You are currently viewing Expert’s Honest Review on Singer 5400 Machine’s Features

Expert’s Honest Review on Singer 5400 Machine’s Features

The Singer Sew Mate 5400 is a great option if you are looking to upgrade your current, basic sewing machine.

There are 60 stitches in-built, three types of presser feet, and a needle that can sit in 13 positions. This machine is capable of doing just about any type of sewing.

This one amazingly dominated over Brother XL2610, Singer Start 1304 , Singer One, and even janome 11706.


singer 5400

This machine will help you make clothes, quilts, and dolls faster and more efficiently. The machine’s on-board computer makes it easy to make all of your stitch selections at the touch of a button. Never before has it been that simple to make adjustments.

This machine will save you time and effort with a maximum speed of 750 stitches per hour. This machine is as functional as any mechanical machine, and looks even better. It’s a formidable contender in the world for sewing.

Continue reading to discover what the Singer Sew Mate 5400 can do for you.




Built-in stitches

4 buttonholes that are 1-step automatic
60 built-in stitches ( stretch, decorative, essential)
Automatic needle threader
Max 6.5mm stitch width
Adjustable and automatic tension
Free Arm
Automatic Bobbin Winding Clutch
Auto reverse switch
13 needle positions
Adjustable and automatic length settings + adjustable & auto stitch
Extra high presser foot lift
Sewing area with LED lighting
Horizontal threading
Automatic presser foot pressure
Maximum sewing speed is 750 SPM

Top features


automatic needle threader

  • The automatic tension: This helps to balance the stitches of any fabric type.
  • Built-in stitches: There are 6 built-in stitch options for different purposes, including fashion sewing, decorative, crafts and home decors.
  • Automatic length and width adjustment: This feature allows you to adjust the fabric’s width and length accordingly
  • The automatic needle threader: This can be used to insert the thread into the needle.
  • The 1-step automatic buttonhole: It is as easy as touching the button.
  • The presser foot: This mechanized footlifter allows you to sew regardless of what type of fabric is in your possession.
  • The LED: This LED bulb is useful for sewing in dim lighting environments. The LED is better than those of Brother se400, and Brother XR3140.
  • The frame: This machine’s fully-metal frame makes it a sturdy product.
  • The bobbin: Remove the bobbin from the machine and let the thread be wound correctly
  • The automatic reverse: This feature allows you to sew quickly and efficiently.
  • e free arm: This arm is useful in sewing cuffs and collars as well as sleeves.

Singer Sew Mate 5400 Review: Overview

The Singer Sew Mate 5400 technically is an entry-level machine. You may be dissuaded by the amazing features it offers.

There are 60 built-in stitches available to make any type of sewing possible. There are 40 decorative stitches besides 8 stretch stitches, 4 fully-automatic 1-step buttonholes, and 8 essential stitches.

Your machine includes 3 presser feet: a zipper and a buttonhole foot, and an all-purpose Although this may seem a bit expensive, the included feet will do most jobs.

Bush is not to be beaten

If you’re in a rush, needing to get something sewn at rapid speed, then the Singer Sew Mate 5400 machine is just perfect  to employ.

This machine sews at a max speed of 750 stitches/hour and has a variety of automatic functions that will help you save time throughout the year. However, it’s a bit less than the legendary Brother cs6000i .

It has an automatic needle-threading function that will reduce eye strain, just like most modern machines.

The machine also features an automatic tensioner to ensure that your stitching is balanced. The 4-stitch buttonhole procedure, which is 1-step in the process, is another feature many love. This is a remarkable feat for an entry-level machine.

The machine also has an automatic function that allows you to set the length and width of your stitch to the best place for the project.

This feature can be turned off, however, if you prefer to adjust your settings. You don’t need to adjust foot pressure when working with different fabrics.

This is done automatically. This machine also automates the reverse function. Just push the button to activate reverse mode. This will allow you to sew in reverse, strengthening your stitch and stopping fraying.

The automatic bobbin winding clutch makes the process faster and safer.

Capable Computer – Simple to Use

People who have been sewing for some time may have used a non-computerized machine and are afraid to switch to a computerized one.

The Singer Sew Mate 5400, which is an entry-level machine as we mentioned, has had almost all of its functions and features simplified. This is done to make them more enjoyable and easier to learn.

The on-board computer works exactly the same way. It’s not as terrorizing as it looks to people who were used to old-style mechanical machines. After a few plays, you will feel much more confident about using the machine in the future.

You can select the type of stitch, length and width you want and then view it on the LCD screen using the six push-button controls. Although it isn’t the most advanced computer, there are only a few buttons that you need to know how to use.

Considering “easy to use” factor, it’s even better than expensive models like Janome 8900, Singer 8500q, and even Janome DC3050.

Reliable and durable

Keeping models like Singer 7256 , and Singer 9980  aside, the build quality is always appreciable  with Singer’s machines.

Singer Sew Mate 5400 has been made from the finest materials. The machine is strong in its right spots and flexible in the rest.

Now, that gives you the best of both the worlds. The machine is held in place by the metal frame, but the flexible plastic allows for flexibility when necessary.

This machine’s other great feature is its reliability. The machine can weave through multiple layers of fabric quickly and will continue sewing until you tell it to stop.

The accessories are also of good quality. And comprising a 25-year limited warranty, it’s already clear that Singer is fully confident in its product also. In case you have any questions, just don’t hesitate to contact the company.



singer 5400 benefits

  • The arm-free feature works well and allows for efficient sleeve production
  • The machine can handle all types of built-in stitches
  • The provided LED bulb is high quality
  • It is extremely helpful to have an automatic buttonhole
  • To carry your stitching work in order, you will need the perfect accessories
  • Different types of presser foot
  • The machine’s inner body is extremely strong
  • It’s extremely light in weight
  • This product is extremely durable
  • Not an expensive product.


  • It is not easy to understand the automatic threading.

Singer Sew Mate 5400 Review: Last Thoughts


Singer’s product has many authentic features that will help garment makers stitch more efficiently. The machine has 60 built-in stitch options that are great for beginners. Professional makers will also be able to use the various built-in stitches.

This machine is a great product for beginners looking to learn how to sew. The machine has many automatic features, such as an automatic needle threader and tension, and automatic length and with adjustment. It has a number of very powerful features and provides a great sewing experience for basic garments.

Buyers who are worried about the product’s durability and weight can relax as the product is extremely light and durable. The product’s quality is evident in its price. The machine is also very easy to use.

There are many types of foot that can be used in the machine to sew different types of fabric. It has a free arm permitting you to properly sew the sleeves and collars. The equipment also includes a good 1-step buttonhole.

Accessories include tools that can be used to effectively carry out the sewing task. You can also use the LED bulb to stitch in low-light conditions.

The product has some drawbacks, such as the difficulty of understanding the automatic needle threader by beginners.

When we take out these limitations, the product is a very good sewing machine. The machine has genuine features that can stitch various types of fabric. This product is a great choice for those who are looking to buy a quality stitching machine at an affordable price.

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