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Expert’s Juki DDL 8700 Review (Don’t buy)

Juki DDL 8700 Industrial Sewing Machine was basically a single-needle lockstitch industrial sewing machine, which was manufactured for use with lightweight & medium-weight fabric.

Does this machine do justice to your money? Nope, it doesn’t!

Even if you’re searching a second hand model, it’s a bad idea.

Undoubtedly this machine has a big name among the industrial sewing machines, but the negatives we discovered in our testing made us shift back from recommending it.

Juki tl2010q is a thousand times better model, as it scored 9.2/10 in our testing in comparison to Juki DDL 8700 which scored just 4.6/10!

We know, that’s shocking!


What were the big attractions with Juki DDL 8700?

  • Perfect for apparel & interior fabrics
  • Durable unit
  • Quick operation.
  • Fantastic flexibility in stitching speed
  • Basically, no assembly needed as the unit will be delivered entirely assembled

The negatives!

  • Not good for very thin and slippery materials.
  • Can do only one type of stitching – straight line
  • Not portable enough
  • Very loud noise.
  • Extremely expensive
  • Much better alternatives available.
  • Not that good for versatile sewing.






This makes it best for crafting or repairing a huge range of apparel from jackets to undergarments.

In case you’re in the business of producing or repairing clothes, whether basic apparel or stylish ones, you’ll surely require a heavy-duty sewing machine built to withstand industrial operations; however, it is gentle enough too for tackling light & medium fabric.

The Juki DDL-8700 will surely not disappoint you in this case. It’s essentially your ideal option when you want a sewing unit, which is greatly durable than the home-use ones but also highly affordable in comparison to the industrial sewing machine built for leathers & other thick materials.

Juki DDL 8700 Review


Weight 28 pounds
Lubrication Automatic
Dimensions 48 x 36 x 48 inches
Type Industrial
Speed 5,500 stitches per minute
Warranty 5-year limited warranty
Lift of the presser foot 13mm
Lift of the presser foot by hand 5.5mm
Maximum stitch length 5mm
Needle bar stroke 35mm


1/2 HP clutch motor (110V-220V) Tabletop plywood: 48″ x 20″ Tools & printed manual
6 extra pieces of bobbins 1 bobbin winder 10 additional pieces of needles
Oil pan with sewing machine oil Machine belt guards V belt
Thread stand & sewing drawer Knee lifter


Dimensions 25.7″ by 14″ by 18″
Weight 38 lbs
Warranty Juki’s standard warranty
Type Industrial
Throat area 8.5 x 5.9 inches
Speed 1500 stitches/minute (minimum speed is 200 stitches/minute)
Max stitch length 6mm


Extra high presser foot lift Automatic needle threader Automatic thread trimmer
Needle up/down control Straight stitch (only) Feed dog can be raised/lowered
Adjustable presser foot pressure Easy bobbin replacement Sub tension unit
Sewing speed control slider LED light Extended flatbed
Knee lifter lever Preset needle stop position Thread tension scale


Which machine is easy to use among Juki DDL 8700 and Juki TL2010QI?


Juki DDL 8700 was easy to use, but this machine was complaint to be jammed. So, what’s the use of being easy then?

That’s the reason we’re discussing Juki TL2010QI here.

Although TL2010QI is a pretty heavy, industrial sewing machine, it’s still easily usable. One thing we like regarding this sewing machine is the fantastic speed control that you can receive.

Going super slow will be possible if you want. Or super quick. This machine will go crazy at high speeds. Also, the stitch quality is fantastic at top speeds. The motor is highly quiet. There’s no more sound that’s annoying, which is unbelievable for such a powerful & strong motor.

This Juki TL2010QI model is an ideal choice for both medium weight & lightweight fabrics. It performs a fabulous job with canvas & denim. However, ensure using the ideal needles for the best results. This unit arrives with among the most beautiful straight stitches.

So, TL2010QI  is cleanly a better option that DDL8700.

Thirlling features of TL2010QI that make it dominate over Juki DDL 8700


A single-needle, lockstitch sewing equipment is there, along with an auto-lubrication system
Arrives with 110-volt servo motor, which makes quiet operations successful of the sewing machine
It has adjustable RPMs for huge-ranging options for stitch speed
It offers the highest stitch length of 5 millimeters, giving a minimum of 6 stitches per inch
The model is capable of producing a maximum stitch speed of 5,500 stitches per every minute
Uses Organ DBx1 needles (similar as 16×231) or nearly sizes 9 to 18
The dimensions measure 25.7″ by 14″ by 18″
An 11-inch arm space is there from neck to needle
Arrives with the maximum of 1/4-inch presser foot lift with the help of hand lever
The machine offers up to 1/2-inch presser foot, which can be lifted by knee lever


Comparison of Sewing Speed and Perfection

Both the machines machine have impressive speeds at their price. Juki DDL8700 has the highest sewing speed of 5,500 stitches per minute. And that number is superb when it comes to sewing machines.

Juki DDL8700 was built to be a rapid-paced industrial machine to permit professional seamstresses to sew in huge numbers. However, quality is compromised at 4000+ stitches speed in this machine.

Fortunately, with Juki TL2010Q, that thrills at 1500 sticthes/minute, the stitch quality remains similar even when you’re speeding along. Individuals with experience in sewing, or those working like professionals will get a huge benefit with its high speed.

Speed control machanism

The speed control mechanism of Juki TL 2012Q is one of the most fabulous features of this machine.  A few fabrics demand low speed for perfection, and that’s where this machine nails the job.

Even if you’re a part-times, such features may give your projects wings. We sewed a few layers of denim at various speeds in 3 different machines, and Juki TL 2012Q performed the best. Juki DDL8700 stood nowhere in the competition.

Drop Feed & adjustable Feed Dog System 

A feed dog is essentially the one, which is responsible for grabbing the fabric as well as moving it along the sewing machine for easier fabric feeding. And without one but four feed dogs in total, feeding any fabric via the machine with ease & speed will be possible. Juki TL 2012Q comes with a feed dog, which you can raise or lower.

As your needle plunges into the fabric, it’ll create a stitch, and while the needle is up, the bottom feed dogs will grab the fabric and will move it along through the sewing machine. With this drop feed system, doing free motion quilting as well as thread art sewing will be easy.

So, it’s more convenient than the DDL8700.

Amazing Motor of Juki TL2010Q

What’s fantastic about this machine is the ability for sewists to select the motor that arrives with it. Selecting between a standard clutch motor and a servo motor as per your requirements will be possible. A clutch motor is the commonest one you indicate in an industrial machine.

It is cheaper in comparison to the servo; however, controlling your stitch speed with this machine will not be possible. With the other case, if you select the servo motor, you’ll get speed control, 110 volts, quiet operation, and, most importantly, energy-efficient too.

The servo motor is what actually makes the Juki sewing machine stand out among other competitors’ industrial sewing machines accessible in the market. This 110-volt component is amazingly quiet, and worrying will not be required about sewing any time of the day.

Hence, the servo motor isn’t just sturdy but also quieter, making it a pretty great industrial machine. In addition to that, regulating the stitching speed with the help of a variable rheostat dial is possible.

Presser Foot Knee Lift

The Juki TL2010Q incorporates a presser foot knee lift to provide sewists the ability to do hands-free-control. This is designed too for additionally bulky seams. The highest presser foot lift is presented at half an inch by knee lever, whereas, at 1/4 of an inch by a hand lever. It’s pretty identical to the DDL 8700.

Included Table 

As it’s a heavy and bulky machine, Juki has incorporated a table with dimensions of 48 x 20 x 36 inches with Juki TL2021Q. This designated table is is even sturdier than the table you get with DDL 8700.

the bad thing about DDL 8700 is that the machine is attached to the table with hinges, so lifting and identifying the oil reservoir will be easy for you. there no such issue with the TL2021Q.

Thread Foot Control

This feature permits sewists to freely operate the sewing machine in terms of the sewing speed.  Therefore, this can be a very versatile feature, enabling you to decrease & enhance the speed at your own maintained pace. Not just that, but its full-foot feature also reduces foot & leg fatigue. It’s pleasure to have thread foot control in the TL2021Q model.

Juki DDL 8700 review: Is there something positive about this machine?

We’ve been talking negative things about the Juki DDL8700 till now, but that doesn’t mean this machine is crap. We agree than this machine gets beaten up by Juki TL2010Q, but there are a few impressive points as well.

But that, we don’t mean that it’s great value for money. It isn’t! Currently we shall cherish the impressive points.

Amazing Built Quality

Best known for the endurance it has, the Juki DDL-8700 is basically a single-stitch, single-needle industrial sewing machine, which seems to just keep going & going. Undoubtedly it’s supremely a heavy-duty machine.

Its rugged built features and all-metal gears are specially constructed to last, something you just won’t locate in those models that are cheaper. The 8700 features a capacity of self-lubricating too, so frequent oiling isn’t something the normal sewist requires to worry about frequently.

Juki DDL 8700 is versatile for the job!

According to Juki, the DDL 8700 model is suitable for sewing a huge variety of light to medium duty fabrics and wasn’t designed for use with heavy fabrics, for example, leather & canvas.

However, several sewists have stated that they’ve had no issue at all while doing sewing work with upholstery fabrics, vinyl, leather, and other materials that were heavy.

They simply built adjustments in their selections of presser feet and needles utilized to accommodate such heavier fabrics. For numerous moderate to heavy home use, this Juki model looks capable of most any sewing task. What it doesn’t offer is a wide variety of alternative stitches.

The primary design purpose it had was for fast, straight stitching for the clothes industry. Also, it’s become a favorite for those users who sew while sitting at home too.

Still, we can’t skip that the DDl 8700 model fails to deliver as per its price with a few fabrics.

Juki DDL 8700 review: Are there any negatives to consider?

Heavy sewing machine 

There’s a misprint in the organization listing that shows a total weight of 20 pounds; however, in fact, this powerhouse weighs a whopping 125 pounds and needs at least two individuals to move it around.

The weight of the sewing machine’s head alone is nearly 62 lbs. We can’t imagine it being a funny type of experience to have to dismantle your sewing machine all the time, just getting it inside the door.

Large size 

The entire height is 48 inches when completely assembled. The entire height of the table without a machine installed above it is 36 inches. 48 x 20 inches big table place it offers. Because of its size, the DDL 8700 needs its own space. We can’t consider this model as a portable sewing machine by any stretch.

Before you purchase it, ensure having a designated sewing room or place, so moving it more than once will be easiest. The huge size and weight might also be a factor in “shipping damage.” Because with virtually any product, circumstances might be there when those complaints arise about products that come with slight damages.

Juki TL2010Q doesn’t trouble you this way.

Let’s conclude Juki DDL 8700 review


Yes, Juki DDL 8700 is discontinued, and even if it were available, we wouldn’t have recommended it.

Let’s talk about the best replacement – Juki TL2010Q

At less than the expense of numerous home sewing machines, you won’t break the budget adding the Juki TL2010Q to your sewing machine’s collection, and it’s fairly easy to do numerous maintenance & repairs of your clothes yourself.

Even if it’s a single-needle straight stitch sewing machine with no additional bells or whistles, the TL2010Q is still a workhorse that will surely outlive any other machine you own, and probably even you!

The all-metal built & components are constructed to last, as evidenced by its weight. Parts can be easily replaced and can be shopped relatively inexpensively. This machine is undoubtedly an excellent investment for sewists that are serious about their work.

However, the necessity of oil & regular maintenance should be taken into consideration before you welcome the TL2010Q into your sewing studio. However, It’s not a huge task, but it surely is a crucial step in using almost any sewing machine successfully for various years.

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