You are currently viewing Singer 14T968DC Serger Review #2021 {Definitely read before you buy}

Singer 14T968DC Serger Review #2021 {Definitely read before you buy}

The Professional 5 14T968DC Singer is basically a top-of-the-line serger with sufficient versatility to be used as an exclusive professional sewing machine.

It offers a 5-4-3-2 stitch configuration with a wide variety of stitch styles. It provides a good number of accessories & adjustable components to make handling as comfortable & customizable as possible. The Singer 14T968DC is also a serger, which is worthy of use for the most critical sewing tasks.


Singer 14T968DC

  • User Friendly
  • Quiet Operation
  • Coverstitch Function
  • Automatic Tension Control
  • 4 Built-in Rolled Hems
  • 5-4-3-2 Thread Capability
  • Adjustable Stitch Length and Width
  • Feature Built-in Carrying Handle
  • Numerous Accessories
  • Professional Capability
  • Versatile Stitch Types






Equipped with numerous essential features, Singer’s 14T968DC Professional serger overlock is a fantastic choice as your partner in operating any sort of stitching & sewing. It’s sleek yet sturdy enough to entirely complement the incorporated functions.

In comparison to other sergers with cover stitch machines, this model has wonderful features with fantastic specifications. The user-friendliness of this sewing machine is what makes it among the best-selling machines accessible in this category.

Singer 14T968DC review

Credit: ProperFit Clothing Co.

The locations of the loopers, as well as upper needles, will make threading too easy. It consistently generates smooth, perfectly even stitches on numerous fabric types & thicknesses.

The accompanying workbook incorporates comprehensive stitch techniques, tips, and illustrated threading instructions. Should we cherish high benefits?

Biggest attractions of Singer 14T968DC

Specifications 7 accessories Summary

Warranty: 25 Years Manufacturer’s Defects, 90 Days Parts & Labor and 2 Years Electronic Components


Speed 1,300 stitches per minute
Color-Coded Yes
Color White
Light LED
Material Metal Plastic
Weight 18.6 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 x 10.5 x 11.5


This 14T968DC model is backed by a 25-year limited warranty and arrives with a load of accessories, including:

Needle set All-purpose foot Shirring foot
Cording  foot Elastic foot Blind hem foot
Taping foot Tweezers Spreader
Screwdriver Clean pocket Brush
Serging knife Anti-spill net Cone adapters
Soft dust cover Spool caps

Singer 14T968DC review: What did we love?

2-3-4-5 Stitch Capability

The ability to use 2-3-4-5 thread for this sewing machine is a big tick in the box for numerous happy reviewers from sewists of the SINGER 5 thread serger. This permits for a larger variety of stitches so that picking out the ideal stitch for any project will always be possible.

It also permits the SINGER to perform the cover stitch on the projects you’re working on, which is a feature that many of the sergers don’t have. This is great as most sewists will need to shop a separate machine for cover stitches, however.

With the help of SINGER, you can have everything in just one sewing machine alone. Incorporating 4 built-in rolled hems, sewists enjoy the ease for which converting to rolled hem mode is possible. Just using the designated lever is what you need to do, and the sewing machine will move the stitch finger into the ideal position for you.

Automatic Tension Adjustment

Who hasn’t had issues when dealing with the right tension when using a fabric’s new type? The SINGER will automatically adjust the tension for you to make sure to balance and perfect stitches no matter what sort of fabric you’re using. Rather than spending time testing out the thread tension with every new project, the sewing machine will do it for you.

It’s true; it’s not a pretty “must-have” feature of a serger as it’s not tough to adjust the tension manually. However, some reviewers have identified that it definitely spares much time instead of running tests on each of the 5 threads and identifying the 10 distinctive tension settings.

That’s 50 tests, which you’ll have to perform and much scrap fabric, which you can save with the help of an automatic tension adjuster setting.

Easy Threading

Everyone must be enjoying an easy threading experience, and now you will be able to with SINGER 5 thread serger. Reviewers are pleased with the diagram, which is easy to follow. That’s color-coded so that keeping track of all your threads is possible.

Attachable Waste Catcher

Sergers trim fabric when you sew. All this excess fabric must go somewhere & naturally; it might fall onto the floor or entirely on your table, cluttering up your workplace.

It also implies that a lot of cleaning time will be required afterward with the sweeping. However, SINGER solves this issue by offering an attachable waste catcher. Just clip it on, and all the scraps you’ve will end up in the bin without even putting efforts cleaning it manually.

What Can Sewists Do with a Serger Sewing Machine?

You’ve got a reliable home sewing machine. So, do you really need a serger? In case you prefer to sew garments and also want a professional look, then the answer to this query is a resounding yes. Now, what can a serger sewing machine do? Boasts of things incorporating:

Finish Raw Edges

A serger machine permits you to finish the raw edges, extending your garments’ life. Finishing the edges that are raw prevents rolled edges, fraying, and unraveling. It also pimples that your clothes can tackle more wear & tear from washing and drying. In other words, finishing raw edges surely will make a more professional look.

Create Rolled Hems on Delicate Fabrics

Finishing fabrics that are delicate, such as sheers and chiffons, will be a challenge. A neat rolled hem makes the ideal finish with lightweight fabrics. Rolled hems basically are virtually invisible (as long as you’re using matching thread) and would not weigh downlight fabrics. It also provides the fabric a professional look.

Secure & Finish Seams with the same timing

A serger machine permits you to multitask. In one pass, sewing a seam will be possible; trim the seam permission and overcast the edge. The 4-thread protective stitch, which can be performed by nearly any serger machine, makes a seam that’ll not travel. The stitch is ideal, too, for knit garments. It creates a protective seam, but it still permits the fabric to stretch when it’s worn.

Create Flatlock Seams

Flatlock seams basically lay flat, have no seam allowance, and are reversible as well. Using this stitch for color blocking is possible or just as a decorative seam.

Use the Differential Feed for crafting Different Effects & Finishes

Sergers with distinctive feeds have split feed dogs. This implies that there’s just one set of feed dogs towards the machine’s front and another set towards the machine’s back. With just the turn of a dial, adjusting the speed ratio is possible for the feed dogs.

Turn the dial up for easing fabric, which is stretching, and turn it down for stretching fabric that’s beginning to pucker. By playing with settings of speed ratio, you can gather fabric, sew ruffles, or craft perfectly smooth seams on a wide variety of distinctive fabrics and create lettuce-edge hems.

Adjust Cutting Width and Thread Tension

Sergers permit you to adjust thread tension as well as cutting width to meet your requirements. Some sewing machines automatically adjust the tension on the basis of your stitch options. Adjusting the cutting width will impact the amount of fabric that is in the seam. Set the cutting width to a bigger setting in case you want greater fabric in a rolled hem or seam.

Coverstitch and Chain Stitch

Thanks to the function of cover stitching, sergers permit you to craft professional, ready-to-wear clothes. Not all sergers arrive with a cover stitch function, but mostly, the newer models do. Numerous sergers can also have the stitch function chain that’s a decorative topstitch, which is commonly used for denim & skirts.

Add Elastic

An elastic presser foot is there on which you can add elastic to the sewing projects, incorporating swimwear & lingerie. Some sergers arrive with an elastic presser foot, whereas others will need you to buy one separately. Sergers can tackle a variety of sewing tasks, but ultimately, their destination is to give your garments & other projects a higher professional look.

Singer 14T968DC review: Can it cover stitch?


The Singer 14t968dc Professional 5 Serger is fantastic when we talk about cover stitches. Your hems look neat as well as professionally finished. You can select from the following alternatives:

  • A triple cover stitch.
  • A selection of 3, 4, or 5 threads for sewing your cover stitches.
  • The narrow & wide cover stitch.
  • Sewing with two/three needles to craft a many stitched look.

Two In One: Serger & Cover Stitch

This serger acts like two machines in one. Perfect for the sewist who requires to do both. However, you do have to setup’s change, which each time to switch between cover stitch & serger.

A small cost to pay even in case it takes a little getting used to. For those sewists who don’t want both. Set the serger up like the cover stitch sewing machine by disengaging the knife. After that, use the Brother 1034d serger for your overlocking requirement.

What kind of stitches can Singer 14T968DC produce? 

This serger arrives with 12 built-in stitch options. It can generate 2-3-4-5 thread overlock stitches. Besides that, 4 rolled-hem stitches and 3 sorts of cover stitches. Adjusting the length & width of the stitches is possible. So, sewing wide or narrow and applying distinctive techniques such as applique. It is also ideal for creating the double chain stitch. Then, a two-thread overedge stitch.

Let’s conclude Singer 14T968DC review


The Singer Serger 14t968dc arrives with a plethora of functions. It’s the ideal choice as a professional home machine. You’ll also love the host of stitching techniques. And the configuration, which is easy-to-understand. You’ll benefit from the accessories as well as the changeable components.

It’s a definite recommendation for professionals & home sewists. The Singer Professional 5 Serger is basically a highly versatile machine that can tackle both professional and also the home serging jobs. The SINGER 5 thread serger machine is among the best sergers for under $500.

SINGER packed this serging machine entirely of all the components necessary for ultra high quality serging, and this serger doesn’t fail to deliver on those points. Given its flexibility, it is definitely worth investing in for intermediate to advanced sewing enthusiasts. Just ensure you read the instructions very carefully before your first use for preventing frustration.

We hope you found our Singer Serger Professional 5 Review really informative. Are you trying to discover a reasonably-priced serger, with high standards & quality? Place the SINGER Pro 5 at your list’s top!

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