Juki TL2010Q reviews 2021: OMG 9.4/10 from EXPERTS!!

Juki tl2010qi reviews : Sewists heap praise on the Juki 2010 because of its stitch quality & its ability to sew through thick materials effortlessly – even at high speed. The sewing machine is getting fantastic reviews too and ratings from quilters.

This is a sturdy, workhorse of a sewing machine, which is well built. However, it arrives with a straight stitch function, which only some individuals may find limiting. Besides that, this model is mentioned by some as a portable sewing machine, and because it has a carry handle, then undoubtedly, it’s still quite hefty.


Juki tl2010q reviews

  • Beautiful stitch quality
  • Able to sew easily through thick, heavy materials
  • Fantastic machine for free motion quilting
  • Easy to setup & operate
  • Feels sturdy
  • High-quality fit & finish
  • Has numerous sewing speed control varieties
  • Features will win your heart!


The TL2010QI is a single needle, lock-stitch sewing machine built of aluminum die-casting. It’s too similar to the TL-2000Qi, but it arrives with a variable speed controller.

In case a variable speed controller isn’t required in your sewing projects, then you may wish to consider the TL-2000Qi, which, too, has fantastic consumer ratings. The Juki TL2010QI is not just perfect for quilting but also ideal for tailoring, dressmaking, and home décor items.

Using it as a tabletop machine is also possible or on sewing machine quilting frames that add to its versatility.

In our Juki TL-2010Q review, it contains all the information, which every sewist requires before deciding whether this sewing machine is worthy of being sitting & working on the sewing table.

Juki tl2010q reviews

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 25.7″ by 14″ by 18″
Type Industrial
Speed 1500 stitches per minute (minimum speed is 200 stitches per minute)
Warranty Juki’s standard warranty
Max stitch length 6mm
Throat area 8.5 x 5.9 inches
Straight stitch (only) Automatic needle threader Automatic thread trimmer
Adjustable presser foot pressure Extra high presser foot lift Feed dog can be raised/lowered
Sewing speed control slider Needle up/down control Extended flatbed
Knee lifter lever LED light Easy bobbin replacement
Thread tension scale Sub tension unit Preset needle stop position

Fabrics Juki 2010 can sew

  • Natural fibers/cotton-linen-wool
  • Knits
  • Fine fabrics/silk-satin-taffeta/velvet
  • Synthetic fabrics/blends-rayon-polyester
  • Leather/suede
  • Upholstery
  • Fur
  • Canvas/Twill
  • Reptile skin
  • Plastic/Rubber
  • Extra thick fabrics or multiple layers

Accessories and Fabric Accommodation

The Juki TL2010Q sewing machine incorporates several accessories to assist you in getting started:

  • 3 presser feet ( quilt foot, standard, and even feed foot)
  • 2 screwdrivers
  • Extension table
  • Lint brush
  • Spool cap
  • Needles
  • 4 bobbins
  • Dust cover

Juki tl2010q reviews: Amazing features

Automatic thread trimmer – the machine arrives with an automatic thread button, in which you can trim the bobbin & needle threads simultaneously just by pressing a button. Engaging the thread trimming mechanism is possible both through the trim button & the foot controller.

Highest speed control – the machine is equipped with a lever to control speed, which offers you finish control over the speed of sewing. You can select to set the speed anywhere between 200 to 1500 stitches per minute to sew precisely.

Thread tension scale & Easy bobbin replacement

Thread tension scale feature permits you to adjust the thread’s tension to suit both the fabric and the sort of thread used. Further, The machine’s enlarged bobbin case area makes the replacement process easy whenever necessary.

Speed control mechanism

Juki tl2010q reviews

The Juki TL-2010Q arrives with a microcomputer-controlled speed control mechanism, which enables you to get perfect results when sewing fabrics at low speeds. This implies that controlling the machine accurately will be possible no matter the speed you determine to use, which comes in pretty handy when sewing several layers or thick materials.

Needle Up/Down control & Presser foot pressure adjustment

The model has the ability to stop the needle in the down position while you stop sewing, for right on the point free motion work. You can just press the needle up/down button whenever you want to move the needle as per your requirements again.

Fortunately, with this feature, you can adjust the pressure foot’s pressure according to the sort of fabric you’re sewing with. To do so, just turn the regulator on the machine’s top; yes, it’s that simple.

Illuminating feature of Juki 2010

The Juki TL-2010Q is equipped with a bright-white LED lighting for getting sewists an illuminated view of their work, which enables precise sewing. The LED is easily replaceable, so you can opt for a greatly powerful one if required; however, the one that arrives with this model is also sufficiently bright.

Automatic needle threader & Several quilting feet

Always, you’ll be able to begin sewing quickly; all thanks go to the push lever thread, which effortlessly threads the needle, so worrying about eye strain will not be required when doing it manually.

The Juki TL-2010Q arrives with a Juki 1/4 inch as well as 1/5 inch quilting feet, which are suitable for free-hand embroidery & free motion quilting.

Juki tl2010q reviews

Knee lifter lever& Even feed foot 

This feature enables you to lift or lower the presser feet without even taking the help of your hands. The highest height the presser foot can be enhanced to is 12 mm.

Even feed foot feature is basically indispensable for fabrics, which are tougher to tackle, such as velvets & georgette, as it permits you to craft even seams.

Extension table

Among the reasons many sewists prefer the Juki TL-2010Q sewing machine is the fact that there’s a huge room accessible for your project, mostly all thanks to the extension table that arrives with it. This makes it to handle the larger quilts & other heavy projects.

Moreover, the machine’s throat portion is specially designed with huge quilts in mind. The machine also arrives with a variety of accessories in the box, incorporating a foot controller, a cover for the machine, a cleaning brush, several feet including a zipper foot & presser foot, a power cord, a spool cord, and various needles.

Juki tl2010q reviews: What did we love?

Overall performance

The Juki 2010 is basically a performant, semi-professional quilting & sewing machine, which is also portable and arrives with a single needle. Built with aluminum die-casting, this sewing machine makes this possible for you to earn professional-quality sewing at home.

Some of the features that are advanced you can expect to locate on this Juki machine incorporate bright white LED lighting, a slider especially for speed control, and a sub-tension system that’s basically considered as an industrial-level.

Constructed with precision sewing in mind, this sewing machine boasts a great deal of workplace of 23 inches and comes finished with an auxiliary table.

When we talk regarding the performance it offers on numerous types of materials; you’ll be pleased by learning that it’s capable of sewing easily no matter what sort of fabric you determine to use, ranging from light silk to hard denim or leather.

Juki tl2010qi sewing machine is very Ease of use

Now, let’s talk about Juki 2010’s ease of use; we identified this among the easiest models to learn in its industry, even in case you’re a complete beginner. Because mastering it is very simple, it’s a model loved by several hobbyists.

The setup process is basically very straightforward, and the machine arrives with a comprehensive manual, which can assist you in getting up & running in no time. The instructions offered are very detailed, which means that no matter the machine arrives with a huge variety of features, learning it to use will still be too easy.

Moreover, the LCD screen’s controls are highly intuitive, so it doesn’t consume much time to get used to utilizing the Juki TL-2010Q sewing machine.

Sewing speed of Juki tl2010q

The Juki TL-2010Q is built in a way, which speeds up the sewing & quilting process. The sewing speed of this model is 1500 stitches per minute, and you can get straight stitch just with this machine. Undoubtedly, it’s a known fact that most sewists like a machine with rapid sewing speeds as they permit you to finish a project faster.

Juki tl2010q reviews

Numerous of the similar machines accessible on the market arrive with speeds under 1000 SPM, and that makes the Juki TL-2010Q a sturdy machine that can provide you speeds of up to 1500 SPM, no matter the type of fabric you decide to use. Adjusting the speed of the sewing machine is easily possible and goes as low as 200 SPM.

Low-speed settings are recommended for beginner sewists or for delicate fabrics as they leave a bit more room in case error occurs than maximum speeds.

Built-in stitches, stitch length & width

The Juki TL-2010Q is a 1-stitch sewing machine built for heavy-duty sewing projects. This implies that you can just create straight stitches with this model. A dial is accessible so you can adjust the stitch’s width & length. The quality of the stitching you’ll get with the Juki TL-2010Q is impressively outstanding.

A reverse lever is also incorporated in case of performing reverse stitches that you want. The highest stitch length of this sewing machine is 6 mm. However, it only arrives with one stitch; it generates highly professional outcomes, and using it for heavy-duty sewing projects is possible too.

Thread cutter

It’s actually a weird thing worth appreciating, but we preferred the thread cutter accessible on this sewing machine! While it arrives with a run-of-the-mill button, which you can press for snipping the thread, but the magic is actually in the foot pedal-operated thread cutter.

In other words, the pedal works like a basic one (press it away from you for sewing, further away to sew quicker), but in case you rock the pedal backward “towards you,” it’ll activate the thread cutter.

We absolutely have no concept of expressing how this is accomplished; in fact, we’re just happy that it exists in this model (a type of like electricity!) However, you’ll rapidly become dependent on this feature.

When you switch back to your other sewing machine, you might constantly press backward on the pedal and, after that, become frustrated when nothing occurs. Then you might feel insulted every time using your finger for pushing a button to cut the threads. Just as a lowly commoner! So, this machine is basically a much better one.

Juki tl2010q reviews big bonus: Free motion quilting

We should mention that this sewing machine is also famous for the fantastic free-motion-quilting abilities it has. Our experts worked with this machine and attempted FMQ on a project, and we can say that the sewing process was actually a fairly painless experience.

The stitches were superbly even, and we think we can all agree that this mode is best at easy operations. In case you’re a dedicated sewist, then the Juki TL2010QI looks completely fantastic at it!


The Juki TL2010QI arrives entirely with an LED light situated on the arm’s bottom, which comes in handy as it permits you to indicate your work at night. Also, some sewists described that the light is great, and a good feature to have in case plenty of natural light isn’t available when you work. You can also select to replace the LED light with a highly powerful one, which is also accessible from Juki.

Fast Setup

Without the complicated computerized parts included, starting your sewing project quickly will not be a daunting task for you. This all can be done in just some steps:

  1. Snap the bobbin holder into it’s the ideal place
  2. Press on the presser foot
  3. Thread the unit

The bobbin is side loading & placed on the machine’s left side. A door is there, and we do have to describe that it’s not possible to sew while winding the bobbin. It might be causing an issue for you in case you’re a newbie, user-friendly machine, which is meant for a beginner sewist.

Otherwise, this isn’t much of an issue, and it permits you to reduce the risk of breaking your thread in the process. No threading guides are accessible there, but threading still takes just some seconds to finish.

Build quality of Juki tl2010q sewing machine

The Juki TL-2010Q is built mostly of metal, and it’s a sewing BEAST! This isn’t a lightweight machine, and we appreciate the build quality it has so much. It doesn’t have any electronic components and feels like it might keep stitching forever.

One advantage of this is that in case the power goes off while we’re sewing, we don’t lose any of the stitch settings. You just have to turn the power switch back on & continue sewing! We also preferred the sound it makes when it stitches – you’ll be able to hear the machine’s quality. It purrs! However, not that much loud sound that might cause issues while working at night.

Juki tl2010q reviews: Is there anything to bother?


Straight stitch only

We realize it’s a bit hypocritical to describe above all that we loved this machine as it arrives with just a solitary stitch selection, which is straight stitching. However, we would love this model even more if only it would arrive with a few more stitch selections!

In case it could do a zig-zag stitch, then you would use this sewing machine for 99.8% of all your sewing tasks. However, straight Stichting is what comes in handy most of the time while sewing.


Let’s conclude Juki tl2010q reviews

​Juki TL2010q reviews by the users are undoubtedly excellent. The quality of electronic components & material used in this sewing machine is best. This machine is basically a powerhouse and, besides that, greatly durable. Most importantly, it’ll nail all-around sewing work.

One can purchase it for fulfilling a hobby and also for crafting a career in the sewing industry as well. This reliable machine roughly lacks anything. If only one is strict with spending cash higher and seeking numerous stitch selecting options, then Juki TL2010 is maybe not for you.

Plus, in case you’re a beginner sewist and want to begin on a sewing machine, which is extremely simple to use yet straightforward, then also this model is perfect for you. The thing that matters is getting the adaptation, and a beginner can easily work on Juki TL2010. Juki is a machine that is ideal for all.

If you want an all-rounder type of sewing machine model, which is fabulously fantastic in every department and also is extremely durable, then undoubtedly, it’s the best choice for you.

Here we conclude our Juki tl2010q reviews.

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