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Singer One sewing machine reviews: Good or Bad for Money?

We’ve looked at numerous sewing machines from Singer in the past, and while some did ideal performance but many of them got only average ratings from experts.

However, Singer One is something of a special case in this regard, and sewists are giving it maximum praise. It’s a sweet creation of a solid brand.


Singer one has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but we haven’t left you hardhearted.

We invested a few days testing various sewing machine to find the perfect fit as a replacement of this awesome machine. We tested machines like Brother XM2701, XR3774, GX37 models , some models from Singer like Simple 33373221, 4432, etc. but the one that impressed us the most was the legendary Brother cs6000i .


Not just it costs lesser than Singer One, but also carries more features and is more versatile. It managed to get a crisp 99% overall score from our experts. Out of 350 sewing machines we’ve tested till date, the CS6000i is the only one that managed to touch that score.

CS6000i is even more superior and top recommendation than costly and discontinued models such as Janome DC2014 & janome 11706, and Singer Traditional 2277

Cherish our Expert’s Review on Brother CS6000i HERE.



  • Attractive design
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Fairly light & easily movable
  • Quite sturdy
  • Massive sewing surface
  • 25-year limited warranty.
  • Amazing speed.
  • value for money.






Sewists who purchased this sewing machine like the fact that the unit is extremely easy to operate, quiet & stylish. It’ll not struggle with thicker materials if all settings are done perfectly as per the instruction manual, which is offered with easy & understandable steps.

The Singer ONE is basically an electronic (or computerized) sewing machine; It’s not a mechanical machine. Besides that, you must not be confused with the Singer ONE and Singer ONE+, which is more expensive and has a fair number of additional features incorporating an LCD screen & 231 built-in stitches (the ONE has a very simple LED display along with 24 stitches).

The ONE model is fairly basic and fairly easy to use. It’s undoubtedly well suited for beginner and intermediate sewists alike. But more advanced sewists might locate it a bit limiting.

Singer One sewing machine reviews

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Weight 5 lbs.
Stitches 24 In-Built Stitches incorporating 2 one-step buttonholes
Dimensions 23 x 10 x 13 inches
Type Computerized
Speed 750 spm
Warranty 25-year limited warranty
Bobbin Drop & Sew Bobbin System and an automatic bobbin thread pick up for fast threading

First Impressions

The first point or you can say the impression is that the machine is very beautiful. Singer set out for making the vintage-inspired sewing machine, and they have finished a fantastic job with this model regarding design. The shape of its body is an ideally blended modern & vintage combo.

Of course, It is clear that they looked at some of the most iconic machines for inspiration, the wheel a throwback to a few of those designs. When comparing this model with others available on the market, its design is really a selling point—making it stand out from all of its rivals.

Normally the aesthetics of the machine is the least essential factor; however, this model has so much style that not choosing it is really tough based on the design and looks it offers. In terms of size & weight, it’s a medium-sized machine. While weighing at just 18.5 lbs, the dimensions are 23 x 10 x 13 inches.

Singer may have been producing some marvelous machines but there are few examples of failures as well such as Singer Start 1304  & Singer One

It’s undoubtedly among the largest home sewing machines on the market. With numerous modern machines weighing nearly 10 lbs, it’s much less portable. For those sewists that wish to attend sewing classes or will require putting the machine away after each uses, it’s something which may be off-putting.

Undoubtedly the additional weight will be coming from the heavy metal frame, and that at least should lead to superior performance.

After completing the inspection of the buttons & dials by our experts, it’s clearly ideally constructed, and the screen is nice & bright. Not just is the shape Singer One has is fantastic, it has some fabulous decals, which really add to vintage design.

Setup & accessories

This machine is ideal for beginners as it’s among the easiest sewing machines to set up on the market. The SwiftSmart system of this machine makes threading so quick and consistent. The drop & sew bobbin is among the ideal bobbin systems currently accessible.

It’s recommended for both beginners & advanced sewists to read via the instruction manual before starting setup. The manual is really in-depth & explains all the functions of the sewing machine clearly. The Singer has a fantastic online community accessible through social media where there is every time someone willing to assist.

Our experts personally have utilized it thoroughly for concluding the advice. Besides that, there are some great video tutorials generated by Singer cover threading, loading the presser feet & bobbin. Fortunately, the instructional information there is also a fabulous range of additional accessories that are incorporated when you buy the Singer One. The incorporated accessories are:


Needles Needle plate screwdriver Bobbins
Lint brush/seam ripper Power Cord Foot control
Spool pin felt Thread pool cap Aux spool pin
5 presser feet Soft case

Let’s talk more about the feet…

There is no requirement to purchase anything additional to get started. The Singer has incorporated a range of presser feet that permits for a fair amount of variety without having to buy anymore separately. The incorporated presser feet are blind hem foot, one-step buttonhole foot, all-purpose foot, zipper foot, and satin stitch foot.

The number of provided presser feet tend to correlate with the built-in stitches’ number since the Singer One offers the modest 24 stitches, there are just 5 presser feet. While it would be ideal to have a few come as standard, these five do permit to use of each stitch to its complete potential.

There are additional feet available for nearly $20 each that will surely be compatible with a range of Singer machines. One feature we loved while testing Singer One is the presser foot sensor. It will let you know in case the foot is placed ideally before use. It’ll be eliminating the chances of damage to the sewing machine or the foot.

It’s ideal that there is a case provided, one real plus to purchasing a Singer. They almost every time include a case of some type with their machines. It’s just a soft case, so some sewists may wish to shop for a separate hard case for added security or easier transport.

What did we love in Singer one sewing machine review?

Straightforward and Easy to Use

This sewing machine is pretty user friendly. The automatic needle threader, as well as the drop-in bobbin system, makes this sewing machine very useful for inexperienced sewists. You can guarantee you’ll easily locate your path around the machine and begin sewing within minutes of unboxing.

The Singer even incorporates an instruction manual and also a DVD to assist make you start sewing comfortably. There are YouTube video guides accessible and an online community to assist you too.

Unlike other computerized sewing machines, the Singer One is straightforward yet simple, so no requirement to worry about over-complicated & complex functions.

There are some other notable mentions of Singer brand which may win your attention such as Singer 3232 & Singer 1234.

Singer One sewing machine is Sturdy and Reliable

The heavy-duty metal frame makes sure of precise sewing & durability. Rigid support makes sure that all the mechanisms are in ideal alignment & minimizes vibrations whilst sewing, also permitting the machine to run quietly & smoothly.

Although it arrives with a heavy-duty frame, the machine is still lightweight as well as portable, permitting sewists to get the ideal of both worlds with this machine.

Stops You From Messing Up

Along with the presser foot sensor described above that stops you from working while the presser foot isn’t available in the down position, the Singer One Vintage Sewing Machine will also offer you error signals when improperly attempting additional tasks.

Sometimes it’s tough to notice you’ve made any mistake before you’re way ahead, making it tougher to go back & fix the issue. This is avoided when utilizing the Singer One as it senses when something is not alright and warns you by indicating an error message or by ‘locking up’.

Vintage Inspired Design

Although appearance isn’t everything, obviously, there is no denying that this sewing machine is very aesthetically pleasing. It’s nostalgic filigree & signature machine curves look beautiful & really makes this sewing machine stand out from the other machines in this industry.

The vintage design makes the model look very elegant & stylish, certainly not something you might expect at its cost, and is designed to last long.

Best Features of Singer One sewing machine

The Singer One has a number of helpful and intuitive features, all designed for making the sewing process easy & straightforward and enhances your complete sewing experience.

One-Touch Stitch Selection

The one-touch stitch selection it has makes personalization and selecting the stitching choices easy for you. This is also a fabulous time-saver feature, as the rapid view stitch setting can assist you in selecting and applying your stitch choice with the least hassle & delay.

24 Built-In Stitches 

The Singer has incorporated 24 stitches built right into this sewing machine model to assist in starting sewing journey. These incorporate 6 essential stitches, 4 stretch stitches as well as 12 decorative stitches are permitting you to manage common sewing projects along with a little creativity room.

The machine also incorporates 2 totally automatic 1-step buttonholes to assist you out even further & better.

Extra-Large Sewing Space

The massive sewing space is extremely helpful and completes all sewing projects with a breeze, which requires a large space. The spacious work area offers you enough room for working with larger & thicker materials, fantastic for quilts & home décor. Little extras like making the arm just a bit smaller & having a slanted table literally add up in giving you the additional space.

Swift-Smart Threading with Automatic Needle Threader

This is definitely among the best features accessible on Singer One. The using process of an automatic threader is a breeze. Just simply guide the thread from your spool to the area of the needle via a single groove and by pressing the lever, thread the needle.

This is a highly useful feature for both inexperienced & experienced sewists as it spares so much time and assists make sewing quick yet easy.

Drop and Sew Bobbin System

The bobbin system couldn’t be as straight forward as this machine. The requirement of getting started is to just drop the bobbin in & sew. It really is that simple. The automatic thread pickup function is there, which means the hassle of raising the bobbin thread is more there.

Three Staybright LED Lights

You have the luxury of not only one but three lamps illuminating the surface of sewing at just the ideal level. The long-lasting bulbs always stay cool regardless of how long you handle the sewing machine. So no requirement of them burning out or overheating. This feature is helpful for late-night sewing & optimal viewing. And the pretty-lit work area is ideal for precision and detail.

Presser Foot Sensor 

Singer One Vintage has a handy presser foot sensor that’s wonderful for beginner sewists. This sensor permits you to know in case the presser foot is in the up position and won’t permit you to begin unless you switch this feature to the down position.

Any Negatives in Singer One sewing machine?


LCD Panel

In case you struggle with your eye-sight. Therefore, the LCD panel will be problematic for you. The screen’s low resolution might hurt your eyes while reading if you wear thick specs. This might not be a huge issue; however, it’s worth noting in case you struggle with your vision.

Is price not an constraint for you?

Looking for an professional grade machine is super speed?

You can have a look at the Juki f600, which offers a staggering speed of 900 stitches per minute.

Let’s conclude Singer One sewing machine reviews


Singer One is an ideal choice for someone who wants to try sewing for the first time. It has sufficient features to keep up as you grow proficiency, and it surely has a fantastic yet easy learning curve, so you won’t become discouraged when you work in the early stages of learning how to handle the machine.

This modestly costed machine is also ideal for advanced sewists who want a backup machine or who have simple sewing requirements. It doesn’t claim to be heavy-duty or have highly advanced features. But for numerous sewists, the Singer One is ideally perfect.

In case discovering a sewing machine that’s uncomplicated to operate is what your destination is, then it has simple automated features and just some essential bells and whistles, this Singer One sewing machine might be just what you’re searching for.

There are other alternatives worth rolling our gaze such as Brother LX3817 and Janome Derby. You might also consider Singer 4423, if you desire for an ultra-powerful machine.

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