You are currently viewing Juki HZL F600 Reviews From sewing Experts: WORTH BUYING?

Juki HZL F600 Reviews From sewing Experts: WORTH BUYING?

We tested some expensive and buzzy machines from Juki in May-July 2021, and the models that impressed one include JW8100, tl2010q, Juki hzl-dx7, and obviously, this one.

In case you’re trying to discover a high-tech sewing machine, which comes loaded with top-notch features and is ideal for quilting, doesn’t look further and fit yourself with the Juki HZL F600.

After reading our Juki HZL F600 reviews, you’ll indicate that this machine surely is worth the investment for any type of sewist ready to take their sewing to the further step. The model arrives within a total of 225 built-in stitches and has convenient features.


Juki HZL F600 Reviews


  • Compact and sturdy
  • 225 built-in stitches & 16 buttonhole options
  • A lot of features, particularly for quilters
  • Intuitive design
  • Foot pedal with integrated thread cutter
  • Large LCD display
  • Highly appreciable price point.
  • Features will win your heart
  • Comes with numerous useful accessories
  • Perfect design for convenient work






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That makes this model worth your time & cash. Juki has been in the sewing machine business for 60 years. Their research has brought greater levels of technology to sewing incorporating labor-saving devices that enhance productivity and an impressive level of operator comfort & safety.

If you ignore the price factor, then Juki is even better than Brother! Juki has produced very less “fail’ machines, while some Brother machines we avoid recommend are CE1100PRW, SE400, CE8100, and SQ9185. Yes, brother’s list is longer here.

To indicate what all it offers, try looking at our Juki HZL F600 reviews.

Juki HZL F600 Reviews


900 stitches per minute 255 stitch patterns Box feed technology
Wide sewing space Light and thick material compatible Extended sewing table
Dual LED lighting Free-motion sewing Random stitching option
Knee lifting lever Foot control 16 buttonhole types
Sensor method buttonhole Cutting width adjustment Automatic needle threader
Pressure adjustment Direct stitch selection


In order to make that 225-stitch promise true, the Juki sewing & quilting machine must come with an accompanying set of accessories. There are 10 (!) snap-on presser feet, embroidery, for appliques, pearl-attachment, and whatever quilting style you feel ideal at ease with. It certainly delivers, and providing the sewists with:


Wide extension table Knee-lift lever (4) Bobbins
Quilting guide Eyelet punch Spool caps (small, medium, and large)
Auxiliary spool pin Customized screwdriver Seam ripper
Foot controller Twin needles DVD instruction

Astonishing features marked in our Juki HZL F600 Reviews


Juki HZL F600 Review

Abundant built-in stitches

How do you prefer having all your stitches in-built? Fantastic, don’t you agree? Now how could you want more? For example, 225 more?

See, while keeping professional seamstress in mind, it delivers a wide variety of patterns, which give you the many options:


Stretch stitches Straight zigzag
Buttonholes Bartacking Zippers
Pintucking Scallop stitches Applique
Patchwork Decorative Blind Stitch
Quilting stitches Overcasting

No matter built-in stitches are somewhat less, but as overall, it’s better than several Singer like 8500q, 9100, 7256, and 9980.

If you have regularly used stitch patterns, saving them and easily picking them out is possible using the Direct stitch mode. This basically makes sewing highly easy, especially when using specific stitches on specific fabrics.

The number of options is instead high, but no need to feel free. For switching from one to another, just pressing a button is all required to switch to your desired stitch.

Thread cutter

A thread cutter has every time been among every seamstress’s favorite accessories. It basically simulates having pockets in your pants. Or not! (As some sewing machines don’t have it).

You can work comfortably on your sewing machine without having to worry regarding the last spot you placed the scissors. This is because the machine arrives with the following three precise thread cutters in-built on the sewing machine for trimming the upper & bobbin thread:

  1. With a push of a button.
  2. Automatic trims.
  3. It also enables you to use the foot controls heel side; trimming with your threads will be possible, both the upper and the bobbin, saving your time and effort.

Four Fonts

All it takes to indicate that the Juki HZL-F600 is a greater advanced sewing machine is to locate the monogramming fonts it arrives with. With 4 font options, the HZL-F600 is not the suitable one to start out on, but in the case of next-level is what you’re searching for, it’ll do just fantastic.

Large LCD display (33mm x 66mm)

The huge LCD display of Juki HZL F600 sewing and quilting machine makes the reading process easy and is a fantastic little addition, especially when we talk about monogramming. Say good-bye to squinting & typing in a program without even identifying for sure whether it registered or not. Also, the screen is sufficiently big for every bit of information.

Large, Wide Work Surface

The Juki HZL-F600 arrives with an 8” wide, 12¼“ snap-on surface to work on, which is considerably bigger in comparison to what most quilting machines have to offer. The surface area, in addition to the Juki’s high arm, actually makes the tossing & turning of thick fabric half the work it normally is.

Knee-Lifting Lever

A pretty clever add-on, possibly inspired by the industrial background of Juki: a little knee-lifting lever that permits the sewists to control the presser foot without even having to pause their sewing work or lose monitoring of the pattern.

Foot Controller along with a Thread Trimming Function!

Built with knowing perfectly what a more experienced sewist requires, the HZL-F series from Juki has introduced the thread trimmer foot controller. This device is what you’d call nifty; just by pressing the foot controller’s heel side, the machine will trim both needle & bobbin threads automatically, hence making it extremely simple to move on to your further pattern.

Uses Box Feed Technology

It’s undoubtedly clear that Juki really cares about the sewing quality by adopting the technology called box feed. While most sewing machines have the normal oval conventional feed, Juki scrapped that & took it to a top-notch by incorporating the box feed to make sure whatever you’re sewing doesn’t or shrink or shift. This assists the accuracy of your sewing no matter you’re working on light, medium, or heavy materials.

Direct Stitch Pattern Selection

Sewists’ most frequently used stitches are easily picked through the little keyboard, hence saving you both the time that most sewing machines take to look up your preferred stitch and the time it consumes to type in the program. Selections incorporate invisible hemming, overlocking, and stretch stitch, to name some.

Juki HZL F600 Reviews – What did we love

Speed and endurance

Would you prefer to take a quick guess? The Juki 600 works fast & smooth at 900 SPM making your sewing experience just like a dream. How much can you achieve with 900 stitches every minute? We think a lot! In case you have heaps of fabrics to quilt or sew, then the answer is just in front of you!

Juki HZL F600 Review

The machine is high-powered! With this heavy-duty sewing machine, stitching continuously for over an hour is possible without having to stop. 900 stitches every minute can undoubtedly be considered high speed; you’ll be impressed how much you can achieve in a short time.

So Easy to use

This machine comes equipped with an intuitive design, which is easily learnable. After getting used to the control panel and getting knowledge regarding how to make adjustments & change settings, it’ll become extremely straightforward for you. That said, an individual new to sewing might get a little overwhelmed.

The fantastic thing about this sewing machine is that growing into it is possible. It’s undoubtedly possible to begin as a beginner sewist with this machine, learning just the basic, straightforward techniques as well as expanding your knowledge as soon as you feel comfortable and earn more skill.

That said, it’s critical to understand that this isn’t the type of machine, which one can master in an afternoon. It’ll surely take time and plenty of practice too for learning everything it can do as, honestly, this model just does so much.

This isn’t an ideal choice in case a simple, straightforward machine is where your destination ends and don’t feel like putting a great deal of time into mastering something highly advanced.

However, from a different side, this is a fantastic machine for intermediate sewists who are carving their path to advanced sewing skills. In case you already know the basic understanding of how sewing machines basically work, then making the most out of the Juki HZL F600 Juki HZL F600 sewing and quilting machine will become fairly easy.

For the Heavy and the Light

The Juki HZL-F600 Sewing and Quilting Machine are superbly versatile. From the million options of presser feet to the endless stitch-options, this model can be used for stitching simply (though why would you?).

Also, for the most advanced, professional-quality clothes making. In other words, whatever is wandering in your mind, undoubtedly you’ll still be able to make it on the series of HZL-F. Light chiffon, Thick fabric, pearl-applique, and you will be assured as this sewing machine can tackle it all.

High Quality Within Its Range

We admit this sewing machine isn’t the cheapest machine out there; however, considering its price range, this machine is undeniably among the best out there, built ideally for your sewing projects. Its design is meticulous and ingenious at times. The machine knows what it’s doing and requires the type of sewist that can keep up.

Juki HZL F600 Reviews – Oh yes, it’s Customizable!

This machine arrives with a sufficient amount of customization options, which accommodate a huge range of fabric. You can adjust the presser foot easily to offer the ideal amount of pressure for maintaining control with distinctive fabrics.

That’s not all; a knee lifting lever is there too that permits you to adjust the presser foot without even the help of your hands. The sewing speed can be controlled with a foot pedal as well that even has the ability to trim the needle & bobbin thread hands-free.

The adjustable buttonhole cutting width offers you versatility and can be used to craft buttonholes for button-down shirts, jeans, and much more. An extended sewing table that comes with Juki HZL F600 sewing and quilting machine always makes a machine superb for quilting and other huge projects, too.

Increased sewist’s comfort

As we described, this machine has numerous built-in stitches & fonts, and also the huge LCD display is really easily readable, so you know what you’ll know about programming with no second-guessing. It’s a fantastic feature for any sewist but especially those who face a tough time with small displays.

One other cool thing regarding the display is that it’ll store your stitches, which are most used by you, so hunting down via the menu to locate them will not be required. Just a press of a button, and you’re all set to begin sewing.

Juki HZL F600 Review

You already know about the huge sewing work table but what we didn’t describe is that this machine actually arrives with a snap-on work surface. You get higher space when you require it for massive projects but can remove it easily too when you’re working on projects that are highly delicate & detailed.

The knee-lifting lever might be a bit of a throwback to the industrial background of Juki. It’s an ingenious approach to enhance productivity because it enables you to make adjustments without even having to take your hands away from your work or losing the pattern’s track.

All thanks go to this foot pedal with an integrated thread cutter. You’ll locate it rapidly and easily movable from one pattern to the further.

Assistance at the Ready

The dangers because of the complicated sewing & quilting machines are that, despite an ideal design, additional assistance might be tough to come by.

In this, Juki is basically an exception: the assistance they deliver in solving technical issues is pitch-perfect, spending just the required time to assist you to get to the bottom of what’s is or not working.

Most importantly, the company ensures that its sewists are investing both their time & money in a sewing machine that isn’t every time the most comprehensible.

They’re more than just willing to reward that trust’s show by listening just to your huff & puff over the phone as “no, I’ve surely pushed that button before, and the last time, I swear the button didn’t work…”

Doesn’t Make a Fuss

We didn’t describe this yet, but it pretty much warrants a mention: the Juki HZL-F600 is supremely quiet. For a sewing machine of this size, doing what this model does with the number of features & accessories it has – this is pretty impressive.

So now, quilting with the radio on and just hearing the next song clearly is possible with this sewing machine & quilting.

Juki HZL F600 Reviews – The Negatives


Not for the Easily Confused

In case it hasn’t become clear to you even now, let it be said louder & clearer: this sewing machine is not your basic run-of-the-mill sewing machine that is built for entry-level sewists. It’s a complicated little number, which will require your complete attention, especially when we talk about the programming of your stitches.

So, in a case out of the box & running in just a five minutes type of sewing machine is the end of your searching, then this one surely isn’t gonna suit your requirements.


Let’s Conclude Juki HZL F600 Reviews

Atfer considering the price of Juki HZL F600, leaving this deal seems to be very challenging. If there’s a sewer’s heart within you, then it certainly won’t let you leave this deal. Getting to the serious note, Juki has designed the F600 model accommodate whosoever sits with this machine.

There is much for everyone, and regarding sturdiness, it’s certainly better than the competitors. you may feel that you’re shedding somewhat extra on this highly versatile machine, but remember, what this machine is returning you is truly insane.

You’ll never get bored, finish projects before time, sharpen your skills pretty rapidly, and most importantly, the HZL F600 model is a one-time investment! We recommend it for everybody!

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