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Singer MX231 Sewing Machine

Do you want to be able to customize different outfits, garments, and quilts easily? Then, get the most excellent sewing machine for all of your sewing needs. Unfortunately, traditional sewing machines are outmoded. Everyone who enjoys quilting, sewing gorgeous garments, or producing attractive pillows knows very well why modern day sewing machines are better. As a result, investing in the best sewing machine to make clothes in comfort is unavoidable.

What makes modern day sewing machines so unique? To begin with, most modern sewing machines have an automatic operating interface. Aside from that, you’ll be able to sew in various patterns and styles according to your preferences. Finally, a top-rated modern sewing machine is small and portable.

SINGER MX231 Sewing Machine comes with all the described features and makes your life easier. Want to know how? So let’s read this article. We have reviewed this wonderful singer sewing machine model MX231.


Singer MX231

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Quick Overview of Singer MX231

This machine is a capable and versatile sewing machine. For example, it has 97 built-in stitches, all of which let you be more creative when stitching.

Furthermore, you may adjust the presser foot while making changes on the fly. It’s also relatively easy to use. For first-time sewers who wish to get started in the art of sewing, this lovely compact sewing machine has a small budget price. It has six stitches in total, including some stretch stitches, which should suffice for most basic crafts.

That means you’ll be able to sew on various lightweight materials, such as cotton or lycra, to practice your sewing skills and see how much you enjoy your new hobby without spending a lot of money.

A minor flaw with this machine is the front load bobbin, which lacks a clear casing and makes it difficult to tell when the down thread will be finished. But, on the other hand, industrial machines have hidden bobbins, so it’s an excellent approach to hone your future professional talents.

Another advantage is that it does not appear scary, making it more accessible to beginners of all levels. It also works well for folks who have trouble stitching buttonholes.

What Distinguishes Singer MX231 as the Best?


This machine has many great features and functions, but what makes it stand out from the crowd? Before you go out and buy the equipment, have a look at these factors.

  • Because the Singer MX231 is a portable sewing machine, you can take it everywhere you go.
  • It’s one of the best smartphones on the market at this price, with various wonderful features.
  • The machine’s exterior is made of heavy-duty metal that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • For all of your sewing needs, the Singer MX231 has a broad stitch diversity.
  • This sewing machine isn’t as heavy as other competitors due to the robust metal frame, yet it is durable.
  • Even without a manual, the Singer MX231 sewing machine is simple to operate. We had no issues with this machine and have found its capabilities to be convenient.
  • This machine includes a jam-resistant quick set-top bobbin as standard. The top bobbin simplifies bobbin thread loading and promotes consistent stitch quality by reducing thread tension issues.

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What Are the Specifications?


  • Applications for Stitching- A Stitch Application is just a sewing technique used with a specific stitch. Stitch Applications are all the unique things you can do with your machine!
  • App for SINGER Sewing Assistant- Use this app to learn about the parts of the machine, how to thread at the top of the machine and the bobbin, how to select stitches for different techniques, and more.
  • Stitches Built-In (23)- Stitches for basic stitching, decorative sewing, and more are available in various styles.
  • Buttonhole in One Step- Buttonholes are made in a single process. Set the button in the given buttonhole foot, and the machine will sew a buttonhole that is precisely the right size for that button every time.
  • Needle Threader Built-In-Threads the eye of the needle effortlessly, reducing eye strain and saving you time.
  • Easy Stitch Selection Dial- The Stitch Selector Dial displays the built-in stitches. For sewing, and then turn the dial to the desired stitch.
  • Front Loading Bobbin
  • Stitch Length Can Be Adjusted- Increase or decrease the space between stitches to change the appearance of a stitch. Use this feature for appliqué, basting, and other stitching techniques.
  • Stitch Width Adjustable- The stitch width can be adjusted from left to right to make the stitch sew tighter or broader as required.
  • LED Lighting- Long-lasting LED lighting emits intense light while remaining cool to the touch.

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What Features Does This Sewing Machine Have?


For any user, this sewing machine is a fantastic instrument. The machine is suitable for regular usage and for quilters and crafters who wish to try out new projects.

1. Built-In Stitches

There are 23 built-in stitches on the machine. In addition, there are stitches for basic stitching, decorative sewing, and more in this collection. To complement a wide range of textiles, you can choose among 97 pre-installed built-in stitches. In addition, basic sewing, advanced stitching, ornamental stitching, and other sorts of sewing are available to you.

2. Arms-Free

Cuffs, pant legs, and sleeve holes can all be readily sewn with the free arm option.

3. Automatic Needle Threader Built-In

Using a needle is the most basic stitching technique. Learning takes a long time, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s pretty simple. Despite this, many sewers have difficulty threading needles.

This Sewing Machine has an auto needle threader that makes threading the needle quick and uncomplicated. You will save time and irritation by not having to thread the needle with your fingers manually.

4. Buttonhole in One Step

Buttonholes might be tricky for beginners or those who are just learning to sew. However, sewing buttonholes can be tricky for anyone, regardless of experience or skill level. The one-step Buttonhole on this Sewing Machine allows you to make a buttonhole in only one step.

5. Presser Foot that can be adjusted

The pressure on the presser foot may be adjusted, and the needle position can be adjusted for a precise stitch. A simple lever movement can also be used to adjust the foot.

6. Light Emitting Diodes

This sewing machine has LED lights surrounding the stitching surface, allowing you to see your work. This light is necessary to view the stitches and brighten your workspace so that pins, needles, and other sewing equipment may be easily found.

7. Cover for dust

The dust cover that comes with this Sewing Machine protects the machine from dust when it is not in use. Dust covers are necessary to keep your equipment in good working order while you wait for its next assignment or repairs.

8. Dial for Easy Stitch Selection

This machine has an easy stitch dial that allows you to select the stitch you want quickly.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

  • This Sewing Machine is a fantastic machine for both beginners and professional sewers.
  • For different jobs, the machine has a range of stitching stitches.
  • Threading a sewing needle takes minutes with the automated needle threader.
  • Heavy fabrics, such as leather and denim, can be handled by the machine.
  • Selecting stitches and sewing is a lot easier with the stitch selection dial and LED lighting.
  • The variable pressure foot helps you to control the machine feed for delicate or heavy fabrics.

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  • The sewing machine doesn’t come with a manual, which may make it challenging for novices.

Customer Reviews

  • According to some quilters, this sewing machine is ideal for their needs. It effortlessly sews through numerous layers of fabric and is light enough to carry around. Features a huge number of built-in stitches, is easy to use, and comes with clear instructions. This machine is fantastic!
  • Others have praised this sewing machine for its ease of use and user-friendliness. You can complete any job with a large number of stitches. It’s incredibly easy to operate, and the fact that it’s lightweight means you can stitch without tiring your arm from holding the machine up.
  • Some people like the machine because it quickly sews through numerous layers of cloth, and the presser foot is simple to lower.
  • Others recommend the machine for quilting or creating on a budget because it is inexpensive.

Singer MX231 vs. MX60: What’s the Difference?

Have you come across these two powerful sewing machines but can’t tell them apart? Here are some of the characteristics that distinguish them:

1. Stitches Built-In

The MX231 has more built-in stitches than the MX60, which is one of the most visible distinctions. In addition, it comes with 97 stitches pre-installed, while the latter has 57 stitches.

2. Light Emitting Diodes

Another significant difference between these two sewing machines is that the MX60 comes with an integrated LED light, while the MX231 does not.

3. Buttonholes

Which is easier to use: the Singer MX231 or the Singer MX60? The MX231 has a 1-step buttonhole, but the MX60 has a 4-step buttonhole. This is a humongous difference to be aware of when purchasing one of these machines.

But what’s the big deal about it? The 1-step Buttonhole is, put, more automatic than the 4-step Buttonhole. For some sewers, the latter needs more steps and might be aggravating.

Buyers’ Guide 


Before buying any sewing machine, you should read the buyer’s guide, as it will help you to choose the right type of sewing machine according to your sewing needs. The following are some important factors that you should consider before buying any machine: 

1. Automatic Buttonholer 

Some machines come up with a buttonhole that sews in one step, so you won’t need to stop or turn the fabric. This feature allows you to save a lot of time and gives you the ease to work efficiently.

2. Good Ergonomics and Controls

The sewing machine should act to the pressure you apply by the foot pedal and should not stop or growl while sewing heavy sewing fabric is used or in multiple layers.

The controls must be simple to reach and operate, and the icons on the machine’s or LED display must be easy to comprehend. Machines with more space in the area to the right-hand side of the needle will provide more room for fabric as well as your hands.

3. Light Weight

Most machines are lightweight, which gives you the ease of storing them easily. The more lightweight the machine is, the easier it becomes to lift the machine. 

4. Needle Position

The needle position permits you to move the needle and the stitching line from left to right. Giving you more precision in your sewing. 

5. Needle Threader

This feature allows you to easily thread the needle and saves you time, moreover reducing your frustration. 

6. Presser Feet

A multi-purpose foot can be used to sew straight stitches and zigzags, but you’ll require the zipper foot and a buttonhole foot, too. An adjustable presser foot controls the amount of force that the machine is able to hold the fabric during sewing and prevents puckering in delicate fabric and stretching when knitting.

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1. Where does the sewing machine have the LED light? 

The sewing machine has a light above the needle that illuminates the stitching area. 

2. Does the machine come with a foot pedal? 

Yes, the machine comes up with a foot pedal. 

3. What is the dimension of SINGER MX231 sewing machine? 

The dimensions of the sewing machine are 13 inches (L) X 7 inches (W) X 11.5 inches (H).

4. How does the needle break? 

The needle can break if it is damaged or not placed properly, wrong needle size or type, or wrong foot may be attached. 

5. What to do if the machine jams? 

This may occur due to the thread being stuck; for this, remove the upper thread and bobbin case, turn the handwheel backward and forward by hand and remove the thread.


For those who want a high-quality machine on a small budget, this Sewing Machine is a fantastic option. Thanks to the device’s tiny size, multiple stitching options, and easy-to-use functions, your sewing dreams are about to come true!

It’s cost-effective, lightweight, adaptable, and comfy. The Singer sewing machine includes everything you’ll need to finish your project, including high-quality presser feet. If you sew frequently, this machine is a good choice.

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