You are currently viewing HONEST review of Singer Start 1304 Basic by Expert

HONEST review of Singer Start 1304 Basic by Expert

The Singer Start 1304 comes in the best low budget sewing machine section, which can face your everyday domestic sewing requirement effectively. This sewing machine is for those beginner sewists who want to learn sewing yet don’t want to buy a sewing machine with highly tricky features that might confuse them while learning.

Singer Start 1304 has been discontinued by the company, but we haven’t left you hardhearted.

Our experts invested a few days testing numerous sewing machines to find a perfect fit as a replacement for 1304. 

They tested machines like Brother XM2701XR3774GX37, besides a few models from Singer such as Simple 333744323221, etc., but the machine that impressed the experts the most was the Brother cs6000i.


Now that’s the only machine on our website with 99% score. It’s undoubtedly a very easy machine, but if you desire for something simpler, then read our Brother XM2701 review.

However, if you want to continue reading Singer Start 1304 review, then please do, but as it’s discontinued, you won’t be able to buy one even if you like it.



Singer Start 1304


  • Ideal for first-time users
  • Ultra-portable
  • Easy to use
  • Three different sewing feet
  • Comes with several practical accessories
  • A free sewing arm for hems, cuffs, and sleeves
  • Budget-friendly
  • Powerful yet smooth motor
  • 25- year warranty


Also, this is your selection of machines in case you don’t want to spend more cash on a sewing machine and which can do all your basic work of sewing.

In case a sewing machine is from the Singer brand, then worrying about the durability isn’t required. We said that as the sewing machines from Singer are all undoubtedly sturdy & tough machines, and this is no different. Let’s know more:

Singer Start 1304 Basic Review

Better cherish this video of Brother’s model:

Credit: ROOSIE

In case you’re an experienced sewist or intermediate one, then this also sewing machine is suitable for you. Besides that, purchasing this portable model as a “backup” might be a good option.

However, in case you’ve anybody at your home, any relative, friend or one of your own family’s member who wants to put their interest in sewing then you can undoubtedly recommend this sewing machine to them. As the Singer 1304 is specially built for beginners.

The cost of the Singer 1304 sewing machine is fairly low, but that doesn’t imply it has compromised with the performance, build quality, or has limitations for even beginners. No my friend! It offers everything you need as a beginner sewist.

Weight 7 pounds
Stitches 5-millimeter stitch width as well as 6 built-in stitches, which are straight, blind hem, scallop, zigzag, satin, and a 4-step buttonhole.
Dimensions 13 x 7 x 11.5 inches
Bobbin Automatic bobbin winding system
Speed 750 stitches per minute.
Warranty 25 years limited


This Singer sewing machine arrives with a variety of accessories to support both the beginner & experienced sewing enthusiasts.

They are easily & conveniently stored in the tray of free arm accessory storage.

These accessories include:

Dual spool pins Automatic 4-step buttonhole Carry handle
Preset stitch length and Width Extra-high presser foot lifter LED sewing space light
Darning plate for free-motion sewing Pack of needles Buttonhole foot
All-purpose foot Zipper foot Class 15 bobbins
Spool pin felts Needle plate screwdriver Combination seam ripper
Foot control Power line cord Instruction manual
Quick-Start guide & lint brush

Singer Start 1304 Basic Review: Most appreciable features

Threading made easy with the help of diagrams Offers higher clearance when sewing numerous layers of bulky fabric Dual Spool Pins for Twin Needle Sewing
Automatic Bobbin Winding System Preset Stitch Length and Width Comes with a great accessories bundle
Automatic Tension Heavy Duty Metal Frame Easy Stitch Selection
Free Arm Convertible LED Sewing Space Light Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter

4-Step Buttonholer

The buttonholer feature is a bonus on any sewing machine. It has an adjustable buttonhole attachment, which makes it easy to craft the perfect size buttonhole for any button’s size. Buying the optional button sewing foot creates the job even fast by attaching buttons to your completed garments for you.

Singer Start 1304 comes with Automatic Tension Adjustment

This feature saves time & reduces guesswork by quickly adjusting the tension to the ideal setting for each distinctive stitch option you select to use.

Easy Selection Dial

A stitch dial is there on the Singer 1304 sewing machine’s front. Numerous stitch selections are printed on the dial of selection. It’s very precise & easily operable. You can choose any of the provided stitches by just turning the dial of stitch selection in the desired direction.

Note: Janome’s other models like 3128, 11706  and DC2014 didn’t pass our June 2021 testing.

Preset Stitch Length and Width

Adjusting the stitch length & Width while sewing isn’t required. The stitch length & width comes already preset. That means you can begin your sewing at any time without considering the length & width of the stitch.

Free Arm Feature

On a few sewing machines, working on cuffs, collars, smaller projects, and pant hems might be tough in its price range. However, Singer 1304 Start takes all your frustration out of that with the help of a removable free arm. This feature permits you easy access to places that are usually tough to reach or maneuver clothes and other projects of sewing.

Dual Spool Pins

The dual spool pins accessible on this model permits you to quickly & easily sew parallel rows of stitches. Besides that, this option adds additional security to knit garments hems and some decorative projects, which might otherwise require using the embroidery machine.

In case you opt for trying out twin needle sewing, then the twin needle attachment is actually an optional purchase.

Singer Start 1304 comes with 3 Presser Feet

You’re getting 3 presser feet with this model: all-purpose foot, zipper foot, and buttonhole foot. All-purpose feet can be used for all the majority of sewing projects.

On the other hand, buttonhole foot is to add buttonholes, slots to add ribbon, and other innovative types of designs to your clothes. Zipper foot is basically used for adding zippers, cording, piping, etc.

Add Artistic Flair with Dual Spool Pins

The dual spool pins accessible on this Singer sewing machine permits sewists with parallel rows of stitching, potentially in distinctive colors. Practicality meets creativity by letting sewists easily hem garments or for adding a touch of decorative flair to the projects they’re working on without investing in the embroidery machine to do so.

What did we love About Singer Start 1304 Basic?

Good For the On-The-Go Sewer

This sewing machine will serve as a good traveling machine. It’s relatively small & light, and the fold-down carry handle is there for easy lifting.

Its small size makes the storing process in tight spaces easy and makes setting it up in smaller work areas easy. Don’t be fooled by the size & weight it has; the Singer 1304 can still tackle thick fabrics just as the heavy-duty fleece or card stock.

Singer Start 1304 Basic sewing machine is Easy to Use

In case you’re a starter and getting into sewing, or someone who wants a fresh sewing machine that will not need a great deal of studying to learn to use, then Singer 1304 Start sewing machine is just for you. Setting it up is easy, with handy step by step directions as well as diagrams offered in the box.

The singer has additional training videos too and also advertises online classes for assisting you to get accustomed to your sewing machine and the sewing world.

The machine doesn’t have numerous additional features that might confuse a first-time sewist, and a bobbin and needle are already installed in the sewing machine.

The directions printed are accessible on the machine for threading it and changing the stitches also for contributing to the Singer 1304’s ease of use. The simplicity of this model even makes it fairly easy for older kids too to learn.

  • Weighing just nearly 11.5 lb, the Singer Start 1304 sewing machine is a fairly compact & lightweight machine.
  • The sewing machine is easily portable as well as the fold-down carry handle makes the transporting process of the machine easy and also carrying this model from one room to another.
  • This machine features a cool to touch LED light, which provides bright illumination, and that lights up the area of sewing work and permits you to indicate your work clearly & the LED light is cool to touch.
  • The reverse lever permits sewists to sew stitches in reverse and allow them to securely sew at the beginning and end for preventing them from unraveling.
  • This model is pretty powerful and can tackle even thicker materials.
  • The sewing machine’s motor is powerful yet smooth and doesn’t make any loud noise when handling at high speeds.

Let’s conclude Singer Start 1304 Basic Review

Durable Singer construction makes this sewing machine model a great choice for beginners. It might be not sufficient for automatic features, but it’s constructed to last, and no guesswork is there with the preset stitch lengths & widths.

While bobbin jams haven’t been reported, however, this issue can be highly reduced by maintaining control over the speed of the machine while winding the bobbin or while sewing.

Threading is straightforward & the dual pins permit you to rapidly begin another row of stitches in a complementary or contrasting color thread. This sturdy, reliable sewing machine is an ideal choice for anyone starting out – especially in case you’re on a shoestring budget.

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