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Singer M2100 Review: Experts Have Explained in Details

Nowadays, the demand for computerized sewing machines has drastically risen. Every sewist thinks of buying a new computerized machine that will make their work more convenient.

If you also wanted to buy a machine that has all the advanced aspects. Then leave this on us because we got something to satisfy all your demands. The SINGER M2100 Sewing Machine.

This fully computerized machine is portable and lightweight, making it accurate for sewing in lesser areas or for carrying it to sewing classes. It’s best for beginners.

This machine consists of 8 key stitches that are all with pre-set stitch width and length, eliminating any kind of work hassle. Apart from all these benefits, the M2100 machine has come up with LED lights that make sewing even in the dark possible.


  • Product dimension – 17x14x10 inches
  • Weight -13.42 pounds
  • Country of origin – Taiwan

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Aspect Percent
Features & functions 80
Easy to use 86
Durability 83
Quality & perfection 82
Overall score 81

What Makes You Impress About Singer M2100?

  • This sewing machine by Singer is exceptionally compact and easy to utilize.
  • There are 63 stitch applications. This means a specific technique that you can do with a selected stitch. This means you can do 63 different techniques.
  • This machine has LED lighting that provides bright illumination and stays cool to the touch.
  • The machine’s interior frame is made of metal, providing long-lasting durability.
  • In Addition, it has an extra high presser foot lifter to accommodate thicker fabrics.
  • This machine is the finest choice when it comes to space for larger sewing projects since it possesses 87mm of texture section space to one side of the needles.

What Are the Advantages?

singer m2100

This Sewing Machine comes with exceptionally leading features. Singer Corporation is an American manufacturer of consumer sewing machines—one of the renowned companies of the United States.

This is a budget-friendly machine as well as it is lightweight. If you are a beginner to cover stitch machines, then this must be a perfect choice.

It gives you 63 Stitch Applications so that people can use different techniques and four-step buttholes. Singer M2100 can be your ideal home companion whether you are a beginner or professional. It helps to stitch graceful pieces for your loved ones. 

Which Features Does This Sewing Machine Offers You?


Singer M2100 has numerous features that make it the most desired sewing machine. Here are some of its features. Do have a look!

  • Singer M2100 possesses 63 Stitch Applications for Key Sewing Techniques that will elevate your sewing journey.
  • LED Lighting provides bright illumination, so even working in the dark is possible.
  • Preset stitch length and width for simple stitch selection
  • Easy Stitch Selection
  • The heavy-duty metal frame that assures long-lasting durability
  • This sewing machine provides a Four steps Buttonhole.
  • This machine by Singer consists of 8 essential stitches for key sewing techniques.
  • Singer M2100 also provides a reverse lever that makes the seam on the beginning done elegantly.
  • In case you face any issues while operating or you are a beginner, then they also have a sewing assistant app you can check out.

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What Are the Accessories?

singer m2100

Singer M2100 has all the required accessories that you’ll need for stitching

  • Pack of needles
  • Bobbins (15 class transparent)
  • Needle plate screwdriver
  • Spool Pin Felt
  • Seam Ripper/Lint Brush
  • Soft-sided dust cover
  • All-Purpose Foot
  • Zipper Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Button Sewing Foot
  • Darning plate

What About Product Warranty?

Singer M2100 provides a 25 Year warranty from the date of purchase for the Product frame. If any manufacturing defects appear in the product frame within twenty-five years of purchase, they will provide free replacement parts.

The parts of the product, other than those subject to normal wear and tear, are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase.

Parts and conditions are not covered in the Warranty.

Precautions to Keep In Mind While Using

  • Keep your fingers away from any moving part of this machine. Special care is needed around the sewing machine needle.
  • The electrical socket to which this machine is plugged in needs to be easily accessible.
  • Always unplug Singer M2100 from the electric outlet instantly after using it.
  • Never leave unattended when plugged in.
  • If any air opening is blocked, never execute the sewing machine. Keep ventilation openings of the sewing machine.
  • Always use the proper needle plate. The wrong plate can result in needle breaking.
  • Never drop/insert any object/liquid into any openings.

What do customers say about this product?

Singer M2100 assures its quality and guarantees. Its products are beginner-friendly and highly durable. Customers really appreciate its various features and the fact that it is portable makes it everyone’s choice.

Beginners really adore the simplicity of the machine. This machine by Singer is a computerized model. It is very efficient as it can stitch according to your pace. With a 4.5 customer rating on Amazon, this machine is praised by all its users and at the same time fulfills their needs. 

Our head tester mentioned that she was handed down by her mother’s sewing machine that she got in the ’80s. She has grown up using this sewing machine, and nothing would come out straight or even.

And 5 out 10 times, the needle would slam down and bend. Thinking this was her fault, she avoided sewing altogether. But after researching and realizing it might be the machine. She decided to get a new one, and she came across this sewing machine.

Her testing continued for 1 month, and she got assistance from other testing team members as well. After this one month of personal testing, the official testing took place. 

In Her Initial Testing, She Said:

After only 5 mins she confirmed it was the machine! She has had this sewing machine for 1 month and made 2 sets of curtains, fixed a few clothing items, and is currently working on a blanket.

Further, she added that the machine runs smoothly and is easy to set up. Her only complaint is when the thread goes from the spool to the tensioner; it goes around a little hook.

It falls off constantly, and she has to rethread the machine every time. This might be her issue, but in our official testing, we didn’t face such an issue.

The nice part is that she is not fighting the machine to make a straight line. She can just guide the material where she needs it to go. Overall she recommends this machine for anyone new to sewing and would like a good and light machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this machine have sufficient power to penetrate denim and denim patches and reliably remain on the pattern?

The Singer model M3500 sewing machine is capable of sewing denim and denim patches with the proper machine settings and needle.

2. What’s the difference between this and singer heavy-duty 4452 sewing machine with 110 stitch application?

The differences between the Singer M3500 sewing machine, and the Singer Heavy Duty model 4452 sewing machine are many. While they both have the same number of stitch patterns and therefore the same number of stitch applications, they have many differences.

The Singer Heavy Duty model 4452 sewing machine has a stronger motor, has the presser foot pressure adjustment feature, the drop feed feature, is a top drop-in bobbin system, and comes with more presser feet. The Singer M3500 sewing machine has a front-load bobbin system.

3. Does it work with both 110v and 220v AC input?

The Singer model M2100 sewing machine, and other appliances that are made for the US market and purchased from a US vendor such as Amazon are 110/120 volts and 60 Hz. In order to use them abroad, you most often will need to purchase a transformer.

It is our experience that when using a transformer, there are too many fluctuations in the voltage, causing irregular surges. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use this machine in a country that uses 220/240 volts.

You need to be aware that should you connect this machine to a transformer, and the wiring is damaged, you will be responsible for any parts and labor to repair the machine, as using a transformer voids the Warranty. These items were intended for sale in North America only.

4. Will it thread automaticity?

No, The Singer model M1500 sewing machine does not thread automatically. The Singer model M1500 sewing machine is a basic and/or beginner type sewing machine that is super easy to use for sewing fashions, piecing quilts, creating crafts, or doing simple mending.

5. The description says 110 stitch applications, the box says 32. Please help me understand.

The information for the Singer model M3500 sewing machine indicates that this sewing machine model has “110 Stitch Applications” and also indicates that the Singer model M3500 sewing machine has “32 Built-in Stitches”.

Both statements are true, as the 32 Built-in stitch patterns are capable of 110 stitch applications. A Stitch Application is a singular sewing technique that can be accomplished with a given stitch.

Some stitch selections will have several different sewing techniques that are possible. Some other stitches will have only one or a few sewing techniques that can be done.


This Sewing machine is lightweight, plus its advanced features make it desirable for professionals. It is specially engineered to provide a clean and elegant finish to all the clothes.

The most impressive thing – it has numerous stitch applications that means you can use different techniques, and the company gives a 25-year warranty for the product frame.

This sewing machine serves its users with full dignity. To sum it all up, this machine frees you up to design elegant pieces for your loved ones and explore your creativity. We recommend this machine.

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