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Singer 3337 is The Best Replacement for Discontinued Singer 1234: Expert’s Word

Have you bitten the bullet and realized that your everyday household chores incorporate more stitching than a simple needle can tackle? Well, that’s great. Now you can invest in a fantastic sewing machine and learn the sewing art to improve your workflow.

However, Singer 3337 highly dominates over Singer 1234 in all aspects, whether it’s durability, features, overall performance, or value for money factor. So, we recommend 3337 here.

Also, 1234 model has been discontinued, and that’s the reason we’re narrating this review keeping the 3337 in the mind.

Singer 3337 ($189) 4.5 stars / 312 reviews 9.8
Janome Mod 19 ($289) 4.4 stars / 136 reviews 9.4
Janome 11706  ($209) 4.3 stars / 171 reviews 8.9
Brother SQ9185  ($199) 3.3 stars / 27 reviews 8.1
Janome HD1000 ($309) 4.1 stars / 316 reviews 8.7

Big Benefits of Singer 3337


  • Armed with 12 in-built stitches & a 4-step buttonhole function.
  • Automatic needle threader functionality highly supports beginners to set it up and begin sewing in no time.
  • Stitch selection can be made with a turn of a dial saturated directly in the sewist’s direct line of sight.
  • Besides not limited in some functionalities, this sewing machine is fast. It’s able to sew as fast as 1100 stitches per minute.
  • The heavy-duty metal frame ensures high sturdiness & durability.
  • Don’t for a minute; consider that this small sewing machine is not more than a toy and is flimsy.
  • Adjustable thread tension & dual spool pin.
  • The carrying handle is attached to this machine’s top.
Aspect Score
Features & functions 83%
Easy to use 97%
Durability 88%
Quality & perfection 88%
Overall score 91%

Credit: Singer Sewing Company

Since you’re just getting started, you’ll need a sewing machine, which is specially designed with novice seamstresses in mind – one model that’s forgiving of mistakes and easily operable.

There are a bunch of beginner-friendly models currently accessible in the market, but among the best ones arrive from Singer – the Singer 3337. This model is loved by numerous novice seamstresses.

In this Singer 1234 Sewing Machine Review, we’ll take a look at the features & capabilities of this sewing machine to assist you in determining how 3337 is a better one.

Just for your knowledge, besides 1234, some other Singer beginner-targetted models which we don’t recommend you are Traditional 2277, XL2610, Singer One, and Start 1304.

What’s in the Box?

  • Instruction manual and rapid start guide.
  • Your first project guide is there (tote bag).
  • Decal stickers for decorating your machine.
  • Foot pedal & power cord.
  • Extra needles & bobbins.
  • Numerous presser feet.

First Impressions of the 1234 and 3337

The discontinued 1234 machine was light & compact. Fantastic for easy transporting to and from sewing class and ultra-easy to put away after completing your sewing tasks. With dimensions of 13 x 7 x 11.5 inches as well as weighing as low as 10 lbs, it was fantastic size, especially for your kids.

The same we can say about the 3337 model.

The Singer has done well with 1234’s design, but not as well as it did with Singer 3337. The 3337 is more simple yet really attractive, and we loved the mint green stitch selector & reverse switch. They contrast the white frame pretty well, as does the red logo of Singer.

Something that is definitely not standard is the decals, which arrive with the machine. They are a fantastic way of customizing the machine. These are really famous among kids. Who love the ability to create their machine bright & colorful.

Side info: Singer Start 1304, Janome DC2014, 3128, and 11706  also failed in our testing.

What’s So Appealing About Singer 3337 Sewing Machine That It Dominated Over 1234?

Let’s Take Look on Some of the Features and Functions!

Several stitch patterns

The machine arrives with 12 pre-programmed stitch patterns. The stitch patterns incorporated are zigzag stitch, straight stitch, satin stitch, blind hem stitch, scallop stitch, and buttonhole stitch.

Buttonhole system

The buttonhole technique accessible in this sewing machine is carried out in 4 simple steps. The buttonholes made are neat & precise.


The inner parts of this sewing machine are built of heavy-duty metal. The metal offers the needed strength & stability to the machine. The outer body makes it look presentable.

Darning plate

The darning plate is saturated over the feed teeth. This plate ensures that there’s no unnecessary contact between the fabric & the feed teeth. Hence, this plate ensures the fabric smooth.

LED light

A LED light is there. This light is concentrated in the working area. This light makes the stitches easily visible and doesn’t cause strain on your eyes while you work on your sewing projects.

High presser foot

The machine comes with a presser foot lifter, and that rises as per the sewist’s convenience. This feature comes in

Bobbin winder

The automatic bobbin winder is what you get. The bobbin winder automatically will automatically stop rotating when the bobbin is entirely filled.

Needle threader

The automatic needle threader ensures that the thread goes via the needle easily. The threader will cause no strain on the eyes.

Free arm

The machine also has a convertible arm, which moves freely. This feature is helpful when stitching sleeves, cuffs, collars, etc. It also arrives in handy while working on small & uneven projects.


The machine is basically light in weight; it weighs just around 12.7 pounds. It can be easily portable place-to-place.

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Setup & Accessories

As you would expect from a sewing machine that’s aimed at beginner sewists, the setup is super simple. For entire beginners, the online tutorials accessible are an ideal introduction to the features of the sewing machine.

Even higher experienced sewists would benefit from watching them as they clearly outline setup & use. There is also a comprehensive instruction manual accessible that arrives with the machine outlining all its functions.

There is a fantastic range of accessories incorporated that will offer you everything that you require to get started. The incorporated accessories are:

What Are the Accessories?

Needles Spool pin felt Seam ripper and lint brush
Quick start guide Bobbins Foot control & 3 presser feet
Power cord Tote bag project sheet Darning plate


Over these sewing tools, Singer also offers a tutorial CD. It would assist beginner sewists in understanding the basics more freely of sewing and also the method of using the sewing machine easily.

As you can indicate, Singer has incorporated everything that you’ll require to begin sewing straight away. The 3 incorporated presser feet are an all-purpose foot, a buttonhole foot, and a zipper foot. The zipper & buttonhole feet provide a fair amount of versatility in terms of making garments.

Especially great for introducing kids to sewing as the opportunity to make their very own clothes is sure to spark their interest. There are more presser feet accessible at nearly $20 each.

Something that isn’t provided is a case. However, Singer has incorporated a step by step guide for making your own tote bag. We personally love this addition. It offers beginners a clear destination for when you first start, permitting you to create something practical.

When you follow the instructions properly, then the results are gonna be great too in the past. Some sewists might want to use a hard case to transport the machine; however, we suggest that a tote bag is actually greater comfortable and easy to carry.

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Stitches & Performance

Singer 3337 2

The Singer 1234 features a total of 6 built-in stitches: a modest amount but plenty for numerous simple projects and a great beginning point to learn. The incorporated stitches are straight stitch, blind hem stitch, scallop stitch, satin stitch, zigzag stitch, and a 4-step buttonhole. Regarding sticth variety and quality, Singer 3337 again dominates this model.

In Singer 3337 stitch width & length can also be customized for enhanced customization, with the stitch width adjustable to max 5mm. The 4-step buttonhole works ideally and will give a professional finish. For a sewing machine that is so compact & affordable, the performance is fantastic.

3337 is  smooth, tackling lighter fabrics wonderfully. It’s possible to use it on fabrics that are heavy like denim and leather as long as you invest a great time and don’t sew too fast.

In terms of speed, Singer 3337 is capable of doing over 750 stitches per minute, while the 1234 model touches only 530. The metal frame is present in 1234 but doesn’t actually makes it feel that sturdy.

Who Should Consider Singer 1234 Sewing Machine?

Singer 3337 1

The Singer 1234 sewing machine is ideal for beginners. Its features are easily operable. Advanced sewists can hardly have a thing to enjoy. Only in case, they require a backup machine for their sewing tasks.

And as we said, it’s discontinued, so you already don’t have a chance. But nothing to worry, as Singer 3337 has replaced it so well.

Take note that this model is not basically heavy-duty, but if you are expecting, then buy Brother cs6000i , which perfectly sews through different fabrics is possible such as denim or leathers.

The Singer 3337 is a fabulous choice, especially for those who are practicing & beginning to engage themselves in sewing.


Singer 3337 3

The Singer 3337 is actually a beginner-friendly machine that might not have every single bell & whistle found in high-end sewing machines, but it arrives with numerous basic features. It makes it easier for novice seamstresses to learn to sew.

Moreover, it’s lightweight & portable, and that implies they can easily carry it with them while traveling to sewing class. There are some minor issues in the Singer 3337. For example, the bobbin might pop out sometimes if not done properly. The width of the table might not be sufficient for larger projects.

Every single required features and functionality that would prove to be perfect for beginners. However, we’re recommending Singer Simple 3337 or Brother XM2701 over this one, as currently, there are no better beginner-friendly models accessible in comparison to those 2 in the market at this price point.

So in case a beginner-friendly sewing machine is your destination with plenty of built-in stitches, the Singer 3337 or Brother XM2701 are undoubtedly better options worth considering. If you want a bit more versatile and feature-rich model, then by Brother cs6000i .

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