535 has got 4×4 inches embroidery area, but the quality of embroidery is much better than Janome Memory Craft 200E.

4. Lots of Pre-programmed Designs and Patterns

Brother PE535 1

The LCD screen is immensely useful to the new embroiderer, with fifty five designs and eighteen patterns pre-programmed in. If a sdewist is just beginning or wanna create a multitude of designs, the Janome Memory Craft 200E will definitely guide them on how to go about it, accessing an aspiring embroiderer to make fantastic designs.

5. USB Compatible

A USB port gives you the facilities to transfer patterns outside those pre-installed in the 200E. So when it contains a tremendous amount of designs and patterns so you can keep learning embroidering with new approaches, you could still bring their own from the computer or other kinds of programs.

Besides that, another advantage of this is the similarity with other embroidering machines; patterns created on here could be saved and also it could be transferred to other products with the Janome Embroidery Machine line, in any moment you ever decide to upgrade to a more advanced model.

6. Impressive Overall Performance

As with almost every embroidery machine nowadays in the current market, the USB compatibility is there and the embroiderer could transfer self-made or downloaded designs, from their device to the machine.

73 designs are Included with the 200E though, that is a lot for a newbie. It’s much important to take the note that embroiderers could also be allowed to use the 3 different monogramming fonts – that means you could work on different products like napkins, towels, and cushion covers.

Talking about convenience for beginner, Brother PE535 proves to be more convenient, and the 200E  was pretty confusing as per most of the beginner volunteers that we included in the testing.

Absolutely, you’re free to buy and also download more and transfer them via the USB. With the help of The digital software you will be allowed to edit and fine tune any built-in and imported patterns by editing and rotating them. The display and touch screen are highly instinctual and work great, the 700KB built-in storage memory system could save up to hundreds of designs and patterns.

The embroider could easily access their information by searching it on the display using the touchscreen – a lot of embroidering information could be found there, Just like the time you’ve done work on a certain amount in the past, Pattern size, the number of colors, demanded for a certain pattern and more.

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Buy on eBay

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Is There Anything to Worry?

Brother PE535 3

1. It’s Big!

The Memory Craft 200E do need some serious room to work.  While setting this up, you will have to make sure that you do have enough desk room to accommodate the bulk then you still have some room for yourself.

In addition, when you have to store it, it will not be an easy task to do: you will have to allocate quite a cupboard or a closet space for the embroider machine itself. Some Janome products have a carrying case, but the 200E Bundle offers a carrying handle (which actually isn’t that strong).

2. Very Complex for Beginners

Undoubtedly, embroidery machines aren’t as easy to operate as sewing machines, but talking about 200E, some of it’s features are really complex. Brother embroidery machines are much easier to use, and that’s the reason beginners have given positive reviews to Brother models, while for Janome embroidery machines, beginners don’t have much of good to say.

3. It’s price

Ok, we agree that the machine is an amazing one, but can you foresee the price tag?

This one is available in between $800-$900, while comparative models, for example, are available at around 50-60% cost in contrast to Janome Memory Craft 200E.

Most of the pricey embroidery machines are bought for the professional purpose, and one would surely think twice before investing such huge amount, when earning has not even started.

That the reason we prefer recommending Brother PE535 or Brother SE625 (if you want a more feature-rich model), both below $600! 


Copy of martyn top10

Jarome has truthfully gone out their way to create a versatile (but not that affordable) embroidery machine. This is a perfect model that every expert will absolutely love, furthermore the exact gift for those one who want to carry out embroidery to the next level.

In our expert’s opinion, this embroidering machine is a perfect piece of tech which allows you a convenient (but not easy) way to create any sort of embroidery projects. However it’s not available in exchange for a expected amount of money. Top of that, it doesn’t have the power to give you a good deal of money the way Brother embroidery machines do.

In some other words, you’ll undoubtedly recover your money spent on this machine, but it may take several months, if we talk honestly. Thus, purchasing this embroidering machine is OK, but a smart buyer would prefer saving $300 or so by buying Brother PE535 which has almost same features, and is more convenient and easy to use.

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Buy on eBay

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