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Best Alternative to Discontinued Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine

The Singer Tradition 2277 was a very incredible mechanical machine that provides 23 stitches. Its lacked of whistles and bells. That was seen by most sewists not as a drawback but as an asset, as they provide the sewing machine’s simple setup and also ease of use.

Let us remind you that this machine used to be the best fit for the newbies for those who just want to start sewing and earn like a pro and also for those ladies who do small home projects and occasional garment clothing.

Singer Tradition also had a number of accessories. Most sewists are pleased with their buying, and the price point was best.

Unfortunately, Singer Tradition 2277 is discontinued.

not to worry, we’ve got a superb replacement, and it’s the one that has earned 90% success rate on Amazon. So, the name of that little fellow is Singer Simple 3337, which is far better than Janome DC2014 Singer Start 1304.

Best Alternative to Discontinued Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine

Here’s the features, specs, and score related stats of the 2277, but you’ll find the stats of 3337 much better.


Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine

  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Reverse Stitch
  • Versatile
  • Very easy to Set Up & use
  • Highly affordable
  • Portable/Compact
  • Great range of features
  • Ultra beneficial built-in Needle Threader
  • Highly dependable warranty
  • Sleek and elegant design.


  • Impeccable stitch quality
  • User-friendly
  • A wide selection of accessories
  • Low operational noise
  • Automated features that save time
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easily adjustable settings to quickly responds to your needs
  • Easy 1-step buttonhole sewing
  • A metal interior frame that adds sturdiness
  • Great customer support
  • Superb performance on leading eCommerce sites.


This sewing machine is specially designed for user-friendliness; that’s why this comes with handy features such as an adjustable stitch width and length, automatic needle threader, automatic one-step buttonhole, and many more similar features. Like most Singer models, this model can sustain heavy-duty use, also boasts of a scratch-resistant surface.

How Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine Got Replaced by 3337

Weight 13.6 lbs.
Stitches 23 built-in stitches
Dimensions 15″ x 6.2″ x 12″
Type Mechanic
Speed 750 spm
Warranty 25-year limited warranty
Bobbin Front-loading bobbin
Weight 12.57 pounds
Stitches 29
Dimensions 9.75″ x 18.25″ x 13.50″
Type Computerized
Speed 750 stitches/minute
Warranty Limited 25 Years
Bobbin Top load
Thread Spool Cap Holders Zipper Foot Buttonhole Foot
Edge/Quilting Guide Bobbins (Class 15) All-Purpose Foot
Needles Lint Brush/Seam Ripper Power Cord/Foot Control
Button Sewing Foot Quick Start Guide Darning Plate
Instruction Manual Screwdriver

Features Of Singer Tradition 2277 Which You Get in the 3337 as Well

Before investing money, all of us look for features of the sewing machine, as they truly matter a lot. one feature here or there,e the cost may increase or decrease up to $50!

So, does the 3337 offer better features than the Traditional 2277? Let’s find out!

Built-in Needle Threader & One-Step Buttonhole

This feature helps with threading the needle very easily without putting any effort regarding straining the eye and also saves a ton of time when you are in a hurry. But, working is more convenient with Janome 2212 because it comes with dual needle positions & build-in thread cutter.

Both the 2277 and Singer Simple 3337 have one step fully-fledged one-step automatic buttonhole, which is better than having four step automatic buttonhole stitching in Brother LX3817. Both the 2277 and Singer 3337 sew a buttonhole in only one single step. You just have to place the button inside the buttonhole foot, and then the Machine will sew a buttonhole very precisely sized for that button and delivering consistent results each time.


Front Loading Bobbin & Arm With On-Board Storage

This feature has a system that helps in inserting and winding the bobbin very easily as well as maintaining a much smoother needle plate surface.

Any sewer can easily make it a free arm machine with the help of this feature, which you can use when making collars, cuffs, pant hems, and any other difficult where you have to reach areas. You surely do not have to put your sewing machine accessories here or there. You could easily store the accessories on the board storage, which is provided with this sewing machine.

Both the 2277 and Singer 3337 arrive with Front Loading Bobbin & Arm With On-Board Storage, and that’s sweet!

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width & Snap-On Presser Foot

Users can customize and adjust the stitch length and also width by just rotating the dial from left to right or right to left. This feature is very much easy and useful in function for various stitching techniques like basting, applique, and more.

With snap on presser foot, sewist can remove and attach the presser foot whenever needed.

Darning Plate & Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter

Singer is providing a darning plate with this sewing machine. You just have to Place the darning plate into the right position over the sewing machine’s feed teeth, which prevents the feed teeth from coming into interaction with the fabric material.

It is much useful in free-motion sewings like monograms, stipple quilting, and sewing on buttons. Due to extra-high foot lifter, sewist can lift the presser foot high enough to place thick fabrics.

Heavy Duty Metal Frame & Reverse Stitch

This singer machine comes with a heavy-duty metal frame that makes this sewing machine much strong and sturdy enough to control all tear and rear of the sewist and makes it more capable of sewing many types of thicker materials also.

You can always sew stitches in reverse whenever you desire. This is usually wanted when you need to secure a seam at the start and end to prevent unraveling.

What did we love in Singer Tradition 3337 Sewing Machine

Easy to use

This Singer Simple 3337 is completely mechanical, Which consequently gives you a very easy way through the different functionalities- regardless of your level of knowledge. Instead of digitally switching through several choices, you could simply push down a lever, or also you can press on a key to activate your feature.

This Machine provides 29 built-in stitch patterns to give you more special variety in your sewing projects. Contrary to belief, however, it’s highly easy to navigate between stitches: all you have to do is just adjust the provided dial knob till you land on the stitch pattern of your choice.

However you are an elderly sewist, suffering from poor eyesight or might simply want to enjoy hassle-free sewing, then you will be much glad to learn that 3337 comes with an advanced automatic threading function to finish this particularly tedious task for any sewist

All sewists have to do is just pull down the lever to automatically push thread in the eye of the needle; a chore which the Machine takes less than six minutes to complete.

Singer Simple 3337 is Very Easy to Set Up Like Singer 2277 Only

Based on our experts, this 3337 can be a little bit tough to set up, but once you thread the bobbin, then you just place it under the needle plate, and you could move on to threading to the top thread.

Whenever the thread is pulled out through the tension rods and then reaches it to the needle, at that time, use the automatic needle threader so you can pull it through the eye, and then you’ll be ready to start sewing! It doesn’t take time at all.

Besides that, There’s no need to make any fuss and fumble about an array of parts or do any confusing process because Singer makes it easy for all kinds of levels of sewists to get going on the Tradition 2277.

It’s so Versatile!

Singer 3337 comes with 23 different stitches; it’s so obvious that our experts are calling this sewing machine pretty as versatile as Brother XM2701 which is also beginner friendly. The selection isn’t so varied that you’ll definitely be overwhelmed, but also, there is enough to serve you by many little projects. You could hem a shirt cuff and a pair of pants and start the beginnings of a quilt or sew a tote bag.

With enough expertise, you could possibly adapt that reasonable collection of stitch to work on more advanced projects. The Singer Tradition also makes it much easier to hone your abilities in a better way while picking up new sewing abilities along the way. You will not have to upgrade this sewing machine since it offers tons of ways sewists can learn and grow with it.

The 3337 Model is equally affordable to Singer 2277

Most of the sewists love how affordable this singer sewing machine is. Also, having good sewing machines like this cost hundreds of dollars, but the Singer Tradition comes at a much low price on Amazon. This is incredible for newbie sewists and also for those on a budget! You will not need to break the bank to get a very durable and reliable machine on your table.

Considering all the functionalities, accessories included, and also many features. you’ll be having a great deal on this singer machine, which will save your extra money for an array of different materials and fabrics to get creative with. And also it will come with a warranty so you won’t have to be worried at all.


At a lightweight of 12.75 lbs., the Singer 3337 Machine is much easier to carry, skills, and relocate. However, if you’re taking this Machine on a road trip or transporting it to a class, or just simply moving it from one place to another, the weight won’t cause any difficulty to lug around. It’s also much effortless enough to store away anywhere for later use because of its compact size.

If you have a little space, then this is a great choice. This sewing machine won’t be the one to let you down about weighing whenever you have to take it on the road or somewhere else.

Even though it’s lightweight, Still Singer machines are especially known for being long-lasting and durable because it comes with the signature heavy-duty metal frame. That is why your Machine is sturdy for the long duration; in addition, it also ensures that it doesn’t skip or bounce off the table.

Also, do have a look at the most affordable and compact sewing machine with intuitive controls which is Janome Derby. If you desire for something with more features, you can cherish Singer 3232 Reviews.

Extra Features that please a lot!

The twenty-three stitch designs include 8 stretch, 7 essential, and 14 decorative stitches. With 3337 sewing machine, you will be able to benefit from many additional features such as a higher than average presser foot lifter that provides you with clearance whenever you need to work with several layers of fabrics.

This is also useful for thicker fabric materials like leather or denim. It is as good as the best sewing machine for leather or denim, which is Brother cs6000i. The sewing machine comes with a built-in storage box that includes several accessories specially designed to facilitate your sewing experience. But only Brother xr3774 will come with protective cover.

These include all-purpose and buttonhole foot, buttonhole sewing, extra needles, bobbins, thread spool cap, darning plate, L-screwdriver, power cord, foot pedal, lint brush, and many other such things to see and work with. The automatically winding bobbin is specially designed to enhance your safety and save your time by disengaging while you’re winding the bobbin.

Is There Anything to bother?


Not for Thick Fabrics

Singer 3337 sewing machine certainly isn’t a toy machine though, but it isn’t a heavy-duty model either. So it’s best to avoid any much thicker fabrics. Leather, Wool, tweed, or thick cotton might break the needle or also stall the Machine. If you want a sturdy, heavy-duty & durable sewing machine which can be used for a wide variety of materials then go for Brother ST371HD.

For other sturdier alternatives, consider these as a leather sewing machine. Anything lighter or soft fabric should be just fine, so you should stick to the lightweight to medium fabrics materials.


Let’s conclude Singer Tradition 2277 review

Our experts were proud to say that The Singer Tradition 2277 was one of the great sewing machines for newbies, and the 3337 model continues the legacy.

It is enough budget-friendly sewing machine.

They have suggested that at such a low price range, people are getting much stronger built and sturdy sewing machines with all useful functionalities. It is giving you so much at this low price range. We are sure of that. The Singer is also known for giving a market strongly built sewing machine.

You will discover that many machines at this rate have more attractive features, but compared to Singer 3337 on the basis of durability and consistency, those are like kids to this one. The singer always makes versatile machines like Singer 3221, Singer 3232 etc. This Machine is really worth buying.

At this price, it is offering enough to make you the best artist in the art of sewing. We bet you won’t regret buying this Singer Simple 3337. So if you are a newbie in sewing, then we are suggesting you buy this incredible sewing machine!

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