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Janome Sewist 740DC Review – A Good Investment

The Sewist 740DC is a durable computerized sewing machine that works smoothly, produces excellent stitches, and is very simple to learn and use. It also has a slew of useful features.

However, some owners have reported troubles, more so than with other Janome machines. Is it a good investment? Probably, considering a large number of satisfied customers. However, it may still pose a greater danger than some of the other Janome devices on the market today.

Janome Sewist 740DC


A Word About the Brand!

Janome began in 1921 as The Pine Sewing Machine Factory and changed its name to Janome Sewing Machine Company Ltd in 1954. They were the first firm to provide a home computerized sewing machine, and the company today offers basic sewing machines, treadle-driven sewing machines, computerized sewing machines, embroidery machines, and other products.

Janome means “snake’s eye.” The firm presently operates throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Janome is a worldwide known brand that has developed into over 100 countries. Distribution takes place through a retail sales channel, and information on where to buy may be found on their global website. For a user, this implies that if you need parts, accessories, or manuals, you must also contact a retail distributor. Janome models are frequently rated well by their owners. 

What Does the Sewing Machine Include?

Janome Sewist 740DC

1. Five Imperative Factors

  1. The 740DC sewing machine of Janome includes five essential factors that meet the specifications of sewers of any expertise.
  2. The stitching machine comes from the most popular brand, and it is a well-reviewed product.
  3. The stitching device comes with all the basic and advanced features to meet the demands of all levels of sewers.
  4. The sewing device comes with a simple design, allowing you to handle it effortlessly if you are an amateur hobbyist or a novice sewer.
  5. The device is capable of providing you with quality stitches.

You will get all the essential accessories or attachments at the most affordable cost.

2. Versatile Design

Janome delivers the 740DC stitching appliance with attractive bonuses, as well. The versatile design of the sewing equipment makes you use it effortlessly and efficiently. It is a user-friendly device, allowing you to attain your sewing goals effectively.

The manufacturer designs the device with several options, which will overwhelm you. You’ll get peace of mind in knowing that you acquired the best and the most flexible stitching device in the industry.

3. Computerized Machine

Janome computerized the entire sewing machine to provide users like you with the required comfort and convenience. It means that the device comes with many benefits and commanding features. The manufacturer builds the sewing equipment with enough stitch options. They allow you to use them for a range of applications conveniently.

4. Handy Stitch Options

Janome outfits the sewing appliances with 4o stitches. Among them, you can choose 20 stitches directly, the other 20 from the slide-out sew chart effortlessly. It means that choosing and making creative stitches will be a breeze with this 740DC stitching equipment.

5. Functional LCD Screen

The 740DC stitching machine comes with a helpful LCD screen, showing you the selected stitch. It also displays the optional foot and the default stitch length and width. You can use the handy LCD screen to change your stitches according to your specifications and needs.

6. Different Styles of Buttonhole

Janome outfits the Sewist 740DC with three styles of buttonholes. You can create them effortlessly in a single step with the sewing device. It also comes with many other special features at a reasonable machine price. They include:

  • Maximum pattern elongation of 5 times the actual length
  • Effortless set up bobbin system
  • Automatic bobbin winder system, without unthreading the stitching machine
  • Integrated needle threader
  • Needle up or down lever
  • An automatic stitch locks system for locking off of precise patterns and stitches 

Above all, you will be capable of starting or stopping your sewing job effortlessly without a foot control using a functional start/stop switch of the device.

7. Top-Notch Features of the Sewist 740DC of Janome

The computerized 740DC sewing machine of Janome allows you to use, maintain, and preserve it without putting in much of your effort. Some of the highly commanding features of the stitching appliance include:

8. Enough Built-in Stitches

Janome designs the Sewist 740DC with 40 helpful stitches, allowing you to use them for a range of sewing applications. The manufacturer offers you the option to select these switches directly from the chart that comes with the device.

You can get access to the stitch chart effortlessly and quickly, as well. You can select the length, width, and style of your preferred stitches, as well, from the stitch chart. You will also be capable of choosing buttonholes in a range of styles to meet your fashion needs.

9. Durable and Sturdy Frame

The main reason for the extreme popularity of the 740DC sewing machine among sewers of all levels is its sturdy construction. Janome builds the frame of the stitching appliance using high-quality die-cast aluminum.

It makes the device suitable not only for heavy-weight applications. The material also provides a long-lasting life to the stitching devices.

10. Easy Handling Capability

The die-cast aluminum frame of the Sewist 740DC makes it more frivolous than other analogous stitching devices in the market.

You can handle, move, and maneuver the sewing match effortlessly, as it weighs only 22.5 Pounds. The lightweight design of the stitching machine allows you to take it to your classes effortlessly.

11. Ergonomic Handle

The main reasons for the maneuverability of the sewing machine are its lightweight design and durable, sturdy handle. The manufacturer designs the handle with enough strength, allowing it to bear the weight of the devices efficiently. You can also get the serenity you need by knowing that you can transport the sewing device safely.

12. High Sewing Capability

Janome designs the 740DC stitching device to help users like you in all aspects. You can complete your projects not only effortlessly but also quickly. The manufacturer equips the device with the fastest sewing capability of 820 stitches per minute. This stitching speed allows you to undertake projects of all sizes and needs with confidence.

13. Informative User Manual

Janome delivers the Sewist 740DC with a comprehensive and informative user manual, as well. It aids you significantly in using, handling, and maneuvering the sewing machine effortlessly, effectively, efficiently, and conveniently. This 64-page long manual includes easy-to-understand instructions.

The manufacturer executes the graphics in this detailed manual in a well-structured manner, allowing you to understand them clearly. The manual covers all aspects of installation, features, basic stitching, decorative stitches, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the stitching appliance.

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Consumer Ratings:

We looked online for 740DC owner ratings and discovered over 120 – see table below. When these assessments were averaged (we use a weighted average), the sewing machine received a score of 92.4. This is an excellent score. However, we have seen several better-rated Janome machines – read our list of Janome Sewing Machine reviews for more information.

Consumer Rating

  • Amazon4.6/5 stars & 48 customer reviews
  • Sewing Machines Plus: 5/5 stars & 5 customer reviews

Janome Sewist 740DC or 780DC?

There are two models: the Janome Sewist 740DC and the Janome Sewist 780DC. We compared the two devices, and it appears that there are just a few changes between them. The 740DC has 40 stitches, whilst the 780DC has 80.

The 780DC additionally contains an automated thread cutter button and a thread cutter memory key (for automatically cutting threads after locking stitches), but the 740DC does not. Everything else looks to be the same, as far as we can determine.

The color gradient around the top is an easy way to determine the difference between the two sewing machines. The color of the 740DC is red, whereas the color of the 780DC is blue/green. Amazon also has price and user reviews for the 780DC. We’ve discovered that the 780DC is often $100USD more expensive than the 740DC.

Pros & Cons

A thorough analysis of owner insights and comments has concluded the following 740DC pros/cons.

  • Creates a nice quality stitch
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Runs very smoothly
  • Manual is well written and detailed
  • Can sew through many layers
  • Sturdy machine
  • Automatic needle threader
  • The light is a little dim

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What Are Owners Saying?

janome sewist 740dc

One of the most popular compliments is that the 740DC is simple to operate. Some claim to be complete beginners and find the machine rather simple to set up and operate.

We’ve also heard a lot of excellent feedback from users, including “this machine is a workhorse,” “love it,” “amazing machine,” “simple to manage,” “beautiful stitches,” and “best machine ever.” 

People say the Sewist 740DC produces a very fine, even stitch and sews easily. However, one user said their machine shook a little at high stitching speeds. However, most owners note that this is a durable, solid machine.

The 740DC has enough power to stitch through numerous layers of fabric as well as very thick fabric, which is a benefit. However, there have been various reports that dense textiles do not always feed effectively.

There are other remarks concerning bobbin tension difficulties. It appears that it can become quite loose, resulting in thread loops. Some claim that altering the tension will cure the problem, while others claim that even after adjusting the tension, the thread will loop again.

Furthermore, many customers believe that the LED stitching light is too faint. Although we have encountered some machines with decent illumination, this is a rather typical problem with many sewing machines.

Everyone agrees that the operating handbook is well written and practical, and they like the supplied DVD that demonstrates the machine’s basics. More owner reviews may be found on Amazon.

Let’s Take Look on Some of the Key Specifications!

  • Automatic needle threader
  • Backlit LCD control screen
  • 40 built-in stitches
  • Max stitch length = 5mm
  • Max stitch width = 7mm
  • 3 styles of one-step buttonholes
  • Stitch elongation (max = 5 times)
  • Max speed = 820 stitches per minute
  • Auto declutch bobbin winding
  • Top loading full rotary hook bobbin
  • Lock stitch button
  • Start/stop button
  • Drop feed capable
  • Speed control slider
  • Manual thread tension control
  • Free arm
  • 7-piece feed dog
  • 71 needle positions
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Reverse button
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • Adjustable foot pressure (6 levels)
  • Programmable Needle up/down
  • Manual thread cutter
  • Twin needle capable

What Don’t You Get?

Some things that one may expect but aren’t provided include:

  • Last stitch recall capability
  • Knee lift
  • Mirror image stitches
  • Twin needle guard

Stitch Chart

Note: When a stitch is chosen, the LCD screen indicates:

  • Default stitch length
  • Recommended foot
  • Selected stitch
  • Default stitch width

Here Are Some Other Features & Accessories:

janome sewist 740dc

LED illumination is included in this gadget. The 740DC weighs 14.3 lbs and features a die-cast aluminum frame. It’s small enough to bring to class and comes with a built-in carry handle and a protective case. For lessons, we believe that a sewing machine should be a bit lighter (we like 12 lbs or less). If you’re hunting for a portable sewing machine. But then you may have to compromise on features and sturdiness.

This is likewise a dual voltage sewing machine, with a voltage range of 80V to 240V.


The 740DC comes with a variety of presser feet, including an automatic buttonhole foot, blind hemming foot, zigzag foot, zipper foot, overedge foot, and satin stitch foot.

A set of Janome plastic bobbins (4), needles, small spool holders (2), big spool holders (2), an additional spool pin, and foot control are also included. A lint brush, screwdriver, seam ripper, power cord, instructional DVD, and an operating handbook are all included. A storage box is integrated inside the sewing machine.

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What About Warranty?

The Janome Sewist 740DC embraces the general Janome 25-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. It highlights:

  • 25 years warranty on mechanical parts
  • 5 years warranty on electrical parts
  • 1-year warranty on labor


1. Is the 740DC sewing machine automatic?

Yes, the manufacturer fully computerizes it to make sewers use it conveniently and effortlessly.

2. Is the Sewist 740DC come with optional accessories?

Yes, it comes with other accessories, such as you need, in addition to standard accessories at a nominal price.

3. How many stitch options does the stitching appliance have?

Janome equips the stitching machine with 40 stitch options, allowing users to use them for a range of projects effortlessly and effectively.

4. What options does the device feature for selecting the stitches?

You can select your preferred stitches directly. Otherwise, you can choose some suggested stitches from the effortless access slide-out stitch table. 

5. Can I preview my selected stitches?

Yes, you can see not only your stitches. Yoy can also view their length and width on a function LCD screen that you get with the sewing appliance.

6. Can I modify my selected stitches?

Yes, you can do stitch modifications effortlessly through the LCD screen.

7. How many styles of buttonholes can I make with the 740DC sewing equipment?

You can make a maximum of three styles of buttonholes with this sewing device.

8. How can I trust the Sewist 740DC?

The manufacturer delivers the stitching machine with many attractive warranties on its electric parts and labor. These warranties further substantiate that this computerized sewing machine model is a reliable and performance-centric device in the market today.

9. Why is the Sewist 740DC so popular?

The reason for the popularity of the stitching equipment is its remarkable design features, a handful of helpful accessories, reasonable price, and many attractive warranties.


With the Sewist 740DC machine, you’ll be flying through sewing projects in no time! You’ll have everything you need to ease out sewing simple with its easy threading system, LED illumination, and high-lift presser foot to aid when stitching with heavy fabrics. This model also has automated one-step buttonholes, 20 direct pattern selection keys, a stitch reference chart, and much more!

So, it’s truly, truly, truly enough!

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