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Expert’s Honest Review on Singer M3300 Sewing Machine

If you are someone who admires stitching decorative stuff for home or clothes for loved ones, then we have little something for you. This time we are coming up with the latest as well updated model by Singer. Yes, Singer M3300 machine is an updated version of the Singer 2277 Tradition.

However, Singer M3300 doesn’t posses many advanced features, but the price it is coming in satisfies many of its users. This sewing machine by Singer is specially engineered for beginners. As a beginner-friendly machine, this offers 23 stitches from zig zag to straight.

There’s everything a beginner needs plus a very captivating look with 97 stitch applications. The sewing machine is developed with solid metal material to do your sewing work with full commitment. The lever-fueled machine includes 75+ (USD) frill support for your sewing corner.

Alongside this, SINGER machines have a basic one-venture buttonhole to work quicker and further develop productivity. It has the free arm to sew effectively in difficult to-arrive regions. The needles are more grounded and can sew a wide scope of textures easily.

There are different adaptable choices to permit you to change the stitch width and length according to your requirements. The needle threader can assist you with effectively embedding strings and give a quick start to your sewing work.

Last however not least, SINGER M3300 has front stacking bobbins to handily wind and supplement keeping up with the smooth needle plate surface. Now in this article, let me tell you all about this machine. We should investigate what this machine has to bring to the table in this review.

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Aspect Percent
Features & functions 93
Easy to use 89
Durability 90
Quality & perfection 93
Overall score 92

What Makes You Buy a Singer M3300?

  • To begin with, this model by Singer is a proficient plus cost-effective machine. Since it does not possess many advanced features, so it is ideal for beginners.
  • The sewing machine is developed with solid metal material to do your sewing work with full commitment. 
  • Furthermore, LCD lights are also available for better work grip.
  • The most impressive feature of singer machines is they come with two separate needles and one additional spool pin.
  • It comes with an accessories box in front of the sewing machine, which contains all the basic sewing tools.
  • Singer M3300 sewing machine also has a free arm that makes it convenient to stitch on rigid materials.

What Are the Advantages of Singer M3300?

singer m3300

Singer M3300 comes up with all the basic features. This machine has been specially constructed for beginners since this is a manual foot pedal model, not a computerized one, so there is no need for any confusion in this model.

The Singer M3300 is easy to set up and execute. If you want to teach your kids sewing, then also this machine is appropriate for that. In case you are facing any trouble while operating, then they also have a user manual to guide you. The design of the machine is captivating plus its metallic body makes it more convenient to use. Apart from all these perks, this machine provides all the necessary accessories that are needed.

What Are the Features of Singer M3300?

Singer M3300 is a basic machine constructed for beginners. However, it does have some features. Here are the features it serves:

  • This machine has a unique machine; that is, it consists of 97 different stitches from straight to zig zag; it covers everything.
  • It supports the free arm so that stitching on stiff material becomes more convenient.
  • Singer M3300 comes with an automatic thread needle that rapidly threads the machine.
  • Furthermore 
  • SINGER M3300 has front stacking bobbins to handily wind and supplement keeping up with the smooth needle plate surface. 
  • Simple Stitch Selection Dial (+) Built-in lines are shown on the Stitch Selector Dial. Essentially turn the dial to choose the stitch you need to sew. 
  • Movable Stitch Length: Customize the presence of a stitch by expanding or diminishing the distance between lines. Utilize this capacity for different line procedures like applique, seasoning, and then some. 
  • Flexible Stitch Width (5mm). The size of the stitch from left to right is movable, to cause the fasten to sew smaller or more extensive as wanted. 
  • Snap-On Presser Feet can be effectively taken out and appended when required for different sewing methods.
  • Additional High Presser Foot Lifter (+) Presser foot has an additional elevated place accessible to oblige thick texture.

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What Are The Accessories of Singer M3300?

singer m3300

Singer M3300 has all the necessary accessories that you need for stitching.

  • Darning Plate
  • Screwdriver
  • Thread Spool Cap
  • Screwdriver
  • Button Sewing Foot
  • General Purpose Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Pack of Needles
  • Bobbins (Class 15 transparent)
  • Oil Bottle
  • Seam Ripper/Lint Brush
  • Edge/Quilting Guide

Products Warranty

When it comes to warranty service, Singer machines are not less than any other competitors in the market. This machine offers reliable and durable products. You have 90 days for everything on the sewing machine to be covered from the Singer’s side. However, most pieces of the sewing machine are covered for quite a long time, however to your outlay for work. From that point onward, just the sewing machine head itself is covered for quite some time.

What Do Customers Say About This Product?

Singer products always received an immense amount of love from their users. Since it is a very cost-efficient machine, all beginners enjoy using this sewing machine to carry their sewing career forward. With 4.4 ratings on Amazon, it’s worldwide famous amongst newbies.

With so much love from the users, this machine is proven to be more efficient and reliable. Here are some glances from our expert Jade’s personal review after buying M3300:

He mentions that this is the first sewing machine for his 15 years old daughter, and now that she’s been using it for a few weeks, she thinks it’s very easy to use. Further, he mentions that Sara (his daughter)had to watch a few of the SINGER videos to learn how to thread the bobbin and the machine. She has only used a few stitches so far, so she can’t speak about all stitches. However, she has appreciated the ones that she used.

Soon, she will be brave enough to try more stitches. According to her, the machine isn’t very heavy to lift but heavy enough that it stays in place while sewing. Now she would recommend it to a beginner. I’m also happy with my daughter’s great experience with Singer M3300.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Singer M3300 sewing machines work in Russia with 229 volts?

The Singer model M3300 sewing machine and other appliances that are made for the North American market are 110/120 volts. In case you wanna use these abroad, you’ll need to buy a transformer.

It’s our experience that while using a transformer, there are numerous voltage fluctuations, causing irregular surges. Therefore for the ultimate safety and performance of the machine, we do not recommend operating this sewing machine outside of North America, 120 volts.

We highly urge you to purchase a machine within the country you intend to use the machine. This will ensure the warranty remains valid and all performance and safety expectations are met.

2. Is a case available?

Yes. You can purchase a carry case for the Singer model M3300 sewing machine. The dimensions of the Singer M3300 sewing machine are: 15 inches (L) x 6.2 inches (W) x 12 inches (H) and therefore will be compatible with several Singer carry cases.

The Singer model 611.BR Universal Carry Case with dimensions of: 17.5 inches (L) X 8.5 inches (W) x 13 inches (H), the Singer Black Universal Sewing Machine Tote with dimensions of 18 inches (L) X 10 inches (W) x 13 inches (H) and the Singer 19 inch Roller Bag for Sewing Machines with dimensions of 19 inches (L) X 10 inches (W) X 13 inches (H).

3. Does Singer M3300 come with a thread?

No, The Singer M3300 sewing machine doesn’t come with thread. You will usually purchase thread to match the fabric that you are working on within a project. There is a chart in the Singer model 3300 sewing machine instruction manual to assist you in choosing the proper needle and thread for specific fabrics. Most fabric store employees will be able to assist you with these decisions as well.

4. Does Singer M3300 operate with a foot pedal, and does it come with a power adapter?

The Singer model M3300 sewing machine comes with a foot control/power cord in the box with the sewing machine. The foot control operates the machine and regulates the sewing speed.

5. Does Singer M3300 make a lot of noise?

There’s hardly a complaint for this machine not working right out of the box. There isn't a complaint for a lot of noise either.

6. Does Singer M3300 have a light?

Yes, The Singer M3300 Sewing Machine has an LED light above the needle that shines down on the sewing area.


singer m3300

Singer M3300 sewing machine is overall an ideal choice for the beginner or if you want to teach your child sewing, then also this would be a perfect choice for you. It has engaging qualities and is viewed as one of the best sewing machines for newbies. 

Needing more features straightaway means more investment. 

To sum it all, this machine frees up the newbies to design elegant pieces and to start their sewing journey conveniently. And from the expert’s review, this machine is a thumbs up. So to all the starters out there, what are you waiting for? Book your M3300  today!

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