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Singer 7256 Fashion Mate Sewing Machine Review

The Singer 7256 is an Advanced computerized sewing machine, but you should not be intimidated if you’re just a newbie – this is a sewing machine that will perform well, but you’ll be left half-hearted after paying that amount.

Instead, you should buy something that lasts a lifetime even when you learn how to use the more advanced features.

For pro sewers, this is the a cool “upgrade” sewing machine. Newbies won’t find this as a great introduction to learning new sewing techniques easily and also quickly.

And yes, it’s discontinued, and not available online.


Singer 7256 is discontinued, but Brother is a brand with a plan. They’ve introduced Brother CS6000i, the great 60 stitch machine, which is the king of its price segment.

Scoring healthy 4.7 star rating from 18,700+ Amazon customer reviews means much for any sewing machine.

It’s truly amazing to see how Brother has managed to fit everything in this machine to make it sweet for everybody who wants to sew. Even the price is a bit more than just $150, and that can truly hurt nobody.


Cherish our Expert’s Review HERE. Yes, you’re free to continue reading further, but it won’t make sense, as the Brother CS6000i model is already not available.



Singer 7256 Fashion Mate

  • Smooth
  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Easy to get up and to run
  • Needle threading feature works well
  • Includes instruction DVD
  • Changing stitches is simple






It’s totally possible to use this Singer 7256 Fashion Mate to accomplish tons of challenging sewing projects even as a newbie. This singer sewing machine has 70 built-in stitches and also a host of other functionalities, which includes an LCD screen where you can select stitching patterns, with 13 needle positions and an automatic needle threader.

You can choose any stitch pattern by simply pushing a button to include six-stylish one-step buttonholes.

Singer 7256 Fashion Mate 70 stitch Sewing Machine Review

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Weight 23.2 pounds
Stitches 98 stitch functions and 67 built-in sewing stitches
Dimensions 14.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches
Type Computerized
Speed Up to 750 stitches per minute
Warranty Singer 25-year limited warranty
Bobbin Drop-in bobbin system


All accessories are included with the aim of making sure you really appreciate using the sewing machine and making new patterns and designs. Besides that, a lot of these can also be used to do some embroidery, quilting, or you can just fix a small rip in any kind of outfit.

All-purpose foot Ready, Set & Sew! DVD Buttonhole foot
Blind hem foot Pack of needles Zipper foot
Class 15J bobbins Printed inserts Foot controller
Thread spool caps Seam ripper/lint brush Auxiliary spool pin
Spool pin felt Satin stitch foot Instruction manual
Darning plate Needle plate screwdriver Soft-sided dust cover

Singer 7256 Reviews: Most considerable features

The Singer 7256 Fashion Mate provides a metal interior frame that is also covered with sturdy housing, which is made from a high-quality plastic material. The dimension is 7.25″ x 14.75″ x 11.75″ (D x L x H) with a weight of 14.55 pounds.


Instruction DVD Disk with sewing tips by Martha Stewart Drop-in bobbin (top loading with see-through cover) 70 stitch patterns (8 basic, 6 buttonholes, 48 decorative, 8 stretches)
Control panel with push key stitch selection Ability to set both stitch width and length LCD screen with stitch settings
6 different 1-step buttonholes Automatic needle threader Horizontal threading
Snap-on presser feet Easy bobbin winding

It can surely sew rapidly with a max sewing speed of 750 stitches in a minute. As mentioned above, this advanced computerized machine offers 70 stitches choices, which includes 8 stretch stitches, 8 basic stitches, 6 buttonhole patterns, and 48 decorative stitches. There are few push-keys located under the LCD screen.

Sewists just have to simply press the key to select a stitch and leave the width, length, and tension properties for this advanced computerized sewing machine. Absolutely, this intelligent machine will automatically set width length and tension properties when the sewist selects the desired stitch.

On top of that, sewists do have the option to reserve the flexibility to modify the stitch width maximum of 6mm for most of the stitch designs. As an advanced computerized machine for newbies, the Singer 7256 also has the following user-friendly features and functionalities:

A few more features of Singer 7256:


One-Step Buttonholes it does come with 6 different one-step fully-fledged automatic precisely stable built-in buttonhole styles.
Automatic Needle Threader this Singer machine will automatically do your task of threading the eye of the needle, which is thankfully much Time-saving feature.
Jam-proof Bobbin System sewists normally will discover it is much easier to insert the bobbin as it is already loaded from the top, and besides that, it’s clear cover allows users to detect the bobbin thread supply very easily. In addition, this advanced computerized sewing machine includes a magnet-type vertical axis rotating hook that ensures smooth plus quiet, thread jam-resistant sewing.
Auto Tie-Off Function for Straight Stitch As the same, sewists could prevent unraveling by simply pressing the key for reinforcing the start and end of the seam.
Automatic Bobbin Winding Clutch The needle will not move up and down as the needle bar is automatically disengaged when winding the bobbin.
Auto-Adjust Presser Foot Pressure sewists, have tranquillity of mind to continue their sewing work even they are sewing from the lightest weight tricots to the hard and heaviest denim as this Singer machine will definitely handle the amount of pressure exerted on the fabric material automatically with the help of presser foot against the feed dogs.
Automatic Reverse With the push of the key, the sewing machine will sew stitches in reverse pace.

Singer 7256  is Quick and Easy!

From the automatic tension adjuster to the automatic threader, the Singer Fashion Mate will do its best to give you the smoothest and easiness to finish your project.

You should be glad because of the bobbin winder ’cause there’s not any particular risk of overwinding your bobbins, and then the automatic reverse key will also make your job much smoother to be inventive with your designs.

The feet adjust its pressure to the fabric material you are using at that moment, also limiting the risk of getting your fabric material snagged. Newbies and more experienced pro sewists alike will find the Singer 7256 sewing machine easy and generally a joy to use.

Fine Needle Work

You will be able to use two needles at once. Besides that, the Fashion Mate features 13 different needle positions, which are flawless for your various projects. This provides you more space for your creativity in your project and, as a pro, more control over what you’re doing.

We absolutely love the way this machine gives you tons of creative freedom, and we can certainly observe why it’s so damn great with wannabe and fashionistas clothes designers.

Lots of Built-In Stitches

70 stitches are a pretty much respectable amount of stitches. Still, they include 6 fully automatic buttonholes, as well as decorative, several essential, and stretch stitches.

These are appropriate for pretty much any fashion project you pick, and they’re easily usable through the keys on the front of the sewing machine. It’s outstanding considering the market price point & there’s still more to cover your needs – with a few extras besides.

Singer 7256  tackles Heavy-Duty Fabrics

If you’re experienced enough, you could use this sewing machine for heavier fabric materials without breaking it. Even if you’re a newbie, you should always go for it. It’s not specially for heavy-duty work, but you can rely on it.

Super Smooth Feeding System

A great feeding system makes it much effortless to get good results from your sewing. Many machines that want to provide a better quality finish do its best to involve a feeding system that is worth your time, and this sewing machine has provided this desire with the six-segment feed.

Let’s conclude Singer 7256 Reviews


We’re recommending Brother CS6000i over Singer 7256.

The CS6000i is preferably perfectly for decorative sewing projects and home fashion. Also, you can use it for utility sewing and quilting jobs. Besides being a fabulous sewing machine for a newbie, it is targeted at more pros and those who will discover its design capabilities.

It’s highly automated, so most of the tasks are controlled automatically & it has many inbuilt advanced computerized programs to give you these functions.

Our experts state both newbies and the more experienced could perfectly use the CS6000i, and by its excellence, we feel like it’s going to dominate the market of versatile yet beginner-friendly sewing machine for long.

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