Singer 4452 reviews by EXPERTS: Really 155% POWERFUL?

Today, we’ll discuss Singer 4452 reviews deeply. There are numerous different heavy-duty models accessible on the market, so selecting the ideal one is not a fairly easy task. Currently, we’ll take a closer look at the most affordable sewing machine models.

In our Singer 4452 reviews, you’ll be getting knowledge about its features, accessories, specifications, and warranty. Perhaps this model is the perfect one for you!

In case you require a model that can cut through denim, vinyl, leather, canvas, and even upholstery and also the regular, lightweight fabrics, you might want to consider purchasing Singer Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine.


Singer 4452 reviews

  • Highly fast maximum sewing speed
  • Able to sew via thick fabrics
  • Very easy to use
  • 60% more powerful motor
  • Runs smoothly
  • Automatic needle threader works pretty well
  • Good for beginner and advanced sewists
  • Features will win your heart!


No matter the designers had thick materials in mind when constructing this model, the presser foot adjustable pressure makes it highly sew lightweight materials too. The design seems quite simple on its surface.

We can’t call this mechanical machine a beauty, but it has professional-looks and arrives with a gazillion of mind-boggling features, so this model might be an option in case you’re after a model with simple minimum guesswork.

There are numerous fantastic features that this sewing machine comes with, and we’ve described each of them separately with details below.

Singer 4452 reviews

Weight 15.7 pounds
Stitches 32 built-in stitches
Dimensions 15.5″by 6.25″by 12″
Type Computerized
Speed 1,100 stitching speed
Warranty 25 Years limited warranty
Bobbin Easily loadable top drop-in bobbin with the help of a transparent cover.

Below are the SINGER 4452 sewing machine’s key features. Though it arrives with a bit more, we’ve discussed the essential ones only.

Heavy-duty metal frame Automatic Needle Threader One-Step Buttonhole
Rotatory dial to change stitches 60% more powerful motor Adjustable stitch length and width
Free arm for Cuffs and Sleeves Snap-on presser feet Needle Up/Down

Singer 4452 sewing machine Accessories

When you shop the Heavy-duty Singer 4452 sewing machine, you’ll get a huge variety of accessories; read further to find out:

  • All-purpose foot for general sewing, decorative and stretch stitches.
  • Buttonhole foot with a slot for putting the button to automatically sew the needed size. This model also has slots for ribbons and more.
  • Zipper foot to put in zippers, piping, and cording.
  • Button sewing foot makes sewing on buttons a doddle.
  • Lint brush
  • Seam ripper
  • Edge quilting guide
  • Auxiliary spool spin and spool pin felt
  • Extra needles, bobbins, and screwdriver

Singer 4452 reviews – Impressive features

Automatic Needle Threader & Automatic Reverse

Some individuals encounter difficulties in threading the needle. There are numerous reasons for that, but without going into deep details in treading the needle’s issue, in case you’re planning to purchase SINGER 4452 sewing machine, then you’ll not have to bother about the similar issue as it arrives with the Automatic Needle Threader.

Singer 4452 reviews

Working with the SINGER 4452 sewing machine’s automatic needle threader is fairly simple. Also, this model arrives with Automatic Reverse, too, that assists you in reinforcing the stitch for making material tightly attached to each other.

Adjustable length & width of the stitches

It’s true, with the adjustable stitch length customizing, the appearance is possible of a stitch by enhancing & decreasing the distance between the stitches. Adjust the stitch’s length according to the fabric’s thickness that you are sewing with.

When sewing fabrics that are lightweight, a shorter stitch & a thinner needle is being used, whereas a longer stitch & a thicker needle is being used when working with heavier weight fabrics. While doing zig-zag stitching & decorative stitches, stitch length as well as width are essential. The shorter the stitch, then the denser the stitch will get.

Dense zig-zag stitches are basically called satin stitches. For making your stitch wider or narrower and changing the width from 0 mm-6mm, then simply turn the dial for adjusting it. The inbuilt decorative stitches’ look will also change according to the length & width of the stitch that you select. Being able to adjust the dials permits you to be great creative.

However, ensure that you select the ideal needle for the thickness of the fabric because sewing denim & canvas will need a thicker as well as stronger needle in comparison to silk and chiffon. When you’re sewing leather items, it’s ideal to use a special needle, which is specially built for leather.

32 built-in stitches

Among the most crucial things, which every sewist looks for in their sewing machine, is how much built-in stitches are there. The more number of built-in stitches means more are the selections for decorating your sewing project.

It’s interesting to note that and SINGER 4452 sewing machine arrives with 32 built-in stitches. You can select any of your selection with the rotatory dial, which is present on the sewing machine’s front.

Singer 4452 reviews – What we loved

Ease of Use

The Singer 4452 is basically a simple sewing machine, and hence, scores ideal in this category. This machine, as per our experts testing, earned 7 out of 10, so it’s an alright score. However, this is hugely by virtue of not having more than sufficient features to confuse you. The directions on this sewing machine are fairly simple.

However, the mechanical selection stitch choosing system might make some beginners confused enough to give you a rapid pause. Recommendations for which presser foot to utilize for the most effective different stitches is simply essential, which it doesn’t indicate.

Everything else on the sewing machine is clearly labeled and is identical to the markings on its twin, which is the Singer 4423.

Singer 4452 reviews

60% more Powerful Motor of Singer 4452 sewing machine

As a Heavy-Duty sewing machine, a powerful motor must be there fitted inside the model so that it could sew via those thick fabrics or through the materials’ layers. In case your sewing machine’s motor isn’t power-packed, then sewing through thick material might be a daunting task for you.

When it comes to the SINGER 4452 sewing machine, it arrives with a 60% highly powerful motor in comparison to other heavy-duty sewing machines, which make sure that you’re able to sew thick material easily, for example, Canvas or synthetic leather.

Singer 4452 sewing machine Speed

SINGER 4452 heavy duty sewing machine is among the quickest sewing machines accessible out there in the market. We haven’t even found any high-end & cheap sewing machine sewing with this much higher speed. As advertised, the SINGER 4452 sewing machine is able to sew 1,100 stitches per minute at its maximum speed. This is way faster than numerous high-end sewing machines.

Heavy-Duty Metal Frame & fantastic design

SINGER 4452 heavy duty arrives with a heavy-duty metal frame. It implies that the Sewing machine is sufficiently sturdy and meant to last for numerous years to come. The Heavy-duty metal frame has ensured that it can tackle heavy workload easily. The machine will not cramp while using it as a metallic frame will maintain its sturdiness.

The design of the SINGER 4452 sewing machine is fabulous. It looks fascinating & heavy-duty by its look itself. The handle, which is present at the top, assists you while picking up the sewing machine and placing it in your desired place easily. It has a transparent bobbin plate too, which assists you in monitoring the thread supply from the bobbin.

Ease of Setup

Surprisingly scoring lesser than its twin, the Singer 4452 heavy duty got a 6 out of 10 considering the ease of setup. This machine performs good enough at both threading the sewing machine as well as setting up & installing the bobbin.


We particularly preferred the instructions to thread the bobbin being printed in a color scheme that’s higher-contrast. We also liked that reading the bobbin installation directions was easy. However, the automatic needle threader, which is present on the model, we tested looked a lot less effective than comparable ones.

It even caused us to identify in case it was broken or had a manufacturing defect. We could indicate no visible evidence of either scenario, and we just faced the struggle while threading the needle on this model. The bobbin winder too tended to wind unevenly; it might make a bottom-heavy bobbin.

Impressive Warranty

The Singer website surely states that the Heavy Duty 4452 carries a limited 24-year warranty / 2 year / 90 days warranty (despite numerous other sites beginning this unit arrives with a 25-year warranty). To the best of our knowledge, the warranty breaks down as follows:

  • 90 days – covers belts, attachments, bulbs, rings, and adjustments
  • 2 years – covers electronic components, speed control, motors, light assembly, switches, and wiring
  • 24 years – covers the head of the sewing machine

It’s interesting to identify the 24-year warranty on the sewing machine head. We’ve seen 25 years in the past. We don’t have knowledge if this warranty system is something new from Singer, or in case the 24 years is something just applied to some specific models.

Additional Tips

While the Singer 4452 heavy duty is a fantastic machine for a beginner sewist to use, you should check these additional sewing tips too to get the ideal experience with your machine.

Practice makes everything perfect This machine’s speed can be controlled with the help of a foot pedal & a hand crank. Firstly, you might find it hard to achieve the ideal speed for your sewing project, as the stitch speed accessible on this machine is very high.
Check the manual This model arrives with quite a few exposed parts that can be a bit daunting at first. However, if you’re not exactly sure how the parts are supposed to fit, then you should consult your manual for assistance.
Pay attention to the settings Ensure that you have the machine set to the ideal settings for your sewing project. Sewing with uneven tension or stitch length will rapidly make a mess of things.
Check your bobbin Before starting any of your sewing projects, always give a quick identification to your Singer heavy-duty 4452 bobbins to just ensure that everything is in the ideal place. In case the bobbin isn’t the correct size, or it’s wound uneven, you might face trouble getting your sewing machine to work properly.

Let’s conclude Singer 4452 reviews

Unique winter apparel, wallets, leather purses, and belts, or a rapidly done quilt – these all are easily makeable with a heavy-duty and high-quality sewing machine just like this one.

It doesn’t matter in case making clothes for your family is your intention, or you’re a professional who regularly sells their creations – you deserve a sewing machine that can tackle whatever you want to work on.

Being honest, It might not be as fancier as some other machines or as attractive, but it surely gets the job done ideally– and that’s what matters the most. With 32 distinctive types of stitches and a boatload of accessories, this model will be tackling almost anything you throw at it.

Also, this makes it a worthwhile selection for beginners or professional sewists. Uncover your hidden talents when you begin creating sewing projects on the Singer heavy-duty sewing machine 4452!

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