You are currently viewing Singer 8500q Review: Don’t buy this machine!

Singer 8500q Review: Don’t buy this machine!

If you are an artist of quilting, then it’s marvelous to have a dedicated quilting machine. A regular sewing machine could be limited to a few decorative stitches, a little workspace, and could not have enough power to handle the multiple layers of any particular material.

If you’re in the search for a versatile, powerful quilting machine, and considering Singer 8500q as your first choice, then we’d say – BEWARE!

It may appear exactly what you really need for your further projects, but the truth is something else. Yes, it took us a few days to properly understand this machine, and also compare it to other similarly features competing machines.

Harh to say, smaller (and much cheaper) models like Singer 1234, Singer 3232 and Singer 5400 prove to be better!


Yep, although it’s not that sad news, but still it’s worth mentioning that Singer 8500q has been discontinued by Singer.

When we’ve got much better recommendations, then this news shouldn’t hurt at all!

We were already recommending Janome JW8100 in this review, and you’ll agree that it’s a better choice by seeing its scores in our testing.



Read Expert’s review on Janome JW8100 HERE.

Singer 8500q

  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • 215 Built-in Stitches
  • Versatile but Expensive
  • Easy to Set Up & use
  • LCD Screen with Stitch Selection
  • Portable/Compact
  • Extra-Large Workspace
  • Great range of features
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions
  • Not for outside USA/Canada use






Singer 8500Q is among the highly praised quilting and sewing machines in the market nowadays, and do you know what makes us not recommend this model?

Its portability and lightweight are its strongest plus points, but we would not say that this one is the only reason why you would consider buying this machine. Also, there are a few amazing features like a wide range of feet that will make quilting easier for you and an extension table.

But it proves to be the tortoise of the race when it comes to value for money proportion.

So, who is the rabbit here? Well, it’s none other than Janome JW8100. Cherish experts review HERE.

Singer 8500q Review

Credit: SuperStitchSewing


Weight 37.6 pounds
Stitches 215 built-in stitches, including 6 automatic 1-Step buttonholes
Dimensions 22 x 9.5 x 13 inches
Type Computerized
Speed 1500 spm
Warranty 25-year limited warranty
Bobbin “Drop & Sew” bobbin system


This Singer quilting and sewing machine come with many accessories for both the newbies and professional quilting or sewing enthusiast. These below accessories are included:

Zipper Foot All-Purpose Foot Buttonhole Foot with Underplate
Satin Stitch Foot Blind Hem Foot Button Sewing Foot
Bobbins (Class 15J) Pack of Needles Thread Spool Caps
Auxiliary Spool Pin Thread Spool Nets Spool Pin Felt
Seam Ripper Screwdrivers Lint Brush
Extension Table Instruction Manual Knee Lifter
Quick Start Guide Foot Controller Power Cord

As a bonus, Singer also has especially several quilting accessories with this sewing & quilting machine, such as:

  • Even Feed/Walking Foot
  • Darning and Freehand Embroidery Foot
  • Quarter Inch Foot
  • Edge/Quilting Guide.
  • Open Toe Foot


Singer 8500q Review: Most astounding features

Drop Feed Programmable Needle Up / Down Extension Table
Electronic Auto Pilot 6 StayBright LED Lights Speed Control Lever
7mm Stitch Width 13 Needle Positions Automatic Twin Needle Mode
Automatic Stitch Length & Width Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter Stitch Memory with Editing
Adjustable Thread Tension Locking Stitch Button Heavy Duty Metal Frame
Automatic Electronic Thread Trimmer Independent Bobbin Winding System 7-Segment Feeding System
Box Feed Block Multi-Lingual Alphabet

Programmable Needle Height

One of the amazing features of this sewing machine is the needle height can be set programmatically. A programmable down or up of a needle allows it to always stop in the highest position.

This could appear to be an unimportant detail. However, it does make it easier to remove the fabric material from the needle plate, and by that, it saves your time as well. For pivoting, you could program a needle to stop in a down position as well as an up position.

Janome JW8100 comes with the same feature.

SwiftSmart Threading System + Automatic Needle Threader

We already know that all kinds of modern quilting and sewing machines, at least those flagship models, come with an automatic needle threader.

These features are no longer considered luxurious features, but only crucial. However, this sewing machine from Singer does take comfort to another level; the SwiftSmart threading system creates threading even easier. You could easily guide the thread from spool to needle through only one groove dedicated to it; then, you can use the needle to thread the needle much swiftly.

Yes, you get both the features in the half-priced Janome JW8100 machine as well.

Singer 8500q

Knee Lifter Hands-Free Lifting of Foot

You know that when it comes to quilting or sewing, you have to use presser feet, and then it becomes a discouraging task to install then remove those feet. Also, lifting them up and then dropping them down could be more of a hassle. Well, after all, Using Singer 8500Q’s hands-free knee lifter, you can easily drop or lift the presser foot without touching it.

Extension Table

Just like a Juki quilting machine, this model also has an extension table. This quilting machine’s extension table is much bigger compared to other machines, and we mean significantly bigger.

This machine has a 22.4” big extension table having a width of 14.4”. On top of that, it has a circular sewing pin, which makes quilting easier for any sewist. This one could be easily detached or attached to the machine.

Drop and Sew Bobbin System

Sew bobbin system and Singer’s drop is great for two reasons. One reason is why anyone would love to have it. What is the sew bobbin system and drop? It is a time-saving feature that will allow you to drop the bobbin in the hole, which is dedicated to it, it could have the thread go through the groove, and then you’re ready to sew.

You might not need to drop the bobbin from the thread, but the machine will pluck it up and start sewing. There are other reasons why you’d like it is that it is a transparent case by which you can detect the thread supply.

215 Built-in Stitches

Do you know? Unlike other sewing machines that manifest a severe lack of medley in terms of stitching, this one will come with two hundred and fifteen stitches in total. These stitches also include nine essential stitches, six stretch stitches, seventeen quilting stitches, one hundred seventy-six decorative stitches, and six buttonholes.

Singer 8500q

However, Janome Jw8100 comes with 100, but better we tell you, 100 stitches mean a lot, and you won’t feel the need of so many stitches! Just imagine, you’re saving around$350, if you are ready to compromise on 100 stitches!

Automatic Presser Foot Pressure Control

Those sewists who have been into sewing and quilting as a business are much aware of how a simple repetition/routine works can prove to be so boring, if not tiresome. Let’s just Take the presser foot pressure customization for an example.

However, with this sewing machine, you might not have to switch the pressure from thin and soft fabric to a thick and tough one. On top of that, The advanced automatic presser foot and pressure adjustment are definitely a game-changer.

LCD Screen with Stitch Selection

Well, let us be clear about why Singer could be a suitable brand among the best quilting and sewing machine brands. There are plenty of quilting machines which Our experts have used, tested and also given their expertise on a very basic setup and also many of the machines don’t have a luxury like LCD display.

However you do not have to worry about that because this machine will come with an LCD screen which will guide you through everything you require.

Not only that, but you could choose from a wide range of two hundred fifteen stitches, but the LCD screen will also show you the number of stitches, its length, shape, width, and other many settings and properties you need.

Singer 8500q

Extra-Large Circular Stitch Capability

Well, you just think that Who doesn’t like a beautiful sewed circle on a quilt? With this quilting + sewing machine, you could sew circles as big as 15” to 10” in diameter. And also, You could use any of the two hundred fifteen stitches to make partial or full circles + patterns and designs on your quilt.

Singer 8500q Review: What did we love?

Extra-Large Workspace

Sewists, quilters, and everyone else doing a large project should not fear running out of room to work with on this quilting and sewing machine’s 25 inches of quilting and sewing space. This space is a relief for those who have big patterns in mind and for those looking to dabble in the world of quilting.

Wide Variety of Stitches

With over 200 stitches to select from, including nine Essential Stitches, six Stretch Stitches, 17 Quilting Stitches, 176 Decorative Stitches, and six Buttonhole Stitches, crafters of all experience levels can find the kind of stitch that is perfect for their unique project. This also creates room for crafters to potentially experiment with new styles and combinations for years to come!

Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Between the handy included manual and the clear markings on the machine itself, beginner craftspeople report having an excellent, easy time getting started on their new Singer sewing and quilting machine. Having trouble setting up your machine can act as a deterrent when starting a new craft and may even lead to some abandoning their new hobby altogether.

Thankfully, no worries here.

Smooth and Sturdy

While the design of the Singer 8500Q Modern Quilter is sleek, its backed by a sturdy frame made to tackle big and large projects. This is great for sewers who are ready to tackle heavier fabrics and materials, and it’s also a bonus to know you won’t have to upgrade your machine to do so.

Singer 8500q

Sewers won’t have to worry about any skips or jumps while using the Singer 8500; this machine runs smoothly, taking away the need to fix any snags that might occur from a jumpy machine.

Warranty of Singer 8500q

Investing in a hobby, new or old, isn’t always cheap, but it makes it a little more worthwhile knowing the products you purchase are backed by a promise to have you covered in case anything goes wrong. We’re stoked about the long 25-year warranty offered with this sewing machine.

This takes a lot of the worry out of starting a new hobby for beginners and takes away the frustration of being stuck with a lemon.

Singer 8500q Review: Is there anything to Bother?


Not Intended for Use Outside North America

Unfortunately for quilters in Europe, Australia, or South America, due to the voltage requirements, this sewing and quilting machine is not intended for use outside of the United States and Canada. The singer does not recommend using transformers to try to get around this issue, as the use of a transformer voids the warranty.


Not Great Value for Money

Most of the features are cool, and many of you may get impressed with the overall performance also, but price tag is something which you really won’t be able to figure out by its performance. Close to a thousand dollars is what it costs, and we’d say, that’s more than too much.

You can buy an amazing sewing and quilting machine like Brother PQ1500SL (which is far better) at less than $650 (CHECK PRICE)! You can read full Brother PQ1500SL review HERE. Also, below $700, you get amazing sewing and embroider machines like Brother SE625 (Check price HERE).

However, if you’re really in a mood of shedding a thousand bucks, then why not to buy a beast like Juki tl2010q?


Let’s conclude Singer 8500q Review

For those of you who live in the US or Canada, this is an excellent, feature-rich, and powerful workhorse but price tag highly disappoints. Even though it’s primarily advertised as a quilting machine, it’s equally good at sewing or doing various home decor projects.

Now, as it comes at a hefty price, we wouldn’t say that it’s completely worth every penny. If we were looking for a new machine, this model would certainly won’t it to our shortlist without a second thought. We’ver already mentioned better recommendations up there!

Want a straight recommendation regarding an alternative? Buy Janome JW8100 blindly. Check expert. JW8100s review HERE.

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