You are currently viewing Read our Singer 3232 reviews BEFORE YOU BUY

Read our Singer 3232 reviews BEFORE YOU BUY

With numerous sewing machine models currently accessible on the market, each of which provides an array of distinctive features, it can be tough to determine which model is the ideal fit for you.

We finalized to review Singer 3232 when it attracted us from its great performance against various models when we conducted testing for Brother cs6000i machine. Yes, Brother’s model was a winner, but 3232 is also a lion!

It’s even better than machines like Singer 8500q and Singer 9100! Isn’t that fascinating?

As a frequently used device, sewing machines must be to be reliable, durable, and, most importantly, functional. Also, it’s crucial to assess what your desired use for the machine is. Will the model be used regularly, only on the weekends as a hobby or sometimes for normal sewing projects?


Singer 3232 reviews

  • 32 built-in stitch settings permit for a reasonable degree of freedom when choosing stitching types
  • Automatic reverse feature handled by the push of a solitary button
  • The sewing speed of 750 stitches per minute
  • Compact & incredibly lightweight design
  • Easily usable two-dial stitch & speed selectors
  • Provides great value for money
  • Highly quiet operation, making it ideal for home use
  • Automatic needle threading saves much time while machine setup.






Credit: Singer Sewing Company

In order to make this sewing machine purchasing process easier for you, we’ve taken a comprehensive look at the most famous sewing machines currently available, and the Singer Simple 3232 is among them.

This unit is supremely affordable (not as affordable as Brother LX3817 or Brother xr3774), yet it provides every single vital feature you might search for in an entry-level-mid-level sewing machine.

Our article will take you via the pros & cons of Singer 3232 and assist you in determining whether or not this model is an ideal fit for you. It will also incorporate a detailed comparison with other similar models to indicate this is the best among its industry.

Singer 3232 reviews


Weight 12.2 lbs
Stitches 32 built-in stitches
Dimensions 15 x 7.5 x 12 inches
Type Mechanic
Speed 750 stitches
Warranty 25-year warranty
Bobbin Front-loading bobbin


All-Purpose Foot Buttonhole Foot Zipper Foot
Button Sewing Foot Edge/Quilting Guide Seam Ripper with Lint Brush
Needles Bobbins (Class 15) Thread Spool Caps
Screwdriver Soft-Sided Dust Cover Darning Plate
Machine Intro DVD Foot Control Instruction Manual
Stitch Guide Power Cord

Is there anything to bother?

  • Lacks features. However, this must be expected, considering its highly affordable price. For mid or high lever sewers, we’d recommend Brother PQ1500SL or Juki tl2010q.

Astounding Features of Singer 3232 reviews

Stitches and Buttonholes

The Singer 3232 arrives with 32 built-in stitches ( 6 stretch stitches, 6 basic stitches, and 19 unique decorative stitches), which is sufficient for an array of projects. You can determine getting creative in your free time by using any of the accessible stitches. That means you will definitely not be bored with Singer 3232.

The Singer 3232 features all the crucial stitches you would require for your everyday projects. However, It might not be all, which an advanced level sewist would require. But for the basic & decorative stitches, the 3232 comes to you with fully loaded functionalities.

The one-step buttonhole stitch has put it at a rank over other affordable sewing machines. Now saving more time is possible when creating a buttonhole with just a button’s touch.

Front-Loading Bobbin

A front-loading bobbin is there in this Singer sewing machine. That implies you have to eliminate the compartment at the machine’s front and open the door from accessing the bobbin.

As such, once you thread the bobbin, you’ll place it in this compartment and, after that, pull the thread into the needle plate. In case you run out of thread or fixing an issue is required with the bobbin, opening the compartment easily will be possible.

Automatic reverse

Astounding Features of Singer 3232 reviews
This is among the most exciting features the Singer 3232 offers you. Whenever you want to reinforce your stitching, just simply tap the reverse button. And your machine would sew automatically in reverse. Easy isn’t it?


This feature makes the entire notion of sewing stress-free & enjoyable. Imagine having to worry regarding not being able to do sewing projects in the dark? Well, you can rest assured as encountering such difficulties will not be required when using the Singer 3232.

Incorporated with the Singer 3232 is a light, which you can easily glow in poorly lit areas or on the dark places of the fabrics. When turned on, the light will shine directly into the needle plate. By implementing this method, you don’t strain your eyes when sewing and to avoid making mistakes that are unnecessary while concentrating.

Automatic needle threader

This is basically a key feature to look out for as a beginner sewist in any sewing machine. Fortunately, the Singer 3232 arrives with it, making it one more top choice to consider. With its automatic needle threader feature, straining your eyes will not be needed to fix the needle. The Singer 3232 will do all that work for you.

Other appreciable machines that do come with an automatic needle threader are: Brother xm1010 and Singer One.

What did we love while writing Singer 3232 reviews

Compact and Lightweight

A bit more than 12 pounds – which is the size & weight of just a small microwave – the Singer 3232 Portable Sewing Machine will go just about anywhere. It won’t be a bulky machine to haul around to classes, to other places of your home, or even to a storage area. It’s compact, lightweight, and very portable.

All thanks to the way it’s designed, you won’t require a huge space to have this in your working room/place, which is great in case you’re short on the room or doing sewing work in a small space. In case you’re placing this in your classroom, then also this model won’t be a troublesome addition.

Heavy-Duty frame

Heavy-Duty frame

Besides the mouth-watering 25-year warranty, which arrives with the Singer 3232, its sturdiness is second to none. It’s a famous fact that the Singer machines are built to work for numerous years to come. The frame of this sewing machine is built for longevity & durability.

The heavy-duty aluminum frame it has is specifically designed for keeping the machine & needles in an easily reachable place when sewing. The importance of this might be well noticed when we talk about embroidery.


Being great value for money is very important for any machine to receive recommendation from us. Some machines do fail in this department, like Singer Start 1304 and Janome DC2014.

With all these fantastic features, and even with the compact nature it offers, you might expect the Single Simple to be hundreds of dollars – however, that’s not the case. At under $100 accessible on Amazon, it’s quite a steal.

For beginner sewists testing out the craft, for advanced level sewists purchasing a portable backup, or for those short on bucks, this is a reasonably costed investment that still performs perfectly. Considering the pretty long Singer warranty & Singer’s trusty customer service, you’ll be getting a fantastic bang for your buck undoubtedly with the Singer 3232.


The 32-stitches are, without any doubt, more than you would locate on most cheap sewing machines. With the entirety of the stitches it packs, there is very little for which you can’t sew using the Singer 3232. It’s ideal for embroidery, hemming of pants and capable of sewing bulky & heavy fabrics.

Another machine which we found enough versatile in the same testing session was Janome Derby

Is there anything to bother?


Not Enough Features

It’s actually not unexpected for such a cheap sewing machine; however, for some, sewists would have liked greater features. Testers identified that more buttonhole alternatives & stitches were greatly missed. At such an inexpensive rate, you won’t enjoy the wide range that more advanced Singer sewing machines offer.

Remember to note what stitches are vital to your sewing projects and how you determine to use the machine. In case larger scale sewing jobs are your destinations, then the Singer Simple might disappoint you.


Let’s conclude Singer 3232 reviews

At an affordable cost, the Singer 3232 has featured nearly equal to other high-end sewing machines. So as a first-time sewist who wouldn’t want to spend a whole lot of money getting their first machine, this is quite a steal. Even as an experienced sewist, this machine is undoubtedly an excellent investment as a backup strategy.

Considering the 25-year warranty and the compact nature too of the Singer 3232, you would be getting an ideal deal for your buck.

Though it has some less built-in stitches than the other sewing machines reviewed on our website, Singer 3232 is still undoubtedly a durable and reliable sewing machine, which is perfect for regular simple sewing projects’ use.

This machine even dominates bigger models like Janome DC3050, Singer 7256 , and even Singer 9980.

This can be your classic sewing machine always brought right up to date with the entirety of its advanced features. In case you want something easily understandable, simple to use, and not extremely flashy, this is the sewing machine model to go for.

If you’re searching for a trusted & reliable sewing machine with a trusted brand for your sewing projects at an affordable cost, then the Singer Simple 3232 sewing machine is the best buy. The machine is compact yet portable, and the number of in-built stitch options to customize your project it offers is fantastic and permits you to be creative.

Overall, if a budget is what pushes you back from purchasing a sewing machine, then the Singer Simple 3232 is surely a reasonably-priced investment, which will perform quite well.

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