You are currently viewing Juki DDL 5550 Review: Don’t buy it says the EXPERT

Juki DDL 5550 Review: Don’t buy it says the EXPERT

Juki DDL 5550 review: This machine is perfect for sewing lightweight to medium weight fabrics. Let’s be clear here, it’s not intended for leather or any other heavy materials, and there are several complaints about this industrial machine.

But are those complaints legit?

The straight answer is – 80% of them are legit!

This model is manufactured for reduced noise & vibration and built for comfortable operation. The Servomotor used by this model is that this machine uses nearly 90% less energy in comparison to other sewing machine’s motors.

Is DDL-5550 value for money? Nope! We’ve come to that after lengthy research!

We aren’t like other affiliates who look forward to earning commission by selling somehow! We are honest, and we’ll reflect the same in this article.

We’d suggest machines like Brother PQ1500SL over this one.


Juki DDL 5550

  • Doesn’t make high noise.
  • Doesn’t shiver much, even at speed.
  • Very strong & stable.
  • Thundering speed of 5500 Stitches a minute.
  • Decent stitch quality.
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • ​Best of its kind.
  • ​Low maintenance.






It’s also a 1/3 lighter when compared with clutch motors, and flipping a switch to make the machine sew in reverse is what all you’ve to do. The motor’s adjusted speed doesn’t maintain the same if you push down on the pedal in tough manner.

Also, such industrial machines are supposed to be quite but this one recorded 59.3 decibels in our testing. That is noway close to quiet. The even stitches made by this sewing machine are of good quality, though. While it goes forward & in reverse, it doesn’t prove to be perfect and smooth.

Juki DDL 5550 review

Rather, you should check this Brother PQ1500SL video review:

Credit: Ken’s Sewing Center
In case you’re a quilter, we suggest you try some other models (Quantum Stylist 9960 or Brother CS6000i), but it’s ideal for binding, piecing, and straight-line quilting. This machine is sold as an entire unit. It incorporates the machine head, motor, sewing stand, drawer, light, table, and all essential components for successful sewing.

However, remember that Juki DDL-5550 is heavy weighing (nearly 250 pounds in total), so you’ll require some assistance to set it up. But other than that, this sewing machine needs some maintenance, and you can escape that!


7 millimeter long is its needle bar stroke is It has a full-rotary hook system
The machine is best for low weight to medium-weight fabric It uses Organ DBx1 needles, 16×231 or sizes 9-18
Utilizes a quiet 110-volt servo motor Has automatic thread trimmer for high convenience
Auto-lubrication system for convenient maintenance and operation The highest length of the stitches can go up to 5 millimeters
5.5 millimeters is the lift of the presser foot by hand & 13 millimeters by the knee. It uses the New Juki Defrix Oil No. 1 lubricating oil or any other product with ISO VG7
The sewing speed of this model ranges from 5,000 to 5,500 stitches per every minute Its entire dimension is 48 inches long, 48 inches high, and 20 inches wide

Fabrics you can sew

  • Natural fibers/cotton-linen-wool
  • Knits
  • Fine fabrics/silk-satin-taffeta/velvet
  • Denim
  • Synthetic fabrics/blends-rayon-polyester
  • Upholstery
  • Fur
  • Leather/suede
  • Reptile skin
  • Plastic/Rubber
  • Canvas/Twill
  • Extra thick fabrics or multiple layers

Juki DDL 5550 review: Appreciable Features

Already Set Up

Among the greatest things regarding purchasing this specific model is that building it yourself isn’t required. You don’t require to confuse yourself by sifting via dozens of parts that are confusing and trying to put the sewing machine together piece by piece. The whole machine arrives already built and ready for you to use.

This fantastic sewing machine will be delivered to your home’s front door on a pallet. We recommend having another individual to assist you there as it’s extremely heavy. However, once you get it set in the ideal position, you’ll never need to move this sewing machine model again.

The quality of the machine is very effective than buying replacement parts will not be needed. Also, if you still want some spare parts for whatever reason, then buying from a manufacturer is very easy. Setting up the sewing machine is all needed once it’s delivered is the thread holder and that you can easily screw on.

After that, you must add oil. Once the oil is entered, you are ready to sew. It’s that easy! Besides that, purchasing oil separately isn’t needed. This machine arrives incorporated with a pack of needles, a pair of screwdrivers, a bobbin, a bobbin case, and the whole bottle of oil for the sewing machine.

However, it only arrives with a solitary presser foot. Worrying isn’t required when threading the machine, as it’s extremely simple. In case, for some circumstances, you get confused when you tread the machine for the first time, there are numerous tutorial videos accessible that you can watch and thread it like a breeze.

Servo Motor

The most essential feature of the Juki DDL-500 is, without any doubt, it’s an incredibly powerful servo motor. It’s designed so perfectly to effortlessly reach top speeds of up to 5,500 stitches per minute, but when we reached above 4,000, we didn’t meet desired perfection.

Besides that, any rate beneath that will whisper quietly. The sturdiness of this model also lends a hand in keeping vibrations from this sturdy motor to a minimum.

The DDL-500’s latest iteration has a new model control box, especially for the motor, which helps to reduce power consumption during standby and benefits from the most recent in energy-saving technology.

Responsive Mechanism

As you’d expect with any industrial sewing machine at this cost point, the Juki DDL-500 has phenomenally even & smooth stitching (only below 3500 stitches/minute speed).

All thanks to the incredible responsiveness of its thread take-up as well as feed mechanisms, thread paths, and hook. They’ve been constructed to respond to the minutest changes in material to make sure stitch consistency as soon as possible.

Sure Thread Trimming

A thread trimming mechanism is what you get installed on the Juki DDL-500 Straight Stitch Sewing Machine, which will trim evenly & accurately even when it’s stitching at the maximum speeds.

High Presser Foot Lift

This industrial lockstitch sewing machine is basically the real bee’s knees when we talk about multiple layers, and this is entirely demonstrated with the ultra-high presser foot lift. It permits you to easily maneuver materials as well as sew overlapping pieces when you deal with layers.

Juki DDL 5550 review: What we didn’t love?

Performance that’s met by a few cheaper machines!

There are a few other machine (at lower cost) accessible that can beat the Juki DDL-5550 in terms of performance. This machine is able to sew over all types of thick layers of fabric, but you need to be ready for some hiccups. Besides that, it’s not recommended for leather or other materials that are thick, but a few competing machines can undoubtedly work on them.

However, where it really shines is with numerous layers of thin or medium fabrics, for example, cotton, lace, fleece, and much more. The motor outputs a power’s crazy amount, but the machine makes a racket, as per a few users and also, our expert testers.

Instead, we recommend Brother PQ1500SL, which almost sounds like the sewing machine is simply whispering while it’s in motion. Adjusting the speed of the motor is easy in brother’s model, too, turning it to low until you can, after all, master it’s fantastic 1500 stitches per minute. You’re then able to hop the motor up in speed.

As one more wonderful feature, you get a built-in bobbin winder with PQ1500SL, which will permit you to sew and to wind the bobbin that too at the exact same time. The bobbin automatically will stop as soon as it’s full.

Price may hurt you

While it’s true that numerous hobbyists don’t need a fancy industrial machine for crafting curtains, tablecloths, quilts, drapes, and all types of other miscellaneous things, the cost type makes it worth it.

The cost of the Juki DDL-5550, which arrives with among the most powerful motors and among the sturdiest sewing tables accessible in the business, actually prices pretty much more in comparison to most high-end sewing machines.

Also, in case you want fancy computerized features and numerous stitches, this machine won’t be suitable for you. However, who really requires that stuff?

There are numerous times when sewing, you really don’t require using anything other than a straight stitch. And in case you want the ideal straight stitch possible, this sewing machine does deliver, but yes, this machine is expensive than what it should be.

Juki DDL 5550

Is there anything more to bother about Juki DDL 5550

Heavy and Not Portable

It’s actually magnificent that the Juki DDL-5550 industrial sewing machine arrives totally put together, as it means a little setup is needed. However, it does arrive with a heavyweight. Since it’s an entire big piece with a table & stands incorporated, moving it can be a bit tricky to the place you require.

You might want to hire some additional assistance, too, for that. And once you ideally place it, you’ll want to keep it there. It’s undoubtedly not a portable machine and requires a solid space inside a steady workroom. Fancy an ideal sewing machine to carry around with you at festivals & craft shows? Then It’ll surely be the Juki DDL-5550.

A few other negatives include:

  • Issue of skipped stitches.
  • High noise at high speed.
  • We really wish this machine’s price to be somewhat low.

Let’s conclude Juki DDL 5550 review


​Juki DDL 5550 is a good sewing machine, but in case we say honestly, there are a few industrial sewing machine that will be able to beat this sewing machine in terms of performance with perfection. Its speed is good, but is speed the only thing you consider?

Professionals are going to prefer this machine for mass production. It’s easily operable features & straightforwardness make it a cool choice for intermediates too. As we described before, Juki DDL 5550 is strictly not for beginner sewists.

It has all the facilities & features that an advanced level sewist needs. but the thing you won’t like is it’s high noise. Also, a bit of additional look-after & maintenance needed. We don’t recommend this sewing machine as it doesn’t offers you what’s needed or expected in comparison to what you’re paying.

Buy Brother PQ1500SL instead, as this machine runs without getting distracted in terms of perfection at all. If you’re a perfection and performance lover, then you would find Brother PQ1500SL 100 times better than Juki DDL 5550.

Read full review HERE.

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